Karin and Yuzu have secretly become Soulreapers since Ichigo lost his powers. Karin is murdered by a Hollow one night, and ends up in Soul Society. Yuzu is left in the world of the living to fight hollows alone, while Karin copes with her new life in Soul Society. Will they ever be reunited? No yuri, or incest.

- Chapter One -

Karin was in her Sophomore year of high school, and of course on the soccer team as captain. Her team had wiped the floor with Karakura high's rival team, and they were celebrating their victory at a restaurant down the street from her school.

It was around 10PM when they all went home. A team mate had offered to drive her home, but she had declined, liking the calm walk it would be back home. She waved good-bye to her team mates, and begun her walk home.

Taking her time, Karin walked home, enjoying the cool air and starry sky. The air was cool for the early autumn, leaves blew around in vibrant reds, yellows, and browns. The night was overall calm and utterly peaceful. Until she heard the sound that sent shivers down her neck.

She quickly turned to the direction it came from, suddenly wishing she'd brought her soccer ball with her. Before she knew it she was flying through the air, crashing into a nearby wooden fence.

Shakily, she stood, muttering curses. The hollow was skinny, like a lizard. Its back legs were long, indicating how it had landed a blow without her even seeing it. Its mask was like a vipers head, fangs and all.

It swung its whip-like tail, which Karin barely managed to dodge. Shit, she thought, I knew I should have brought my Gikon (Soul Candy) and now I'm no match for this one as a human! She just had to survive long enough for a Soul Reaper to come and kill it, and Yuzu was probably asleep by now.

Several more times its whip-like tail shot at her, and several more times she barely managed to evade it. It jumped at her, slicing the air with its claws. 'That was a close one, it almost got me.' Karin was panting now, the quick evasions and hitting the fence were beginning to take their toll on her.

She had to run. Her house was closest, but she couldn't go there. She wouldn't forgive herself if she let Yuzu, Ichigo or goat chin get hurt. No, she would run to Urahara's, she'd seen Soul Reapers there plenty of times.

Quickly Karin turned down a road away from her house and school. The Urahara Shouten was a ways away from where she was now, but she'd rather go the distance than be eaten by that hollow. She looked behind her for the hollow. It wasn't there.

She stopped, which she realized was stupid until it was too late. She felt a sharp pain through her chest and looked down. The hollows tail end was sticking out the front of her chest. Shit, I'm gonna die now... Well, at least Ichigo, Yuzu, and goat chin are safe. She opened her mouth, but instead of air, blood came out.

The hollow ripped its tail from her slim body, pulling her soul out as well. She screamed, the loudest, most painful scream in her lifetime. She flew through the air for several seconds before landing painfully on the sidewalk, cracking it.

It had injured her soul as well, so even if she was no longer in her body it made no difference. The hollow quickly grabbed her, squeezing her until she thought she might just pop. The next thing she knew she was falling, then encircled by a pair or strong warm arms and laid on the sidewalk. She looked up to see her savior. He was wearing the regular Soul Reaper uniform, except he wore white Haori with a kanji '9' on its back.

The hollow has howling in rage, black inky blood dripping from the stub where its right arm was once. In anger, it charged at them. The Soul Reaper disappeared and reappeared in front of the hollow, slicing his sword down the front of its mask. With a dying roar, the hollow evaporated into dust within seconds.

The Soulreaper turned back to where Karin lay on the sidewalk. He looked over at her mutilated corpse and sighed. He walked to her, sword still drawn and dripping of hollow blood. He would have appeared scary to anyone, but to Karin he just looked cool.

He stopped in front of Karin and lifted the hilt of his Zanpakuto in front of her forehead. Karin, realizing he was about to Konso her, slapped her hand to her forehead. She scowled, so much like Ichigo.

The Soul Reaper ended up hitting her hand instead. "Please remove your hand so I can let you pass on." he said. Karin looked at his face, he had three scars across his right cheek, a 69 tattoo across the left, and a blue tattoo across his nose.

Karin stood, stepping back a few steps. "No. I still have unfinished business." The Soul Reaper sighed, which only irritated Karin more. "Tch. When I want to be Konsoed I'll find a Soul Reaper then."

The Soul Reaper instantly snapped all attention to the soul. He could hardly believe she knew what he was, AND that he was about to Konso her. This both annoyed him and intrigued him. And most of all, the odd way she was dressed. If he hadn't known better he'd say she was dressed like a Soul Reaper.

Karin had went over to her corpse, "Yuzu's gonna cry herself to sleep for the next ten years." she mumbled sadly, hardly noticing him approaching after a few seconds.

Shuuhei pulled out his soul pager and paged the Soul Reapers in the area that he vanquished the hollow threat.

"All I have to do is take my body home and say goodbye. Then I can pass on." the Soulreaper nodded. Karin hoisted her body over her shoulders, thinking, I'm so cold... And I haven't even been dead ten minutes yet.

Karin started toward her house, but the Soul Reaper shook his head no. "You shouldn't take it directly to your house. Urahara would know what to do. Your family likely wouldn't want to see your corpse like that." Karin nodded, thinking somewhat along the same lines.

About twenty minutes later they were at Urahara's door. As Karin was about to knock, the door opened. Urahara stood, eyes widening at The sight in front of him. He quickly let them in, unlike what he usually does.

"Karin... I'm sorry." Urahara said. Karin looked at him quizzically.

"For what? Me dying? Its no ones fault but my own for being too weak to fight back." she replied indifferently. 'And forgetting my Gikon.' she added to herself.

Urahara smiled slightly, glad she had accepted her death. Not that he'd expect anything less from a Kurosaki.

"I'll take care of everything and tell Isshin and Ichigo what happened. They can tell Yuzu, though I'm sure she felt your Reishi disappear."

Karin nodded, wishing she could tell Yuzu goodbye, but knowing she couldn't since their secret side-lives would be discovered."Tell Yuzu I'll see her again, maybe not tomorrow, but in this lifetime for sure." Urahara nodded.

Hisagi, standing quietly near the door, drew his Zanpakuto.

Karin looked at him,"Before you konso me, can you tell me your name?" he hesitated, wondering whether he should tell a Soul his name or not.

"Shuuhei Hisagi, lieutenant of the 9th division and temporary captain." Karin nodded.

"I'm Karin Kurosaki, thanks for saving my ass, sorta. I'll be sure to remember you. Good-bye, everyone." a single tear slid down her cheek as he pressed the hilt of his Zanpakuto to her forehead. A bright, white light appeared with a Hell Butterfly, taking the soul of Karin Kurosaki with it to the Soul Society.