Kara Zor-El has left Tim Drake one or more of three things: elated, confused, and hot under the collar.

Tim examines this, such as his great analytical mind, which earned him a partnership with The Batman, is prone to do.

Elation is perfectly reasonable, he concludes. Kara is a very attractive girl, and any guy would be lucky to get some action from her (not that Tim isn't relatively pined after by the female sex himself). Though, elation isn't a very prominent part of the Bat-family's vocabulary. Well, Tim thinks, I'd probably be harder-pressed to find confused. His family is based heavily off of intelligence, after all. Bruce - the man who beat the brawn of the majority of the Justice League utilizing his vast intellect, effectively securing him a spot as co-captain of the League itself – only accepts the brightest of minds into his menagerie of bat-children. And however witty or quick-on-his-feet perceptive Dick is, or how intellectual and advanced-proficient Barbara is, Tim has both intellects down to a science, and his versatility has often earned him the title of smartest in the baby-bat crew.

This begs the question which asks why Kara is capable of confusing him so. Girls shouldn't be able to falter his mind such as she had just done. In fact, Bruce had trained him so that this kind of thing would not happen. But he has a right to be confused. After all, he's only ever talked to Kara a handful of times before. Why should she show any interest in him? The whole situation is just leading him to more confusion, which is off-putting.

Not to mention how his body is reacting. He was thoroughly unaware that he was capable of blushing until about three seconds ago. Actually, he had begun to think that it is an innate tendency for the bearers of the capes and cowls to possess only three facial structures: glare, grin, and scowl. Sure, he'd seen Bruce and Dick smile at home when they'd be telling stories at dinner or laugh happily playing a round of basketball to relieve the stress of a particularly trying bout with Joker. But under the masks of Batman and Nightwing? All he'd ever get was a shit-eating grin or a snarky remark. So when did flushed become a facial property of a bat?

Tim is pulled out of his own head by Kon nudging him lightly. Normally, Tim is strong enough to hold his own against even Conner's strength (quite the remarkable feat for a mere human), but the most current Boy Wonder is nearly sent flying out of his seat due to having been trapped in a mental stupor.

Kon helps him steady him, unabashed, and points in the direction of the couch farthest from their own in the commons room of Titan's Tower. Tim glances over to see Supergirl sauntering her way over to Cassie, who is smiling and grimacing at the same time, which leaves a weird look on her face. He can't help but notice Kara's hips swaying seductively back and forth. This thoroughly confuses Tim. Why wouldn't she just fly over like she normally would?

"Dude," Kon says, his voice full of mirth, "she's showing off for you."

Tim almost has to process these words for a whole ten seconds (much longer than it takes him to process quantam mechanical properties of matter) before he looks incredulously at his best friend.

"What? Dude, I don't know her through a hole in the wall. Why would she show off her... er, her ass for me?"

Kon pretends to think for a moment before saying, "Well, ya know, she kinda just kissed you. Or maybe you didn't notice because you fell brain-dead for about half an hour. Either way, that seems to imply something, Tim."

Tim glances back over to the couch where the girls are sitting. Kara is talking animatedly with a pink hue stretching across her cheekbones. Cassie looks like she doesn't know whether to congratulate the girl or vomit. Though Tim isn't particularly good with handling emotions, he can identify them, and Cassie's rigid posture and forced smile certainly scream jealousy. Which doesn't make sense because Cassie had gotten over him the minute Kon came back. Right?

Suddenly, both girls turn to look at him, and Kara's flustered yet cheery wave leaves Tim grinning like an idiot and waving back.

Turning back to Superboy, who looks like he's about to cry from holding in his laughter at his friend's expression, Tim says, "I was right. It is the cape."