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Chap 1. Five Weeks and Five Days

"Erza~!" a blonde ran through the hall and each of her footsteps echoed inside of the guild named Fairy Tail. Lucy Heartfillia quickly gave a bear hug to her redhead female friend.

"Lucy!" she gasped. "What is it?" she asked.

"Nee, nee. Listen, listen! Mira-san said there's going to be a dancing party in the guild at Valentine!" Lucy said excitedly to Erza who's just back from her mission.

"Dancing party at Valentine..?" Erza mumbled to herself. She frowned and put her fingers under her chin.

"What is it, Erza?" Lucy asked.

"Nothing, it's just.. I remembered something like this happened before.." Erza said while still in her thinking pose.

"Really? When?" Lucy asked again, curiously.

"I guess there was an event like this when I was 12.." Erza muttered.

"That's right!" Makarov said loudly and it successfully made Erza and Lucy jumped in surprise.

"You have good memories, Erza! Yes, there was an event like this too, 7 years ago!" Makarov said while dancing happily.

"I-I see.." Erza answered after trying to cure herself from the surprise. "..But that's weird.. I remembered there was an event like this, but I can't remember participating in that event at all.." Erza said.

"Eh? Really? But according to my memories, I'm sure you were there. You were dancing with a boy your age.." Makarov said.

"Who..?" Erza asked.

"Maybe Natsu or Gray?" Lucy said.

"Impossible, impossible.." Natsu and Gray suddenly popped out of nowhere while waving their hands. Stating that dancing with Erza is something impossible for them.

"Weird.. Why can't I remember..?" Erza asked herself.

The next day, Lucy asked Erza about the boy she danced with when she was younger, and it gave Erza quite a problem to try to remember it.

"Well, I don't exactly remember about the detail, but I'll tell you the story.." Erza said and she earned a 'Yay!' from the excited Lucy.

"It started when I recently joined the Fairy Tail, I think.."

~7 years ago~

"HUWAAA! Erza, Erza, Erza!" a small blue-haired girl ran towards the elder scarlet-haired girl while crying.

Little 12 years old Erza Scarlet turned around to see the crying girl. "Oh. Levy.. What happened?" Erza asked. She had just got back from fishing with Natsu and Gray. Or I should say, Natsu and Gray were fishing for her dinner. And she's carrying a bucket of water and some fish inside it.

"Erza! Th-there are many centipedes inside the bathroom! No one in the dorm dared to get rid of them! P-please help us!" little Levy McGarden said while trembling. Well, I guess every girl is scared of centipede.

"Taku.. You girls are hopeless. Natsu! Gray! Get that bucket to the guild! I have some business at the Fairy Hills.." Erza demanded them.

"Yes, ma'am!" Natsu and Gray quickly carried the bucket to the guild.

"KYAAA!" all the girls ran away like mad after Erza took out a bucket of centipede she just gathered from their dorm's bathroom.

"Calm down, calm down. I'm trying to.." Erza's quite uneasy to see such many centipedes and the bucket is quite heavy itself. Plus, the crowds blocked her way.

"GAH! Move away, scums!" she shouted with all her might until everyone moved out of her way.

Erza walked to a quite faraway forest and freed all the centipedes. "Geez.. It's not like I'm not scared when I saw centipedes.." she mumbled to herself. "All they did were relying on me. Would they ever grow up?" she mumbled again.

Then she heard something behind the tree and decided to check on it. She discovered a boy her age behind the tree. Sitting on the ground and lie his back against the tree. He's covering himself with black cloak and his entire body is mostly covered in bandages, he wears a black bandana with a silver forehead protector and a green mask to cover his bottom half of his face.

Erza tilted her head and walked closer towards the boy. 'His face looks so familiar..' she thought.

She brought her face closer to his and raised an eyebrow. She entered a deep thought and tried to remember the familiar face. Well, it's only the little part of his face is revealed, so it's difficult to figure it out.

Suddenly, the boy opened his eyes and it successfully surprised Erza and made her jumped backwards. The boy stared at her with wide eyes and she raised an eyebrow again.

He showed a board with a "Wh-who are you?" on it.

"Can't you talk, dammit!" Erza shouted. The boy shook his head and took out a board again, it says, "I don't want anyone to hear my voice, especially you.."

"What's wrong with me?" Erza asked as a small vein popped on her forehead.

Then he waved his hand and disappeared. "O-oi! Wait a minute!" Erza shouted but he ignored and continued fading before her.

"Gosh! What's with that boy?" she scoffed

"Eh? Valentine Dance Party?" Erza blinked.

"That's right, Erza! We're allowed to choose the partner we want!" Levy said cheerfully, we could see she's really looking forwards to this event.

"Is that so..?" Erza asked. "..Then, I could see why Lisanna is so excited.." Erza sweatdropped when she saw Lisanna is talking to Natsu excitedly, and she could guess it's about the party.

"Then, would you participate in this event, Erza?" Makarov suddenly popped out of nowhere.

"Eh? Um.. I guess I'll pass. It's not my thing, and besides, I don't have any partner to dance with.." Erza said with her usual style.

"Kyahaha! Poor Erza, no one is attracted to you!" Mirajane, Erza's forever and ever rival laughed at her with her usual punkish style.

"What's your problem, stupid Mira?" Erza said furiously as she and Mira began to fight.

"Look, the two 'Demons' of Fairy Tail are fighting!" Gray laughed.

"Gray, your clothes.." Cana said while sighing.

"STOOPPP!" Makarov yelled and immediately made the two 'Demons' stop. "Erza!" he stated.

"Yes, Master..?" Erza asked. She's still panting after her fight with Mira and her scarlet locks are messed up.

"I order you to participate in this event. I think you have been isolating yourself a lot compared to the other members, so.. open up a bit. The event would be held five weeks and five days after today. Find your partner before then.." Makarov said.

"FIVE WEEKS AND FIVE DAYS?" the girls yelled.

"Why the hell would you tell us about this freakin' event now when it's still so far ahead, you damn geezer!" Mira yelled. The other girls also complained to him, but as usual, Makarov just smiled and danced like crazy. Didn't even want to take responsibility for his action.

Meanwhile, Erza is still thinking hard about the thing her Master told her just now. "Find a partner before five weeks and five days end.. huh?"

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