by pari106

pari106@hotmail.com; http://www.geocities.com/pari106/damain.html; Disclaimer: DA is not mine;
Rating: PG-13; Code: Alec, Asha; Alec/Asha?; short. Spoilers: "Hello, Goodbye"; Summary: Another
way the confrontation at Crash could have played out between Asha and Alec.

**** ****

"Just do yourself a favor, Asha. And leave me alone."

He was resolved. Sitting there, staring at her with icy, emotionless eyes and a
deceptively casual slouch. The perfect poker face. To cover the perfect lie.

She was slightly disbelieving…and slightly ashamed. Because she figured she might as
well believe it. That she was being dismissed. Wasn't that always the fate of her
relationships with men? If you could even call them that?


He didn't even blink. "Beat it," he said, and turned from her.

But for some reason…for the first time… Asha didn't want to believe that easy. She'd
been avoiding Alec for months, thinking she had a reason for avoiding him. She couldn't
let Alec take the coward's way out now, thinking she didn't realize he'd avoided her for
the very same one.

Before she could think to do otherwise, Asha reached out and snatched the glass out of
Alec's hand just before its rim reached his lips. And the look of utter surprise on his
gorgeous, cursed face was just good enough to make up for the way he was pissing her

Asha planted herself right back onto the stool she'd been sitting on when Alec had
walked up.

Then she slammed Alec's glass down in front of him, the amber-colored liquor inside
sloshing about as she did, before sliding it back down the counter in the direction from
whence it had come. Surprised fellow patrons of the establishment threw her peculiar
looks. But she kept her gaze on Alec's, one eyebrow slightly raised as both of his lifted
over wide eyes and a slack jaw.

"What the…"

"I don't think so," Asha only said, just as coolly as he had spoken to her moments before.
"*I* was sitting here, remember? *You* approached *me*, Alec. So *you* do me a
favor, and *you* beat it."

It wasn't the most graceful of responses. But Asha was tired of grace. It was time to be
honest. And aggressive. Because God only knew how rarely she got that chance.

Alec just stared at her. Truly dumbstruck for the moment...

"Asha…" he stuttered.

And, high from her sudden, uncharacteristic outburst, Asha took advantage of that fact.

"In fact, you know what? Do me another favor." She said, uncrossing the arms she'd
crossed in front of her, and leaning in closer with narrowed eyes. "Take this with you."

And when Alec opened his mouth to ask her what she meant…Asha kissed him. She
grabbed him by the back of the head, and kissed him. Hard. Until they were both
drawing back, with blank expressions on their face of complete and utter shock. And

Then, despite her words, Asha abandoned her seat.

"Just so you know…" she told him, by way of the only explanation he'd get that night for
her actions. "I never said I wanted to get "involved" with you, Alec." And as she turned
to leave, she tossed back:

"But if I did…it would take a lot more drama than you can dish out to scare me away.
Learned in the "fine art of assassination" or not. Because I'm used to dodging crossfire,
Alec. But I refuse to become used to dodging the truth, just to protect myself. Or you."

Then, as Alec had so eloquently put it, she "beat it".

Leaving Alec sitting there, feeling as though she'd beaten him. At his own game.