I can see this world is full with plenty of fakes.

Ti me that is just a shame. I am not complaining I am just speaking the truth.

I live with my granddad and that man loves to use his belt on me when I do something stupid.

I have an older brother named Huey and I have to tell you he is always talking about something that is political. I might as call him the newest Martian Luther King that uses violence.

I go around calling people homosexual. The thing that really irks me is that I see fake rappers claiming their good. Yet they still are in their early thirties and are not even sighed to a label. All that they do is front and that is sad. Call me Ice Cube and trust me none of them are the Mack.

As each day goes on I see the world differently and I know the world just has to change. I can no longer be that kid in the streets and act like I am really hard.

I finally know that I will be hard if I act like myself and nobody else. I know that half of you don't believe me but I am not doing this for you. I don't care what you think about me, and the clothes don't make the man. The man makes the man and I am still a young and talented boy.

God created me for a specific reason and I know this isn't what he wants for me to be doing. I made a promise to my parents that I would make them proud take each day with courage and pride. I don't need your approval to be a success in life. I only need me and trust that everybody that I see is my enemy. The only guy I call me friend if Huey and at the same time he also my rival.

If you are against my change then you are against my grind and that is your problem and never will be mine. In the end of the day I know who I am and I hope you know who exactly who you are. In this world you get one life so use this on to your advantage till your clock runs out and you are dead.