Title - The Treasure Of Cortez
Chapter Title - Back For Good
Author - OblivionsGarden
Genre - Romance/Adventure
Disclaimer - I do not own The Goonies in anyway, shape or form. I only own the plot for this fic and my original characters.

A/n - I didn't know what Mikey's parents were called so they're just going to be named Mr and Mrs Walsh.


"What, slow down. Can you please just-"
"QUIET!" Shouted Brand causing the rest of the babbling gang to shut up. Brand and Mikey's mouther smiled.
"Thank you Brand, Now, just one of you, tell me what happened." She was sat beside her husband on the sofa, watching TV nice and relaxed when the wet and dirty group burst into the house, each shouting over each other to be the first to tell of their most recent adventure. Sammie stepped to the front of the group, pushing her damp, purple hair away from her eyes.
"Y'know I was staying here because mum and dad were having money problems? Well, Mikey found another map and thought maybe, if we found some more treasure then we could help mum and dad out. Well, we found it." Sammie dug a hand in one of her pockets and pulled out a fistful of jewels and pearl necklaces. gasped as her husband sat bolt upright.
"I wish you'd have told us the truth." Frowned but she couldn't keep the smile from her face.
"Stop your parents money troubles...you could stop 50 families money troubles with all of this!" Beamed as everybody emptied out their loot onto the coffee table.
"I'm gonna go call my mum." Smiled Sammie running off into the kitchen to use the phone in private.

Her mother picked up on the third ring.
"Mum, it's me!"
"Sammie? What's wrong?"
"Nothing. Mum you're not gonna believe this but..." Sammie went on to tell her mother everything that had happened since she arrived in Astoria.
"Oh honey that's great news! You can come home sooner than expected then." Her mothers words his Sammie like a slap. She hadn't thought about returning home. She may have only been in Astoria for two days but she knew if she went back to England, she'd miss everyone more than ever. Going home had never bothered her before because she never spoke to anybody anyway but now that she was able to open up and join in with the fun...going home would mean missing out. And then there was Mouth. The guy she'd just given her first kiss to.
"You still there sweetie?"
"Uh...yeah. Mum listen, why don't you come over to Astoria?"
"Oh you know we would if we could, but your father and I have to work."
"No I mean like perm-"
"Sorry honey, i have to go. I'll call and book you flight back and then let you know OK. Bye."

Sammie went back into the living room where everybody was in high spirits. noticed Sammie's sudden change in mood and swiftly stood and pulled her back into the kitchen.
"What's Wrong?"
"Nothing. I just forgot I'd have to go home."
"Oh, honey." pulled Sammie into a hug. "I'm sure you'll be able to come back and visit. Don't worry about it."
Sammie put on her best brave face and pulled away from the older woman. "I'll be fine. Thanks." She lied and moved back into the living room.
She sat down beside Mouth on the floor. "I have to go home." She whispered to him. Immediately his smile fell from his lips and he stared seriously at her. "I don't want to but my parents..." She trailed off. "I'll come back. I promise." She grasped Mouth hand and he too, forced a fake smile and continued with their conversation of the trip, neither as enthusiastic as before.

Sammie left for England a day later and the whole gang went to the airport to say goodbye. She and Mouth shared a long hug before she left him behind, along with the rest of her family and friends. She couldn't do anything but sit and stare at the seat in front of her on the flight. She tried to read but couldn't concentrate and ended up reading the same sentence eight times. She tried to listen to her ipod but found it pointless because she wasn't truly listening. She tried to do some sketching but every doodle ended up as one of the gang back in Astoria. She even tried to sleep but ended up fidgeting to the point of making the person in the seat beside her ask her to keep still. So all she could do was sit and stare at the blank grey seat in front of her, thinking of what she could do if she were still in the Walsh household. All of the treasure had been sent via mail to Sammie's house and should arrive in a day or two. Part of Sammie wondered what would've happened if they'd never found the treasure but realized without it, she and her family would still be broke.
Eventually she landed in Hethrow airport in London and got off the plane with shaky legs. Her parents were waiting for her by the baggage claim, and engulfed her in warm hugs when she arrived beside them. They drove home, her parents in high spirits and Sammie occasionally dropping hints that she'd rather be elsewhere.

The treasure arrived two days later than Sammie and her parents were quick to get it valued and sold, leaving them a great deal better off. Even the increase in her pocket money didn't cheer Sammie up. It wasn't until three weeks later that her parents noticed the extended misery their daughter was experiencing.
"I thought at first she just missed Mikey and Brand but it's been three weeks, Dave. Somethings up with her." Said April, Sammie's mother after she walked past the living room and saw her daughter laying on the sofa, staring at the blank TV screen.
"Well what should we do?" Asked her father, Dave over a cup of tea.
"Well, when she called me to tell me about the treasure, she asked me to go to Astoria. I think she meant move there. So..." She opened up her laptop which was on standby an opened up a web page. "I've been doing some hunting."
Dave leant forward over the kitchen table to inspect the laptop screen. "You're being serious aren't you?" April nodded. "Well, I don't see why it should be a problem." He smiled.

Another month later and Sammie, who had recently re-dyed her hair an emerald green colour that faded into a lighter green at the tips, was back on a plane only this time, a huge grin refused to leave her lips. She hadn't called to tell the gang that her parents had bought a house 3 blocks away from Mikey's. The only people that knew were Mr and Mrs Walsh who had agreed to say nothing.
The Hunter family arrived in Astoria at 12:30 on a Saturday morning. It had been exactly one month, 3 weeks and 3 days since Sammie had been here and yet it felt to her as though she been away for years. All of their belongings had been delivered to their new house that morning. ( had agreed to be there to let the moving men in.) Sammie picked her bedroom and restlessly looked around the rest of the house before she gave in and asked if she could go to Mikey's.
"Go on, then. Tell your Aunt and Uncle we'll come by later."
Sammie was already out the door before her dad could finish his sentence. She took a wrong turning and had to double back on her self before she finally arrived outside the familiar household. She didn't shout to get anyone to open the fence. She didn't even stop running. She jumped onto the stump by the gate and leapt over the fence, landing hazardously by a garden gnome. Once she straightened up she bolted up the steps and across the porch until she could pound on the front door.
"Mikey, answer the door!" She heard call. Sammie could hear the smile in her voice.
"Why can't Brand get it?"
"Fine. Brand get the door."
"No! Mikey she asked you first!"
"God! I'll get it." Footsteps followed and Sammie could barely stand still until Stef opened the front door.
"Oh my-" Stef started.
"GOD!" Squealed Andy arriving behind her. The blonde and the brunette rushed forward to envelope Sammie in a bone crushing hug whilst she could just make out everybody else's voices.
"Who is it?"
"I don't know, I can't see. Data can you?"
"No. Wait! Green hair?"
"Green hair. Data don't be an idiot nobody has-"
Stef and Andy stood back and let the boys see the new arrival. Mikey and Data stood open mouthed as Chunk started to speak.
"Sa-" He was cut off however when Brand clapped a hand over his mouth. He smiled at Sammie before looking at Mikey and nodding his head inside the room.
"Hey, Mouth. You gonna come say hi." Asked Mikey, an amused grin on his face. There was no answer. "You know you're being really selfish, Mouth!"
"Shut up, Mikey!"
"Fine, don't say hi, it's your loss."
There was still no answer but Sammie could hear angry footsteps coming towards the door. "Alright, I'll say hi, then I'm going home." Mouth arrived in the doorway, a scowl on his face. His dark eyes landed on Sammie and she smiled gently. She barely had time to register what was happening before, once again, arms were around her and she could only just breathe. She wrapped her arms around Mouth, ignoring the lack of breath and buried her face into the crook of his neck.
"Well thank god for that, he's been miserable since you left." Came Chunk's voice.
"Shut up, Chunk." Mouth shouted but there was a trace of humor in his voice. Just before he pulled away from Sammie, she could've sworn he whispered 'I missed you'. "What are you doing back?" He asked.
"Mum and dad bought a house 3 block from here."
There was a moment of silence before a chorus of screams and yells erupted. Mouth pulled her back into a hug and Sammie took the moment to whisper back, "I missed you too," before kissing his neck and pushing her was into the house. She gave her dad's message before the gang left for the beach to hang out.
Mouth and Sammie kept to the back of the group, hand in hand. "So, you're definitely not leaving again?" Mouth asked.
"Definitely. I'm back for good."
Mouth grinned and kissed her cheek. "Good."