Title - The treasure of Cortez.
Chapter title - Are you guys insane? Certainly!
Author - OblivionsGarden.
Genre - Romance/Adventure (Possibly hints of supernatural in the future.)
Disclaimer - I do not own The Goonies in anyway, shape or form. For this chapter I only own, Sammie, Uncle Dave and Aunt May.

Summary - Mikey's cousin Sammie is coming to stay due to her family's money troubles. Mikey and Brand find out about the treasure of Cortex and plan to help Sammie's family get back on their feet. Will the Goonies make it through another adventure in one piece? Mouth/Oc.

A/n - Just a few things before you start reading. This is my first 'Goonies' fic, so go easy on me. It's set in 2011 rather than back in '85. Just cause I'm only 16 and although I love all things 80's, I don't know everything about it. So setting it in '11 is easier for me.
The gang are a little older now. Brand, Andy and Stef are 18. Mikey, Mouth, Data and Chunk are all 16.
Mouth/Oc - Because Mouth was my favorite. (:


"First you gotta do the truffle shuffle."
Mikey and Data rolled their eyes from their place on the sofa as Mouth insisted on winding up Chunk. As usual.
"Aw, come on Mouth. Just let me in." Whined the chubby teen from outside Mikey's fence.
"Do it."
Not wanting to be stood out in the cold any longer, Chunk jumped up onto the large rock on his left, lifted his shirt and started the truffle shuffle. Mouth erupted into a fit of giggles as a familiar deep blue car pulled up.
Brand, Andy and Stef climbed out, shivering when the cold air hit them. Brand, having finally past his test, locked the car and hopped the fence. When he got to the door he pulled on the white string to open the fence.
"Buzz kill." Groaned Mouth stalking back into the house as the remaining three Goonies entered the house and took a seat around the coffee table.
"So Meekey, why the gathering?" Mouth plopped himself down on the arm of the sofa.
"You guys remember my cousin Sammie right?" Mikey carelessly dropped his magazine onto the table.
"Uh, shy little British girl...stayed over here two weeks when we were eight and the only thing she ever said was hi. That Sammie?"
"Yes Mouth, that Sammie. Well she's coming to stay for a few months."
"Why?" Asked Andy.
"Aunt May and Uncle Dave are having money trouble. So mum offered to take Sammie off their hands for a while until they're stable. It's not like we can't afford an extra mouth to feed now anyway, thanks to Willie." Explained Brand, smiling to himself.
"Speaking of mouths to feed, I can't stay long. Mum's cooking roast beef for Sloth and I."
"So, what's your cousin got to do with us?" Frowned Stef.
"Well, " Started Mikey. "If we can find more rich stuff, then her parents won't be having factual problems."
"Financial. Dummy."
"That's what I said."
"One problem." Said Data. "Where will we find more rich stuff?"
Brand smirked at his little brother as he pulled out an Adidas shoe box from beneath his chair. From inside, he produced a rolled up piece of parchment, a pile of photos and a golden key on a chain.
"We were going through dad's stuff in the attic and found all this. It's the treasure of Cortez." Smiled Brand.
"Oh, wait!" Andy stood, staring wide-eyed at her friends. "Are you all insane?"
"Sointenly!" Grinned Mouth."
"We nearly died last time and now you wanna go again?"
"Aw, come on Andy! We may have been in danger but we had fun remember?" Commented Data.
"Oh god!"
Brand stood and moved to wards his girlfriend. he placed his hands gently on her shoulders.
"Andy, if you don't want to go you don't have to. You can stay here with Stef."
"What? Cause I'm a girl, I have to stay behind? Hell no, I'm in!" Stef half shouted.
"No, Brand. I can't let you go without me." Andy paused. "I'm in."
"Wicked." Mikey grinned. "Sammie arrives tomorrow."