Title: Who Would Have Thought

Fandom: Twilight

Pairing: Jakeward

Rating: M – Adult content, language, sexual situations

Disclaimer: Not my characters, only having fun with them and there is no financial gain from it. This is entertainment material only.

Summary: After hearing the news that Bella walked out on Edward, Jacob can't help but be curious about how the vampire is dealing with the news. But Jacob discovers he's opened a different can of worms when Edward is just as curious of him as he is.

Chapter Ten: Leah's Change of Heart

It had been weeks since Jacob seen Edward. Even though Sam had said they were going to speak with Carlisle the next day, they didn't. Carlisle had called Sam, but Sam just let it go to the answering machine. For some reason, Sam didn't start anything which was highly unusual for him.

But what was even more unusual was what Leah did. Out of no where she picked up Jacob's cell phone and dialed Edward's number. Alice picked it up first thinking Jacob was calling her brother.

"Jacob, you're not supposed to call Edward. I'm sorry," the pixie vampire said sadly in the phone.

"It's not Jacob," Leah replied plainly. "It's Leah Clearwater."

Alice got very quiet. She didn't know what to say. Leah was always so mean and unpredictable. She was like Rosalie, but worse. Then Alice cleared her throat looking over at Jasper, "Ah…Leah? Okay, what's the problem?"

"I need your help," Leah announced unexpectedly.

Alice's head shot back a bit, "My help?"

"All of you," Leah sighed. "Or at least the doc's help."

"About what?" Alice asked.

"Sam's not letting Jacob outside and I don't think its right. I mean, we're always with him and you're always with Eddie boy right? So, what's the big deal to let the kid out to get some fresh air? It's wrong to keep him cooped up, don't you think?"

Alice was nodding before even answering, "Absolutely. I don't think treating Jacob that way is going to help him. It would probably make things worse."

"It is," Leah replied. "I must be insane to be calling you people, but I didn't know who else to talk to. He won't listen to us, he won't listen to Emily…she's his girlfriend, and he won't even listen to Billy. I just wondered if he might listen to one of you or the doc."

Alice thought about it, "He might listen to Carlisle. I doubt he'd take any advice from the rest of us."

"How's Eddie doing?" Leah asked even surprising herself.

"He's coping," Alice answered. "He misses Jacob terribly. I believe him about that night at Jake's house. I don't think they were going to leave."

"No they weren't," Leah stared down at her fingernails thinking she needed a manicure. "Jacob told us that he wanted to leave, but Eddie said no."

"Does Sam believe him?"

"Not really," Leah snorted. "Half the pack doesn't, but we do."

"You, Seth, Quil, and Embry I'm sure," Alice smiled.

"And Emily," Leah added. "She might not be a shifter, but she's part of our pack."

"And what about Billy; what does he believe?"

"He believes his son," Leah nodded.

"Good," Alice agreed.

"So you think the doc could call Sam?"

"Will Sam pick up the phone?"

Leah sighed, "Crap. I don't know."

"Why don't you tell Sam that I called this number and you picked up the line? I told you that Carlisle would like to speak with Sam in person," Alice suggested.

Leah smiled, "That just might work. Yeah – I'll tell him that."

"You think Sam will call Carlisle?"

"Yep, he'll be sure to get back to the doc then," Leah beamed.

"Perfect," Alice winked at Jasper.

The two women awkwardly said their goodbyes and then hung up. Alice went to Edward music room and listened to her brother play the piano for a while until he paused to write down some music for the beautiful melody he was playing.

"Hey Eddie," Alice teased.

"Eddie?" Edward smiled turning to look at her.

From the other side of the room Emmett snorted. He was playing PS3 with Rosalie who shoved him when he tried to kill her as they shot at the enemy on Call of Duty.

"Leah Clearwater refers to you as Eddie," Alice told him.

Rosalie hit pause on her controller, "What the hell?"

Emmett turned around with an amused face.

"And how would you know that?" Edward chuckled. Then he stood up with wide, gold eyes, "Did you talk to Jacob? How is he?"

"No, no," Alice shook her head. "I didn't talk to him. I talked to Leah."

Rosalie, Emmett and Edward all said, "Huh?"

"She called over here," Alice walked over to the piano bench and sat down.

Edward joined her, "What did she want?"

"To see how Eddie is," Emmett hit the pause button on Rosalie's controller to put her back in the game. She instantly smacked his hand away.

"Well that was one of her questions," Alice confessed.

"How sweet," Rosalie replied before shooting a terrorist down.

"Good shot babe!" Emmett hollered.

"Could you two please keep it down?" Edward sighed. He looked at Alice, "When is it you and Jasper's turn to babysit me? You two are so quiet."

To add insult to injury, Emmett belched as loud as he could.

Rosalie laughed sounding more like a cackle.

"Help," Edward begged to Alice.

"Soon," Alice patted his arm. "Soon."

"Did she say how Jake was?" asked Edward sadly.

Alice thought for a moment, "Not really. She mentioned that most of the pack believes you and Jacob about that night."

"Is she gonna call again?" Edward started to tap at the keys once more picking up where he left off. Amidst the odd sound of gun fire and men grunting as they got shot, Edward's music sounded like a sad soundtrack to the scene of combat on the large television.

"Sam will be calling Carlisle," Alice announced.

"What for?" Rosalie hollered as she took a few pot shots at Emmett.

"Hey!" Emmett roared. Suddenly his character grunted and went down.

Rosalie burst into laughter, "Sorry!"

"Damn, woman!" Emmett whined. "You killed me!"

"Oh stop your yapping," Rosalie snickered. "Take it like a man!"

Edward sighed looking at Alice, "It's your turn to take care of me now."

Alice giggled, "I told you soon. No, she called to tell us that she and some of the others think Sam is being unfair to Jacob."

"What?" Edward stood up ready to fight. The thought of someone mistreating his mate pissed him off royally.

"Sit down," Alice pulled at his arm.

Edward complied, "What is Sam doing to my wolf?"

"He won't let him out of the house," Alice answered him. "She said that Sam makes sure that Jacob isn't let out at all."

"That's cruel," Rosalie yelled out. "Dogs aren't meant to stay indoors."

Edward got up and walked over to the couple on the loveseat. He picked up the remote and shut the TV off, "He's not a dog." He angrily tossed the remote on the oversized chair and walked back to the piano to join Alice on the bench.

"Damn," Rosalie got up to retrieve the remote to turn the set back on. "You're so touchy about that boy."

"I am," Edward snapped. "So stop making fun of him."

"I'm not," Rosalie answered. "I'm fond of him. He's like this cute, little brother I'd like to put a microchip in so if he ever gets lost we can find him at the local shelter."

Alice rolled her eyes, "Rosalie!"

"Shut up!" Edward glared at her.

"Babe," Emmett looked over at the blonde, "knock it off."

"I'm kidding," she told her husband. Rosalie turned to face Edward, "I like him. I really do. He's sweet and makes you happy. I only say those things in fun. Honest."

"You don't have to over do it," Edward said to her softly. "I am in love with him, Rosie. Even if you're being funny, it hurts me."

"I'm sorry," Rosalie apologized.

"Thank you," Edward nodded at her.

"You're welcome," she smiled and then began a new game for her and Emmett since they were both now dead because Edward turned off the television.

Suddenly Edward's phone started to ring. Alice jumped a little at the sound forgetting she put the cell phone in her pocket, "Oh!" She looked at the screen. It said 'Jacob.' She smiled at her brother, "Just a second."

"Is that Leah again?" asked Edward as his fingers suspended over the piano keys.

"Hello?" Alice asked as she answered the phone. "Oh – hi Leah."

Rosalie and Emmett paused the new game to listen. They turned around with interest.

"Hey Alice," Leah shifted her dark eyes from left to right. "I want to bounce something off you."

Alice's brows went up, "Okay."

Edward could her Leah and frowned.

Quickly Alice got up and walked a few feet away but Edward's eyes watched her trying hard to hear every word.

Leah continued, "I'm here alone with Jacob. Well, he's in the other room. Do you think it would be bad if we let them speak to each other?"

Alice's amber eyes widened, "What has gotten into you?"

Edward stood up, "What's wrong?"

"Drama," Rosalie grinned enjoying what was going on.

Leah shrugged, "I've just talk a lot with Jake about Eddie and I feel bad for them. They should be allowed to speak to each other."

Alice looked over at Edward with concern, "I don't know about that. Maybe we should consult Carlisle first."

"For what?" Edward frowned taking a few steps toward Alice.

"Is that him back there?" Leah asked.

"Yeah," Alice replied biting her lip.

"Let me talk to him," Leah ordered as she calmly sat back on the couch.

"Is Jacob asleep?" Alice asked quietly cupping the phone so Edward couldn't hear.

But instead of becoming alarmed, Edward smiled thinking he was a little closer to Jacob with the two women speaking to one another.

"Kinda," Leah replied.

Alice looked over at Edward once more, "Leah wants to speak to you."

"More drama," Rosalie punched Emmett's back a few times. He grinned back with a nod.

Edward eagerly reached for the phone, "Leah? Is Jacob okay? Please tell him I love him."

"He's fine," Leah nodded. "He's in his room." Suddenly Leah lowered her voice, "Go some place where they can't hear you. Pretend like you're talking to me."

"Oh, okay…" Edward walked back to the piano. "Hey, listen to this tune I'm writing for Jacob. I want you to tell him about it." Edward began to play the soft melody again.

Leah chuckled, "You're pretty smart Eddie." Leah got up and opened Jacob's door. He was lying in his bed watching the television. He looked up at her curious as she strolled across the small room and handed him the phone, "Here. Talk really low."

Jacob sat up, "Why?"

"Just do it," Leah snorted and walked out.

"Hello?" Jacob practically whispered.

"So what do you think Leah? Do you think Jacob will like it?" Edward grinned really big knowing Jacob was on the line.

Jacob couldn't stop smiling, "I think he'll love it, but not as much as he loves Edward."

Edward chuckled, "That's good to hear. I really miss him. Please tell him how much I miss him, Leah."

"He misses you more," Jacob replied. He rested himself on the bed again.

"Oh Leah," Edward started to ask, "what is Jacob wearing?"

Emmett busted up.

"Nice try," Alice reached for the cell. "Jacob is on there isn't he?"

Instantly Jake sat up. He covered the phone and tried to yell for Leah as low as he could, "Leah! Get in here!"

The girl came reaching for the device. She knew right away.

"No, it's not Jake," Edward tried to stall.

Alice took the phone, "Hello Jacob."

Leah smiled sly like, "It's me Alice."

Jacob covered his mouth wanting to bust up.

Alice frowned, "Leah? Oh…I thought Edward was talking to Jacob."

"No, you said we have to ask the doc first," Leah sighed.

Rosalie sat up higher leaning on Emmett's back, "Ask her what Edward's last question was! Test her!"

Leah snickered hearing the annoying blonde in the background, "Edward's last question was about what Jacob was wearing."

Alice looked at Rosalie and shrugged, "That's right."

"See," Leah put her hand on her hip, "I told you it was me."

Jacob's mouth was open. He thought he was having a private conversation with Edward. Oh well, at least he was having one even if it was only a few sentences.

Alice gave Edward a suspicious glare and handed the phone back to him. He quickly cupped it against his chin and his shoulder as best he could, "I'm back Leah." He started playing again hoping to drown out Jacob's voice.

"Right," Leah nodded and gave the phone back to Jacob.

Just before Jacob took it, he looked up at Leah and mouthed the words, 'I love you.'

She reached out and playfully ruffled his hair before walking into the hall to over hear the conversation as best she could from a distance.

"So what is he wearing?" Edward smiled.

"Too many clothes at the moment," Jacob answered with a chuckle.

"Is he right there?" Edward dared to say.

Alice, Rosalie and Emmett looked on with big, gold eyes.

"Yeah," Jacob replied.

"Tell him I love him please," Edward said.

"He loves you more," Jacob responded.

"That's not possible," Edward came back. "I love him most."

"Aww," Rosalie crossed her eyes teasing her brother.

Edward picked up one finger while still playing the piano ~ his middle finger.

Rosalie stuck her tongue out while Emmett laughed hard.

"Classy," Alice shook her head.

Jacob closed his eyes and smiled, "I really love that tune."

"I wrote it just for him," Edward said. "I'm still working on it."

"When do you think Jacob will get to see his vampire again?" Jacob asked sadly.

"I hope soon," Edward answered wanting to stop playing.

"What do you miss about him?" Jacob teased.

Edward began to smile big, "Everything."

"Be more specific Eddie," Jake continued to joke.

"Aw God," Edward rolled his eyes. "I'm not fond of that name, you know."

"Tell me something," Jacob demanded.

"I miss his smile, his laugh…"

Rosalie yelled out, "His ass!"

Instead of being offended Edward looked over at his sister patiently nodding at her, "I miss his ass."

Alice's mouth dropped open as she plopped herself on the over sized chair. Emmett and Rosalie laughed.

From the hall Leah busted up falling down to the floor. It was a good, hearty, loud laugh that Alice heard from Edward's phone despite the sound of the piano playing. Again she was convinced Edward was still speaking to Leah.

Jacob was chuckling trying not to get too loud, "He misses yours too, trust me."

"I hope so," Edward said with a sigh thinking about that night in the woods the boys shared. When his mind began to dream about tasting Jacob's blood, Edward cleared his throat and changed the subject, "So – is Jacob sleeping okay?" He changed the tune to an older piece he once wrote for Bella…but he didn't tell Jacob that.

Jake frowned, "What was that all about? Why did you switch topics and music on me?"

"I'd tell you to give him a kiss, but I'm a jealous guy," Edward tried to skirt around the subject.

"Tell her to slip him the tongue," Rosalie joked.

"What are you wearing?" Jacob asked playfully.

Edward looked down at his clothes, "Jeans and a shirt."

"Oh God!" Alice wanted to get up and walk away. "Please tell me that Leah Clearwater isn't going to be the liaison for you and Jacob to have phone sex."

"Ewwww," Rosalie made a face.

Leah crawled into the room, "I draw the line there Jacob!"

"Relax," Jacob said to her. "I won't put my hand down my pants."

Instantly Edward stopped playing, "What?"

"I won't put my hand down my pants," Jacob repeated.

Alice, Emmett and Rosalie all stood up. They heard Jacob's voice.

"You lied to me!" Alice stomped her foot.

Edward sat there at the piano with a shocked expression. He then just shrugged.

Leah came in and grabbed the phone, "They can't see each other! It's not a big deal!"

"Leah!" Alice whined. "We were supposed to wait for Carlisle!" She quickly grabbed the phone away from her brother.

"It's not like I put them on Skype," Leah snorted.

"Yeah," Jacob agreed. Then he sat up, "Can we do that?"

Edward grinned hearing Leah, "That's a great idea!"

"Hold it, hold it!" Alice raised her first finger at her brother, "We have to ask Carlisle and Sam would kill both Leah and Jacob if he found out!"

"Who's gonna find out?" Leah rolled her eyes. "It's just me and Jake. Billy isn't here and the pack is busy – all of them. The only one who might come by here is Seth and he loves Edward. He'd never tell."

Jacob grinned as well as Edward hearing that.

Alice bit her bottom lip for a moment. She looked over at Rosalie and Emmett, "Is this a bad idea?"

Rosalie shrugged while Emmett looked at Edward who was practically bouncing in his seat with the prospect of seeing his wolf for the first time in weeks.

Alice sighed talking to Leah, "When did you become such a supporter for these two, huh?"

"I don't know," Leah laughed weakly. "I just feel bad for them."

"Jasper…" Alice called out. "Please bring me the laptop, honey."

"The new one or the old one?" Jasper called back.

"The one with the webcam built in," Alice prayed she wasn't making a huge mistake.

"Sure thing," Jasper answered.

Edward got up immediately to fix his hair. Rosalie snorted, "You're so vain. You probably think this Skype is about you."

"Thank you for proving you know a Carly Simon song," Edward said back fixing his side burns.

Emmett laughed, "Sing us a song, you're the piano man."

"Not tonight," Edward whacked his brother on the back as Jasper walked in with the laptop already on.

"What's going on?" he asked as Alice took it and set it on the piano. Normally Edward would have a fit if anything was placed on his beloved piece, but this time he was eager to get the little machine fired up so he could see his wolf.

"I got the laptop," Alice told Leah. "It's on."

"Jacob," Leah looked at the boy. "You got Skype right?"

"Of course," Jacob grinned big and sat down at his computer.

"Do you have Edward as one of your friends?" Leah logged onto the Skype but didn't see Edward's name.

"No, but that's not hard to set up," Jacob quickly searched for Edward. Suddenly Jacob laughed. Edward had already requested to add Jacob to his list. He accepted it and Edward's status quickly came up.

"There he is," Leah snickered. "Little bastard."

"Ah yeah," Alice confirmed. "There's Jake's name."

"Click it," Leah told the boy. Jacob did so and the window opened up for them to begin chatting. Jacob looked up at Leah, "Oh Christ, how do I look?"

"Like shit," Leah nodded.

"No he doesn't," Edward smiled seeing the boy. "He's looks perfect."

Jacob looked at the screen beaming at the sight of his vampire, "Oh my God, Edward! Hi!"

"Goof balls," Rosalie shook her head smiling.

"Is this a good idea?" Jasper nudged Alice.

"I hope so," Alice said back worried.

"Hi baby," Edward said to the boy.

Rosalie walked behind her brother and leaned over to wave at Jacob with an irritating voice, "Hi Jakie! How are you pookie?"

"Get outta here," Edward shoved her away while Emmett laughed.

"Hello Rosalie," Jacob replied seriously as if he was caught by Edward's mother. "Thank you for letting me to talk to Edward."

Rosalie leaned over again quickly adding, "Eddie!"

"I said out!" Edward barked. "Go find something to shoot on the Playstation!"

The blonde pretended to shoot at Edward.

Edward looked at Alice, "Can we have some privacy?"

Alice began to say no.

"Please? Just a little bit?" Edward begged his sister.

"If we hear you moaning you're in big trouble mister," Rosalie yelled as she and Emmett got into another game.

Alice moaned putting her head back wishing she'd told her brother no from the beginning.

"That wasn't me," Edward said to Rosalie.

"Please keep it clean," Alice told Edward.

He quickly nodded shooing her away.

"Yeah," Jasper teased. "That's my laptop."

Jacob watched his handsome vampire with a soft smile as Edward glared at his brother, looked over at Rosalie and Emmett who were deep into another game and finally at Alice who watched him from the other side of the room like a woman waiting for her test results from a pregnancy kit. When Edward's eyes finally turned to look at him his felt his heart fill up. He mumbled the words, 'God I love you' at the camera.

Edward's eyes caught the movement of Jacob's mouth. He didn't have to hear him say those words…he knew. The vampire smiled back leaning closer to the device, "How's my wolf?"

"I miss you," Jacob replied reaching out to touch the screen. He traced his finger along the image of Edward's face trying to remember what is felt like to touch the cool skin of his lover.

"I miss you too," Edward said back. "I think about you all the time. I think about when we'll be together again. I can't wait to hold you."

Jacob closed his eyes listening to his beloved speak. His voice was like silk to Jacob's ears. Any words Edward said were music to the shifter and he hung on hungrily to the gaze the older boy offered that was warm and inviting. Jacob reached down and pulled at his crotch noticing that the pressure seemed a little tighter than before. He readjusted himself and chuckled, "Sorry…you have this effect on me."

Edward took a look at his family. Although Rosalie, Emmett and Jasper were not watching him, Alice continued to glance over monitoring her brother's behavior. The vampire's warm hues shifted back to Jacob, "Tell me about it. I've got an audience. Where's Leah?"

"In the living room," Jacob replied. He then sighed noting how soft Edward's hair looked in the glow of the computer screen.

"What are you thinking?" Edward smiled.

Jacob slowly blinked his eyes as he started to tell Edward, "How I wish I could reach through this thing and run my fingers through your hair."

Edward moaned lowering his head.

"Hey!" Rosalie hit pause on her controller to turn around.

Edward rolled his eyes, "We're talking! Mind your own business! Emmett, shoot her!"

His brother only laughed as Rosalie smirked, "Keep your pants on, lover boy."

The older boy turned back to Jacob, "I'm sorry. I wish we had more privacy. I bet if we had the chance we could talk Leah into letting us see each other."

Alice cleared her throat.

Edward looked at her, "What? It's only a dream."

"If Carlisle says its okay, that's fine," Alice told him. "But I'd rather wait for his approval before we jump that kind of gun."

On the screen Jacob smiled big, "Leah would do it! She's all for you and me."

Edward grinned, "That's so good to hear. It wasn't long ago she was ready to rip me apart."

"Yeah," Jacob chuckled. "About that; she's sorry."

"Oh, I forgave her a long time ago," Edward waved off the heated moment between him, Leah, Quil and Jacob a few weeks prior.

"I told her you would," Jacob rested his head in his hands dreaming of his vampire's kisses upon his neck. "God - I wish you were here next to me."

"So do I," Edward replied.

Jasper turned around to gaze at his brother. It seemed that everything was fine and that perhaps Jacob and Edward could be allowed to see each other in person with supervision. He looked at Alice who was not as nervous as before, "They're probably ready to be in the same room together."

Alice nodded, "I think so. I think they're okay now."

"Are you gonna suggest that to Carlisle?" Jasper inquired.

"I am," she answered with a soft sigh. "I don't want that Leah girl getting all the credit for reuniting the boys."

Rosalie hit pause on her controller again, "Me neither! Let's convince Carlisle to let them see each other here at house! That'll show her!"

"Yeah!" Alice giggled.

"Yeah!" Rosalie snickered back.

The girls put their pinky fingers out and locked them together with a firm tug to indicate 'pinky square.' It was gesture of a promise to one another. And so when Carlisle got home that evening (Edward and Jacob were still talking as Jasper quickly plugged his laptop into the nearest outlet since it was about to lose power), Alice and Rosalie gave their father the run-down on the boys. He nodded agreeing with them that they should be allowed to see each other as long as two people were in the room with them at all times and Billy gave the okay. From there, the girls made plans with Esme on how and when the reunion of Jacob and Edward would unfold…

Ah, those Cullen girls ~ they want to help. Which is good for the boys. :) I've been having computer issues lately so posting is proving a challenge each week. I'm praying for a new computer next year...or hopefully SOONER! :P