Inheritance Epilogue:

A year and half later…


I picked up the precious bundle all wrapped up in a soft pink fleece blanket. She was the most beautiful baby I had ever seen. Of course I was bias since I was her mother. I was still amazed at how lucky I had been to find my true love after the hell I had gone through with Edward. I used to think that my time with Edward was such a waste of time. Funny now I understood why it had been important that I had experience the pain and hurt that had ended our relationship.

Edward had been a good friend to me. He had been a lousy boyfriend. There was a difference. While I was with Edward I slowly began to sink and settle for what I thought was the best I could do. I think Edward saw that. I think like me he realized he was settling for what felt okay instead of what felt truly meant to be. In away his cheating helped change the course of my life and for that I would always be grateful.

If he had not cheated on me then we might have gotten married had a few kids and "settled" in life instead of receiving all the joy and love we were intended to have in our lives. I guess it's true when they say everything happens for a reason. It took me a long time to see the bigger picture that God had already designed but I was appreciating all the joys that had followed the darker days.

Thinking about Edward I was reminded that I had to make sure to send a thank you card to him and his recent fiancée, Tonya. They had sent me some lovely flowers and a gift while I was at the hospital delivering my daughter.

I was glad to learn that Edward and Tara had finally managed to build a bridge between them that allowed them both to share the custody of raising their daughter Elyssa. She looked so much like Edward that I couldn't resist smiling whenever Alice showed me pictures of her. I just prayed that she also had his attitude rather than her mothers. I didn't speak or see much of Tara and it was probably a good thing. I knew our friendship had been broken and I just hoped in the future when she made friends she didn't hurt them like she had me.

After we renewed our vows in front of the entire town of Forks, Leah and Aidan agreed to move in with one another. Alice and Quil got engaged a few months later after he got permission from her father first. Alice's wedding was coming up soon. Luckily I had popped out my little bundle of joy in time to try and work off some of this weight so I could fit in the awful slinky dark blue maid of honor dress that Alice had already chosen for me.

Rose and Paul got married shortly after we did. They left for Paris for a few weeks. Jake had been in charge of running the clubs until Paul returned. Jake was so relieved when they finally came home. He was singing and whistling for an entire month when he left for work each day. We drove in together which was pleasant.

I finally got several more cooking lessons under my belt. Jake talked me into opening a small catering business where Leah was my partner. Together we made a good team. I cooked and she bossed everyone around accordingly.

Alice continues to work at the clubs. Paul was excited about some of her ideals. She also got to work with Quil who was now officially Black Gold's Manager.

Aidan and Jake finally got to run the business more efficiently and word got around that Jake was back to help with the work load. They are considering opening another shop a few towns away. I hoped that neither of them have ideals to transfer us there. Leah and I both agreed we were not moving. Leah and Aidan had bought their first home together recently and I am keeping my fingers crossed that I hear them announce an engagement soon.

Jake and I have only grown closer since the day I was in the accident that had taken Jayden's life. We had agreed that we both wanted to go to her service but we learn that her father just had her remains cremated due to the fire damage that had left her body so charred. We offered Jack a place in our family. We knew how guilty he had felt about his daughter's behavior toward us. He grew on all of us. He started helping Jake and Aidan at the shop on a part time basis.

I have to say that my life just couldn't seem to get any better. Now that we had a baby of our own, our daughter whom we decided to name after our mothers, Sara Renee, I really felt complete.

My life was definitely fulfilled in a way that I had never imagined it would be. I hadn't only been blessed with such a wonderful, doting, and loving husband but my friends had also found their true love with his friends. Together we knew there was nothing that could stop us.

All in all my life was at last at peace. No more secrets, lies, or betrayals. All I could ever want I had. All I ever needed I had. All I ever would wish for was already here.

I just wondered if Marque Black had intended for this outcome when he created the challenge. Did he know that both men would end up with the true inheritance that they deserved? Or did he create it just to screw with them both one more time? We would never know but I would always be grateful that he had come up with the stupid challenge. It had brought me here in this place in my life. It had given me the opportunity to love and be loved the way I always dream of.


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