A/N: So this is just a short story that is going to be about four or five chapters. It's based off of one of my favorite episodes of Gilmore Girls called 'They Shoot Gilmores, Don't They?'

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Summary: The Second Annual Dance Marathon is coming up and Ginny needs a partner. Hermione tries to help her while dealing with her own relationship issues. Her relationship with Ron has been strained since the start of the new school year, and Draco hasn't spoken to her in weeks.

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They Hex Gryffindors, Don't They?

Chapter 1

Sugar Quills

"What about that one?" Hermione asked, nodding toward a Hufflepuff sitting at a table near the window. She and Ginny were at the Three Broomsticks, deciding to grab a couple of butterbeers before they had to head back to Hogwarts.

"Hm, no."

"Why not?"

"Too pale."

"So what?"

"Pale means sickly. I need a great dance partner this year. Someone strong, non-klutzy, with lots of stamina," Ginny glanced around the room and pointed, "Ooh, how tall is that guy?

"Millicent Bulstrode is about 6'2".

"Oh! Didn't recognize her from this angle. I still can't believe she came back. I never would've thought finishing her education would be high on her list of priorities." The redhead took a swig of her butterbeer and let out an exasperated sigh. "Last year, I came this close to winning!" she held her thumb an her forefinger about a centimeter apart to emphasize her point. "I swear on Merlin's beard, I had it!"

"I know the story," Hermione said, hoping to stop Ginny from retelling it again.

"It was hour twenty-three," Ginny began.

"I know the story," Hermione repeated.

"I'm dancing with Seamus 'Sugar Quills' Finnigan."

Hermione sighed and looked around the room, "How many people heard me say I know the story?"

About four hands shot up around the room, but Ginny paid no attention to them.

"And Seamus is fading, so I'm trying to buck him up, saying 'Come on, Sugar Quills. Stay with me Sugar Quills,' and then all of a sudden he starts yelling, 'Stop calling me Sugar Quills, it's making me hungry!' And out of nowhere, Michael Corner comes dancing by, waving a pumpkin pasty in the air, and of course Sugar Quills lunges for the pasty, drops my hand, and that was it. Corner wins, I'm out. I'm gonna get that Finnigan someday," Ginny said glaring at her butterbeer.

"I'll help you, Gin."

"I wanna win, 'Mione!" Ginny declared, pounding a small fist on their table.

"I know you do."

"I need a partner!" she wailed and laid her head on the table.

"I know that, too! Don't worry, Ginny, we'll find you one, we just have to keep looking."

Ginny nodded, and sat up to finish her drink. A small smile quickly replaced the frown she wore as she glanced up at her older friend. "Oh Hermione, I can't wait for you to see it! You're going to be absolutely amazed! The decorations are lovely, the music is wonderful, and the atmosphere is so fun! I was so sad that you, Ron, and Harry had to miss it last year."

Hermione nodded and smiled softly, "I can't wait either, Gin. It sounds very fun, from what you told me. I may not be participating, but it'll be nice to see other people dancing, and to spend some time with Harry and Ron as we cheer you on. I'd love to see you beat Corner, as well."

Ginny snorted unattractively and nodded. "He's been acting like such a git since we broke up. It was two years ago, and we weren't even that serious, he should be over it by now!"

In just a month was Hogwarts' Second Annual Dance Marathon. It was a tradition started just the previous year by the teachers to try to distract the students from the war, and allow them to enjoy their childhood while they had the chance. It was suggestion made by the portrait of Dumbledore that hung it the Headmaster's office. He explained to Snape that he had been to one while in the Muggle world and thought that it would be something that the children would enjoy. Snape called all of the other faculty members to his office and said that he had no problem with the idea, so long as he didn't have to do any planning. The dance marathon was a twenty-four hour competition that the students could enter in an attempt to win a giant gold plated trophy and their photo placed on a wall in the Great Hall. Students were also permitted to watch the dance competition and mingle on bleachers that would be conjured on either side of the Great Hall that would serve as the ballroom.

When Ginny had heard about the contest last year, she initially wanted to enter just to have a bit of fun. That changed, however, once her ex, Michael Corner, declared that he was going to "wipe the floor" with her. Ginny, of course, did not take that well and went about looking for a partner. After finding him in the common room and explaining her situation, Seamus, affectionately nicknamed "Sugar Quills" by one of the Honeydukes employees earlier that year, agreed to be her partner. He claimed to be a "bloody fantastic" dancer. And he was, until twenty-two hours into the competition when he began to tire. It was his hunger, though, that ultimately led to his and Ginny's downfall in hour twenty-three. Where Corner had gotten that pumpkin pasty from, she had no idea, but Ginny swore revenge on both men as she watched Corner holding the trophy and jogging around the dance floor running his "victory lap."

"What about Neville?" Hermione asked, hopeful, but Ginny only shook her head.

"I thought about asking - he is a lovely dancer - but he's already going with Luna."


"Yes. Luna told me all about it. Apparently he turned about twenty shades of red! She said he looked really adorable!" she giggled. "And besides, I doubt Neville would be able to last twenty-four hours. He barely made it past the eighth hour last year."

"There you two are!"

The girls turned at the sound of the voice and found Ron and Harry walking towards them.

Ron gave Hermione a quick peck on the cheek, and she and Ginny exchanged a look. "It's about time we head back," he said, offering his hand to help Hermione out of her chair.

The other Hogwarts students noticed the time and made there way to leave as well. The four followed the crowd of witches and wizards out of the pub. Ginny and Hermione fell behind, allowing Ron and Harry to walk a few paces ahead of them, chatting about Quidditch.

"You know," Hermione began glancing at Harry's back, "you could always-"

"Don't," Ginny interrupted.

"But I'm sure Harry could-"

"He can't," Ginny shook her head, "I can't."

Hermione sighed in defeat. "No, I suppose you can't."