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Prefects' Bathroom

Kurt Hummel was having an excellent day, he thought to himself (in third person) as he walked down the long and rather dim hall corridor. The school year hadn't been longer than a week so far, and he was already looking forward to this year more than any other.

There were many pros on the mental pro and con list.

Prefect for one. He was in a position of power. Nobody messed around with a Prefect if they knew what was good for them. And he was a Slytherin Prefect. He was practically feared by other houses.

And there was what had just happened. Guys, I need to tell you something. And it doesn't change anything, I'm just saying that now. You're all annoying as hell anyways. So, yeah, I'm gay. Those were his exact words to his roommates. And some exact words back, Kurt, really, you think we didn't know? We're your roommates, we see all the clothes you bring, even though we wear uniforms, like, all the time. And you spend an hour every morning getting ready. So he didn't have to worry about lying to his roommates anymore when they asked him why he didn't think Cindy looked great in her third year uniform when she was a sixth year.

And then there was Glee Club, like there had been for the last four years. It was the best part of Kurt's day. All his other classes were fine, and he was great at them, but they were just boring most of the time. Glee was exciting, and fun, and it was something he was actually passionate about.

And now that he'd reach his destination, he'd come full circle and back to number one on his list. Prefect. He wouldn't tell anyone, but one of the main things that Kurt looked forward to about being a Prefect was the bathroom. He'd heard about it, but never seen it. And as his roommates mentioned, he did spend an hour getting ready everyday.

Hogwarts could be a confusing place, and so Kurt had made sure to follow the directions he had been given exactly, and only hope that he found his way. Fifth floor, fourth door to the left of Boris the Bewildered. Kurt rolled his eyes at the confused looking statue before turning his attention to the door he needed. "Pine fresh." He whispered.

The door swung open, and Kurt let out the breath he hadn't been aware he was holding. The first thing that hit him wasn't the beautiful bathroom, it was a beautiful voice. He wildly thought for a moment that the bathroom had some magic on it so it had music playing, but that seemed rather farfetched. The most likely reason would be someone was already in the bathroom.

Kurt walked farther into the bathroom. To his credit, he did notice the huge pool-like tub, multi-colored bubbles, all the taps, and the mermaid above it all.

But he definitely notice the boy in the water as well. He was standing with his back to him. The bubbles and deep water prevented Kurt from seeing anything, and he immediately felt creepy at the disappointed thought. Then again he was a teenager, he should be allowed to have thoughts like that, right?

The boy didn't notice him though. He was in the middle of singing his heart out. Or singing his heart out, as much as he could, while shampooing his extremely curly, dark hair. Kurt didn't recognize the song, which was strange, because when he wasn't at Hogwarts music was the only thing Kurt did over the Holidays.

Asking, "What song are you singing?" seemed ideal, but Kurt wasn't sure how to do it. The boy obviously hadn't heard him walk in, and he didn't want to startle him.

Kurt slowly started walking forward, step by step. He debated walking loudly so the boy might hear and turn around. But he didn't have to debate about making any sounds because on the next step Kurt accidently stepped in a puddle.

And completely wiped out with a very loud "AHHHH" as he went down.

Kurt closed his eyes. Maybe if he closed his eyes, the room would go away, and he wouldn't really be lying on his back on a damp, stone floor. The singing voice wouldn't stop either. Crap. The singing had stop, that must mean that-

"Oh my god, are you okay?"

Kurt supposed he had to open his eyes. He did, and sat up slowly. He felt fine, the only thing broken was his ego. He definitely landed on it during the fall, and it would not be recovered any time soon.

The boy's face was close to his, and he was kneeling on the floor next to him. Kurt stared at his face for a couple second. He had beautiful eyes, and unusually triangular eyebrows. And then his eyes went lower and he noticed his chest, and, oh, the guy had boxers on. Or swim trunks? Or whatever.

"You're not naked." He said dumbly. He instantly blushed. If his dignity hadn't been crushed by the fall, it was mostly likely drowning in the puddle right now. "Oh.. um... I... I hit my head when I fell. I'm not responsible for any words that come out of my mouth right now." Kurt attempted to find the normal wit and sarcasm he had.

The boy just smirked. "It's okay, this bathroom is kind of public. Though I don't see many people here this early in the morning. Your fall about gave me a heart attack, I didn't know anyone was in here." Now he was blushing, Kurt noticed. Probably thinking about how he'd been singing the whole time.

"I'm used to waking up early." Kurt didn't mention it was because he wouldn't be able to get ready in time if he woke up at the same time as everyone else. "Sorry I scared you. I was in the middle of planning how not to startle you when I slipped. Which doesn't happen that often, I just want to mention right now. I'm very graceful and not at all a klutz." He was on of the best dancers in Glee Club. Brittany and Mike were the best, of course, but he was miles and miles ahead of Finn when it came to dancing.

"Well me singing to an audience that doesn't consist of an empty room doesn't happen that often either." The boy responded. His blush was gone, but he did seem slightly embarrassed.

Kurt rolled his eyes. People could be so dense about their talent sometimes. "Please, you sounded great. You should really join Glee Club!" He smiled widely.

"Wait... Hogwarts has a Glee Club?" He looked very confused.

Kurt's smile faded. "Yeah, well, it's not exactly popular. It's pretty much the only non-magic club, so lot's of people think it's a waste of time. Or uncool or something." He said sadly. Then he remembered he was supposed to be convincing this guy to join. "But we're really good! And it's really fun too."

"I don't know..."

"Oh come on!" Kurt didn't take no for an answer very well. "Like you have anything to do! I'm guessing your a sixth year. I'd know you if you were a fifth year like me, and I'm guessing you aren't a seventh year. So you don't have OWLs or NEWTs. You totally need something to do. And if I recall, you were singing a song I didn't know, which is very rare, so I'm assuming that means you wrote that song. And if you wrote that song, then you must like music a lot. So why not join Glee Club?" Kurt smiled again, pleased with his argument.

"I didn't say no!" The boy protested, but he was smiling. "I'm Blaine, by the way. I'm the captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team. So that's 'totally' something to do, I might add. And the reason I'm here, in case you were wondering. We had an early practice this morning, and the team crowds up the locker room, so I decided to come here. Your turn."

Kurt grinned. Were they really sitting on the floor of the bathroom, having a perfectly normal conversation? How was it possibly not awkward?

"Kurt Hummel. I'm one of the prefects for Slytherin. Does that make us enemies? That'd be unfortunate because I was starting to like you. And it would really make the bothering to join Glee Club much more difficult." Kurt couldn't help but flirt. Even though he knew he shouldn't, when he didn't know if this Blaine gay was straight or not.

"Oh no!" Blaine yelled in mock horror, throwing his arms up. Kurt laughed at him, and Blaine was laughing too. "Well, you don't seem evil, Kurt, so I'll let it go." Kurt thought his name had never sounded better than when Blaine said it just then. Of course he wasn't about to say that though.

Kurt smiled. "Okay then. Not enemies, got it. But speaking of going, I have to go." Kurt wasn't about to take a bath. He didn't have any shorts like Blaine. He wasn't about to get naked in front of him, no matter how much he already liked him.

"Right, okay." Blaine paused. "So do you want to meet up in the library tomorrow?" He paused again. "You know, to talk about this, uh Glee Club."

So maybe Blaine was a promising crush. "I can't, the first Hogsmeade trip is tomorrow. Do you want to come with me?" Kurt decided to be daring, it couldn't hurt.

Blaine was looked at him for awhile. "Are you asking me out?" He asked.

"Well, you did ask me out first." Kurt replied with a wink.