My Song
Chapter 2:
It's a Date, Then?
A Peach Girl Fanfiction
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Edited: 10/25/04 (yes, I will eventually get around to finishing this, esp. now that Peach Girl has ended.)

And so says the author who never finishes anything, with another chapter out-- she has two more fics to write for Peach Girl, both are unfinished. She also talks about herself in the third person. Beware.

Peach Girl doesn't belong to her-- er, me. It belongs to the illustrious Miwa Ueda, who, for some reason, draws herself funny... o0

However, the lyrics I inserted into the melody of the Peach Girl Drama song, "Wo Yi Ran Xiang Xin Ni Hai Ai Wo," or "I still believe that you still love me," are my own, and NOT the actual lyrics.

I warn you, I bring REAL LIFE people into this. To tell you now would ruin the plot, but I think most of you can guess. By the way, in Japan, it's not impossible to be "discovered" in the strangest of places... so what Momo's going through is very possible in some areas of Tokyo...

I just noticed that the talent scout, Kamazaki Oryou... well, Oryou Oreo. Seriously, pronounce it for yourself. ; Oops...?

In the last part, Momo, alone on the weekend, rediscovered a part of herself that she left behind when her father died three years previous. She finds a song written in memoriam to her late father, and sings it at a local karaoke bar/cafe, and is discovered by a so-called talent agent! The man doesn't try anything funny with Momo, but leaves her with an opportunity that she can't resist... or will she?

Momo turned Oryou's business card around in her hands several times, sighing after a minute. It was lunch at school, and, having already eaten, Momo had nothing better to do than contemplate what to do. Never in a million years would she have expected to rediscover her "musical past," and certainly not be picked up by a talent scout in a silly cafe...

But here she was, fingering the card, a blend of her own song and Oryou's words -"and if you'd be interested in a screening within the next week, just call that number"- echoed in her mind.

Should she?

Half of her argued, why not? It would make all the impossibilities and frustrations with Sae simply disappear, and if she made it -which she WOULD- then she would no longer have to deal with love, and all the messes it brought with it. She would be living a dream-- being a star, successful, and still carrying her father's memory on through the years, instead of wiping his face and his words into the recesses of her mind, as she realized she'd done.

BUT-- the other half argued-- what if you DON'T succeed? The, what if Sae gets wind of your attempt-- she could easily make your life living hell, and it's not in your personality to fight back like that... to sink to her level... The million what ifs, combined with the blazing possibility the sole hope and dream that she COULD succeed-- only served to frustrate Momo more, and she collapsed into her arms on her desk, sighing. She was just grateful Sae wasn't in class now, or she'd probably end up getting tricked out of her secret.

Sayaka was Momo's only real friend from junior high, even if they didn't talk much-- and even then...

'What? Kiley? He's not...'

The very thought of the young man conjured up a series of all too-unpleasant memories-- though some had made her heart race, others were just...

'That's why I have to do this. Not just to run away from my problems, and end up creating a whole set of new ones... but to make a new start for myself, so I don't live in the past so much.'

"Hey, what's that, Momo-chan?" Sayaka asked, walking into the classroom.

"Hmm..." Momo murmured to herself, pondering over whether she should tell Sayaka or not. Sayaka, though prone to some of Sae's rumors and lies, still trusted Momo to the extent of hearing her side first. She still talked to Momo in class and at lunch, and worked with her on assignments.
They had been much closer in junior high, but still...

"You won't believe my weekend." Momo began, smiling.

School ended soon enough, and Momo had made up her mind-- with the help of Sayaka. She would go-- at least give this opportunity a go, because another one might not come by for years-- or ever! Sayaka advised dressing nicely, and going with a optimistic attitude that could reflect Momo's passion in her songs.

"If a prestigious talent scout like Kamazaki noticed you, then you've got to do your best to show whatever made you shine that first afternoon in the cafe. Be thoughtful, proud, and passionate-- all the latest pop stars are."

Recalling Saya's obsession with one Hakuei, Momo grinned. "I know."

"Hey, Momo-chan... my sweet!"

The blonde turned to the source of the singsong voice, not at all surprised to find Kiley Okayasu standing in the doorway casually, a hand in his pocket, the other stuck up in a jaunty wave.

"Hi Kiley." Momo said, slightly more cheer than she had intended in her voice. It wasn't that she disliked Kiley -not at all; rather, she was rather fond of him, in a strange sort of way- but right now, she was so focused on 'acing' this interview with Oryou that she wanted to ger home as soon as possible, so that she could SEE Oryou as soon as possible. By having the interview that afternoon, it meant she could have the same aura of spontananeous feeling and emotion in her voice, and, if she didn't do well, a whole night to get over it.

Maybe such disappointment wouldn't be cured so easy, but at least Momo knew she'd be trying her best-- and nothing, especially not Wily Kiley or Sae would get in her way!

"Bye Kiley!" Momo called, equally cheery, breezing past the young man. She rushed out of the class with an upbeat grin on her face.

"Eh...? What was that all about?" Kiley asked in confusion, wondering why Momo had been so happy-- but had left in such a hurry.

"Dreams, my wily friend. Dreams coming true." Sayaka grinned.

"Yes, Kamazaki-san has an available space that day... okay, I'll schedule you right in. Thank you for calling, good day."
The receptionist, a woman in her early twenties, perfectly maintained a calm tone of voice, appearance, and attitude, as she smiled when Momo walked in-- and answered another line at the same time. Momo removed her CD player with her favorite song artist on it-- hoping the familiar melodies would give her some faith in herself.

She knew she could karaoke to the best of them, but singing on her own was an entirely new thing-- or at least, it was in this day and age.
"Hello, this is Kamazaki/Ryumiki Agency and Scouting, could you please hold? Thank you."

"How may I help you, miss?" The receptionist asked, placing the phone on the reciever while pressing a well-manicured hand to the HOLD button.
"Uh... Kamazaki-san... he uh," Momo blushed, unsure what to say in this situation. By being presumtuous and assuming that Oryou was expecting her would be prideful, and would give him the wrong idea of her attitude -and her expectations. After all, Oryou had only heard the one song-- there was no way to be sure he would like the rest of her old songs-- and it was just as possible that Momo wouldn't sound as good as she had the day previous, when she'd been practicing all day.

Momo stood rigidly, her face turned to the ground as she produced the card Oryou had given her. The receptionist looked at the card blankly, then smiled.

"You must be Momo!"
"Kamazaki-san is expecting you. He said you would be coming some time this week after four... so you're right on time. He's through those doors-- though he's with someone else right now, but I'm sure you can just go in and wait a moment."

"Ah-- okay." Momo was so flustered and surprised that she stepped towards the door and practically stumbled through, staring in awe at everything around her. Inside, several glass-paneled rooms with recording equipment were lined up against one another, huge posters of pop stars and record labels decorating the walls between studios. Inside the one in front of Momo and to her left, Oryou-- strangely, without his sunglasses-- stood, next to a girl with long, red-brown hair and a large set of headphones on her face.

Momo went into the area just behind the studio, near the door connecting the recording area to the remixing room, and waited patiently. Her heart was racing with excitement, worry, and fear-- so she started singing her song softly to herself, as if to conjure her father's presence, and a sense of reassurance that she would do just fine in this trial.

The singer paused while Oryou said something to her via a microphone in the remixing room, noticing Momo in the reflection of the glass.

He smiled and waved at her, and poked his head out of the room, motioning for her to come inside. Momo stood up on wobbly, unsteady feet, but made her way into the room.

"This is where magic is made, Momo-san... uh, it is all right if I call you Momo, right?"

"Y-Yeah." Momo murmured, still surprised about it all. Nothing was for sure -or even remotely close to it, at this point- but, right now Momo had to watch and learn.

"Okay, Hikaru, once more from the top." Oryou spoke into a mic, and gestured for Momo to sit down. She did so, and watched as 'Hikaru' started singing, her back to her.

"Ooh-ooh... let's go for a ride... tataru tataru tataru..."

Momo doubletaked, and stared at the girl singing. The melody floating in through the speakers in the remix room was all too familiar-- and just to be sure, Momo produced the CD she'd been listening to her on her way here. Indeed, the same song-- Traveling-- was being sung by the artist in the recording studio!

As the girl made a roundabout turn as she sang, Momo stared-- it was Utada Hikaru!

Ya, ya, lousy place to end the fic, but I thought it would be interesting. Mostly, two songs inspired this work, and one was traveling. The other you'll have to find out on your own... and no, it's not "I still believe that you still love me." That's a give-in. Anyway, review to make me write faster... thanks to the great people who already did. Howzabout a goal of 100 Peach Girl fics before Summer's done with, eh? Come on!! We the Momo Supporters! All the other writers, keep up the great work, and all you readers keep reviewing!!

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