Hii! I have decided to write something new, its been a while since I wrote and I feel like on the whole this probably sucks compared to my other fics but I am giving it a go. This idea was niggling at me after watching The Notebook and I really wanted to do something Notebook-ish involving Jack and Rose. Here is chapter one...it does get better. Let me know what ya think :)

Summer in Santa Monica - Chapter one.

April 1936

Upon reaching the large estate in Santa Monica which her father owned. Sixteen year old Rose Dewitt Bukater felt her stomach twist with excitement. Here they were again. Of course, she refused to show her excitement to her mother, who sat beside Rose in the family car, her face expressionless, her thin lips pressed together. The Dewitt Bukater's came to Santa Monica every summer for at least three months. Don Bukater owned a large real estate company and each April they would come here. The annual trip was something Rose looked forward to. Her mother Ruth would attend the social parties and polo matches while Rose spent quality time with her father. Don opened the door of his 1934 Crossley Silver and held his hand out to his young daughter. Rose climbed out of the vehicle, feeling the warm sun hit her face she placed her hand over her eyes shielding her face.

''Rose dear, do hurry inside. You know you burn terribly.'' Her mother came beside Rose as her father opened the boot. She sighed heavily and turned to walk through the large gates. The house which they owned was surrounded by palm trees and had a view of the blue ocean to the left. It was white in colour with a grey roof and a balcony which wrapped around the upstairs. Don struggled with their four suitcases as he climbed up the four porch steps. Ruth shook her head at her husband's idiocy and Rose wondered if her mother was embarrassed by him. She took in everything around her and the soft scent of flowers filled her nostrils. When her father had finally opened the door, she stepped inside the house before closing the door.

The downstairs had a kitchen, parlour, dining room, and study; the stairs were located straight in front of the door and the second floor had three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Taking in everything around her, Rose wandered into the parlour. It was very spacious. Almost everything was made of wood. She heard her father's shoes on the wooden floor and turned to see him smiling. He placed his hand on her shoulder. ''You glad to be back Rosie?'' He asked, his moustache tickling her cheek as he kissed her. She felt a sense of happiness fill her. ''Always daddy.'' Don smiled at his young daughter, knowing how happy been here made her. She took in the surroundings of the parlour, the high ceilings and dark oak wood. A large dining table sat to the right of the room, while a cream divan couch sat to the left in front of a large fireplace. ''I'm going to have a look in the cellar, see if I can find any wine.''

Rose's heels clacked on the wooden floor as she placed her purse on the large dining table and walked to the side doors which led out onto a small balcony overlooking the sea. The soft summer breeze blew her tendrils gently. The waft of sort summer flowers filled the air. The waves gently lapped onto the short of the pure white beach.

''I found some red.'' Her fathers voice came. Seconds later, he stood beside her on the balcony overlooking the sea with a glass of wine in his hand. The pier could be seen faintly and the screeching of the rollercoaster coming to a halt. Don draped his arm around Rose's shoulder and she leant against him feeling safe and content. She sighed a little and Don squeezed her. ''We'll go there tomorrow Rosie.'' He said in a low voice. Rose lifted her head from her fathers shoulder and their matching eyes met. She smiled a small smile.

''Really daddy?'' She beamed. ''What about mother?''

''Oh you know your mother, she'll be meeting the ladies for tea.'' He spoke in a mocking voice of his wife. ''She doesn't have to know.''

Rose leant back against her father and gazed out at the sea feeling her stomach turn with excitement. She loved it here, she felt so free and at ease. It was the one time she could defy her mother and Ruth wouldn't know about it.

''I want to see the rollercoaster again.''

''Oh don't worry you will.'' Don took a sip from his glass. ''But lets get inside for now, your mother doesn't like you in the sun for too long.''