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Chapter 14 – The Night Before...

It was all a blur.

It came in flashes, peaking through the hammering pain every so often.

Bright lights, pumping music, the electric jolt he felt when he kissed her.

Than it faded once more...


He gripped the sheets tightly when his eyes began to flutter open. Waking up to a piercing sunlight wasn't his favorite type of alarm clock.

"What the hell happened?" he asked to nobody in particular, his voice adapting a hazy tone. A sharp jolt sent his hands flying to his head, attempting to rid of whatever pain he was feeling. The pounding, he could compare it to having a god cut open his head. No; it was probably worse.

Hearing the soft squeaking of the mattress, he felt someone shift in his bed and his eyes widened. He slowly turned his head, and he felt as if someone had just slapped him when he saw who was there. Startling grey eyes stared at him nervously as he tried to remember.

"What happened?" he asked her bluntly. She only glared pointedly at him, as if trying to make him remember. Then he realized how bare he felt under the sheets; almost as if he were... Another sharp jolt came to his mind as a flashback from the night previous flooded his eyes.

The feel of her lips upon his, her bare skin against his; it was exhilarating. His lips trailed down her neck sensually, savoring every taste of her. All the while, she murmured sweet nothings, lost within the desirable pleasure. He knew what they were doing was wrong, yet he didn't want to stop. Fortunately for him, neither did she.

He opened his eyes once more to see the beautiful girl staring at him, worry engraved within her eyes. He looked at her with a bleak expression."Did we?" he asked unsurely. The small nod she gave him answered his question. "Oh gods. We're screwed."


Uncomfortable was an understatement for his position at that moment.

He was lying face-down, suffocating in a pillow that reeked of alcohol. His right arm was bent in an awkward position above his head while his left was squashed under the body of a mysterious brunette female. He attempted to get up without waking the sleeping girl. The only problem: she was giving him the world's most dangerous bear-hug.

In another situation, it might've been humorous. If someone saw the pair now, they'd probably burst into side-aching laughter while he scowled pathetically.

He was at risk of waking the girl. To say he wasn't curious about who the girl was would be a complete lie. His gut was screaming that he shouldn't look at who it is, since it would only bring him dastardly consequences. The words 'Curiosity killed the cat...' echoed through his head, but he didn't care for all of the warning signs.

He was relieved by the fact that the girl on top of him remained clothed. He had his shirt missing, and guessed that it lain somewhere on the wooden floor. But other than that, he still had clothes on his lower half, so he wasn't indecent.

The girl began stirring, muttering inconsistent phrases in Latin. That's when it struck him. Latin?

She released her grip on him and used her arms to push away. When she caught his surprised and slightly fearful gaze meet her eyes, all she could do was gape.

His expression probably mirrored hers. Now his question of the day was: How in Hades did he get himself into that position with Reyna?


She was pissed. She was beyond pissed.

She didn't know how. She didn't know who. She didn't know what, but she was mentally prepared to smash someone in the skull if they didn't explain the situation.

She had woken up only moments before, in some building that she could barely recognize due to its drastic makeover and her aching head. The air was stuffy and filled with the reeking scent of alcohol, which made the nausea that ate her away inside grow worse. She glanced around at the people who lay near her, still passed out from what activities had happened the night before. She was the only one wide awake.

She decided to make a move, pushing herself up from her position on the floor. She had difficulty, with her aching limbs and head, which made her take a few minutes to get steady on her feet. Using the wall (which was stained with some really funky stuff), she made her way to the entrance of the hall.

The only word to describe her view of the camp: apocalypse.

The camp wasn't in any ruins; no, nothing of that sort. Instead, bodies of her fellow camp members were spread out on the grounds in front of her, all of them passed out in the stench of alcohol. What made her even more worried and angry was the fact that some of those people were from the Bad Girls.

Silena sighed. It was just meant to be a simple night of fun. The realization that they might all be in deep trouble hit her like a ton of bricks.


Piper sighed.

She hadn't drunk too much the night before. She could hold her liquor a bit (she had tried wine before) and wasn't as intoxicated as many, many other people. Instead of being wasted, she was absolutely furious.

She didn't know how, but she had woken up in her bed, wrapped comfortably in her blanket.

The last thing that she had remembered was being with Jason, and then it just... blanked.

Okay; maybe she was just a tad bit drunk the night before. Probably enough to make her... pass out in the arms of her crush.

Just. Perfect.

The only question she needed answered was; What happened to him after that?

She had a distinct gut feeling that the answer wasn't going to be as wonderful as she would've liked.


Connor woke up in a weary daze, his head feeling more befuddled than usual. Messed up memories from the night before swirled through his head. They're genius plan to invade the party, his own plan to make his brother grow some balls and finally get Katie, Katie accidentally kissing him, and well, all the other crazy things that happened after his memory blacked out.

He groaned, wondering if his brother would still punch him for kissing the love of his life.

Yet, he still couldn't believe that they had pulled it off. They had successfully caused one hell of a party.

He didn't remember a lot of it, but it was probably one of the best nights of his life...


All: Let's go

They stared at each other for a few moments; both had a look of disbelief reflected within their eyes. They both knew that they shouldn't have been in that position, and once their common sense had kicked in, they scrambled.

"Oh my Gods," she muttered, panting lightly as she looked down at her body. Once she realized that she was decent, she turned to look at him. He gulped, unsure of what he was meant to say.

All he could think of was what had happened to his favorite Aphrodite girl. After their dance, she had passed out. He took her back, being the gentleman he is, to her cabin and tucked her in. But then, once he left the cabin, his memories had gone blank.

Jason: All that I remember is that you had me at hello.
I knew right when I met her that I wouldn't take it slow.

Words from a song flowed into his head as if it were playing outside. He concentrated, but then realized that it was silent, with the exception of Reyna breathing and the noises of nature from the outside. He then questioned whether he was going downright mental or not.

The more we heard the music, the more we got in synch.
The more I kept you laughing, the less I stopped to think.

He kept recalling memories of her. He couldn't stop it. Her charming smile, pretty face and kaleidoscopic eyes; they all left him in a trance. He felt a hand grasp his shoulder, but he never left his reverie. All he could replay in his mind was the song and her.


Travis muttered a sentence of incoherent words. He then groaned, his throat feeling scratchy and dry as he did so. He tried recalling his memories, but all he could remember was Katie; and that's it. They had left the hall, but he couldn't remember what had happened after that.

Travis: The last thing I remember, you said this place is beat.
It must have gotten crazy, cause I can't recall a thing.

He looked down at his body. He was shirtless, but that was the extent of it. He would've looked further up, but his headache had left him temporarily immobilized. He mentally swore, annoyed at the fact that he couldn't go anywhere until the pain in his head lessened.

The cold morning air hit his half-naked body hard. He turned his head to see that he was lying on the ground in front of the Hermes cabin. Why he wasn't inside was a question he would've liked answered. Another question he wanted to know was why a single song was resounding in his head, making the pain even worse.

Last night, can't remember.
What happened? Where'd we go?
I woke up this morning.
Where's my car? Where's my keys? Where's my clothes?

He then realized what he did with Katie. What he did with Katie. They didn't go all the way to home base, but they went pretty far. That itself surprised him. Then the final question popped up as he began to move his limbs again; where was Katie?


His mind raced. Annabeth was in the shower, which gave him a chance to think in solitude.

What on Earth had he done? What in Hades had they done?

Trying to be as calm as possible, he thought about it rationally. They got drunk (he can blame the Stolls later on), they both snuck away to his cabin and well... The rest is history.

Though he knew what they had done was wrong (he knew that he was screwed over in so many levels – and not just literally), but for some odd reason, he didn't regret it at all. They both loved each other, they can commit to each other, and that was enough, right?

Percy: I feel my head still spinning but I'm doing alright
Cause I think I just had the best night of my life.
Last night, can't remember.
What happened? Did it happen? Last night

He realized that he needed to ask someone for help. Slipping on into a pair of jeans and his Camp Half-Blood t-shirt, he bolted out the door, headed to a person he knew he could vent out to.



He woke up to a killer headache and the sounds of hard knocks against his door. Groaning, he attempted to sit up. After a few moments, he managed to make his body to go half-up without toppling. He then proceeded to get out of bed, and in the process, he saw an interesting thing left on his side-table.

It was a note. Pausing his attempts, he picked it up and flipped it open.

Thanks. But forget everything.

He didn't understand it, but looking down at the shirt that was left on the ground, which was covered in light lipstick marks; he grasped some idea of what may have happened.

Going back to what he was doing earlier, it took him a couple of minutes before he swung open the door, yelling out a gruff 'shut up!' in the process. He was unpleasantly surprised to see Percy standing at his doorway, an extremely nervous look on his face.

"Why'd you take so long?" he asked, as if it were just a simple day for both of them. If he felt better, he might've punched him, but since Percy looked extremely worn out, he grunted and let him through.

Nico: Everyone's been calling like I've been gone for days.
There's a note left on the table and all it says is "Thanks".
It's starting to get dark outside, I'm finally awake.
I'm feeling kind of guilty. Is there something I can take?
There's lipstick on my collar. I'm piecing it together.

"Do you know what happened?" he asked him, once he was leaning against something sturdy. Percy murmured something he couldn't catch, but he forgot about that once he took out something from his pockets. Nico glanced at them curiously, before snatching one up.

It was a picture of him and Thalia getting close together.

"I found these on the way. There's a bunch more pictures of everyone," he explained. "You're asking me what happened. I can honestly say that I haven't got a single clue."

Then I see a picture of me and you from…

All: Last night, can't remember.
What happened? Where'd we go?
I woke up this morning.
Where's my car? Where's my keys? Where's my clothes?
I feel my head still spinning but I'm doing alright
Cause I think I just had the best night of my life.
Last night, can't remember.
What happened? Did it happen? Last night


Leo kicked a rock that was in his path. He felt drained; physically, mentally and emotionally.

He had seen the two of them the night before. They were so close with each other, as if they've been together like that for years. Who was he kidding? Did anyone actually believe that he could actually get the girl?

Aphrodite probably hated him for some reason. What did he ever do? Insult her fashion sense? No; he never did anything of that sort. But in the end, he got stuck with dealing all the crap from heartbreak.

People had told him that he wasn't weak. If they saw him then, would they have said otherwise?

Leo: And did I get the chance to say that I wanted you to stay?
There's things I can't explain, cause my brain don't work that way.


After venting out his thoughts to Nico, the weight of his actions didn't feel as heavy as before. He felt lighter, and could think more clearly.

Should they have done it? Probably not... Did he regret it? Not at all.

And that was what confused him. On some level, he had already accepted the fact that he didn't regret it. Should he have regretted it? Did Annabeth regret it? Most likely. What was he meant to tell her then?

Percy: Don't call this a one night stand. No, it wasn't planned.
Wasn't in my head but I just wanna do it again and again and again just like…


All: Last night, can't remember.
What happened? Where'd we go?
I woke up this morning.
Where's my car? Where's my keys? Where's my clothes?
I feel my head still spinning but I'm doing alright
Cause I think I just had the best night of my life.
Last night, can't remember.
What happened? Did it happen? Did it happen? Last night

Once most of them had figured out bits and pieces of what had happened the night before, they decided to go to the one place that it all started; the mess hall.

The outside was reminiscent of a battlefield, with bodies (hopefully not corpses) scattered around. Most of them though, were finally waking up to the wonderful beginnings of a hangover, much to their surprise! The camp leaders had all began to make their way to the building. The sight that greeted them was not in the least beautiful.

The inside of the building was absolutely trashed. Splatters and stains of alcohol and puke covered the walls. More people were passed out on the floors, surrounded by broken glass and empty bottles. They all felt a chill once they realized that some of the girls weren't from the good side.

"What have you two done?" a voice asked, an edge to her tone. The Stoll brothers, who had both managed to get there (albeit with a lot of trouble), without stumbling too much, gulped in sync and spun around to see a demon-like Silena, standing beside a scary-looking Piper.

They exchanged a glance. "We can explain..."

She narrowed her eyes at them. It was almost reminiscent of the glare Annabeth would give them."You guys are going to be doing a whole lot of explaining alright. You'll have to explain who did this, how they did this and why they did this. Your cabin, now."


Silena shot them another scathing look as they reached the front door of the Hermes cabin. Travis made a move to open the door, shooting Silena another fearful look. Just before his hand reached the handle, he heard a yawn echo from inside. Getting curious, he opened the door.

And met face-to-face with the girl he had been looking for.

At seeing him, and noticing that he was shirtless, she reddened slightly. At seeing her reaction, he chuckled lightly, but then remembering that Silena was glaring holes at his back, he moved on from the light flirting. "Katie; we need to get in there."

Her eyes widened slowly, before she hopped out of the way for the rest of them to come inside. She noticed that most of the cabin leaders had come inside, with the few exceptions of Leo, Thalia and Annabeth. As they entered, they all gave her curious looks, more so her body. She looked down at her attire and noticed that she was only wearing a clean dress shirt on top of her bra and shorts.

She then realized that it was the same shirt that Travis was missing.

Reddening further, she sat down on the edge of one of the beds, trying not to make eye contact.

Actually, most of the leaders were trying not to make eye contact, afraid that seeing them might spark another memory to come back.

Silena stood up, her arms folded across her chest. In an angrily sweet tone that was tinged with nervousness, she asked. "Explain please?"

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