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Inheritance: Chapter One:

Jacob stood beside the ebony black casket that held the remains of his Uncle Marque Black. Tears stung his eyes.

He felt excruciating pain throughout his entire body.

This was a day that he had hoped he would not have to endure again.

He knew death slip in when you least expected it. He knew how swift and uncaring it was. It just took. It did not reason. It did not care about the ones that it hurt. It had a mission and it was always successful.

His fists were curled up in a fist by his side as he tried to focus on what the priest was saying. He knew it was no doubt the same bullshit that the priest had spoken on the day that they buried both his parents.

That day was less sunny than this one. It was gloomy with a slight drizzle as they placed his parents beneath the ground.

Then Uncle Marque came along and brought him here. He helped raise Jacob and his two sisters. His Uncle who always showed them patience, kindness, and most of all unconditional love.

Now he was gone too.

Jacob was lost.

Jacob was hurting.

Jacob just wanted to get on the back of his bike and drive until his legs couldn't hold the bike up. He wanted to go and get lost. It was easier that way. It was the one way he knew how to cope.

He glanced over to his eldest sister who stood by her husband weeping into his shoulder. He knew that Rachel would take it hard. She was fourth months pregnant with her second child. Her son, Mason, was not present today. He was only two years old. He would never get to know his great Uncle the way they had.

Then he looks on the other side of him and saw Rose clenching her hands tightly together as she twisted a Kleenex. She look like she was going to faint. Jacob wraps his arm around her. He knew that both of them were sharing the same memory of the day they had lost their parents as well.

It just did not seem fair.

The only lucky thing they had on their sides was the fact that this time they were all grown adults with lives of their own. There would be no fear of who was going to take care of them this time.

Jacob blinks as he saw the guests coming through dropping single roses on the casket. He felt his heart cry out. He was not ready to let go. He felt like such a shit.

When his Uncle called him up three months ago and asks if he could take over the club for a while Jacob had got all snotty with him. He explains that he had no plans of taking over the damn club business that his Uncle had been successful with. His Uncle who had no living children of his own to give it too, insisted that Jacob should be the heir to his life's hard work.

Jacob had been okay with that dream when he was in High School. But then a new world open up to him. A world with motors and bikes, races, and hot ladies. He loves it. He like the adrenaline of beating his competitor. He loves the feel of a victory kiss from the sexiest chick. He loves getting his hands dirty with grease and oil. The feeling of accomplishment when you put something together with your bare hands was indescribable.

He knew that his Uncle had hope that this was just a phase for Jacob. It had started out as a hobby but it grew into a passion that he could not quench.

Now his Uncle had made tons of money with his passion. He had open up six famous clubs in three different states. He was well known in the industry. He was also someone that newcomers often came to for advice. Jacob grew up in that world. He knew that it took so much of your time. He knew that if you were not careful you could get lost into it and eventually find yourself dead with no wife or kids to leave behind.

No, he did not want that world a few months back. Now, well, now he knew he owes it to his Uncle. The man who raised him and his sisters. The man who put them all through a prestige school and then college. He was a very giving man. He never ask for much in return. So Jacob knew that at the moment his dreams of running that bike shop and racing at the races were temporarily over. Someday he might find a way to get back to it. He doubted it.

He watches as his sisters each drop a single rose. It was his turn now. He felt frozen. He could not move. He knew that once he drops that flower he would be making the final step that would mean his Uncle was truly gone from this world. With tears dripping down his poignant face he forces his arm to move as he drop the rose. Slowly it fell. Rose grabs his arm to lead him away.

He told himself not to look back.

One step.

Two steps.

Three steps.

His head turn as his eyes glance at the man who was already shoveling dirt over his uncle's casket that was slowly being rolled down into the cold earth. He fought the urge to run back and stop them. He was not ready for this. He was not ready to live in a world where he had no one to look up to. He had no one to turn to. He had no one who could possibly understand the man he wanted to be someday. Only Uncle Marque had known. Only Marque had seen into Jacob's soul and warn him that if he did not learn to be more patient and giving he would grow old and cold. If he could learn to open his heart again then, and only then could Jacob become the man Marque always knew Jacob was intended to be before he lost his whole world.

(Six months earlier)

"I wanted to rip his fucking heart out that lying son of a bitch!" Leah Clearwater screamed at the top of her lungs as she raced into the room throwing anything she could get her hands on.

I just sat there letting her throw her tantrum while I sat quietly on the couch with my legs curl up holding my favorite throw pillow. I could not move. I could not tell my best friend she needed to calm down. I did not care. I just wanted to sit here like a zombie. I wanted the world to slip away. I was still so shock. I could not believe what I had seen less than ten hours ago.

"Come on Bella try it. It feels good." Leah growled as she nudges me hoping I would join into her ranting.

"No." I whispered as I buried my head into the pillow letting fresh tears slide down my face.

"Fuck! Come on Bella. He is an asshole. And Tara, well let's just say I am so going to pull out her fucking hair if I see her again. She is such a cold hearted stupid slut." Leah threw a magazine across the room as she pictured how she would mess up the so called friend that was caught in bed with Bella's fiancée of two years.

"I swear Bella I will fuck her up!" Leah growled deeper as she pick up a pillow and began to pound it imagining Tara's face.

Bella just sob louder as the image of Tara and Edward fucking in his bed pop back up in her mind. She would never erase that morbid image from her memory.

Tara. Tara the one girlfriend whom she knew was a bit on the slutty side had never ever in all of their five years of friendship made even a flirtatious move on any of her past suitors but had slept with her fiancée.

Why? Why had Tara stolen the one thing that she had invested her whole heart into? Tara was beautiful she could have had anyone. Why Edward? Why had I not see it before last night? Where was I? Where have I been? Oh yeah, busy trying to make plans for a damn wedding that had taken nearly two years to finally come together. Edward had kept stalling one date or another for some lame ass reason. I should have known then he just was not ready to marry me.

Was he ever really going to marry me? Why did he even propose to me?

Oh yeah, he might have thought it was the right thing to do since I was buying bridal magazines and discussing our future babies names. God I feel like such a stupid smuck! Of course it was obvious now. I had pressured him, right. NO! No I did not go out and purchase a ring or propose during a candlelit dinner! No that had been all his doing. If he did not want marriage then he should never have ask me. Fucker!

"Bella Swan you better not be sitting there thinking this is your fault! I mean it!" Lean threatens as she plop down on the table in front of Bella and jerk her hands.

"Look at me damn it! LOOK. ." Leah jerks me hard again.

I finally lifted my head out of the pillow as I stared painfully into her fire searing eyes. She had the look of a warrior. If I said the word there was no doubt that she would go and scalp Edward's head at this very moment.

"What?" I muttered as I swallowed hard.

"Edward chose to hurt you. Edward and Tara. They are the ones who should be feeling like assholes not you. Now listen to me. We are going to get you dressed and we are going to go on that birthday trip for Alice like we promised. Do you hear me?" Leah spoke calmer but her voice was still quite stern.

"I guess." I shrug my shoulders.

"Come on. I know you have your bags packed already. Let's go." Leah yanks me up off the couch leading me to my room like a two year old. I did not argue with her. I just did not have the strength. I was so numb now. I felt like someone had thrown a pail of icy water straight into my face. It just did not seem real anymore.

The past four years I had spent with Edward were like a dream somehow. A dream that another girl had existed in. I would never be that girl again. Tara and Edward had ripped her into millions of little pieces.

Jacob sat on the bed in the room where he had been raised with his Uncle. He glance around the large spacious room and sighed heavy. He still could not believe he had not lived here in the past three years. He wonders if his Uncle had ever thought of selling this thirteen room house after he and his sisters had left? It made no sense for him to stay. The only reason he could imagine him staying here was for the image of living large. He smile weakly as he recalled how his Uncle love to show just how far he had come from the little Indian reservation he had once grew up in Washington.

Jacob pick at his rough hands. He was staring hard at the small scars and the rough edges where he needed to put more lotion. It was hard to believe what they had heard yesterday at the attorney's office. Mr. Hale had read Uncle Marque's will and last testimony.

Rose, Rachel and Jacob along with Paul Hawkins sat solemnly waiting to hear the outcome. Paul Hawkins was Marque's god son. They knew that their Uncle had enough money to keep him content but never in all of their years had they imagine he as much as Mr. Hale announced.

They discovered that some of the money he was giving them he had kept from their parent's life insurance policy and had made a lucrative profit for them. All three of them were surprised to hear that they would each receive a hundred thousand dollars. They knew that their parents had not left even a quarter of that behind. So they were shock at how well he had invested it.

Mr. Hale had then announced to the girls that Uncle Marque had left them each one of his prized cars. The girls use to beg him to let them take a joy ride in one of his sports cars but he had refused. Now they would get that joy ride but without their Uncle tagging along.

Uncle Marque had also left them each a million dollars from his life insurance. That includes his God son Paul. Jacob was not surprised by his Uncle's generosity. He always said that a rich man was the one who gave happiness to those who had none. Now Jacob understood that when he saw Paul's shoulders slump as he fought back tears.

"Now this part is the most difficult part. I tried to talk him out of it but he refuse to listen to reason." Mr. Hale chuckled as he recalled the afternoon he had sat with Marque Black while writing all of this up.

"Gentleman this is for you. You see your Uncle and your godfather loved you two men very dearly. He said he was aware of your constant competition between the two of you. He did not understand why you could not accept that you two were more alike than you wanted to see." Mr. Hale sighed as he lean back in his chair glancing between the two young men who sat on opposite sides of the room.

Paul glared at Jacob who just smirk and shrug his shoulders.

"There is the subject of his business. As you know Mr. Black had made his living running the clubs. He did not want to just give them up or let you sell them out. He decided to see which of you two deserve it more." Mr. Hale rub his sore eyes as he prepared himself for the outburst that he knew would soon follow his next statement.

Rose and Rachel glance nervously between the two men beside them.

"It seems that he has decided to give you two men thirty days to find a wife. You must prove legal documentation of your marriage. Then you must both be married for a full year. If any evidence shows that you have been unfaithful or neglectful to your wives then you forfeit the business and the ten million dollars that goes along with it." Mr. Hale gasp for air and braced himself.

Both men look as if he had just shove horse manure in their mouths.

"What!" Paul was the first to shout out his disbelief.

"Damn it Uncle Marque." Jacob rolled his eyes as he lean his back on the chair looking up at the ceiling with a pissed off glare.

"We have to get married and stay that way for a year?" Paul looks at the girls who were wearing the same identical shock expressions as the men were.

"Yes sir." Mr. Hale nodded his head.

"Why? Why in hell would he want us to do that?" Paul ask with a traumatize expression all over his face.

"I don't know. I just write this stuff." Mr. Hale threw his hands up in the air.

"Wait a minute they only have thirty days to find a wife?" Rachel finally broke her silence as she manages to find her voice.

"Yes." Mr. Hale nodded his again.

"How is that possible? Neither of them even have a girlfriend to speak of." Rose gape at them both.

"Don't have a clue." Mr. Hale chuckled as he adjusted his tie.

"So what happens if neither of them gets married in thirty days?" Rachel continues to ask the question that everyone was already considering.

"Then it all goes to charity. He said then and only then would he allow it to be sold and place into a charity for orphan children." Mr. Hale replied with a long exhale.

They were all stunned. It was just like him to help children. After all he had helped each of them in that room.

"You guys can't let it go. Although I would love to help the children and all you can't let his life's legacy just go like that!" Rose exclaimed with tears streaming down her face.

"You just can't Jacob." She cried out as she glared furiously at her little brother.

"Calm down Rose." Jacob reaches out and patted his sister's hands trying to soothe her. He saw the pain in her eyes. He knew she wanted to show the proper respect to their uncle that he deserved. He had raised them so they would not be torn apart. The tribe back home would have kept them but it would not have been the same as living with a blood relative. Marque had been their last connection their father.

"No I won't calm down until you do what is asked of you. Uncle Marque gave us everything! He loved us! You can't let him down now Jacob!" Rose's voice rose as she began to shake.

"I won't. I promise I will do my best." Jacob vowed as he pulled his sister into his arms and held her tightly against him.

Paul watches them with a look of dismay. It was just like Jacob to have Rose on his side. Paul had no siblings that he knew of. He knew he would not find that same support that Jacob had been blessed to have all of his life. Paul had enjoyed learning the business. He had even agreed to let Marque teach him. While Jacob went off to ride damn motorcycles. It did not seem fair in his book. Why was Marque giving Jacob a chance at all? Jacob had made it clear he wanted no part in the clubs. It hurt him. It hurt knowing that even in death Marque was still hoping on Jacob to make him proud. Paul had worshiped the old man.

He had done everything Marque had ever asked of him. Marque was not his biological relative but he had been more of a father to him that his own deadbeat dad. So why was he feeling suddenly like a step child after all these years? Why did he feel like he was purposely being left out?

"I will too." Paul spoke harshly as he stood up and march out of the office with his fist by his sides.

Jacob sighed heavily. He knew this was not a good thing. If Paul was truly going to pursue this goal then he would move heaven and hell to beat Jacob out of his own Uncle's legacy. It was such a typical Paul move.

"I hope you win little brother." Rachel warns him after Paul left in a huff.

"Is that all we need to know?" Jacob looks exhaustedly at Mr. Hale.

"For now. Remember I am force to have you watch once you prove you are married." Mr. Hale reminded him with a dismal smile.

Now Jacob sat in the house that was also part of his inheritance. If he did not gain the businesses and the ten million dollars he would not be able to keep maintenance on a house this large.

He knew he could sell the mausoleum for more than his Uncle originally purchased it for. Yet in his heart he knew it would be the hardest thing he would ever do. This house had so many memories of their childhood intertwine in it. Each little room had a special memory of some special occasion.

How was he going to find a wife who would accept that their marriage would be temporary and pretend that they were deeply in love for an entire year? Was it even possible to find such a woman? If there was a way he knew it would cost him dearly. She would walk away with a small fortune for enduring the task. Ten million dollar question was could he pretend to be in love when he no longer had a heart?