Kaith: Hey there everyone! Kaith here with an attempt at a Pokémon fanfiction. Just so you know, this is based on the Pokémon Adventures Japanese Manga. So the characters are named after their respective games. For example: First Gen Male=Red, First Gen Rival=Green, Female from Firered/Leafgreen=Blue, Original Character (From the Manga) =Yellow

The reason I put emphasis on Japanese is because the American version is lame and switched the names of Green and Blue, to becuase they thought Green was too girly of a name. Really? Anyways, ignore my little rant and read on, enjoy, and review! Also, the Pokémon are able to use more than four moves in the manga.

Chapter 1: The Boy Named Red

A young girl was searching her room frantically. She wore a private school outfit; a plaid skirt and a white blouse with a silver ribbon tied around her neck. Her blond hair hung loosely around her head.

"Yellow! Hurry up! You're going to be late for school!" Wilton called.

"I need just another minute, Uncle!" Yellow called back from her room. She scanned over her room searching for the items she still needed: her scrunchie, her DS Lite, and her history textbook. Yellow dug through her desk drawers until the scrunchie was finally found in the back corner of one of the drawers. She pulled her long hair back and put the scrunchie in place. Her textbook was found under the bed.

"You need to get going now!"

Yellow sighed and gave up the search for her DS Lite. "I'm coming." Throwing her bag over her shoulder, Yellow ran down the steps. Her fisherman uncle was impatiently tapping his foot by the door. "Sorry Uncle Wilton." Yellow apologized after they stepped outside. "I couldn't find a few things."

"Did you find everything then?" Wilton locked the door.

"Yeah." Yellow lied.

"Okay then, have fun at school then." Wilton walked the opposite direction of Yellow, heading for his fisherman job at the pier. Yellow sighed and turned away from her uncle, headed for her middle school. We've been growing farther apart lately. Yellow thought. I wonder why.

Yellow was about to turn the final block before her school when a familiar voice called out to her from behind.

"Yellow!" The blond turned and saw her best friend, Blue, running towards her. Blue wore her usual dark blue earrings and was dressed in the same school uniform, only she had the top few buttons undone.

"Blue, the teachers are going to yell at you again." Yellow scolded her friend.

"Yeah, yeah, never mind that. You forgot this," Blue pulled a white DS Lite out of her backpack, "At my house last night."

Yellow practically squealed. "I thought I lost it!"

"Now you must be my slave for eternity!" Blue yelled when Yellow took it back.

Yellow frowned and gave her friend, 'that look' while she put the DS into her backpack. "Don't you have Silver for that?"

"Well he's more of my partner in crime but…yeah." Blue stuck out her tongue and smiled.

Down the street, the late bell for Viridian Middle School went off. "Oh shoot!" Blue said. "Let's go Yellow!" Blue grabbed her friend's hand and pulled Yellow along the street to school.

"Blah, blah, blah." Those were the only words that reached Yellow and Blue's ears as they sat in history class. Like almost every other student, their books were set upright on the desk hiding various gadgets of fun. In the case of these two friends, it was their Pokémon games. They were sitting in the union room, chatting about random things: how boring the teacher was, what was the answers to yesterday's math homework, help with a certain gym.

The door opened, which must have been a rare occurrence because the head of every student looked up, and a short woman with red hair tied up in a bun, the school principal, waddled into the room.

"Excuse me." The principal said in a high-pitched voice. "But the new transfer students are here."

"Very well." The teacher said in the same drab voice as usual.

Principal Redbun turned to the open doorway. "Enter." Two boys walked into the room. The first had sand brown hair and a bored expression on his face; there was a pendant hanging from his neck and his hands were placed in his pockets. The second boy had black hair and a red baseball cap. His hands were behind his head and he was scanning the classroom. They both wore the school uniform, white pants and shirt with a dark green tux top. The boy in the baseball cap stopped and gazed at Yellow, only then did she realize that she was staring back and buried her head back into her hidden game. Almost immediately, Blue sent a message: You see something you like? =P

Yellow blushed and closed her game, choosing to stare out the window instead.

"These two have come from Pallet town." The principal said. "Green." The boy with the pendant stepped up, "Sup." He said.

"And Red." Yellow chanced a look at the new boy Red. He was still staring at her; Yellow blushed even harder.

"Red," The principal said, "Say hello, and hats are not to be worn during school."

Red took off his hat, unleashing his wild bedhead, and stepped next to Green. "Hey guys, hope we can be great friends." He smiled.

"Now then, I'll leave their seating to you." The principal said to the teacher. She started to waddle out of the room when she passed Blue's desk. "I'll take that." The principal said, noticing Blue's DS. Blue sighed and handed it over the principal. "You can get this back from my office after school."

"Alright then." The teacher spoke up once the principal left, "Green, you can take that empty desk in the middle and Red can take the one behind Yellow. Yellow is the girl with the blond ponytail. And make sure to grab history books from the back of the room. We're on page 298."

Yellow pretended to be interested in her book as Red passed, careful not to look up. She heard Red sit in his new desk and set up his book like every other student in the room.

After listening to the teacher drab on about France getting their butt kicked, again, Yellow decided it was time to tackle the gym Blue was giving her advice on earlier, so she opened her DS again. She was about to exit the Union Room when another person warped into the room. The bottom screen read: Red has entered the Union Room

Yellow looked behind her at Red. Red looked up and winked at her, as if there was a secret that had just been passed between them.

Yellow looked back down at her screen and saw there was a message from Red: Wanna battle 'Inside'?

A small box appeared on the bottom screen with two options: Yes or No? Yellow looked up at the teacher and decided there wouldn't be anything they would miss. Yellow touched the 'Yes' box, and a flash of white became her world.

The white light lasted for only a few seconds, and now Yellow stood in a small white room; the only type of decoration was a computer screen, built into the wall.

Her clothes had changed; instead of her boring uniform her clothes had been replaced by a straw hat (which hid her pony tail), a black turtleneck, dark blue jeans, and light purple boots. A yellow sort of dress was pulled over the top; it was tighter fitting and cut down the thighs. Around her waist was a belt holding three red and white balls.

The boy named Red also had a fashion makeover. His red hat had returned, now with the bill of the hat pointed backwards. He was wearing a black tee-shirt and a red and white jacket. His hands had fingerless black gloves and he wore blue jeans and white tennis shoes; a belt also wrapped its way around his waist with six of the red and white balls.

Red walked over to the screen and then turned towards Yellow, "What type of field do you want?"

"Um, Forest." Yellow replied.

Red turned back to the screen, pressing it a few times. The room glowed and faded away. In its place, a lush forest now surrounded them. The wind ruffled the leaves of the trees, the dappled light changing with the forest. Undergrowth surrounded them, leaving them with only a few feet of clear ground.

"Okay, what type of battle?"

"Three-on-three. First one to faint their opponents Pokémon loses."

Red smiled. "Sounds good." He picked on of the balls off of his waist, spinning it with skill on his pointer finger. "Ready?"

Yellow picked her first Pokémon. "Yeah."

"Okay then." Red threw the ball. "Go Poli!" A Poliwrath appeared on the field, flexing his muscles.

Yellow sent out hers. "You can do it, Peesk!" Yellow's first Pokémon was Butterfree. Shimmering dust flew around the Butterfree, showing off its beauty.

Red was first to attack. "Poli, use Ice Beam!" Poli put his fists together and a frozen spear flew at Peesk.

"Peesk, fly up!" Yellow ordered. Peesk beat his wings quickly, dodging the frozen spear with ease. "String shot!" The white thread wrapped around Poli, binding him on the spot.

"Strength!" The veins on Poli's arms popped and he burst the string.

"Peesk, Poison Powder!" Peesk flapped his wings and a purple haze filled the field. It grew thicker and eventually enveloped Poli. In seconds Red and Poli couldn't see anymore.

The haze moved quickly, "Quick, back off Poli!" Red ordered. Red and Poli jumped back, hiding themselves behind some nearby trees. The haze cleared but Yellow and Peesk were nowhere to be seen. Where'd they go?

"Confusion!" Red looked up, his opponents were above him, standing in the tree's branches. Poli was covered in a violet light and his eyes became swirled.

Red weighed his options, and then held up Poli's Pokéball. "Return!" Red replaced the ball and tried to decide who was next. "You're better than I thought."

Yellow smiled, embarrassed from the complement. She dropped from the tree with Peesk easily, the movement very natural to her. "T-thanks. But you shouldn't underestimate your opponents you know."

Red held up his next Pokémon, "I'll keep that in mind. Go Pika!" Pikachu was next, electricity crackling from his red cheeks.

Yellow got the first move this time, "String Shot!"

"That's not gonna work twice! Pika, Agility!" Pika disappeared, the flying string wrapping around a tree instead. "Now use Quick Attack!" Pika appeared on the tree behind Peesk, and shot into Peesk's back. Peesk fell to the ground, knocked out.

"Return!" Yellow called her Butterfree back. "You did a good job," She whispered to the ball, her Peesk visible through the top of the ball. "You may not have gotten a knock out but you did manage to get Poli poisoned. Now rest up."

Red noticed the ball seemed to glow momentarily in Yellow's hands, but before he could ask, Yellow had her next Pokémon ready. "Go for it, Ratty!"

Raticate twitched its whiskers then snarled at Pika. "Quick Attack!" Yellow called out. Ratty shot off, aimed for Pika.

"Dodge!" Pika used his speed gained from Agility to easily dodge it. Pika landed back in the small beginning clearing.

"Super Fang!" Pika whirled around, Ratty only inches behind him. Ratty's attack connected, his powerful jaw clenched around Pika's small body.

Pika cried out, desperate to free himself; Red thought quickly. Super Fang had cut Pika's energy in half. How did that Ratty manage to get behind Pika? Red thought.

Red and Yellow yelled the next order simultaneously.


"Hyper Fang!"

Electricity flew from Pika's red cheeks at the exact moment Ratty clenched his jaw again. Pika fell to the ground, knocked out, and Ratty was freshly toasted, standing on his last tiny legs.

"Pika, return!" Red looked at his companion through the ball. "Good job buddy." Red took a look at Yellow's Ratty one more time. Poli's left with little health because of the Confusion, not to mention he also got poisoned, but the confusion wore off when I called him back. He should be able to handle her Ratty before the Poison takes him.

Red pulled Poli's ball out and sent the Poliwrath out. "Hang in there a little longer, okay?" Poli gave his master a thumbs-up, although Red could tell the poison was taking a heavy toll.

"Ratty, Quick Attack!" Ratty charged at Poli, who narrowly avoided it. Red watched Ratty closer this time; making sure to keep tabs on where he moved. Ratty landed on the tree behind Poli, gripping it with his claws, and pushed off. He bounced off three other trees which put him on a tree to Poli's right. Ratty shoved off and nailed Poli in the side, knocking the water Pokémon into another tree. "Again!" Yellow ordered.

So he's using the trees as springboards to move around. Red looked at Yellow who was concentrated on the battle. That's an impressive strategy, but it won't work again. "Poli, use Mind Reader then Double Team!"

Ratty attacked Poli again but Poli split into several copies; the one that Ratty hit disappeared. "Now use Focus Punch!" The Poli clones all wound up, getting ready to strike.

"Spin and use Tail Whip!" Yellow called out. Ratty did as told, hitting half of the clones and causing them to disappear. The rest disappeared leaving one behind. Poli's fist connected to Ratty's side and sent the rat Pokémon into the undergrowth. Poli's chest heaved and his legs wobbled before giving way. Poli collapsed on the ground, knocked out by the poison Peesk had inflicted earlier. Ratty crawled out of the undergrowth, and also collapsed, knocked out by Poli's last attack.

Both trainers called their Pokémon back. "This is way more fun than history class." Yellow said, holding Ratty's Pokéball in her hands, whispering words on encouragement to the fallen Pokémon.

"Yeah." Red agreed, noticing the glow from Yellow's Pokéball again. "So it all comes down to our last Pokémon."

Yellow smiled, "Yep. Let the best girl win."

Red laughed and sent out his last Pokémon. "Let's win this Saur!" Venusaur stood in the middle of the small clearing, his large body taking up the entire area.

"Let's do it, Dodosk!" Yellow yelled, sending out her Dodrio; it's three heads squabbling amongst themselves.

"Saur, use Leach Seed!" Saur's flower shook and shot out several seeds at Dodosk, vines already sprouting from the seeds.

"Use Agility to dodge!" Dodosk's legs went into third gear as he raced out of range, Saur's Leech Seed hitting several trees instead. "Now use Peck!" Dodosk raced towards Saur, jabbed it with each of its beaks, and pulled back out of range from the Vine Whip that Red had just ordered.

"Sweet Scent!" Saur's flower gave a giant heave and a pink haze drifted through the forest. Yellow covered her mouth and nose with her sleeve to prevent from being dazed by the smell. It was too late for Dodosk however; the bird slowed down and each head gave a collective sigh of peace.

"Saur, finish this with Razor Leaf!" Leaves flew from Saur, hitting Dodosk multiple times and slicing the trees to pieces. Dodosk fell to the ground, knocked out.

"Dodosk, return." Yellow said, still sounding as peppy as she did only moments earlier. "Great job." Red took notice as the ball glowed. "All of you did a great job." She said, letting her Pokémon out again. Red was astonished that all of them were healed completely.

"Great battle." Red walked over to Yellow and studied her Pokémon. "Your one of those Viridian Forest trainers, aren't you?"

Yellow nodded. "Blue said I was really lucky to have that happen to me."

"You're friends with Blue?" Red asked.

"Yeah, since she moved here when she was five." Yellow looked confused. "Do you know her too?"

"Yeah. She used to-"

But Red was cut off as a white flash destroyed the forest around Yellow.

Yellow was back in her seat, the teacher standing next to her desk, holding her DS lite. "Yellow, this is the second time I've caught you playing with this thing. Bring it to the Principal's office and I want you to stay after school today to read me the entire chapter we just covered. Just to make sure you understand it."

"Yes sir." Yellow sighed. She stood and took her DS lite and made her way to the door. She walked slowly to make sure Red got out quick enough. As she opened the door she noticed that Red's body jumped a little, indicating that he was back, and he looked at her just in time to see her leave.

Blue's guide to Pokémon:

Pokémon, created by Nintendo, has two way to play. The first is on the 'Outside', where you play it traditionally through your gaming system, controlling an avatar and going around fighting gym leaders and other computer operated characters.

The second is called 'Inside'. I'm not exactly sure how the technology works, but you yourself are transported into the game, assuming the look of your avatar.

Note: you can change the look of your avatar at will.

What 'Inside' looks like depends on your location on the 'Outside'. Nintendo has set up wireless areas around the world, in almost every town and tourist area, where you are transported to the 'Inside' world. The 'Inside' world is based on the actual town or tourist location. While on the 'Inside', you can travel to almost every other location through a series of 'Routes'. Almost every single other human character can be found on the 'Routes'; mainly because that's the only place you can find wild Pokémon, but you can also challenge other people to battles there.

Note: You can travel as far as you want while on the inside, but you can only leave the world from the same place you entered so it's best to not travel too far. You are forcibly removed also if the game leaves your hand on the 'Outside'.

Note 2: Some areas, such as The Silver Mountain Range (Mt. Silver on the 'Inside') in Johto, and the Seven Islands (Sevii Islands on the 'Inside') here in Kanto, require certain conditions to enter. The conditions can range anywhere from having a special item to having a number of badges.

Unfortunately, Nintendo has also provided places such as schools, hospitals, and airports with the technology to block access to the 'Inside'. If you try and enter the 'Inside' while at one of these locations, you are instead placed in a small room with a computer screen where you can create a battle for up to four people; much like the union room on the 'Outside'. The computer gives you several options to create a battlefield: Field, Forest, Mountain, Swamp, and Urban battlefields are among the most common areas to battle. You can also enter this area by yourself and practice battling with your Pokémon by yourself.

Next I should mention, are the gym leaders. Each gym leader you face while on the 'Outside' is a computerized version of an actual leader from the 'Inside'. For each region, there are eight gym leaders, meaning you can get at total of sixteen badges per region. Eight on the 'Outside' and eight on the 'Inside'. While getting the eight on the 'Outside' gives you access to the Elite Four, getting eight on the 'Inside' is much more difficult and gives you access to the Pokémon League Tournament, which is held once every year.

Oh how could I be so stupid? Lastly, is starting the game. When you first play the game, you are sent 'Inside' and given your starting kit from the head of the Pokémon Company. For the Kanto region you are given: a Pokédex, a Bag, and a choice of Bulbasaur, Charmander, or Squirtle.

The Pokédex is the most basic tool. It can tell you everything you need to know about your Pokémon; its level, the moves it know, and a range of other things. It also holds information about every Pokémon you've ever caught.

The Bag is like your personal storage locker. You don't get an actual bag to carry around. When you need to store or take an item out of the Bag, you simply put your hand out, think your username and password, and there you go! A Super Potion or Pokéball right there in your hand.

Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle. These three Pokémon are among the most basic in the Kanto region but they also can't be found anywhere along the 'Routes'. Some trainers chose to keep and raise them, others release them, while others still chose to trade them off to collectors.

For my final entry, I should mention the rare event to happen to a select few. Instead of receiving Bulbasaur, Charmander, or Squirtle, some trainers are sent to the Viridian Forest area right away to catch a Pokémon as their first Partner. Along with this, that trainer gains a special power while on the 'Inside'. This power is the ability to instantly heal any Pokémon they wish. They become a walking Pokémon center and can spend as much time as they want out on the 'Routes' without their Pokémon fainting. However, if this power is used in an official match (such as a gym battle or the Pokémon League Tournament), that Pokémon is no longer allowed to battle.

That's all you need to know to start your Pokémon adventure. Hope you have a great time. Love, Blue.

So how'd I do? Please let me know in an amazing review. The longer the review the happier I am =D I may be close, but I'm not perfect (and my editor quit on me) so please point out any mistakes you might notice. And for anyone who wants to flame, *sets up anti-flamer guns* ^_^