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Chapter three

Diary of Kurt Hummel

Day three

Weather: The clouds are puking happiness and light right now (I swear, there's an actual rainbow outside my window) and it's disgusting.

Time: 1732

Mood: Fuck you, diary.

Dear Diary,

I, one Kurt Hummel, am a very, very concerned student.

After having spent almost a week at Dalton Academy, the Reform school for boys (who just, you know, happen to be sons of incredibly powerful and rich men), I have noticed a few things that are slightly... odd.

Odd thing number one: We get to go out to the town on weekends.

(Because, you know, all reform schools let their charges out on the weekends to run amok and do who knows what out there.)

Odd thing number two: Nice meals.

(I get that this is a rather nicely funded facility, but really? I had steak with salad last night, along with an appetizer course of bread and mussels before the actual course.)

Odd thing number three: the faculty seem to turn a blind eye to things that happen in the hallways.

(I swear that I saw some kid selling something that was most definitely not plain old brownies to another kid yesterday.)

Odd thing number four: Blaine Anderson.

(He wants to go on a date with me. That's odd enough to warrant him a number in the list.)

Odd thing number five: Blaine Anderson's hair.

(Does he really need that much hair gell? Although, I now know what I'll use if I ever get stuck on an island with him and need to light a fire. But really, has anyone ever told him that all you need is a drop the size of a dime? Yes? No?)

Odd thing number six: The Warblers.

(After what Jenson told me, about being protected by the Warblers I've been wondering about them.)

Odd thing number seven: Blaine Anderson.

(...Just because I can.)

This school... It's just so weird and I blame Puckerman (fucking Puckerman! I hope that no one lets him eat any waffles while he's in juvy – I know that he loves his waffles). This school is just not normal. At all. It's kind of creepy if you actually sit down and think about it. Teachers only teaching and not caring about what goes down in the halls, students doing what they want... Actually, it sort of sounds like McKinley...

Well shit.

Fuck you, Puckerman!

You know, Puckerman is a good thing to blame everything on.

Huh... I think that I might start doing that.

Get a bad grade on an assignment? Blame Puckerman.

Can't get a boyfriend? Blame Puckerman.

Got sent to a reform school? Blaine Puckerman.

...Blaine Puckerman? He's even taking over my blaming Puckerman thing!

Fuck you, Blaine Anderson!

Di, can I be honest with you?

(of course you can be honest, Kurt. It's a diary)

Okay, well, here it goes: I miss my family.

Like, I really miss my family. I miss my dad and his horrible taste in clothes and how, when I told him the truth about what happened with Puckerman and the ATM he believed me. He did not think, not once, that I was lying. I miss his attempts at cooking breakfast and our meals being saved by Carole every time Dad attempts to pick up a whisk.

I miss Carole and her breakfasts and when she would drive me and Finn to school because my car wasn't working and I hadn't found the time to look at it. I miss giving her advice on what to wear when my dad would surprise her with a night out.

And, to be honest, I even miss Finn and all his awkwardness.

Yeah, Di. I really miss my family. Every single one of them.

Even though we don't have good furniture. Our furniture is kind of squeaky.


I'm tired, Di. I got about three hours of sleep last night. Maybe that's why my thoughts are so scattered today.


Why did I not get enough sleep last night? Blaine Anderson. And I'll leave it at that.

Well, see, Di, Blaine has just been bugging me lately. I mean, he actually wants to take me out on a date. As in me. Kurt Hummel. Am I the only one seeing the problem here? No guy would ever want to do that. I mean... I'm me. Is that making sense at all?


I guess I'm just having a hard time believing that someone would actually want to take me out.

And no, I can't blame Puckerman for that.

Even though, at the moment, I kind of wish I could.

Maybe I should just give him a shot, you know? He seems like a rather nice guy, he's gay, and (even though it actually hurts my heart valves to write this down and admit it outloud) he's... he's good looking, okay? He is very good looking, and even though he wears a lot of hair gel it looks good on him. It makes him look all dapper and sophisticated and shit. And the blazer really looks good on him. Like, really good and-

...And I'm talking about Blaine Anderson. Again.

Fuck you, Puckerman.

End of third entry.

Don't forget to smile!

No. No smiling. No. I refuse. I absolutely refuse. Kurt Hummel will not be smiling today. :(


"So... After reading your first few entries I have to say, Kurt... You have a lot of anger."

I rolled my eyes and brought my folded arms closer to my chest, folding my legs and letting out a huff. I have a lot of anger? I'm in a reform school when I'm not supposed to be. Is that a legitimate reason to have a lot of anger? I feel that it is.

Her name was Susie Lawrenthal, and she was my therapist.

She was sitting with her legs crossed, wearing a spray on tan and an outfit that screamed "Naughty Librarian". Her hair was cut to a bob and she was wearing glasses that reminded me of the glasses that Mercedes wore when she had been reading for a long time. "I understand that you're not happy being placed here, but this truly is the best place for you."

Oh, Mercedes. How I miss her. I can't forget the last time that she and I decided to hang out. IT had been a day long event: all day at the mall – fall sale event. Her outfit had been amazing (all thanks to my direction over the phone), and we'd spent the entire day at the mall, watching people come in and out with their bags and their horrendous outfits.

Oh, the good times.

"- and while making this transition will be hard-"

It had been really hard to leave all of my friends. I adore them, and they were the first friends that I'd ever had; Mercedes, Tina, and Artie were the first three, and I hold them dear to my heart. To be honest, having friends had been difficult at first. Going through most of school without any and then suddenly having some because you joined a club is kind of shocking. Like, one day I would check my phone out of habit to see if someone had sent me a message or something, and then the next I had texts messages from those three and friend requests on facebook from them.

It was awkward.

I don't like awkward, unless it's happening to Rachel, and then I like it.

"- but there are a lot of nice community services offered here that will help-"

Oh Rachel Berry...


I shook my head and looked up at my therapist. She was frowning, her legs crossed tighter and one finger resting on her lips. "Hmm? Oh, I'm sorry."

I wasn't.

She smiled. "No, you're not, but it's okay. I understand that you don't want to be here, in my office, and also that you don't want to be here." She looked down at the file in her lap and flipped through a few pages. "To be honest," she muttered, and I could tell that I wasn't supposed to actually be able to hear here. "I don't quite understand why you're here myself..."

"Excuse me?"

Her head shot up. "Oh, no... Just ignore that; I was just thinking out loud." She closed my file then sent me a surprisingly honest smile. "So, to go back to what I'd been talking about while you blocked me out-"

I lowered my head slightly.

"-have you thought about what you're going to do for the community service that you need to do?"

"I joined the Warblers."

She nodded. "That's great, Kurt. The Warblers do a lot of community service even during the performance season. I do hope that you'll enjoy it." She let out a hum. "Well, our time is up, actually."

I perked up. "Really?"

"Yes, this is just the pre-meeting, so that I can meet up with you and you can give me your journal," she said, holding my book up. "I'll have it back to you sometime tomorrow. You're free to leave."

I stood up and grabbed my bag. "I'll see you later then?"

She nodded. "I'll bring your journal to you during your lunch period. See you then, Kurt, and don't forget to make another appointment for next week."

I gave her a halfhearted wave goodbye and headed out of the room. It's not that I have anything against therapists, I just don't like talking about my feelings. Most people do talk about their feelings when they go to therapists, but then again, they are not me. So, you know, whatever.

There were only a few students wandering around the halls, seeing as how the bell for the last class had sounded five minutes previous. I sighed and tightened the grip I had on the strap of my bag and began to walk towards the hall where my next class was located.

"Hi, Kurt!"

I turned, waved at the person who had called out to me, turned again, then had to do a double take. "Uh... Jeff?"

Jeff was smiling at me, half of his face teeth and sunshine. He was also wearing a Statue of Liberty outfit.

What the hell?

"Um... Jeff?"


"What's with the getup?"

Jeff glanced down at his outfit and let out a small, "oh yeah," and then reached up and took off the crown. "It's part of my community service. I volunteered to wave the sign for this bank while wearing this outfit to attract customers. Free of charge, of course."

I stared. More community-"But Jeff, doesn't being in the Warblers cover the needed community service?"

He nodded, then motioned over at one of the benches along the wall; we sat down together and he sighed. "I'm trying to get some more in so that I can go home. I have a time slot to meet with the judge on Friday, so hopefully everything goes good then."

Okay, what?

"I'm sorry, Jeff, but I don't think that I understand all of this fully. You told me that you liked it here?"

He shrugged. "Yeah, I do; it beats having to see my mom and dad all of the time, but while I don't like my mom or dad, I really miss my little twin sisters," he said softly, fiddling with the crown in his hands. "I miss them, so much. It was their birthday last week, but I wasn't allowed to see them. My parents won't let me get close to them until I'm out of here, and in order to do that I have to get cleared by my therapist and the judge."


Oh, Okay. I see.

...Sort of.

"And by doing more community service-"

"It looks good on the evaluations. A good evaluation should get you out of here. It's why the Warblers do so many nursing home performances."



Jeff sighed, then reached up and placed the Liberty Crown back on his head. "You only get a good evaluation if your therapist thinks that you're ready to leave, but-" he bit his lip. "People who've gotten good evaluations haven't been getting released. The judge doesn't give the okay."

"So let me see if I have this right. You get a good evaluation from your therapist that says you're ready to leave, but then you get to the judge and-"

"The judge won't clear you. It's happened to me once, and Wes, and Blaine-"

Wait, what? "Blaine too?"

"Oh, crap!" Jeff wailed, turning a nice pale color. "I wasn't supposed to say that. You weren't supposed to know – wasn't my place to tell-"

"Jeff, sto-"

"And he'll get mad at me and never help me with my urges to take things and-"



I took hold of his shoulders and made him look at me. "Calm down. It's okay."

Jeff looked like he was going to start crying, which was, honestly, kind of freaky. "No, it's not. Blaine's a great guy, and I just told you something that he didn't want you to know. He doesn't want you to think badly of him."

I blinked. Huh?

"Jeff, I've only been here for a few days. Why would he not want me to think badly of him?"

"Because, Kurt. He really likes you. He seessomething in you, I guess. Said something about how he likes that you don't take any shit and you're your own person." Jeff took a deep breath, then looked me in the eyes with an incredibly serious look on his face. "Give him a chance, okay?"

And with that Jeff stood up. "I need to head on over to my service now. I'll see you in Warbler rehearsal! Bye Kurt!"

I didn't even really watch him leave, too busy thinking about what he'd told me about Blaine. Maybe... Maybe Blaine really was an okay guy. I guess that I'd just have to wait and see. Sighing, I stood up and tightened my grip on my bag. It was time to go to class.


My next class was math, which I hated. I had never liked math. It was just awful: I don't know anyone in my class, let alone anyone outside of the Warblers (and I even didn't really know them much, only Jeff, Wes, and a little side dash of David and Nick because they're close with Jeff and Wes. And then Blaine. Yeah, sure, he can be on the list). A few people have said hi, but with what Jeff had just told me, I figured that most of the kids here were attempting to leave Dalton.

Not that I blamed them at all.

I walked into class with my head held high like I always do. It was then that I spotted a head full of hair gel and almost stopped walking. Blaine Anderson was in my math class?

Why hadn't I noticed that before?

There was an empty seat next to him. A few, actually. Biting my lip I debated, sighed, then made my decision and walked towards where he was sitting. I slid into the seat next to him and placed my math book on the desk top. I was beginning to pull out my notebook when Blaine seemed to realize that I was sitting next to him. When I looked over, he was staring at me with an opened mouth. "Hi," I whispered.

"Oh... um, hi," he whispered back.

"Do you... Do you mind if I sit with you?"

When Blaine shook his head I gave him a smile, then turned back to the board. "What page are we on?"

He didn't respond for a while, but then suddenly cleared his voice and reached over to flip my book to the page we were supposed to be on. "123," he said softly. "So... How was your first appointment?"

I shrugged. "It was okay,"

He let out a really soft laugh. "Yeah, that's how they always go. Who do you have?"


"Oh, I like her."

"She was okay."

Blaine gave me a lopsided grin that reminded me heavily of a puppy, then turned to look back at the board. I was planning on asking him about what Jeff said, but decided against it at the last second. If he wanted me to know, he'd tell me. And I can be patient with things like that. I can... I can.

Five minutes later Blaine tilted his head towards me and whispered, "Thanks for sitting next to me."

I glanced around at the few empty seats then back at Blaine, suddenly feeling bad for silently judging him in my mind. Maybe he didn't have that many friends at Dalton. "Hey, you're taking me out this weekend," I said, sitting up straight and glancing at him out of the side of my eyes. "Sitting by you is the least that I could do."

Blaine gave me that puppy dog smile again; It was rather adorable. Then he leaned over and nudged my arm. I tried to ignore the slight tingling feeling I got from it. "Well thank you, Kurt Hummel. I do believe that this class is going to be incredibly more interesting."

I gave him a smile back. "I'm glad that I could do this for you."

"Now I have something pretty to look at all of the time in this class."

Wait, what?"

"Okay, class," our teacher suddenly called out. "Now, since last year many people had some trouble with actually doing their homework, as well as trouble turning it in, look to the person sitting next to you."

I looked back over at Blaine.

The smug smile on his face was actually hurting me.

"Meet your new study buddy," she said with a drastic roll of her eyes.





No fucking way.

"That person is now your homework partner for the rest of the year. Enjoy. And now, continuing from the last lesson-"

Blaine Anderson was my what?

"So, looks like we'll be spending a lot of time together, huh? I had a feeling if I was sitting alone that you'd come and sit by me," Blaine said with a wink and a smirk that was positively horrid.

He'd played me.

And he'd done a good job of it as well.


I turned to look at my book, a rather nice 'I'm going to destroy everything that you hold dear and not give one single fuck about it' face on. This was all Puckerman's fault.

Fuck you, Puckerman.

Just... fuck you to hell.

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