Chapter 4

"Amber got in a car accident and was it bad." she tells him

"oh wow is she okay?" he wonders in concern

"yeah she's fine now thanks for asking but it was bad I could of lost her." Sarah tells him almost breaking down but holding it together

"so um, what happened?" he wonders

Sarah just looks deeply in his eyes.

"she got in a car with a guy that was so intoxicated that his blood alcohol levels were like thru the roof and a truck smashed into them on Ambers side of the car and she had to undergo surgery to repair her spleen and she had a couple of broken ribs and a fractured wrist.

"wow." he says

"yeah." she says

"I'm so.." he starts to tell her and rubs her thigh "sorry Sarah." he says meaningfully

Sarah just shrugs and tries not to get choked up and swallows hardly "it's okay." she tells him softly

"so what else has been going on in the crazy colorful Braverman household?" he wonders

Sarah just shrugs "nothing." she tells him not looking at him then looks at him

"nothing." she tells him and looks tired from her already stressfull week

"so, how's Drew?" he wonders

"he's fine." she tells him

"that's good." he says

"yeah." she says and smiles

"so how is the rest of Sarah doing?" he wonders

Sarah just shrugs just thinking about everything and just starts to break down right there with him.

"oh." he says and gently pulls her into him just letting her cry and rubs her back

Sarah just lays her head on his knees and cries.

"shh Sarah it's okay." he tells her running his hand thru her hair