Sophie glanced into the mirror, she was a mess. Her dark, long hair that she usually kept so nice was a tangled mop. She hadn't removed the makeup from the night before, and it was smeared all over her face from crying. She was wearing the same clothes from yesterday, they were all wrinkled now, and her nails were chipped and messed up. How terrible it would be if the people at school saw her like this. Sophie brushed the tears out of her eyes and looked down at her bedspread. Ever since the trial, Sophie hadn't been able to think. Mostly she had just cried ever since, now she thought about what happened.

Her boyfriend, Will, had cheated on her. Sophie had known that he had fooled around with some girls before, but she didn't know it was this bad. Worse than that, he had raped most of them! Sophie felt tears rising to her eyes again. How could he have raped them? Annabelle, Emily, and some other girl. Sophie had thought that Will loved her, it had felt so good, holding each other, touching each other, him telling her he loved her, then this happened. Sophie couldn't stay with Will now, of course. Who would want a boyfriend that went around raping other girl? Now what would Sophie do? She sure as hell didn't want to see any of the people that knew Will at the moment. Which was basicly everyone.

Could she keep up her popular status? No, she couldn't, it was too late for that now. Everyday since Emily had told the cops on Will, Sophie had been staying away from everyone. She hadn't wanted to hear the people asking her about it, hear their whispers. She hated them, everyone of those shallow losers. The staying in the shadows thing had messed everything up, however. No one talked to her anymore, not that she wanted to talk to them. She wouldn't be the partying girl she used to be. She wouldn't be the leader of the pack. No more miss popularity for Sophie.

So now what would she do?