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The light from the early morning sun shone through the clear roof panels, waking me from my blissful sleep - well hardly blissful really, laying on hay was damn uncomfortable. I could feel a heavy arm resting gently across my hip. Unable to keep the smile from my face, I turned to see Jacob awake and looking directly at me.

"Good morning, beautiful." He whispered as his eyes scanned my face.

"Good morning, handsome." I giggled in return.

He softly pulled me towards him, but I resisted and squirmed a little, suddenly aware that I most likely looked dreadful with smudged makeup and ratty hair.

"Hey, come here... you can't get away from me that easily you know!" he gently tugged me again.

"Jake, I have morning breath and look awful!" I mumbled, as I covered my mouth with my hand.

Jacob chuckled and took my hand away from my face.

"Do you know, the best thing for morning breath, other than brushing your teeth...?" he asked with a raised eyebrow, "...just kissing it out, my morning breath mixed with your's, they'd just cancel each other out." He said smiling sexily, but I couldn't help wrinkling my nose a little and letting out a small giggle.

"Unless you're having second thoughts about things?" He bit his lip as a worried frown crossed his brow.

I wriggled a little closer to him, and ran my hand along his jaw, relishing the scratchy feel of his morning scruff.

"No second thoughts from me..." I whispered.

"Me neither." he replied, as he caught my hand in his, and brushed his lips against my palm.

"So kissing it out, huh?" I asked, rubbing my body against his.

"Oh, yeah!" he replied grinning, then gently taking my face in his hands, he captured my lips with his.

I melted into his sensual warmth, not quite able to believe that Jacob and I were here together, like this.

Jacob groaned softly and gently pulled away, then rested his forehead to mine.

"You know I could spend the whole day just kissing and touching you, honey, but we need to get moving. Jasper will be here soon to feed the horses, not to mention what Charlie would do if he finds out we spent the night together in here."

I couldn't resist stroking my hand against his cheek again and feeling his unshaven skin against my fingers. I just couldn't seem to keep my hands off him.

"Mmm, I guess you're right, and I really need to check on Ang." I said, suddenly remembering that my best friend was supposed to have been staying with me last night. "I can't believe she stayed with Quil and Embry!" I shook my head, as Jacob threw back the blankets and made a move to stand.

"Oh my god..." I let out an embarrassing groan as I watched Jacob stand in front of me and reach down to pick up one of the blankets.

I couldn't help but stare as he quickly folded one, and then bent to pick-up and fold the other.

I saw him in his underwear last night, in the lamp light, but my god, seeing him now in the natural light of a new day set my pulse racing, and I felt that familiar throb between my legs.

He reached down to pull on his jeans and my eyes drank in every ounce of the tan skin in front of me.

Jacob looked at me while he buttoned up his jeans, and gave me a cocky grin.

"Enjoying the view, Bells?" he said winking at me.

My face flushed at being caught opening ogling him, but I couldn't hold back my admiration.

"Oh absolutely. It's the best thing I've ever seen."

"Is that so? Well, honey, it's just as well it all belongs to you. If you want it?"

I bit my lip and couldn't stop myself from grinning madly. "Without question, Jake, I most definitely want it. I want you."

Jacob laughed and held out his hand to help me up.

"Well, you'll have to wait to have me," Jake pulled me into him and nuzzled my neck, "'because If we don't move our asses pretty soon, there might not be much left of me to have. Your dad has a shotgun, remember?"

"Don't be silly. He'd wouldn't." I said as I wrapped my arms around his waist and nuzzled into his chest.

"Yeah, probably not, but although it'd be totally worth it, I don't really want to take the risk today. So get your sexy ass dressed."

Jacob gave me a quick peck on the lips as I peered up at him. He unwrapped my arms from his waist and swatted my butt as he bent down to pick up my dress.

"Ow" It didn't hurt at all, but I couldn't help letting out a little dramatic squeal. "What was that for?"

"Sorry honey! It was just there and I had the urge to either spank it or bite it... my hand was quicker." He winked again, grinning madly at me.

"Mmm, I didn't know you were kinky, Jacob Black!" I gasped in fake shock.

"Oh, honey, you ain't seen nothing yet!"

A sudden shiver ran through me leaving a tingling sensation all over. I certainly looked forward to having some more time alone with Jacob, and couldn't help wondering what else we'd get up to.

Once dressed, we made our way quietly towards the house in a tangle of arms and giggles. We just couldn't stop touching each other, and Jacob kept kissing my cheek, my ear, my neck, my shoulders, in fact any available piece of skin that was uncovered.

As we reached the steps to the porch Jacob grabbed me and pulled me to him whispering. "God I want you so bad, Bells. We need to go on that date, at least then I'll know I did things properly."

"Jake, date or no date, I know you're just wonderful, and amazing and always do things properly." I gushed, gazing up at him.

"I mean it, Bells. I care too damn much about you to fuck this up. Jeez, I've waited long enough... and I don't want to ruin anything. You're my best friend honey, and that will always be my top priority, regardless of what else happens between us."

"What do you mean, you waited long enough?" I asked, curious.

"Never mind for now. I'll explain when we go on our date. I'm going into Port Angeles with the guys, to look at cars and a couple of scrap yards later today... but how about we go out tomorrow evening. We could grab a bite to eat and maybe take a walk along the beach... get to know each other a bit better." He smiled and kissed my forehead again.

I couldn't help laughing, "Jake, I think we know each pretty well. We grew up together, remember."

"Yeah, honey, I know. But I was thinking we could get to know each other even better!" He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively.

I could feel the heat invade my cheeks as I remembered what we had done last night. I guess I had certainly got to know Jacob a bit better in the barn, and I was honestly looking forward to a lot more.

"Anyway, you better get in before your dad wakes up and finds us out here together." Jacob inclined his head towards the front door.

"Yeah, I guess you're right... So tomorrow evening then?" I asked, entwining my fingers in his big strong hands.

"Yep, I'll text you later with the time." He brought my fingers to his mouth and ran his lips across my knuckles. "I just hope I can last that long without seeing or touching you." He whispered huskily against my ear.

Another shiver ran through my body as I tried to give a coherent response. "I'm sure you'll manage, Jake. You have before."

"Mmhm... but that was before... Now I know how good it feels and can't get enough." He mumbled as he kissed my ear and then moved to nibble on my neck, which of course was causing all sorts of sensations, in all parts of my body.

"Oh god, Jake... My dad, remember...?" I replied breathlessly and tried to search his mouth out with mine.

"Mmm... Yeah. I'm going... right..." He grabbed my ass possessively and pulled me tight against his body. I could feel the hard bulge in his jeans as he kissed me passionately, then he suddenly broke away. "Now..."

Backing away from me, he ran his hand through his hair and smirked sexily. My legs were like jelly, and I'm certain he knew that I was having trouble standing.

"Jacob Black, you are a tease!" I hissed at him.

"Ah, honey, there's plenty more where that came from... I just wanted to give you a little taster!" He winked and turned to walk down the drive. "I'll text you later, Bells." He called quietly over his shoulder.

I stood and watched him - although my eyes kept wandering to his backside - as he walked to the end of the drive. Then I quietly slipped into the house and up to my room.

Checking the clock beside my bed I saw that it was still early, 5:30am, so I quickly shrugged out of my dress and underwear and pulled on an old t-shirt and climbed into bed. I could still get a couple of hours sleep, I thought as I let my head sink into my soft pillow, relishing the comfort. Last night had been wonderful, but now I was relaxed in my own bed, it only made me realise how uncomfortable I had been sleeping in the barn. Then my mind began to wander and I couldn't help thinking how nice it would be to curl up with Jacob in a real bed. Hell, it would be great to do a whole lot of things with Jacob in a real bed! I could feel the heat in my cheeks and giggled to myself, as I pulled the covers over my head and pictured Jacob in his underwear... amongst other things...