"It's me… I'm Melody. I'm your daughter." River said quietly.

Rory and Amy stared at her in complete shock. It was obvious that they didn't know whether to believe her or not. The atmosphere was too much for Evie and she stepped towards her mother, whose gaze was still fixed on her parents.

"I'll take Vastra and Jenny home." She offered, not waiting for her mother's nod of agreement before shuffling over to the Silurian and her companion and glancing at their clothing. "Grab hold of me… Victorian London right?"

"Here…" Jenny leant over and typed the coordinates into Evie's Vortex Manipulator as Madam Vastra got a firm grip on the young woman's waist. Jenny raised an eyebrow at the lizard-like woman. "That's enough!"

Confused, Evie let the comment wash over her, pressing a button on the device on her wrist and feeling the familiar swirling feeling as they rushed through the Vortex. She breathed deeply as they landed with a bump in a lavishly decorated parlour. Impressed, the girl glanced around, taking in the décor with appreciation and giving a low whistle.

"Nice…" She murmured. Vastra and Jenny smiled at her.

"You make it sound as though you've never been here before!" Vastra said in amusement.

Evie frowned at her. "I haven't."

"Oh… have we not met before now then?" The Silurian asked, tilting her head slightly to one side as she studied the girl. Evie nodded.

"Yes, once. In London in 2023; you both needed our help with something… I'm not telling you anything else about it. I was only about fifteen at the time." Evie said.

"I look forward to that, then." Vastra said, nodding. "We've met you quite a few times more than you've met us, apparently."

"Don't tell me anything!" Evie warned her, raising her hands to her ears.

The Silurian smiled. "I wouldn't dream of it."

Jenny grinned too and hugged the girl, taking her slightly by surprise. Obviously the pair of them knew her much better than she knew them. Once her initial surprise had passed, Evie hugged the woman back.

"I'd better go… maybe time it so a little more time has passed before I re-join them." She said cheerfully, once she'd hugged Madam Vastra as well, tapping at her Vortex Manipulator.

"Good luck." Jenny wished her, nodding. Evie grinned and dematerialised, heading back to Demon's Run. She'd set the device for half an hour later, deciding that that was long enough for the initial shock to have been overcome, but not so long that they'd have already left.


Her grandparents seemed to have taken the news far better than Evie would ever have expected. She returned to find the trio sitting on a mixture of crates and other makeshift seats, talking calmly and quietly. Almost unwilling to break the moment, the girl waited until she was noticed before joining them.

"Evie!" River called, waving her over, a bright smile on her face.

The girl walked slowly towards them, perching on the rectangular crate beside her mother and smiling nervously at the other two. After glancing briefly at her, Rory's gaze had flipped back to his grown-up daughter, but Amy was looking at her with wide eyes. When River slipped an arm around her daughter, pulling her close, the red-head looked as though she was about to faint.

"Evie… oh my god… but you… you're…" She said, unable to string a coherent sentence together. Smiling awkwardly, the brunette glanced at her mother for reassurance. River nodded at her, signalling that everything was alright.

"Hi…" She said quietly. Amy pressed her hands over her mouth, tears escaping from her eyes once more as she stared at the young woman, only a few years younger than she was.

"Rory…" Amy started, trying to find the words that she needed to explain why she was reacting so strangely to Evie. "This is… she… River is… River?"

"Evie's my daughter." River told her father gently, understanding the imploring look that her mother was shooting her. "She's your granddaughter."

The young man spluttered, muttering indistinctly. There were a few minutes of silence where Evie stared at her hands which were clasped in her lap and wondered what the others were thinking. Finding out that they had a grown-up daughter on the same day as their new-born daughter had been cruelly snatched away from them was one thing, but discovering that that daughter had a daughter of her own, one that was almost the same age as you, must have almost blown their minds.

Glancing up nervously, Evie saw that Rory was on his feet. Hesitantly he held out a hand, which the girl took, allowing him to pull her to her feet and into a tight hug. Evie smiled, closing her eyes and burying her head into his chest. It wasn't particularly comfortable as he was still wearing the centurion outfit, but she didn't care. Her grandfather stroked her hair gently. When they broke apart, the brunette found herself being pulled into Amy's arms as well.

"This is so… weird!" Rory exclaimed, ruffling his hair and shaking his head.

River laughed happily. "Did you really expect anything less, travelling with the Doctor? We don't get anything normal."

"How long have you known…?" Amy asked Evie slowly. She still had her arm around the younger woman as she slumped down onto her seat, forcing Evie to sit beside her. Not that the brunette was complaining. Having everything out in the open was such a relief.

"For ever. I spent so much time with you when I was a kid. I saw the older version of you not that long ago… just after my birthday. The older version of the Doctor took us to that health spa on Midnight as a treat. And d'you remember that doll's house you saw in my room on the TARDIS?" She asked and Amy nodded, thinking back. "Gramps made that for me when I was really little. That's why the doll looked like you… it was you; a doll version, obviously."

Rory made another spluttering noise. "I make doll's houses?"

Evie giggled, amused that out of everything that she'd just told them that was what he was focusing on. River laughed as well. Then Amy joined in, realising that, although the situation was just so strange, it felt right. Finally Rory started to laugh. In minutes the four of them were all laughing, almost hysterically, for no particular reason. The atmosphere was so happy that none of them wanted to break the spell.

But the spell was broken; broken by a familiar whirring sound. The TARDIS materialised slowly. They stopped laughing, still smiling, and watched as the doors opened and the Doctor leapt out. He stared at them warily for a moment, as though wondering what kind of scene he was going to be greeted with. Realising that four happy faces were looking back at him, he leapt out and made his way over quickly.

"Ah! The Ponds." He said excitedly. "Everything sorted out?"

They nodded and he moved to sit down beside River. Evie immediately spotted that he was sitting far closer than he needed to be and raised an eyebrow at her grandmother. Amy struggled to hide her smirk, causing her lips to twitch as she watched the pair. The younger woman wondered whether it would always be like this with the young version of her grandmother; much more like friends than anything else.

"We should go on holiday." The Doctor suggested.

"Umm… aren't we forgetting something?" Rory pointed out, glancing between the females in his family. "River might be here, but where's the baby? Where's Melody?"

Amy's face fell as she realised that, in the shock of finding out that River was her daughter and everything that had followed, she'd forgotten all about baby Melody. Evie gripped her hand tightly, signalling that it would be alright. River smiled reassuringly.

"Melody is fine. She's completely safe and happy." The Doctor promised. "You'll see her again soon. But for now… holiday?"

"Doctor!" River complained, sensing that perhaps now wasn't the best time for him to get into one of his stubborn moods. "I don't really think –"

"Come on, it'll be fun!" He pressed, beaming round at them all. None of them looked particularly thrilled by the idea. The mention of baby Melody, even though the Doctor had assured them that she was perfectly safe, had dampened all of their spirits somewhat.

"Just leave it." The woman hissed, shaking her head firmly and glancing at her parents who were looking sad again.

"But… it'll take your minds off everything! I think it's a bri–"

"Is it any wonder Evie's so stubborn! Like father like daughter!" River snapped at him, glaring ferociously. Then she stopped, shooting Evie a wide-eyed look and pulled a face as she realised that she'd let the truth slip so easily. She had struggled to keep the truth hidden from her daughter for twenty years, on the Doctor's orders, and she'd just blurted it out.

"What?" The girl demanded, leaning forward and staring blankly at her mother who was covering her mouth with her hand. Allowing her gaze to flicker towards the Doctor, Evie saw that he was staring at River as well, his mouth hanging open shock; evidently he hadn't known the truth either. Although it was something she'd always suspected, finding out for certain nearly knocked the breath out of her.

No one spoke for a couple of seconds. Then Rory stood up, his gaze fixed on the Doctor and his eyebrows furrowed angrily. "You got my daughter pregnant?" He demanded.

The Doctor gulped.


That's it.

The End.

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