Naruto yawned and stretched happily. It was thanksgiving, his and Gaara's first together. He and Gaara were going to go to some open restaurant for dinner. Naruto was looking forward to it.
They had decided to spend the night at Gaara's since his roommate was gone. Gaara was still sound asleep, his chest rising and falling in time with his breathing. He grinned, an idea forming.

Quietly, Naruto got out of his bed and crept over to his boyfriend's.

Lightly he balanced on the very bottom edge of the bed, tensing his muscles to spring.
He pounced on his boyfriend then, landing so that he was straddling Gaara's waist, his hands planted beside the redhead's head, leaning down to nuzzle the pale expanse of neck.
The taller boy groaned softly, moving some, still asleep.

Carefully, Naruto moved down so he was straddling Gaara's legs. Gaara slept only in boxers and a sleeveless shirt so Naruto could see his boyfriend's morning wood quite clear.
Grinning devilishly, the blond leaned down, nuzzling it through the material of the boxers, producing a soft groan from the redhead.

Still grinning, he moved the boxers so that Gaara's pink head poked out through the opening. He leaned closer and flicked his tongue over it, prompting another groan. He took the head into his mouth, sucking hard and sliding his tongue over and around it.

Gaara groaned softly, arching his back into the touch, his hands tangling into his blond boyfriend's hair.

His hips bucked into the blond's face as he continued his earlier actions. The red head's grip tightened on the blond's hair, his hips bucking into his boyfriend's face.
Naruto took more of his boyfriend's cock into his mouth, sucking harder, sliding his tongue along the sensitive underside. A shiver racked the taller's body.

"Kami, Fox, we might just have to stop this." the red head commented, his sea-foam green eyes closed.

Naruto gave him a last suck and lick before returning to his first position, this time though, pressing his lips hard to his boyfriends. Smirking slightly, Gaara returned the kiss forcefully, clearly dominating the kiss.
A blushing Naruto pulled away first.

Still smirking,Gaara said, "We should probably get these clothes off, wouldn't you say?"

Naruto blushed brightly before replying, "Well..., yeah it would make things easier."

Gaara flipped them over then.

Naruto blushed bright pink, looking up into his boyfriend's sea-foam green eyes.
The taller shrugged out of his sleeveless shirt before tugging the blond's tanktop off of him and leaning down to capture one of the blond's small nipples into his mouth. The blond arched into the touch as his boyfriend sucked his nipple hard, twisting and tugging the other, occasionally biting down.
The smaller boy arched into the touch and squirmed beneath the taller, his own cock hardening.

Finally though, Gaara stopped and hooked his thumbs on the blond's waistband, looking at him questioningly. Biting his lip slightly, the blond nodded.
Gaara slid the boxers off, his own included.

Gently, Gaara stroked the blond's member, sliding one finger into the blond's tight ass as well. Naruto bit back a groan as Gaara began to finger and stretch his ass. He squirmed some as Gaara fingered him, adding a second and third finger slowly, to let him adjust.

Gaara removed his fingers, causing the blond to groan at the loss of contact. The red head looked into his Fox's baby blue eyes.

The blond nodded, forcing himself to relax.

Gaara buried his eight inch cock deep inside his boyfriend in one thrust. Not moving to allow him to adjust, he didn't want to hurt him, that badly.
Slowly, they worked a rhythm, Naruto thrusting his hips to meet Gaara's cock.
The red head stroked the blond's cock as they fucked, gripping it semi-tight. He was nearing his end, he could tell his fox was too, their faces were red, dripping sweat, their breathing ragged.

Gaara pulled almost all the way out before slamming back in, he repeated his three times, still stroking Naruto's cock, they came together, Naruto's come squirting up Gaara's chest.

Gaara pulled all the way out and collapsed beside his boyfriend. They laid together, drifting to sleep.

"I know what I'm thankful for this year. It's you Gaara Sabaku," Naruto said softly, his eyes falling closed as he stroked his boyfriend's soft red hair.

Gaara chuckled softly, wrapping an arm around the blond and pulling him close.

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