Kate was flummoxed. Harvey had been gone all morning. Kate stood and began pacing the room again. Last night had been their first time together, and while Kate had thought it great, she was afraid Harvey had not. This morning she had woken not to Harvey, but to a note:

My Dearest Kate,

Thank you very much for last night. I would have loved to be there when you woke, but unfortunately I had to go down to the store. I'll be back by lunch.


He's such a dear man, thought Kate. She moved to the stove, putting the water on and feeling a mug with hot cocoa powder. Just as the kettle whistled, Harvey came bounding through the door.

"Kate! I'm back!" He shouted.

"In the kitchen!" She shouted back. Harvey walked in as she was pouring the water. He kissed her shoulder and wrapped his arms around her waist. Kate laughed. She twisted in his arms and kissed him, saying,

"Where've you been all day?" Harvey smiled mischievously and said,

"Close your eyes and I'll show you." Kate closed her eyes, and the next thing she knew she was being blindfolded. She attempted to lift it, but Harvey stopped her hands. She sighed, but let her hands all to her side. Harvey led her out the door and down the steps to a waiting car.

"Where are we going?" Kate said.

"You'll find out soon enough. Driver, could you take us here?" Kate heard Harvey pull out a slip of paper. Soon the taxi was pulling away. Kate sighed. Harvey took her hand in his and squeezed it. She squeezed back. Kate was sure Harvey was smiling. Leaning her head on his shoulder, Kate smiled. Harvey kissed the top of her head and commented,

"You're certainly snuggly today." Kate hummed her agreement and said dreamily,

"Shut up, Harvey." Harvey laughed just as the cab pulled over. Kate could hear the sounds of children laughing, people talking, and though it all seemed dreadfully familiar, she couldn't quite place it. Harvey paid the driver and led Kate out of the car. Taking her arm in his, he led her along a walk. They seemed to go for a while before he had her sit down. There was a scraping as Harvey pulled a chair up next to her.

"Go ahead, then." He said. Kate whipped off the blindfold to find herself facing the fountains. Children sat on the streams of water, and people rushed back and forth. She looked over to Harvey to find a huge grin on his face. He whispered,

"Do you remember this place?" The clock tower began to sound noon. Kate nodded,

"Of course. The fountains at noon." Harvey nodded. He pulled out a small velvet box. Kate gasped, already guessing what it held.

"Oh Harvey, I don't know if that's a good idea. I mean, I'm cruel and cantankerous and-" Kate was speechless when Harvey opened it to reveal a ring. A silver band with a large sapphire in the middle, flanked by two smaller diamonds lay nestled in the velvet.

"Kate Walker. Cantankerous Kate Walker. Will you marry me?" Kate flushed a deep red, and Harvey smiled. She gulped and said,

"Crazy Harvey Shine. Yes, I will marry you; I will be your wife." Harvey grinned at her and they kissed. Kate felt the butterflies in her stomach, but they were the good butterflies. The kind she would get on her wedding day.

(A/N: Love to whoever can tell me where the 'I will marry you; I will be your wife.' line is from!)