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Yugi Mutou paced in front of Seto Kaiba's desk, tapping his favorite jasmine-scented pen absently against his schedule book while waiting for Kaiba to finish typing. He was the older male's assistant, practically living in one of the spare rooms of Kaiba's mansion for how often he stayed over to plan. Kaiba's younger brother Mokuba had become a close friend to him, and was very knowledgeable of business procedure for being ten years old. It was probably to be expected, since his brother was the CEO of the largest gaming company in Asia at twenty one.

Yugi smiled wistfully. Being hired as the personal assistant for said CEO was a blessing and a curse. Sure, he was now able to pay all his bills and student loans with no problem, earning the equal of two hundred thousand American dollars a year, but his college education was going to last six years instead of four so he could work full time. Education was very important in his family, and he was not about to quit school for a good job.

Kaiba wasn't mean, per se, but he did have a temper to him. The first couple of months Yugi worked for him, he was reprimanded -loudly- at least once a week for things that were mostly out of his control. However, once the executive warmed up to him and realized he was a diligent worker, the admonishment stopped short and was replaced with a hesitant friendship.

The assistant was a stickler for detail. Every day of Kaiba's work life was planned out to the minute, giving him time to run the company, be with his younger brother, and get time for himself as well. Sometimes Kaiba called it micromanagement, but most of the time he kept his mouth shut and was satisfied with not having to do the planning alone any longer. He was much less stressed with the arrival of Yugi, and wasn't planning to let him go any time soon.

Once Kaiba stopped typing and Yugi was satisfied had his boss's full attention, he began. "You have meetings with minor shareholders at two, three, and four thirty; I've picked up your dry cleaning, although I'm going to send your blue dress shirt back for another round; Mokuba is home from school, I made sure this time, but he's having some problems with his math homework and I want you to help him, so you'll be at the mansion by six; that leaves enough time for your eight appointment, but I'm having you home by eleven so you can sleep more than an hour…

"You'll wake up at eight," the young assistant continued, pointing his pen threateningly at Kaiba. "I'll personally drive Mokuba to school, and tomorrow's workday will start at nine." He put his hands on his hips, gripping the schedule book so hard his knuckles turned white. "Got it?"

The executive smirked, raising an aristocratic eyebrow. "You're micromanaging again," he murmured.

Yugi blinked. "Micro…?" The young man blushed, smiling shyly. "Sorry."

"No, no, it's fine." Kaiba sighed, running his hands through his hair while trying to control their shaking. "You're taking most of the work off of my mind."

"Well, you're welcome." Yugi sat in one of the chairs in front of Kaiba's desk, crossing his thin legs over one another and smoothing out the creases on his black dress pants. "You look very strained..." He leaned forward, grabbing one of the executive's hands and trying to slow the trembling. "Do you want me to do something for you?"

Kaiba shook his head, looking down to keep Yugi from seeing the lust in his eyes. It was very taboo to sleep with one's assistant, but the images running through his mind spoke otherwise. He was afraid, to say the least, of telling Yugi his feelings for him had changed from friendship to something more, in case the younger rejected him and decided to leave the company. Kaiba would be upset to see his most meticulous worker go, but he would also be heartbroken. "No thank you Mutou. You can return to your desk." He glanced up just as Yugi met his eyes and was a little taken aback by the hurt in their violet depths, but before he could think of anything to say, the young assistant had already left the room.

"... Shit," Kaiba muttered; the shaking had doubled and he was beginning to get a massive headache. He was a fool to keep his feelings to himself, he knew it, but he couldn't chance Yugi leaving him. As soon as his vision started spotting and he moaned in pain, Yugi was back with a glass of water, a bottle of Excedrin, and a grin.

"You can't get rid of me that easily, Kaiba-san," he whispered, getting close enough to brush the executive's hair back. Kaiba's forehead was slightly sweaty, and his soft brown hair was losing its shine the more tired he got. "Is it okay if I kiss you?"

Kaiba blinked, supposing it would be curious that he didn't want to move away, and yet unable to do so. "Kiss m-me?" he stammered out.

Yugi nodded slightly, smiling. "On the forehead. My grandfather used to do it to make sure I didn't have a fever."

"O-oh. I mean, if you want to." Kaiba closed his eyes, trying to keep his blush down as Yugi's soft lips brushed across his skin, lingering a little longer than he expected. It was a very nice feeling, but he longed to have those same lips on his.

Yugi pulled away with a worried expression. "You're warm. Too warm. I'm sending you home, and I'll take your place at the conferences."

Kaiba shook his head, pouring a couple of the pills into his hand and picking up the water. "I'll be fine, Mutou. Don't you have one of your classes today?"

"I can afford to miss it to keep you well."

"No, you can't. I forbade you from not going to school, you know that."


The executive sighed, massaging his temples. "No protests. You're going. I promise to follow your schedule." Yugi looked him over one more time, violet eyes filled with doubt, before placing another gentle kiss on Kaiba's forehead and walking out of the office. The brunette smiled a little, turning back to his computer and resuming his quarter summary. He really did have the best assistant anyone could ask for.

At ten fifty-two, Kaiba set his briefcase down at the front door of his house and slammed it closed. It was a very tiring day, as usual, but being sick didn't help him at all. He was just about to head upstairs when there was the sound of keys in the door and it swung open again. "Oh, Kaiba-san! I didn't know you were here yet."

"Was there something you needed, Yugi? Today isn't one of our scheduling days, is it?"

Yugi shook his head. "I came over to check on you. I wanted to make sure you weren't too bad off." He lifted up his hand, showing Kaiba his messenger bag. "I even brought my homework. I was going to ask if I could stay the night."

The executive nodded slightly, loosening his tie and taking off his suit jacket, throwing it on the back of the couch. "You're always welcome here, you know that."

"Just wanted to make sure," Yugi insisted, touching Kaiba's arm before passing him and heading upstairs. Kaiba watched him go, still able to feel the warmth on the spot that Yugi made contact with. He reached into his pocket and pulled out the Excedrin bottle again, walking to the kitchen and finding a bottle of water; if he was going to make it through the night with Yugi right across from his bedroom, he was going to need all the help he could get.

Yugi met him at the top of the stairs without his bag; he had probably put it in his room and become worried when Kaiba didn't show up. "Are you alright? You should shower and get to bed."

"Actually, I wanted to talk to you about something." Kaiba opened his bedroom door and looked at Yugi pointedly. The faintest blush graced Yugi's cheeks and he went inside, settling in a chair that was near the door. The executive followed him in and closed the door, sitting on the bed and watching Yugi's apprehension. "I have to go on conference in San Francisco, California next week."

"Oh," Yugi murmured, staring into Kaiba's eyes. "I hope you get to have fun, and not work all day. I'll hold down the fort over here."

"That's just it, Mutou. I want you to go with me."

Yugi blinked a few times. "Kaiba-san, I don't have that much money. I still have bills to pay for my house, I'm still paying for my grandfather's funeral, and the new semester is coming up and I have to pay that too."

The executive smiled, shaking his head. "I'll pay for you."

Yugi blinked some more. "I can't accept-"

"I won't be able to survive there on my own, Mutou. Could you please come with me?" The assistant opened his mouth, and then closed it again. Kaiba never asked for anything, ever. He took what he wanted and left what he didn't. When Yugi didn't respond in a few seconds, Kaiba's smile widened. "Then it's settled. We leave on Saturday."

"K-Kaiba-san, thank you, but I'm not really that useful. Don't you want to take one of your higher-ups instead? You don't even like me, you just deal with me."

Kaiba frowned, standing up and taking Yugi's hand in his. "Of course I want you to go, and I do like you. You're one of my closest friends... unless you don't want to be."

Yugi blushed bright red, relishing in the contact Kaiba was making with him, and looked away. His feelings for his boss were shameful, but he couldn't help them. Just touching the man made him giddy. "I would be honored to be your friend, Kaiba-san."

"It's Seto," he murmured, bringing Yugi's hand to his lips and kissing it delicately. He laughed lightly when Yugi sputtered something about 'informal' and 'disrespectful', looking everywhere but at the executive. "May I call you Yugi?"

Another question? Two in one day? The assistant must have been dreaming, but he didn't care. "I would like that, Kai- S-Seto."

Kaiba himself was blushing at how forward he had been. "Thank you. Now, Yugi, I think that we should be getting ready for bed." He released Yugi's hand and opened the door. "We have a long day ahead of us."

Yugi stood on shaky legs, grinning like an idiot. "Good night, S-Seto," he mumbled, before disappearing into his own room. Kaiba's heart almost melted at how adorable Yugi looked, all flustered and unsure of himself, and his treacherous mind supplied other instances where the petite assistant would be flushed and nervous. He groaned and closed his door, lying back on the bed without taking his clothes off and willing himself to sleep, praying to the gods that he wouldn't have any inappropriate dreams that night.

His pleas went unanswered.

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