Yuzu's eyes flickered open and quickly shut as she was blinded by the harsh artificial light. Wait. Why was this situation so familiar?

The events of earlier swarmed back into her mind and she felt her stomach do somersaults.

She was kidnapped. By Hollows. And apparently, she fainted. But even then, she didn't remember if she fainted or if they had simply knocked her out.

One thing Yuzu was sure of, was that her head hurt. A lot.

Yuzu blinked her eyes several times before they adjusted and she sat up. A sharp pain shot through her skull, and instinctively her hand shot to it. her left temple was slightly swollen and... Why was it all sticky... ?

Drawing her hand away from her head, Yuzu was hesitant in looking, fearing the worst case scenario.

It was blood, so at least she had an idea of how she became unconsious. The floor must've been awfully hard. Ouch.

But back to her most important issue at hand: why did she faint in the first place?

Yuzu was so immersed in her thoughts that she hadn't noticed the very unwanted visitor who had let himself into her room. Not that it was likely he would listen, or even care, about his invasion of her personal space for that matter.

"Trash, eat." The green-eyed Espada commanded.

Yuzu, not expecting him to say anything, and especially not knowing he was even inside the room, gave a surprised 'eep' before flipping over the side of the board-flat bed onto the hard floor. Paper thin blankets and all.

She blinked a few times, processing what had just happened. She narrowed her eyes in an attempt to glare, but it looked more like a child about to pitch a fit.

"Y-you could at least knock before entering!" Ulquiorra narrowed his eyes.

"You are in no position to make requests. Eat, or I will force you to." the tall Espada strode to the dresser and put the tray of fruits and vegetables down, before exiting then closing the door behind him.

Crossing her arms over her chest, Yuzu gave an angered huff.

"Like hell I'll eat-" her stomach growled loudly, and Yuzu felt the full brunt of her hunger. She hadn't eaten anything since breakfast, and who knew how long ago that'd been.

Still, she would stake it out until the hunger pains became unbearable. She would ignore how juicy and crunchy the bright red apple looked, or how filling the banana would be, or how much she liked carrots...

Gah, how dare that jerk just leave all that food there! He had made it so difficult to go on a hunger strike, leaving such delicious looking food there..

Damn him to the hells and beyond!

Yuzu plopped down onto the rock-hard mattress and instantly regretted it as she was sure she had bruised her butt.

"Gaaah! That pompous jerk!" she ignored the pain in her behind, standing back up and retrieving the tray from the dresser.

Grabbing an apple, she stared at it, wondering if the Hollows had drugged or poisoned it. Yuzu let out an exasperated sigh, and bit into the apple...

Which was actually pretty good...

Wait. What was she thinking! What was wrong with her? Perhaps, she thought, the hollows had put something in it; something to make her think the food wasn't as disgusting as it really was...!

Yuzu was probably going to die soon anyways, so why not make use of what's given to her; make the best of her situation.

Yuzu bit into the apple once more, slowly enjoying its juicy flavor.

"It is about time you consumed your nourishment." an icy voice sounded from behind her.

This time, the youngest Kurosaki didn't even twitch. She didn't even pay attention to the tall Espada who stood in the doorway. She just continued to eat; polishing off the rest of her apple, several grapes and a banana before the Espada made his presence known once more.

"Come, trash, our master awaits your presence." he turned around in the doorway, waiting for her to follow. When she didn't he glanced back at her.

"Is your hearing faulty? Come." Yuzu didn't budge, except to place the tray down and walk over to the bed before sitting down. A smirk adorned her face.

"I heard you just fine, you lowly hollow. I just don't want to go."

Narrowing his eyes, Ulquiorra replied, "You will do as I say. Now come."

"Ha, and what if I don't? What's the worst you can do? Kill me-" her sentence was cut short as she was lifted into the air, faster than she could see, and moving out the door.

"Damnit, Hollow! Unhand me! I-I'll press charges if you don't! I'll scream!" she ranted from atop hos shoulder, punching his back as hard as she could all throughout her ranting. It didn't even faze him when she channeled spiritual energy into her fists.

"Do as you wish. These halls are empty aside from the servants who clean them."

Realizing her thrashing was futile and simply a waste of energy, she ceased her thrashing and for the rest of the way settled for muttering curses about her 'care taker' under her breath.

Opening her eyes she realized with a shock she had fallen asleep. How many times has she been unconscious in this place now?

It didn't really matter how many times she had fainted or had been knocked out. But this time was different as she had been comfortable enough to fall asleep on stupid Hollow's shoulder for Kami's sake! Even if it was likely for only a few minutes or even seconds...

She was snapped out of her thoughts as she heard a door open and was hit with a tidal wave of immensely strong spiritual energies. Lucky for her, Urahara and Yoruichi-sensei had trained her well, and standing up to powerful spiritual energies wasn't much of a challenge.

Her 'ride' walked through the door and dropped her on the ground without making a single sound.

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