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Kaiba closed his room door as softly as he could, and then proceeded to slam the nearest vase into the floor, shattering it. Jealousy and anger were coursing through him, blurring his thoughts. How dare someone else want what he had! How dare they even think that they could take Yugi away from him!

He covered his eyes with a shaking hand, taking deep breaths. What if... what if Yugi wanted this ex-boyfriend? What if he was considering going back to him? What if-

Blue eyes blinked rapidly as he shook his head, trying to dispel the idea. He had enough power and money to make Yugi stay, right? Then there was nothing to worry about. Jealousy crept up again, taunting him from the sidelines.

That man has something you don't, it teased, launching visions of Yugi writhing and moaning under a faceless man. If Yugi won't give it, maybe you should take it. He'll enjoy it sooner or later.

Strangely enough, that idea sounded... tempting.

Yugi fidgeted nervously, watching Kaiba typing on his phone for the third time since they got in the sleek black car on the way to the restaurant. "Are you alright, Seto?" he asked worriedly, glancing from the executive's phone to the anxious frown on his face. "Is it news from this week or is there a problem at headquarters?"

Cold cerulean eyes flickered to him, and then Kaiba sighed apologetically and set the phone down on the seat next to him. "This week. I'm sorry, Yugi, I shouldn't-"

Yugi laid a delicate hand on his and smiled. "It's fine, really. I understand your dedication." Kaiba picked his hand up and brought the back to his lips, smirking at the very red blush that spread across his cheeks. "And… u-um, you can take your calls and… things," he finished lamely.

"I won't. This is our time, Yugi, and I intend to spend it well." He seemed to think for a moment, and then pulled Yugi quite unceremoniously into his lap.

"Seto!" the smaller squealed, off-balance from the sudden movement. "Don't do that!"

The executive smirked dangerously. "Why not? I think, as your boss, I can do whatever I want to you..."

Yugi frowned, blushing harder. "I'll go to HR."

"They won't believe you." Kaiba kissed him a few times, running a hand up his shirt and over his back, and then pushed him down to lay across the seats.

"N-no," Yugi protested weakly, his legs firmly shut. "I don't want-"

He was interrupted by a mouth on his, Kaiba's warm tongue prying at his lips the way his hands were prying at his knees. "I won't go that far, Yugi," he whispered, lying through his teeth. "Please?"

Watching Kaiba's eyes for any trace of a lie, and finding only a blank slate, Yugi nodded slowly and relaxed, letting the executive kiss his neck and collar bone. "Seto..." he moaned softly, digging his fingers into Kaiba's shoulders to pull him closer.

Taking that as a signal, Kaiba unbuttoned Yugi's shirt and slipped it off of his shoulders, silently regarding his body. Yugi blushed and moved to cover himself, but Kaiba held his wrists above his head. "No," he ordered, using his free hand to undo the fly of Yugi's pants.

Alarmed, Yugi began to struggle and protest, but Kaiba ignored him, shoving the material down to his ankles and effectively trapping him, then putting his own fingers in his mouth. "Stop! I mean it, what are you-" He cut himself off with a scream of pain and more frantic resistance. "Please, please stop!"

The executive continued to overlook his pleas, lust clouding his mind. It wasn't exactly as he's imagined their first time, but it would have to do. He pulled out his two fingers, slipping in the gap between Yugi's legs and leaning forward to kiss him. "You'll love it, Yugi. I just want to show you how much I want you," he urged, noticing the way his words were starting to sound wrong in his head. "Don't cry, come on..."

Yugi shook his head, closing his eyes and biting angrily on his lower lip. "I hate you," he hissed furiously. "I hope you rot in hell!"

Kaiba paused, taken aback. "You... Yugi, you want this! You don't hate me!" he insisted, vehemently imploring both himself and his lover.

Yugi opened his mouth to answer, but closed it quickly, opening his eyes and glaring through his tears. "Seto," he said surprisingly calmly, his glare intensifying. "Love..." He leaned up, wrapping his arms around the executive and shocking him into what felt like opening his already wide eyes.

He shot up, breathing hard and looking around. He was in the car, like he remembered, but Yugi was sitting in front of him with his arms around his waist, watching him with a panicked expression. "Yugi?" he asked incredulously, looking the fully dressed younger man up and down. "What... Weren't you...?"

"You were having a nightmare," he explained simply, pressing Kaiba's head to his chest and stroking his hair, shifting to sit more comfortably, with one leg hanging off of the seat and the other folded under himself. "I tried to wake you, but you kept flinching away..." He breathed deeply, kissing the top of the executive's mousy brown hair. "I wanted to go back to the hotel. You obviously haven't had enough sleep, for you to pass out on my lap while we were driving..."

Kaiba shuddered, wiping at his eyes with the back of his hand and leaning more heavily on Yugi. "I'm sorry," he murmured as steadily as he could. "I didn't want to... I would never..."

Yugi blinked, wrapping his arms more tightly around Kaiba's shoulders. "Seto? Why are you apologizing? It was just a dream, you're fine."

He shook his head, clinging to Yugi's shirt. "I was thinking... I was thinking about things that I shouldn't have... I wouldn't-" His voice cracked, betraying his tears, and Yugi drew back and tilted his chin up to look at his face.

"Calm down, love," he said without thinking, pressing a few tender kisses to Kaiba's temple. "I'm right here."

The executive turned a little red, opening his eyes and staring at the pulsing vein in Yugi's slender, pale neck. "Love?" he questioned fearfully, too distracted to wipe away new tears that he didn't notice were falling. "You... love me? Yugi, you can't-"

Yugi rolled his eyes, silencing Kaiba with a kiss. "I can and I will. You can't change my mind, Seto, and it wouldn't do you any good to try. Now calm down," he said in his professional voice while he straightened up Kaiba's tousled hair and disheveled clothes. "Do you want to go somewhere else? Somewhere smaller and quieter?"

After a second of deliberation, the executive nodded. "Sorry," he repeated, managing to compose himself. "I didn't mean for that to happen."

"One rarely does," Yugi mumbled, leaning through the divider to ask the driver to take them to a smaller place. He sighed, still fixing Kaiba up; the executive's eyes were no longer revealing, but back to their normal cold state. Yugi ran his hand up Kaiba's thigh, startling him. "Relax. If you can't relax around me then we have a problem.

On the contrary, Kaiba though bitterly. If he relaxed at all, the thoughts were probably going to come back, and they would both be screwed.

Yugi watched a cynical smirk replace Kaiba's previously pensive expression. "Are you really feeling alright? Are you getting sick?"

The executive shrugged, looking away. "I suppose," he murmured. "I'll be fine, Yugi." He sighed, wrapping his arm around Yugi's waist, and allowing himself a smile when the smaller male leaned into his side.

"Good," Yugi murmured, taking hold of Kaiba's hand and squeezing it gently.