The tall blond teen sat underneath the giant oak tree that stood in the middle of his college campus, his long legs stretched in front of him, clad in pale blue jeans, his skinny frame covered with a white shirt with a orange tribal sun and a sketch pad in his hands along with his pencil as he looked out across the grass. As was usual of late, his gaze went immediately to the dark red haired goth. He was tall and slender, soft spoken, yet commandingly powerful. The blond was entranced by him. Often he would get lost staring into his sea-foam green eyes. Although they had rarely spoken, their eyes often locked during classes, it may have lasted mere seconds, but to Naruto it felt much longer.

Gaara was clearly the leader of the Gothic teens. The others were Kankuro, Sasuke, Sai, Hinata, and Temari. They dressed primarily in black, white, red, and gray. Mostly black, and were quiet most of the time, speaking only to insult or amongst themselves.

Naruto couldn't help himself as he stared across at them. He was sketching the whole group, for probably the tenth time. He captured their details almost perfectly according to the Art teacher, Deidara. The only thing missing was life. Something the blond was trying very hard to get into each of his sketches. With his sketches of just Gaara, he could get life into them. He was truly taken by the red head's raw beauty. He could capture it onto his paper, but he would give anything to be able to touch his pale flawless skin...

Blushing, he looked back down to his sketch pad and finished his sketch of Hinata, moving onto Sasuke who was lounging beside her. He glanced up a few times as he drew, just to get the right angles of Sasuke's face and eyes. Then he moved on to drawing Temari, Hinata's girlfriend of just over a year. To be honest, he was glad Hinata had found someone to make her happy, seeing as how he was gay himself. On the other side of those two were Kankuro and Sai, who had been making out since he started his drawing. He didn't mind, he just hoped they continued so he could draw them correctly.

His cheeks turned a faint pink as he drew the two boys. At last though, he finished and began drawing Gaara, who was in their midst. He was laying sort of, but could still see over the heads of his group and most of the campus.

The blond took even more care as he drew his crush. Carefully drawing the sharp curve of his jaw, his thickly eyelinered eyes, and his tattoo. He'd always wanted to ask about it, it was as blood red as the boy's hair, and the kanji for love. It wasn't really uncommon for tattoos to be kanjis, it was just an uncommon place, right on the side of his forehead, never covered, displayed proudly. And that it was the kanji for love, worn by Gaara, a boy, that was definetly odd.

He continued to draw his slender frame, just past the shoulders. Once they were drawn, he put his pencil to the side and got out his colored pencils to color them in. He started with the hair of each person, careful to use the correct shading. Then he did skin tones and clothing. Lastly, he colored the air around Gaara blackish purple. It was just an aura about him, that set him apart even from the other Goths. He always included it, Deidara asked him why once, and naruto had explained, Deidara understood what he meant, as Gaara was actually in that class.

Sighing softly, he closed his pad and gathered his pencils, putting them back in his pencil bag and setting his things in his lap as he brought his knees to his chest, gazing over at the group he had just drawn.
Hinata and Temari were holding hands, Sai and Sasuke were whispering about something, as Kankuro leaned over to Gaara to ask or tell him something.

A moment later, the red head's eyes met the blond's. A smirk tugged at the other boy's lips as he stared at the tanned teen. Naruto froze, his blue eyes going wide as he realized Gaara had caught him staring. He said nothing to Kankuro, simply staring at the blond. Naruto felt himself turning red as he looked away.

Naruto decided to get up and go back to his room for a little while. He walked quickly, carrying his sketchpad and pencil bag under one arm. Once in his room, he slide his shoes off and set his things on the nightstand, flopping onto his bed, glad his roommate wasn't back yet. He turned his Ipod on, earbuds in his ears as Hollywood Undead - Can You Hear Me Now came on.

- Gaara -

He had been aware of the fox's attentions. Often he caught the blond staring at him. He didn't mind. He rather enjoyed it. He thought of approaching him, but decided against it, if the blond wanted anything from him, then he would have to make the move.

As usual for saturdays, he and the other Goths were sitting outside in the grass. Mostly left to their own thoughts.

Gaara watched the campus, missing nothing. In part, he was looking for the fox, but no one needed to know that. A smile tugged at his lips as the blond sat underneath the giant oak. His eyes rarely left his group as he bent over a sketch.

He seemed to always be drawing and asking Deidara about his sketches. Once, he had gotten a look at one of the sketches over the boy's shoulder when he had walked by in the cafeteria, it was of Sasuke, who was sitting a few tables away.
It was one of the best drawings he had ever seen. Sasuke's hair was perfectly drawn, the curve of his face and neck and shoulders. Naruto was a very gifted artist, no one could deny that.

He knew the fox was taken by him, it was just a matter of time before he approached him.