My Song
Chapter 1: Faded Memories
A Peach Girl Fanfiction
By Azurite -
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Did you know that Peach Girl is a live action Taiwanese drama? It's got very cute characters, and even better songs! Download these from your Peer-to-Peer server:
1) Meet Another One
2) I Still Believe That You Still Love Me (Wo Yi Ran Xiang Xin Ni Hai Ai Wo)
3) Ai te jiu se ni

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Peach Girl doesn't belong to me! It belongs to the illustrious Miwa Ueda-sensei. She also made an artbook! Go buy it, so pretty!

The song used in this fic, "I Still Believe That You Still Love Me," goes by its Mandarin name, "Wo Yi Ran Xiang Xin Ni Hai Ai Wo," the song used for the Peach Girl OST in Taiwan. I don't own it, haven't translated it, and only know part of the words. My own song lyrics have been added to the melody, and fit to this fic, but they are not the property of the songwriter or Miwa Ueda. Only the melody and the storyline of PG do. Ask before redistrubuting.

A quick FYI or two: Words that are sung or spoken in Mandarin are "translated" and enclosed in square brackets like these. Lyrics are italicized. Finally, there are no spoilers for the end of the Peach Girl manga... this, and several chapters after this take place during the early Peach Girl manga. You'll be able to figure out which ones just by reading. Have fun!

With an entire weekend ahead of her, Momo Adachi settled herself rather nicely in her room. Sae's latest rumor had made Momo want to dig a hole in the farthest corner of the universe and stay in the darkness forever-- regardless of what Kiley said. Sure, he was nice and all, being so helpful, but...

'Idiot! I shouldn't be thinking of that pumpkin!'

But HE had been the one to stick up for her... to protect her from so many perverted guys on the street, and from those idiotic third-years earlier...

But Momo didn't want to see him. Kiley would only make her doubt herself -and her feelings- again, and confuse her even more. It was bad enough he made her heart race when he held her so close...

Momo shook her head to dispel the sudden daze she'd gotten herself into. With her work already done earlier in the day, Momo had hours.

Sticking to her pledge of staying inside, Momo wandered around, rummaging through her closet and looking for something of interest. What she found... was her old keyboard. Momo pulled the long, sleek Yamaha electronic piano out of its case, flipping the switch on. She was remotely surprised to see the batteries still working, and when she removed the rack from the side pouch, surprised also to see some old, handwritten sheet music-- with the lyrics in Chinese characters.

Momo's father had been a professor at a Chinese university, and had worked in Japan for a short while before meeting Momo's mother, an attendee of the university where he taught. They soon fell in love, and married, but it was not to last. When Momo was thirteen, her father passed away of a fatal brain tumor. Her mother was stricken, but Momo had learned to move on. Yet she hadn't played the keyboard -or the songs she'd written with her father- since the day he died.

Other songs, written in Japanese, were songs Momo had written in her own time, but never had time to put music to. As they were, they were simply long poems. Some Momo still liked very much, but the spirit that had been behind them when she wrote them was gone.

Now, as her papers skimmed over the words, they seemed to come alive. In her current situation -a mass of confusing emotions and loneliness-
Momo realized how true some of the words she had written were. Experimenting with her keyboard and the lyrics, Momo started singing,
softly, and then louder, her voice carrying through the house as her spirit lifted from the burden it was attached to, and began to remember
times and better feelings, long since past.

The next day, Momo was humming her own tunes wherever she went-- and she had decided to go out. She figured that now, in her higher spirits,
not even Sae could bring her down with her stupid rumors and foolish lies. She had the entire day to herself, and it was beautiful outside,
so why didn't she go out?

Momo was walking around her neighborhood, dressed in a casual cream colored outfit with red roses printed on her pants and a cream rose on
her red shirt. She was glad no one "came on" to her, though her outfit was far more conservative than her school uniform. In any case, Momo found herself at a local cafe, called the Ongaku Kissaten. Though it had the appearance of any other coffee shop or ice cream parlor, this one was dark, and the only people not shrouded in shadows were those quietly sipping coffee and reading thick novels out on the patio.

Intrigued, Momo stepped inside, her hands shoved into her pockets warily. As she walked deeper into the cafe, she heard the wafting strains of music-- an unfamiliar song, as Momo tilted her head to listen. But whoever was singing was doing a nice job, strumming with a guitar every few chords.

Momo found the stage where someone was singing softly into a single mike-- a middle aged woman with brown hair tied back into a ponytail. She finished the last verse of her uplifting song, and the small crowd clapped. A young man with a scattering of facial hair on his chin stepped up, and murmured something about being on break, so if anyone else wanted to sing... He left the stage without another word, and the small crowd disbanded and either started to drink and talk amongst themselves, or leave the tiny, dim establishment.

Momo looked to the smattering of people in the crowd, and found herself feeling more at home here, for the first time she had with total strangers, than she had in the year and some odd months at her own school. Everyone here was so different from one another, yet so perfect for each other...

"Do you mind if I sing?" Momo asked, walking up silently behind the young man who obviously worked for the cafe. He was busy serving tall iced coffees to a man in the corner, who oddly enough, wore sunglasses inside.

"No, not at all. We haven't had a fresh face here in a while. If you want, you can sit on the stool..." The boy gestured to the lone stool on the dimly lit stage... "But we also have a piano back there."

As Momo walked to the stage, she noticed the piano halfway between the make-shift stage and a curtain that had been haphazardly hung over a steel rod separating the storage area from the rest of the cafe. Dragging it out, along with the small stool near it, Momo made herself comfortable, testing varying chords as she went. She'd spent all day yesterday practicing with her keyboard since she'd found it, so she felt somewhat confident, though she had never peformed in public... at least, not recently.

She blinked out of her stupor when finally, the young man in charge of introducing performers announced her, barely remembering to ask Momo's name. He covered the mike briefly with his hand to ask Momo who she was, and what she was singing, grinning bashfully as he did so. Momo smiled and told him: she was Momo, and she was singing a Mandarin song she wrote by the name of "Wo Yi Ran Xiang Xin Ni Hai Ai Wo."

The small crowd was silent, awaiting Momo's music-- and she began, her slender fingers sliding across the piano's ivory keys, a slow harmony echoing from the inside of the instrument. Soon, she began to sing, her eyes closed, as if remembering how she used to practice so often,
so long ago...

I will miss you
Now that you're gone
You knew that I would
But that doesn't make me wrong

The pain gets worse
As the days go by and by
But I will... remember...

"Don't cry now, Princess,
because I'll be there for you
all of the time..."
And even though your voice has faded,
The words are so clear

I still believe that you still love me
even though you're gone
You'll be in my heart... forever...

I still believe that you still love me
though you're not here now
I miss you and I love you still...

It's been years now
And I guess that I have changed
But I still think of you
Your words ringing in my mind
"Don't cry Princess."

I still believe that you still love me
even though you're gone
You'll be in my heart... forever...

I still believe that you still love me
though you're not here now
I miss you and I love you still...

Everything seems so desolate now
But somehow when I think of you
I can't help but smile...

Momo faded her voice away and played a short bridge, which would have been better accompanied by percussion instruments and a single guitar,
but as it was, she played alone, her emotion fueling her song.

I still believe that you still love me
even though you're gone
You'll be in my heart... forever...

I still believe that you still love me
though you're not here now
I miss you and I love you still...
I miss you and I love you still...

Dropping back to the simple melody of a few chords, Momo stopped, finally fading away with three keys. She sighed softly to herself, catching her breath. She blinked away some unheeded tears that came with her memories-- memories of her father. She realized that she hadn't thought about him lately, or at least, not since yesterday. Now, after singing the song, playing it just as she had at his funeral...

Her breath quickly became ragged, and the world was silent around Momo. As she stood up on slightly wobbly legs, she realized the crowd was staring-- and then, as if a thunder cracked, the entire place broke into applause. Quite loud and boisterious for a small cafe crowd, Momo was amazed, and promptly fell back onto the stool on which she'd sat while playing.

From the darkness, at least twenty people walked in from the street, ordering drinks and cheering for more. The waiter winked at Momo, glad that the small Ongaku Kissaten finally had customers.

As Momo stepped off stage, she was approached by the man in sunglasses whom she'd noticed earlier. He suavely removed said glasses and smiled
at Momo, which was unnerving, since most people that smiled -or rather, leered- at Momo wanted something she wasn't willing to offer.

"Hi... Momo, right?" The man asked. His voice didn't have that normal leering tone... but in Momo's experience, no one could be trusted. Since Sae, Momo had learned to expand her idea of what deception meant-- and she wasn't as gullible as most people gave her credit for anymore.

"...Yeah..." Momo said slowly, warily. She moved towards the waiter slightly, as if this guy trying anything would be less likely if she was near someone else. She signaled the younger man for a drink, and he promptly nodded, as if knowing what all people who just got off-stage from performing an emotional song needed.

The older man led Momo to a couch, and she sat down-- though a good distance from the man, just to be wary. She didn't seem to need to prompt him about what he wanted, as he just began talking.

"Momo, I think you have an incredible talent--" At her look, he added quickly, "for singing." Momo heaved a sigh of relief, and smiled, nodding a silent thanks.

"You don't sing professionally, do you?" The man asked, as if already aware of her answer. Off the shaking of her head, the man smiled knowingly.
"I'm Kamazaki Oryou, a talent scout." With a smooth gesture, he produced a business card from the inside breast pocket of his jacket, smiling genuinely all the while.

"Momo, I've been looking for some fresh talent for a while-- and I assure you, I am fully certified, legal, and not kidding you. It's not often I find such raw talent like yours... and if you'd be interested in a screening within the next week, just call that number."

"You... you're really serious, aren't you?" Momo asked, her eyes fixtated on the tiny printed digits on the cardstock in her hand. When she looked up, she found sincerity staring back at her from Oryou's deep brown eyes.

"Very." He smiled, then got up from the couch, sliding the sunglasses back on his face. "Hope to hear from you soon, Momo." And without another word, Oryou sashayed out of the cafe as one being so self-assured of himself could be.

"Who was that?" The young waiter asked as he placed a cool tapioca drink in front of Momo. She sipped at it distractedly, smiling.

"Opportunity." Momo finally responded. "A great opportunity."

End of chapter 1
Chapter 2: Will Momo accept Oryou's offer?