Gokudera clutched his bleeding arm close to his body. His silver hair, usually kept tidy, cascaded down his face haphazardly. How long had this fight gone?

He had calculated everything wrong. He knew that he shouldn't have been so hasty when fighting with someone from the Fuertes Family and he knew that he should've gone into this battle with a more calculated plan…

But dammit today was his 2nd anniversary with Hiromi as his wife and he wanted to spend his whole day with her. Despite her joking nature (something Gokudera thought he could never tolerate with), he had fallen in love with her.

He curses in Italian and hides behind a wall just enough so that his opponent can't see him. He bites his lower lip as he tries to think of a plan to get him out of this mess.

Even Hiromi knew how much trouble he would be getting in whenever he went out to a fight. So, because of her sentimental type, she would always give him a piece of paper with something written in it. Hiromi made Gokudera promise that he would never open it, not until he was in a really tight mess. So far, he has never read the inside of the paper…until now that is.

He runs his hands through his silver hair with a small sigh. He expected it to be something corny like, "I love you" or "You can do it" type of letter. After all. Why would she let him take it with him whenever he was off to battle?

A small blush appears on his face as he reaches into his pocket for the familiar and worn out blue paper. He slowly unfolds it…

But all colour disappeared from his face when he read what was inside,

Run, My Love, RUN!

All the pain in his arm, the excited rush he had, all the adrenaline…


He pockets the letter with a scowl and pushes himself off of the wall. He turns away and walks towards his enemy, seething.

"Ohoho! You have finally revealed yourself!"

The poor guy didn't even saw Gokudera's fist connecting with his jaw. He flies a few feet backwards and falls with a thud on the pavement.

He grits his teeth and starts his trek back to the Vongola Mansion, completely forgetting his injured arm.

Hiromi. Was. Going. To. Pay.