Just another product of my sick mind. Enjoy!

One day, Handy decided to show the other Happy Tree Friends how he somehow built/fixed things without hands. He was going to make it like a free show. Many curious friends showed up to watch. Handy was going to build a birdhouse. Suddenly, he realized he left his hot glue gun downstairs, on the main level of the house. He went to the only door to the stairs, but couldn't open it. It was locked from the outside. And from where Handy was standing, there was no way to open it. They were stuck up here.

Handy went into the other rooms to tell everyone that they were stuck in the building.

"How bout we phone for help?"

"No phone service in this part of town, the towers and lines are down. But we could call out the window."

So Handy went to the only window, opened it, and saw Mime on the sidewalk.

"Hey everyone! Mime's down there! HEY MIME! CAN YOU COME HELP US? WE'RE LOCKED UP HERE!"

So Mime dropped his pants, pointed at himself, masturbated, then pointed at Handy.

"Well?" Petunia asked.

"It's fine, he's coming"