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Don't Preach



When he finally heard the knocking, Nowaki moved tiredly towards the door. He hoped fervently it was the take out he'd ordered and not another neighbor complaining about the noise.

Nowaki opened the door.

The expression of trepidation he'd been wearing dissolved and a lovely smile quickly emerged on his handsome face. It was Avery, his favorite delivery person from Panda-san, standing there holding a big bag of delicious smelling food.

Nowaki had always admired that the youth could work so well amongst all those Panda-san fangirls, not realizing that Avery was actually a bit of fanboy himself.

"Avery-san, how nice to see you," Nowaki greeted the young deliveryman. It had been ages since he had ordered in. Not since he had first met Hiro-san in fact.

"Likewise, Kusama-san," Avery replied as he handed over the takeout. Nowaki went to get the money out of his wallet, which had been lying on the low table just inside the apartment's entry. As he was doing this the youth studied him.

Noticing the tall man's state, the fanboy's eyes took on an expression of concern: Nowaki was wearing a robe and his usually tidy appearance was disheveled. He looked slightly thinner and his kind face more than a little tired.

"I hope I am not being too forward, Kusama-san," Avery said as he counted back the other man's change. "But is everything okay? You look a bit…"

Just then Hiroki came into view from the direction of the kitchen carrying a recently filled gallon jug of water. The neko professor was wearing only a towel and his lean torso was covered with mate marks.

Hiroki normally would have been terribly embarrassed to be seen in his current condition but surprisingly, the neko didn't blush at all. Instead, he scowled at Avery a moment, then he turned his displeased expression towards his partner.

"I can't believe you need to eat again already, Nowaki… we ate like two days ago," he grumbled looking disdainfully at the bag the man held.

It had been about three weeks since the couple's memorable bedtime story and Hiroki's heat had finally come on. Needless to say, as a result the cinnamon catman had only had one thing on his mind since.

In fact, while Nowaki was sure that his neko professor had been ingesting more than enough protein the last couple of days, the only way he could get enough calories into Hiroki recently to maintain the hybrid's already slender physique was to paint food on various parts of his body and then let the insatiable feline lick it off.

"Make sure you drink all that water, Hiro-san. I don't want you getting dehydrated." Nowaki called after his neko as Hiroki disappeared back down the hall towards their bedroom.

"How cool," Avery's gray eyes had widened when he saw the cinnamon neko's chest patch. "I didn't know you had a Kamijou, Kusama-san." The fanboy was a bit of an ailurophile as well. "I have a "Miukisocuti myself," Avery offered rather proudly.

Nowaki smiled at this and was about to say something when a growly voice rose from down the hall and suddenly filled the room. "Nowaki, hurry up and get in here! My ass isn't going to fuck itself! Or am I going to have to use my tail again?"

The tall seme turned a bit pink at this.

"I'll be right there, Hiro-san, " Nowaki called. He turned to Avery and offered apologetically, "Sorry about that, Avery-san, but my Hiro-san's in heat."

Avery was a bit shocked, knowing that neko heat season had passed, but he'd also read that Kamijous were sensitive cats and figured something had probably just thrown the cinnamon hybrid off schedule.

He smiled sympathetically and revealed his own collar, hidden just below the neck of his shirt. "Oh, you don't have to explain anything to me, Kusama-san, I know all about uke neko needs." The young deliveryman added, "It's such a coincidence, my uke neko is named Hiro-san too."

Seeing Nowaki's eyes widen at this information Avery amended, "Well, actually, it's more like a nickname…" The youth dropped his voice to almost a whisper, "To be honest he doesn't really like it that much."

Nowaki grinned at the young seme, he reached out a large hand and ruffled the deliveryman's reddish brown hair. "Don't worry too much, Avery-san, he'll get used to it after a time," he whispered back.

"Nowaki!" Hiroki's voice carried a heated edge to it.

"I'll be right there, Hiro-san," Nowaki called down the hall again. Then he turned back to Avery and shrugged.

"A seme's work is never done."

"God, I hope not," Avery laughed and Nowaki chuckled with him. "Don't worry, Kusama-san, go take care of your uke. I can show myself out."

Avery was waiting for the elevator a few moments later when he heard the heat howls drifting down the corridor from the direction of Nowaki's apartment.

As he stepped into the open elevator, Avery considered what Nowaki had said and smiled, "a seme's work is never done…" Since this was his last delivery for the day, the young seme suddenly thought he ought to go find his Hiro-san and see if he couldn't elicit a few howls of his own.

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