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This is a sequel prequel of sorts to the short story, "And the Answer Is...", because a few people wanted to see how Bella and Alice came to be together as well as Jasper and Jake so hopeful these two chapters answer those questions;~p


Chapter One

Pushing the vacuum cleaner into Charlie's room, Bella sighed deeply as she looked at the scattered clothes. Okay her father may've been a grown man, who was the Chief of Police for Forks but apparently in his own room he was still a teenager. Resisting the urge to call him upstairs pick up his own clothes from the floor Bella just went ahead. After putting the clothes the in the laundry hamper that was in his bathroom she went back to the task that had brought her into his private domain, vacuuming. It wasn't something she'd normally do, but she was grounded for life, bored out of her gourd and she had already done a spic and span job on the rest of the house.

"Of course, I can't blame Charlie, I did scare the crap out of him when Alice and I ran to off to Italy to stop Edward." She muttered aloud as she shoved the vacuum head near Charlie's dresser. Bella could hear the rattle and clang of probably misplaced coins being sucked up.

"And I was already grounded from almost drowning. Yep, I'm doing good, thank God he didn't find out about my late night excursion or I'd be grounded way into the afterlife." A frown touched her lips as her mind went back to not only the vote about her becoming a vampire with the Cullens but her conversation with Edward afterwards. "I still can believe he's still trying to control my life and tell me what is best for me. He hasn't changed in the least."

Thinking of the young man, who had been her boyfriend, she shoved the vacuum cleaner a bit too hard into her father's dresser sending a small wooden box crashing to the floor and spilling the contents. There was a small stack of rosy pink stationary tied with a ribbon and two unopened envelopes along with a class ring that was to tiny for any of Charlie's fingers.

"Ah crap," turning off the vacuum cleaner Bella kneeled down to carefully put the items back into the box. Glancing at the stationary she recognized her mothers handwriting, "huh, did Charlie save mom's love letters to him? How sweet."

Even though a part of her was itching to read what her mother wrote to her father, she respected his privacy enough to just put them back in the box unread. She was about to do the same with the two unopened envelopes but then Bella saw they were addressed to her.

"What the hell?" She mumbled out. Seeing the beautiful cursive script she knew it belong to Alice, they had traded enough notes in class for Bella to recognize the lovely style.

Glancing at the postmarks she noticed they were from September of last year, when Edward and all the Cullens had left her alone. She couldn't believe it, Alice had written her and Charlie, her father, had kept them from her.

Forgetting the rest of the contents, the wooden box and the vacuum cleaner Bella jumped to her feet and stormed out of the room clutching the two envelopes tightly in her hand. She carefully stomped down the stairs not wanting to trip, which was a strong possibility given her ire towards the man sitting in the living room watching baseball and sucking down a can of beer.

"What the hell is this all about Charlie!" She demanded, as she stood right in front of waving the envelopes in front of his face.

Nearly gagging on the beer he had been sipping as he spied what she was holding, Charlie knew he was in deep dinosaur doo doo. He had clean forgotten about those two letters he had secreted away from his daughter.

"Uh, well I uh…" he choked out. Setting the beer down he ran his fingers through his hair nervously avoiding her chocolate brown eyes. "I did it for your own good, Bells."

"My own good? You kept my mail away from me for my own good?" She seethed out. Bella was so angry she could feel tears brimming in her eyes. "These were from Alice. How could you keep these from me? What possible explanation can you give for tampering with my mail?"

"I didn't tamper with them." Charlie replied glancing up towards her. "I mean, I didn't open them or anything. I…you…oh damn Bella you were so crushed when Sam found you from what that boy," he spat out last word. "Did to you I just didn't want you to go through it again."

"But these are from Alice not Edward." Pointing to the name of the sender on the envelope.

Scrubbing his face with his hands, "his sister and she left too. You were hurting Bella and it was a decision I made because I thought it was best for you."

Staring at her father, Bella shook her head and growled in disgust, "Charlie, you maybe my father but you had no right to do this. You're just like Edward and Jake."

Not willing or able to look at her father anymore, Bella stormed out of the living room and rushed upstairs.

Charlie grimaced when he heard the door to her bedroom slam shut. "Damn, I royally screwed up on this." He murmured as he grabbed his can of beer. "I need to fix this. I can't have her comparing me to that boy. How am I going to fix this mess?"

Lying on her bed with her back resting against the headboard, Bella with trembling hands opened the oldest letter first. She could tell by the postmark it had been sent right after the birthday party fiasco. Taking in a deep breath to settle her nerves and her anger she slowly began to read.

September 13, 2005

My Dear Bella,

I truly wanted to see you last night. Give my present to you and let you know in person that Jasper and I needed to go away for a while, but Edward said you were too upset by the evening's events to see anyone but him. I certainly understand your reasons but I wanted you to know that Jazz is quite mortified about what happened. Honey, though Edward will say different, obviously from his earlier reaction, Jasper wasn't going to attack you just from a simple paper cut. Now, I'm not saying the hint of your blood wasn't tantalizing to him because that would be a lie, but he does have more control then Edward gives him credit for. Unfortunately, after you two crashed into glass and your arm was seriously cut, Jasper did lose control and it filled him with shame once he was able to pull himself together.

If it weren't for the fact that Jasper needs my support right now, I would've never thought of leaving. Not only is Jazz dealing with his feelings but as an empath he was hammered with the emotions of everyone around him and trying to deal with them as well. We felt it would be best for him to get away from everyone, especially Edward. It isn't easy being an empath; one is bombarded with emotions all the time and when they are so strong it can overwhelm him. I wouldn't say this to Jasper, it might offend the soldier in him, but in many ways he is more fragile then you are sweetie.

Honey, please don't let last night spurn you from celebrating your birthday or opening the remainder of your presents and yes I promise, like Edward, I didn't spend any money on my present to you.

I promise not to be gone to long, a week at the most, because I truly don't want to leave my best and dearest girlfriend for too long. I'll go through girl-night withdrawal if I'm away too long.

All my love,


Rereading the letter several times, Bella couldn't believe that Edward had stopped Alice from coming to say goodbye to her that night and kept her from delivering the present. Her ire towards her ex-boyfriend, yes in her mind Edward was her ex. She had already begun to realize that she wasn't in love with him even before his sick proposal, playing with her desire to be a vampire in an attempt to get her to except marrying him.

Carefully refolding the letter and slipping it back into its envelope she set it on her night table. Grabbing the other letter as she opened a dried light bluish flower floated into her lap.

"Oh Alice how beautiful," she whispered as she gently picked up the flower. After a few seconds of examining it she placed it on top of the other letter and began to read.

September 29, 2005

Dearest Bella,

Even though Edward told us you didn't want any further contact with us, I just had to write you one last letter, before respecting your wishes. Selfish of me I know and I apologize to you. Yet, I had to reach out to you and share my feelings with you. This is my fifth attempt to write this letter to you. Trying to find the right words and even now I will probably not find them.

When Jasper and I stopped in Denali before we headed back to Forks and saw everyone there, I felt a great sense of dread. I wanted to continue on straight to Forks to be with you. I missed you, missed seeing you even if it had only been a few days but Carlisle and Edward stopped me.

I had no vision of Edward breaking up with you or you calmly agreeing with him. That is why Edward's announcement came as a complete surprise to me. Perhaps it was because my attention was focused solely on Jazz that I didn't see this coming. Or maybe it was a last minute decision by both of you. I don't know.

I confess, I silently sobbed inside when Edward told us you finally understood what he meant by us being soulless monsters. And that you agreed with him that being around us was not good or safe for you. You wish to have a normal human life. Though I can't recall any of my human existence I can appreciate your desire for normalcy and hanging out with vampires certainly wouldn't grant you that wish.

Sweetie, I shall do my best to honor your request and not look to you or your life with my visions. It won't be easy because through the year you've weaved your way deeply into my heart, my dear sweet Bella. I love you Bella. You shall always be with me, in my heart, my mind and yes, my soul for eternity.

With all my love,



This is a dried columbine and it reminded me of you, delicate in its beauty but able to thrive in harsh climates, just like you sweetie.

Bella didn't even notice she was crying until a few trickles of her tears landed on the paper, wiping her eyes she sighed, "Alice. I love you too."

It wasn't exactly a knew revelation to Bella that she loved the pixie vampire but it was the first time she willingly acknowledged that is was more then deep friendship she felt. While the Cullens were away she had come to realize that of all of them she missed Alice the most and it made her think about her relationship to Edward. During that time Bella began to see that she had been swept up in the idea of being in love. Living and experiencing a romance like in the novels she read but like the stories what she had with Edward was fictional at best.

"She was going to return to me," she murmured softly as she caressed the letter with fingers. "If Edward and my dad hadn't done what they did, Alice would've returned to me."

Tipping her head back Bella rested it on the headboard. Yeah, she was equally furious with Charlie as she was with Edward. If she hadn't known better she might've assumed the two were in cahoots in trying to keep her and Alice apart, but she did know better. There was no way in hell her father would do anything for or with Edward.

'But apart from what?' She thought as she stared at her ceiling. 'Sure she's professing her love for me in the letter but what kind of love? She has Jasper, her mate, her husband.'

All her contemplations were interrupted by the sound of the doorbell ringing and with a groan Bella slid down on her bed. She figured it had to be Billy Black or one of Charlie's other friends coming over to watch the baseball game. It sure as heck wasn't one of her friends, because they all knew about her being grounded for life and not allowed visitors for the time being.

"Which I plan to change," Bella muttered gazing at the letter. "There's no way I'm going to wait until Monday to see Alice again." Sitting back up at and moaning loudly, "oh god. Alice probably thinks I read these letters before now. That's why she apologized for showing up and has been less Alice like around me. I've got to see her now!"

Grabbing the other letter from her nightstand she jumped off her bed and headed towards the door. There was no way in hell Charlie was going to stop her from going on this mission. He owned her big time for what her had done as far as she was concerned. Swinging the door, without even looking she slammed into an immoveable object and would've of gone crashing on her butt if two cold arms hadn't encircled her waist.

The sweet sound of an angel giggling caressed Bella's ears, "Alice." She sighed out.

"Hi sweetie," the small pixie purred making Bella's insides feel all warm and fuzzy. "I had a vision honey and I knew Charlie would let me be with you."

There was so much Bella wanted to say to the beautiful woman holding her but all she managed was, "I…Ali…letters…until…now…" before she broke into sobs.

Without a thought Alice picked up the weeping girl and carried her over to the bed and once the two were sitting down she cradled Bella on her lap. The smaller woman cooed softly as she ran her cold fingers tenderly over the Bella's back as she rocked her.

Burying her head in the crook of Alice's neck Bella inhaled deeply. She loved the pixie's soothing scent, which always reminded her of a warm summers day because of its citrus fragrance.

"I know about the letters sweetheart it was in my vision and please don't be to hard on Charlie he was concerned and reacted the only way he knew how." Alice said tenderly. "And I'll answer all your unasked questions. I love you Bella and I am in love with you. I have been for quite awhile, but you were with Edward and you seemed happy with him. As far as Jazz and I, well we do love each other, but I guess you could define our relationship as best friends with benefits."

"B…b…best friends?" Bella burbled out and her words were slightly muffled. "But your married."

Giggly softly Alice nodded, "it seemed like the thing to do at the time. We were both comfortable with each other and well you see how well we work together but we both knew we weren't in love with each other."

"You love me?"


"You're in love with me."

"Yes sweetie, if you want I can be cliché and shout it from the roof tops."

"No, no that's okay. I don't need you to do that. I love you too Ali."

"I know sweetie and you can't imagine how that warms me, well as warm as a vampire can be I guess."

"I want to be with you forever."

"I know sweetie and when you're ready, either Carlisle or I will change you. We just may not be able to do it here because of the treaty with the wolves."

"Really?" Bella asked as she pulled her head from the crook of Alice's neck and gazed into those soft butterscotch orbs.

"Honey, you make your own choices. I might make suggestions but in the end it's your choice to what you want to do." Gently caressing Bella's cheek after tucking a lock of her chestnut hair behind the girl's ear. "Though I'll always want to protect, I'm not Edward, I trust you to make your own decisions about what is right for you. If you stumble I promise to catch but then I'll put you back on your own two feet so we can journey together as partners."

Bella's warm and fuzzy melted into a puddle of pleasant goo at what Alice said. Edward had never ever made her feel like a partner, someone to share life equally. With him she always felt like she was walking ten paces behind even though he touted how he loved her.

Thinking on her ex, "does Edward know about your feelings? Not that I'd care if he finds out but I don't want him doing anything to you."

"Nah, over the decades all of us have gotten pretty good at hiding our deeper more personal thoughts from him by keeping other thoughts, like fashion at the forefront, well except maybe Em but I think he does it because it drives Eddie crazy." The little pixie giggled, "besides right now he's all mopey, trying to figure out how to win you back and ignoring the rest of us, because most of us support your decision."

"Yeah he wasn't happy about that at all and he still comes by and taps on my window every night wanting me to let him in."

"Well, that's going to stop I'll be having a word with Carlisle." Lightly tapping Bella's nose, "sweetie I know you're worried about what Edward will do when he finds out but trust me it'll be okay. Especially after we tell the others, they'll support us completely. Everyone, yes, even Rosalie cares for you, she just has personal reasons for her not wanting you to be a vampire."

"M'kay," Bella nodded believing her pixie even over her own doubts about Rosalie.

"Bella," Alice began her butterscotch eyes twinkling as she gazed into the sweet chocolate ones. "I'd really like to kiss you."

It was all the invitation Bella needed, she had been craving to kiss her pixie from the moment she barreled into her, but tears and fears had stopped her. Tilting her head down she latched her warm lips on the firm and yet soft cold ones.

'Oh wow!' While kissing Edward had been like kissing a marble statue, stiff and cold, kissing Alice was anything but that. Even though her lips were cold they were tantalizingly supple and stirred plenty of heat inside of Bella.

After several minutes of toe curling lip locking fun the two slowly separated their lips from each other in exchange for resting their foreheads together.

"We'll have to take things slow sweetie, because my god you taste as define as you smell," Alice murmured softly. Though her eyes weren't pitch black they were noticeably darker in hue. "And I need to adjust to the wonders of you."

"Slow is good as long as we can continue kissing and cuddling," Bella replied shyly. Her body was tingling and humming with bliss that she wanted to keep feeling over and over again.

"Oh that's a definite. Practice," kissing Bella's warm pink lips. "Like they say makes perfect and I always strive for perfection." After another kiss she added, "and we'll have plenty of alone time to practice since Charlie's going to allow me to visit any time you want."

Bella was tempted to say 24/7 would work for her but knew that was unrealistic, they had school to think about and even Charlie might wonder why Alice never went home. Yet, smiling deeply there were ways around her father, as she well knew so she could practically get her 24/7 desire.

"Well, there's no question in my mind I want to be with you every day and every night." She replied kissing her pixie. Oh yeah, that sounded lovely to Bella's ears. 'My pixie, my pixie.' The little Bella in her mind was doing a happy dance of joy.

"Won't be a problem considering how guilty Charlie's feeling about not giving you my letters, in fact, he's even going to let you out on parole to attend the big meeting between us and the mutts in two days. Of course, he won't know about that part just that you and I are visiting the family."

"Really? But he doesn't want me to see Edward."

"Oh, you won't, Edward's going to be in Alaska by then doing a major pout fest because of Charlie allowing only me to visit you." Alice smiled sweetly.

"Cool," Bella smiled in return. "So how about some more practice." Wiggling her eyebrows rather reminiscent of Emmett.

"Hmmm, I think that would be wonderful," Alice purred as the two brought their lips together.