Initial D (Side stage)

Act 3: Kei Vengeance (part 1)

Aki's breath hung in the cold air as he responded to Hideaki "I made a promise, I'll introduce you to Iketani but if you get in is entirely up to him."

Hideaki responded "I guess I'll go find out."

The S12's engine started up, tearing through the tranquillity of the night. The Cosmo followed behind with the front fender rattling in the wind. Aki's mind still dwelled heavily on the race "How did he attack the corners so much faster than I did". Hideaki made sure to drive slow enough so that Aki could keep up though on the uphill the Cosmo's extra power would make a race one sided.

The two arrived back at the parking lot where everyone was waiting; an air of anticipation could be felt as Hideaki stepped out of the S12. Aki led Hideaki over to Iketani.

"So judging from what I've heard over the radio and the damage on Aki's car it looks like you won." said Iketani with his gaze fixated on Hideaki

"I don't really think it counts." replied Hideaki

"A win is a win."

"Well I'd like to have a rematch when Aki fixes his car"

"I think it's not just my car that needs fixing" Interjected Aki with a grin on his face

Hideaki continued "Iketani I wish to ask you for a favour"

"Sure, what is it?" responded Iketani

"Could I possibly join the speedstars?"

"With the potential you have I'd be stupid if I said no"

"Well looks like I'm the number two driver now" chuckled Aki

The crowd dispersed and the parking lot was now vacant, Hideaki raced home excited that he was once again part of a team and not just a lone racer.

Light glared through Hideaki's window provoking him to wake from his slumber. Hideaki yawned and stumbled downstairs where he saw a letter sitting on the table. The letter was addressed to him. Upon opening the letter he found a small note which read "I haven't forgot the injustice you committed in Tokyo, You owe me a race and an apology." The signature at the bottom was familiar to Hideaki it was Amaya's. Suddenly the phone rang, its chime jarring Hideaki from reminiscing about Tokyo. He rushed to answer it.

"Hello is this Hideaki's residence?" questioned the person calling

"Yes, who is this?" responded Hideaki

"It's Iketani, I got team decals for you"

"Great where can I get them?" Replied Hideaki enthusiastically

"You can pick them up from the gas station"

"I'll be there right away" said Hideaki as he pulled his shoes on

The S12's engine blared into life. Hideaki noticed a peculiar car behind him on his drive to the gas station though he could distinguish the sound of a both a turbo and a supercharger. The car followed him all the way to the gas station and pulled in to get hi-octane.

"Hi Iketani"

"You weren't lying when you said you'd be here right away, here's the decals." Responded Iketani as he handed Hideaki the Speedstars decals.

"Great I'll put them on right away."

"Hideaki a few of us are going out to Akina tonight you should join us"

"I'll be there hopefully I'll learn the course better. I guess I'll see you tonight then"

"Yeah see you"

Hideaki began his drive home but once again the sound of both turbo and supercharger followed him. Checking the rear view he saw a white kei car though he was unable to determine what it was. Upon pulling into his driveway Hideaki noticed the car had pulled in right behind him. The kei car was sporting a red Suzuki badge with 'Works' imprinted next to it, the driver door flung open and out stepped a familiar feminine figure.

"When I said you owed me a race I meant soon" Said the slender female standing in the driveway

"Amaya? What are you doing here?" Responded Hideaki with a quizzical look

"It hasn't been that long you can't have forgotten me that easily and I'm here for exactly what I just said, a race"

"You can't have come all the way from Tokyo just to race me?"

"I didn't I came all this way to settle the score"

"You can't blame me for what happened to your brother"

"It was your fault!"

"We both knew the risks of racing on such a dangerous road"

"If you hadn't challenged him he wouldn't have ended up in hospital!" screeched Amaya while trying to hold back the tears that were building in her eyes.

"I'm sorry about what happened"

"You'll be sorry when I humiliate you at Akina"

"Wait what?"

"I heard you talking to the guy at the gas station well I'm going to defeat you in front of him"

"Your brother wouldn't want this"

"This isn't for him this is for me"

"What does this achieve Amaya?"

"I just need to do this"

"I guess I've got no choice I'll race you" said Hideaki reluctantly

"Just so you know I've been planning my victory and it all revolves around this car. The Alto works RS/R it's a 1988 model with a custom twin charger set-up designed specifically to leave your Gazelle in the dust"

"The car doesn't mean a thing if you can't control it"

"You don't think I know that, my brother had been teaching me how to drive long before you or I got our licences"

Hideaki gulped heavily and thought to himself 'If that's true I could lose tonight'

The little Suzuki revved heavily and then proceeded to drive off. Hideaki stood petrified at the challenge he'd soon be facing. His mind drifted to the race against Amaya's brother, Hideaki had been trailing by 7 seconds when he heard a large amount of tyre squeal. When he emerged from the corner he saw a pile of fallen rocks and the opposing car upturned on the side of the road. The wails of the ambulance siren were now vivid almost as if it was all happening again.

Act 3: Kei Vengeance (part 2)

'I have to think have think of a plan, there's no way I can beat her based on our cars and if what she says is true my skill won't hold up against her either'

Hideaki slumped back into the S12 and gripped the steering wheel, motioning the movements he'd been through in his last race. A meek voice jarred Hideaki from his concentration.

"Umm excuse me but can you help me?"

"Uh yeah sure" replied Hideaki as he glanced up at the teenage girl

"You're that guy who raced Aki the other night aren't you?"

"Yeah I am"

"Good then I've got a question for you" The girls softened to a near inaudible pitch as she began to stare at the ground

"Well what is it then?"

"Could you possibly ... teach me how to drive?"


"I really want to be able to drive just like you"

"Trust me it's not as fun as it seems"

"How could it not be fun? The speed, the sound of the tires on the threshold of losing traction, it sounds like fun to me" She said with a slight smirk

"Well there's the risk of crashing and losing a race that kind of puts a damper on things"

"Who cares about that stuff, I mean crashing would suck but losing is just part of life"

"You're certainly determined but I've got to ask why me?"

"I like the way you tackle corners also I think you're kind of cute, but I've got to run bye" Responded the girl as she turned an began to run towards a nearby bakery"

Hideaki blushed 'perhaps she's right, I'm bound to lose sooner or later so I may as well accept that my opponent is better and just enjoy myself'

The sun set as Hideaki prepared himself for the night, he got to Akina early to do a few practice runs. The S12 could be heard running amongst the Cicada's chirping that arrived with the moon. Several hours after, the rest of the speedstars arrived in a convoy of tuned cars ranging from Aki's Cosmo to Kenji's 180sx. Iketani approached Hideaki's parked S12 and with a quizzical look.

"I heard you're running against someone from Tokyo tonight"

"Word travels that fast around here"

"Yeah and a young girl by the name of Amaya called earlier and told me to bring everyone out tonight"

"Is that right?"

Iketani nodded and quietly said

"She told us that you're were going to lose"

"She'd know, she's the one I'm racing"

"Do you really think she's going to beat you?"

"Without a doubt but someone made me realise winning doesn't matter as long as I have fun"

"That's true but don't lose on purpose"

"I'm not planning to" replied Hideaki as he started the S12

The S12 pulled up next to the waiting Alto. Both cars revved their engines in anticipation of the signal to go. Aki gave them the signal they had been waiting for and with a squeal of the tyres both cars shot of onto the first straight. The Alto took a slight lead due to its superior power to weight ration but the S12 followed closely behind heading into the first corner. The S12 revved heavily as the rear tyres swung out mimicking the Alto, which was mere millimetres ahead. The Alto shot ahead exiting the corner 'So she's set up her car to give her higher corner exit speed, a smart move considering the Alto's limitations'. Hideaki mashed the pedal to the floor as he watch the Alto's tail light's fade into the distance as it entered the second corner. The S12 emerged from the second corner but the Alto was nowhere in sight 'She can't be that far ahead already, can she?' .Hideaki pushed himself harder to catch up but after several corners he couldn't even see the Alto's tail lights. The S12 flew down the long straight.

"There she is!" Shouted Hideaki as he caught the Alto on the straight.

The cars were close enough to trade paint heading into the corner. The Alto began to drift with the S12 close behind but the alto suddenly veered into the outer lane. 'Wait what was that?' puzzled Hideaki. The same thing happened in the very next corner 'I get it I'm putting pressure on her and she's not used to adjusting the drift of that 4wd, I can actually win this but I'm going to have to act quick since there's only the 5 consecutive hairpins remaining'. The Alto stormed into the first hairpin with all four tyres squealing, The S12's FJ20ET blared as it followed pushing its nose into the inner line. Amaya panicked and let off the throttle allowing the S12 through. The S12 emerged in front of the Alto. Hideaki's cheeks tightened and he began to grin 'I've got this'. The Alto pushed hard in the remaining corners but was unable to pass the S12. The two cars crossed the line with the S12 leading by 5 centimetres.

Hideaki pulled into a nearby car park and released his grip from the steering wheel and with a brief exhale wiped the sweat from his forehead. Amaya pulled up next to him and wound down the windows and began shouting.

"You cheated!"

"I just did the only thing I could do" replied Hideaki in an exhausted tone of voice

"I would have won and avenged my brother if you didn't try to bump me!"

"I've said this before you're brother doesn't need avenging, he and I are friends"

"I guess you're right besides his injuries have healed now but how did you beat me?"

"You've got amazing technique, actually it's better than mine but you lack experience. You panicked under pressure, if you hadn't I wouldn't have even had a chance"

"I'm going to get better and I expect you to drive back to Tokyo and race me next time"

"I look forward to it" chuckled Hideaki.