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Chapter 17: Feeling of the Past

"…and that is why we're here, trying to get rid of those bugs." Green finished. Gold and Crystal had come riding back into the bay, with grins so wide that it looked like their faces were going to split open. Once Green had managed to calm down Gold's epic tale of how Crystal had managed to catch Kyogre, he started his explanation. He started with the destruction of Viridian City on the 'Inside' and how it had caused a power outage in the real Viridian City. He went on with the incident in Pewter, and how Silver getting his arm cut off 'Inside' caused the injury 'Outside.' He threw in a lot of technical terms along the way, explaining things that were happening inside the Pokémon Company itself as well.

Gold and Crystal were silent. That is until Gold spoke up. "Well shit."

Crystal slapped the back of Gold's head. "Language!" She yelled at him before turning to Green. "Well before all this, I would have hardly believed you. Especially about that injury Silver got. But…"

"But what?" Red asked after a moment.

"But when I was capturing Kyogre, I crashed into the water and felt like I ran into a brick wall." Crystal stretched slightly. "I can still sort of feel the pain."

Green eyed Crystal for a moment, taking in this new information. "Alright." He stood up and walked over to the two Johto trainers. "So you're going to give us those bugs, right?"

"No arguments here," Crystal deposited Kyogre's ball into Green's outstretched hand, "but I want this to count as a Kyogre capture in my data, alright?"

Green half-smiled at her. She was determined and fierce. "I'll make sure it does." He turned to Gold now, "So, are we gonna do this the easy way or the hard way?"

Gold frowned and crossed his arms. His brow furrowed as if he were contemplating his options. "Oh alright." Gold sighed, plucking the ball from his belt. His movements were a bit agitated, as if annoyed that he had to give up Suicune. He tossed the ball over to Green, who caught it and smiled.

"Thank you." Green smirked at Gold, rather out of character for himself. "I'll make sure that both Oak and Elm know that you two helped out with taking these two out of the game."

Crystal's eyes lit up. "Really? Mr. Oak is going to know that I helped out?" She practically squealed. "Yes!"

Gold on the other hand, did not look pleased. He just glared at Green as he said, "Well I don't want any credit. I mean I don't even get to keep the Suicune."

Green sighed, "Look, it's a bug, and-"

"Route 38." Silver interrupted.

All heads turned to the boy who currently had a screen pulled up in front of himself.

"What?" Gold asked, his head tilted to the side.

"The real Suicune is currently resting on Route 38, close to the entrance of Ecruteak City." Silver said, closing the screen. Green gave him a look and Silver shrugged. "He did help us, I figured the least we could do is tell him where the actual Suicune is."

Gold launched himself at the red-haired boy, giving Silver a very tight bear hug. "Thanks man!"

"Let go!" Silver sounded very annoyed as he tried to push Gold off of himself.

Gold detached himself and started charging back into town. "See ya guys later!" He waved.

Crystal sighed and tossed a Pokéball in the air. "Arcapeon, grab him please." Arcapeon nodded and leapt into the air, landed gracefully in front of Gold. The giant dog grabbed the back of Gold's shirt and quickly trotted back to Crystal. Yellow couldn't help but laugh. It reminded her of how a cat would sometimes carry her young.

"What do you think you're doing?" Gold yelled, struggling to free himself.

"I should be asking you the same thing." Crystal put her hands on her hips. "Your grades have been falling recently, and you're bringing the whole classes average down! You're getting off and studying." She ordered.

"Oh come on Crystal, you know I'm just gonna goof off." Gold replied and held up an egg that materialized in his hands. "Besides, I've got to hatch their love child." Nodding towards Red and Yellow, emphasizing the word 'their.'

Red and Yellow suddenly couldn't look at each other anymore, and Blue suddenly became…well herself. "What's this about a love child?" She asked, a sly grin on her face.

"Well," Gold smiled, "when I wrote the new move into Pika and Chuchu's code, I deiced to take their first-born child as payment for my services."

"That's dark no matter how you look at it." Silver said, half-smiling at his comment.

"Oh it's just data." Gold waved off the snickers of laugher.

"Excuse me?" Crystal sighed impatiently. "Gold, I don't care about that egg or what else you want to do. You are logging off and studying, or else-"

"You'll punish me?" Gold smiled. "I think you need to take me on a date first."

Blue spun, her senses going wild as a blush rose up on Crystal's face. The dark-blue haired girl spun on her heels, and began marching up the street. Her Arcanine followed closely behind, violent shaking Gold the moment the boy opened his mouth.

Green watched with a concerned look on his face. Blue had watched those two walk off, a bit too interested. "Earth to Green." Misty's voice finally snapped Green's attention away. "Finally." Misty sighed. "So, how do we get out of this mess?" She gestured in the general direction of everywhere.

What she meant was, how do they get back into Kanto? "We should be able to used Kyogre and Suicune." Green replied.

"That's not a bad idea, but…" Red's eyes trailed down to Green's hands where the two glitches were busy ramming themselves into the side of their prisons. "I don't think they want to help us."

Green shrugged. "It shouldn't matter. Just the presence of a Legendary should cause one of the special pathways to open up. We just need to Surf out into the middle of the bay and the whirlpool should do the rest."

"Great!" Misty chimed. She seemed suddenly happy, like all her cares in the world had just disappeared. The red-haired girl quickly looped her arm through Red's and began dragging the boy back towards the water. "Let's go already." She called back at Green. "Red needs to be well rested for our date tomorrow."

The temperature must have dropped at least twenty degrees and the air suddenly felt heavier. Green, Blue, and Silver all looked at Misty like she had just said the sky was green. "Wait, what?" Blue spoke up after a minute.

"Red promised that when he finally came up to Cerulean again we'd spend some time together." Misty turned to Red, giving him one of her innocent smiles. "Isn't that right, Red?"

Red rubbed the back of his head awkwardly. "Yeah. I kinda did."

"And I have the whole day planned out!" Misty yelled happily. "So let's get a move on!"

"What did she say?" Yellow's voice caused Blue to jump a mile high. Blue was expecting her little friend to go into full on terminator mode and smash Misty into the ground. But then she remembered Red saying something about hearing loss.

"Nothing really!" Blue yelled, hoping her voice could reach Yellow's ears. Yellow simply gave Blue one of those looks. Blue sighed and mouthed, "I'll tell you later."

Hopefully they wouldn't have to deal will homicide tomorrow.

Four in the morning, Yellow thought as she read the clock. Sleep had not come easily to her that night. The ringing in her ears persisted even after she had logged off. Blue had been shooting her nervous glances every few minutes, but with her ears still out of commission she didn't bother asking. She wouldn't have heard the answer anyways. But that was hours ago, and now Yellow was wide awake and the ringing had pretty much disappeared completely.

Sighing, the blond flipped onto her other side. She didn't understand why she couldn't sleep. Her body ached from injuries on the 'Inside,' and her body was ready to collapse before she crawled into bed. But those looks Blue gave her stayed in her mind, as well as the image of a certain red-haired girl clinging to Red. She wouldn't be getting any sleep this night.

Yellow threw the comforter off and swung her legs around. She made her way outside, grabbing a spot on a nearby ledge in front of the hotel. After the gunman's attack, the teachers decided to transfer to this hotel. It was smaller and in need of some repair work, but it was closer to the ocean. And that meant it was farther from the rest of the city's blaring nightlife.

Yellow's gaze swung upwards, and lost herself in the stars. The sky looked almost exactly the same as it did back in Viridian, only brighter. Yellow allowed her mind to wander as she took in the sight. It's been years since she had actually done this. Not since…

Yellow shook her head, clearing away the thoughts. I've gotta think of something else.

But it was too late. The memories were already surfacing.

"You couldn't pay me to deal with that fucking devil!"

"I do not want to be around when that little bitch hits puberty!"

"If she's this bad now, God knows what she'll do as a teenager!"

"She's just a waste of space!"

Yellow quickly covered her ears, trying in vain to block out the voices that where inside her head. Images came next. The evil glares and piercing looks that were thrown her way, the empty room that belonged to her parents, the kids who threw stick and stones at her.

"She should just die already!"

And the clear night sky, with its twinkling stars before it was overtaken by-

"Yellow?" A concerned voice said.

Yellow looked up, the images and voices suddenly gone. Standing a few feet away was Blue, a sheet wrapped around her body and a worried look on her face. Blue quickly walked over and began wiping the tears from Yellow's eyes with her sheet. Yellow hadn't even realized she had been crying.

"Blue, I-"

"Shh." Blue hushed, wrapping her arms around her friend. "It's alright. You're safe. You don't have to worry about them."

Yellow seemed to lose it as she wrapped her arms around Blue and began crying into the older girl's shirt. For better or worse, no matter how evil she acted, Blue was her best friend, and she would always be there.

Silver threw his pillow at whatever was making the horrible ringing noise. He just wanted to curl up in a ball and sleep the day away. There was so much data that went into the game that he got lost between the 1's and 0's. Throwing his pillow away was a mistake, since now he no longer had any means to protect his ears.

The ringing stopped, but it was only a temporary relief. Seconds later, the ringtone resumed. Silver only recognized now that it was his phone going off and he sat up, rather annoyed at the world. On the dresser next to the bed his phone continued to ring with that annoying, preset ringtone. He glared at the clock, noting that the time was five in the morning.

"Answer it already!" Green hissed from his spot in the floor.

Silver snatched it, and looked at the caller id with blurry eyes. He had to blink a few more times to make sure they were working right. Why would she be calling him?

The phone fell silent, only to start up again. This time, Silver answered it right away. "Hello?"

"Silver!" A very energetic voice exclaimed through the receiver. "How are you doing? I hope I didn't wake you."

"You did." Silver replied bitterly. "What do you want?"

"Why would a mother need a reason to call her son? Especially after that incident with the gunman."

"You're not my mother." Silver snapped, wanting to crush the phone right there and now.

The woman's sigh reached Silver's ear. "I may not have given birth to you, but I have raised you since your mother died." She chided.

"What do you want?" Silver replied, not at all awake enough to deal with her.

The woman sighed again. "Well if you must know I'm on break and a few coworkers and I are showing each other pictures of our kids. I realized that you're the only one I don't have one of on my phone. Would you mind being a dear and sending me one?"

"Sure, bye." Silver quickly ended the conversation before his 'mother' could start up the conversation again. Fighting the urge to fall back into bed, Silver made his way to the bathroom and started the camera on his phone. As the picture snapped, Silver wondered by she had even asked for the picture. It's not like she had ever shown the slightest interest in him before.

"Alright boys, what'll it be?" Blue spun on the spot and grinned like a fox.

The sun had barely even started its rise into the sky, yet Blue had gone through the trouble of dragging her friends out of bed and bringing them to what Green thought was the largest female shopping mall in the world. There didn't seem to be any sort of disconnection between the stores, almost like the mall itself was one big store. And the pink, there was a lot of pink.

"What are you talking about?" Green grumbled. He was still half-asleep. This was supposed to be their free day, this was supposed to be the day he slept in.

"Can't you tell?" Blue waved her arm over to a section of the mall/store that seemed to be dedicated to swimsuits. "We're all going swimming today. Yellow didn't bring a swimsuit and I've been needing a new one so this is the perfect time!"

Red, Green, and Silver just stood there. The implied question that Blue had shot at them seemed to just fly right over their head. "And?" Green sighed.

Blue rolled her eyes, slightly irritated. It was really hard to pick on your friends when they were as dense as a sack of bricks. "And," Blue grabbed Yellow and stood the blond next to herself, "I'm asking if you wanna see me and Yellow in one-piece or two-piece swimsuits."

All three boys looked like they had just been hit with a sack of bricks. Red and Silver both flushed up while Green suddenly became interested in the ceiling. Blue grinned wickedly; that was the reaction she was looking for.

"B-Blue!" Yellow squeaked, having turned just as read as Red and Silver.

"W-Well you know," Red spoke up, "it's really all about what you feel comfortable wearing. Not how you look in it."

Blue frowned slightly. For a moment she thought Red might have admitted that he wanted to see Yellow in a skimpy swimsuit, but the boy was too pure for his own good. Sighing, Blue began to drag Yellow away, "Well if there are no requests we might as well get going!"

Green watched the two walk away. He ran a hand through his hair and sighed before walking after them. Blue had to have calculated this, because she left the three boys next to the underwear section, or to be more accurately, the fancy underwear. Three teenage boys standing around the underwear section was already drawing unwelcomed looks from other shoppers. Red and Silver quickly followed.

Within a minute, Green found the fox-faced Blue holding up a one piece to herself and examining her reflection in a mirror. "Just grab one already and let's get out of here." Green ordered. He didn't feel comfortable hanging around this section of the store/mall.

"Oh relax a little." Blue shot him a smile while Green pretended not to see her. "You've got two beautiful girls asking for your opinion on their swimsuits. I know millions of boys would kill to be in your position."

"Well what's there to picking out a swimsuit?" Green countered. "You just pick one that fits and buy it."

"Oh Green, Green, Green," Blue shook her head as she spoke. "Buying a swimsuit is a whole different experience when it comes to girls. We can't just grab a pair of trunks like you and walk out. We need to make sure to get the perfect one. The perfect swimsuit is one that manages to show off our curves and magnificent bodies while also covering our flaws. It's also the perfect chance to show off our girls." Blue said while holding up a rather small bikini top to herself.

Green blinked at the girl, a light blush rising to his cheeks. "W-What are you, a dirty old man?"

"Aren't we all?" Blue mused and picked out another swimsuit.

Green sighed and looked across the racks of swimsuits. Red was talking to Yellow, but they seemed to be looking everywhere except each other. Silver was holding up a bikini that seemed to be comprised of a single thread. The redhead looked to Blue and a blush slowly rose to his face and a small trickle of blood came from his nose.

"So why are you doing this?" Green turned his attention back to Blue, despite how much fun it was to watch Silver being paralyzed.

"Doing what?" Blue gave him an innocent look.

"You know what I mean." Green grumbled. "You and Yellow could have done this by yourselves, and later in the day. Why did you have to wake us up at the crack of dawn to come with you?"

Blue sighed. "Well if you must know, it's the only way I can keep Misty off of Red."

Green raised an eyebrow. Misty had said something about a date with Red today. "So is that why you stole Red's phone?"

"Oh, you noticed that?" Blue laughed. "Ah-ha!"

Before Green could interrogate Blue any longer, the burnet burst out when she picked up a single-piece white swimsuit. She ran over to Yellow and Red to present the swimsuit to the blond. Yellow looked like she was refusing it, but Blue, being as pushy as she was, decided that it was the perfect fit and dragged Yellow to the dressing rooms.

Green followed and just managed to see Blue shove her friend into the dressing room. If you could even call it a dressing room that is. It didn't have a door, it was just a hole in the wall with a white curtain drawn across the entrance. That was just asking for trouble.

"Greeny~!" Blue called in a high-pitch voice. The way she said it with such emotion sent chills down the boy's spine. Now that Yellow was off changing, Blue had nowhere else to direct her attention other than himself. "I think I need some help putting this on." She giggled joyfully and held the rather small bikini up to herself. "Wanna help me?"

Green backed up quickly, his eyes growing wide. "No!"

"Oh, it'll be fun!" Blue laughed and grabbed the boy before he had a chance to escape.

Just then, Red walked over, and Green thought he was saved. However, the idiot didn't seem to pay any mind to Blue's teasing. "Where'd you bring Yellow?" He asked her.

"Oh she's changing," Blue gestured to the changing room behind her. She let Green go, who was caught off-guard and ended up tumbling into a rack of bottom pieces.

Silver seemed to have gotten over his paralyze, because he was next to Red trying his hardest not to laugh at Green. "Having fun?" He laughed.

"Shut it." Green snapped at him, picking a swimsuit off of his head and tossing it aside.

Blue's interest was back on Red and Yellow now. She stood outside Yellow's changing room and piped up, "Yellow! You almost done in there? I wanna see how you look."

"A-Almost done!" Yellow called back. It was obvious from the sound of her voice she didn't want to show anyone else how she looked in it.

Green stood up and took up a spot next to Silver, waiting for Blue's stupid plan to play out. However, the moment he let his guard down, Blue turned on him. Green felt another chill run down his spine and took a step backwards. "Um, I remembered I have something else to…"

Several things happened next. Green turned and attempted an escape, while that 'Pesky Woman' flew through the air at him. Blue was laughing as she landed on his back and the two tumbled to the ground. Green, in his attempt to get Blue off of him, knocked a large rack of swimsuit toward Red and Silver. Silver jumped backwards and ended up knocking Red into the curtain of Yellow's changing room. Unable to gain footing, Red grabbed onto the curtain for support.

The rip that followed sounded like someone had just blown a hole in the side of an airplane. Green watched as the curtain fell over Red and Silver's heads as Yellow was revealed. Her back was to them, but her head was facing them with surprised eyes. Her head must have snapped back at the sound of the curtain being ripped down. The blond had her one-piece swimsuit halfway on, but it looked like she was taking it off rather than putting it on.

Normally Green would have adverted his eyes immediately, but he could draw his gaze away from that particular feature on Yellow's back. Starting from her shoulder and running down her back was a large and painful looking scar. The scar tissue was white and jagged, like someone had taken a butchers knife to her back.

Suddenly, Green felt a hand slap a swimsuit across his eyes and he was pushed backwards. As his head slammed into the floor, he could hear the sound of someone running away. A hand was placed on his chest and Blue's voice came into his ear as a whisper, "If you mention what you saw to anyone, I will end you Green Oak." The hand left his chest and another set of footstep ran off. "Yellow wait!" Blue's voice yelled.

Green sat up slowly and removed the swimsuit from his vision. Silver was currently helping Red to his feet and several employee's had raced over to ask if any of them were hurt. Green ignored them, instead looking down to the ground. Just what in the world had happened to Yellow?

They saw it! Yellow thought desperately as she ran through the mall. Tears were streaming down her face and staining the jacket she had grabbed to cover herself. They know what I did. They're never going to want to talk to me again!

She just needed to be alone now. When she was alone, she didn't have to worry about that pain that was welling up inside of her chest right now. She never had to worry about how she looked or what anyone other than her Uncle thought.

Yellow turned down another hallways and dove into a restroom. Luckily for her, there was no one around. Yellow fell against the wall and hugged herself before sinking to the floor. She buried her face in her knees, trying to choke out the tears streaming down her face.

She didn't even hear the door open. "Yellow?"

The crying blond looked up. Blue was standing in the doorway, a concerned look painted across her face. More tears ran down Yellow's face, "T-They saw it Blue. They know what I did."

Blue frowned and sat down next to her friend, throwing an arm around the small girl. "You idiot. Only Green saw," Blue clarified. "And he only saw a scar. You said it yourself, it was just an accident."

"B-But what if he tells Red?" Yellow blushed slightly and then quickly added, "Or Silver?"

Blue half-smiled. At lease she was still herself, to some degree. "He knows that if he says a word I'll string his ass from the flagpole." Yellow smiled slightly at this.

A banging came from the bathroom door, and Yellow realized Blue had locked it. "Hey you girls! Get out here!"

Blue sighed and stood up. "Come on, we should get back. You did run out of a store without paying for that swimsuit."

Yellow blushed out of embarrassment and stood up. Closing her eyes, she let Blue deal led the way and deal with the security guard. Right now, unpleasant memories were surfacing.

"She's just a waste of space!"

Yellow couldn't take it anymore. She had just lost her parents, and the Aunt Kathy she had always thought was the nicest person in the world had just called her a waste of space. She did the only thing that came to her, she ran.

Yellow ran as hard and as fast as she could, trying to get away from her house. It didn't even seem like her house anymore. Her parents had died only days ago, gone forever, and the family that she had once loved had now turned on her. Everything was just spiraling out of control.

What seemed like an endless run through hell finally ended when the small blond ran into another person. Yellow looked up at the larger man. His gut hung out slightly and he wore an orange cape and jacket. The fuzz of his beard was speckled with crumbs from a recently eaten sandwich. He leaned down to inspect that she was alright. "Hey little girl, are you…wait, Yellow?"

The young Yellow looked up at the large man. How did he know her name? "It is you!" The man smiled. "Wow you've grown since I last saw you."

"U-Um…" Yellow backed up slightly. "W-who are you?"

The man blinked. "Oh, right. You must not remember me. It's Wilton." Yellow tilted her head. "Your Uncle Wilton! I'm your mother's brother."

Yellow backed up even farther now. To her brain, this was a part of that horrible group of people that had replaced her family. Through her eyes, he was just a demon waiting to kill her. She turned around and ran with a renewed energy, ignoring his calls.

After another endless run, Yellow found herself out of ground to run on. She stood at the top of a cliff overlooking Viridian Bay. She had never been here before. The trees looked like they had been growing for eons; the thick branches creaked under the weight of their leaves. Below, the waves crashed against the cliff far, far below. Unwelcome looking rocks formed a sadistic smile below.

Yellow tore her eyes away from the water and sat down, hugging her knees to pull herself into a ball. The first thing that came to mind was her parents, and the tears began flowing. Whenever she started crying, her parents would present her with a new toy, or bring her out to do whatever she wanted. Now, her parents were the reason for her tears. And she would trade all the toys in the world to get them back.

Yellow sat there, silently crying for hours, until even the sun set. And that was when it began. Slowly, the sky filled with small lights, twinkling from far above.

Do you know what the stars are, Yellow? The voice of her father was suddenly in her head. When she was five, her father took her out stargazing. Back then, Yellow didn't have a clue. Well that's where people go when they die. Everyone dies, and when someone important to you passes away, they wait for you in the stars. They will always be watching over you from far above.

Even though Yellow had learned in school that stars were actually balls of gas floating far away, she still believed what her father said. She believed that far above, her parents where there. The sky was unbelievably clear tonight.


Yellow jumped up and spun towards the voice. In the dark, it was hard to see who it was. But the voice sounded just like the man who had claimed to be her uncle earlier. "Thank goodness I found you." He stepped closer to her, his hand extended. But Yellow's mind was still playing tricks on her. The larger man had already turned into a demon through her mind.

Yellow took a step backwards. "N-No…" she muttered, her hands in front of her body as if to act as a shield.

Wilton froze, "Yellow! Behind you!"

"S-Stay away!" Yellow took another step back, and the ground gave way beneath her feet.

"Oh, well if you say so." The security guard rubbed the back of his head awkwardly before shooting Yellow a look.

"I'm so sorry about this." Blue apologized. "I promise it'll never happen again," she winked at him.

The guard looked a bit embarrassed but reentered the mall. Blue had managed to smooth-talk both the manager and head of security out of slapping a fine on Yellow. She was standing behind Blue and Red, shopping bag in hand with the new swimsuits.

"Are you sure you're okay Yellow?" Red turned to her with a concerned look. "I swear we didn't see you naked."

Silver agreed, and Blue had to stomp on Green's foot to get him to reassure her. Yellow blushed slightly and spoke to the ground, "I'm fine. I was just surprised…"

Red looked like he only half believed her. He looked to Blue for conformation, and the brunet nodded. Red sighed, "Well then I guess we should head for the beach then."

Anita's heals clicked as she walked down the dark and cold corridor. Her eyes were glued to her phone, ignoring the hellos that were offered to her by the employees. She swung her hips slightly and pushed through large double doors.

It was a small room with only three occupants. Fernando stood to the right with a large police baton was in his hand, dripping with fresh blood. Leo was resting against a wall, his hat pulled down to cover his eyes. Anita eyed the man with disgust, "Is he really sleeping?"

Fernando ran a hand through his black hair and eyed his sleeping coworker. "He said something about not getting enough sleep with mess with his sense of justice."

Anita sighed, "Whatever." She turned her eye on the third man in the room. His was bound to a chair with his head hung. Fresh blood was running across dried and crackled blood from wounds on his body. His head hung low and he looked to be unconscious. "Has he said anything yet?"

Fernando shrugged, "Can't get a word out of him."

Anita half frowned. "Well I figured as much. I remember he always had a stubborn personality from when I still worked for Oak." Anita turned her attention back on her cell, "This might require a more precise touch."

Anita walked closer to the man, leaning over to come eye to eye with him. "So, how has your stay been?" She asked in a sweet voice, like he hadn't been beaten just moments before. "I hope my employees have been treating you well. We don't want to damage your brain too badly. After all, we need your skills."

The man spit blood onto Anita's shoes. "I'll never help you," he growled. "What you're planning could blow Kanto off the map."

Anita frowned at the blood on her shoes before slapping him. "These shoes cost nearly five hundred dollars. I hope it was worth it."

The man looked at Anita with a smirk on his face. "Oh it was."

Anita backhanded the man this time before turning around. She proceeded to pace the room. "Now don't be like that. If I succeed, I'll be praised for generations to come. And it's all thanks to you and Oak."

"If." The man growled. "A very big if."

Anita shot him a look. "As I was saying," she continued, "what I need is access to a certain file you two were working on. I believe it was called Project Alpha."

"Never heard of it," the man growled.

"Oh, I think you have. I worked as a secretary long enough to know what you two were up to." Anita paused and waited for some sort of reaction. Unfortunately she didn't get one. "So, you've never heard of it?" A smile crept across her face. "Well then, how about the name, Sarah Sydor?"

The man physically flinched and shot Anita the nastiest look he could muster. "I don't know how you know about her, but I swear, if you so much as touch a hair on her head,"

"Hurt her?" Anita interrupted, "Oh my, it seems you don't know." She looked down on the man with false pity in her eyes, "How sad."


"Well, it seems that she died thirteen years ago," Anita watched as dread swept across the man's face. "She died in childbirth."

"C-Childbirth?" The bound man looked like a small beaten puppy that had just been thrown out of the house. However, the shock quickly washed away and was replaced with a hard look. "I don't believe you. Sarah would have contacted me."

"Oh I doubt it." Anita waved him off. "When you left to work for Oak, you told her parents about it, right? Well it appears that they never really liked you. She was fed lies that you found out about her pregnancy and left her because of it. You never found it strange that she refused to see you?"

Anita placed the phone in front of the man's face. "Take a look. This is your son."

"Sarah…" The man breathed, his face stuck on the picture.

Anita took the phone back and glanced at the photo. "Yes, the resemblance is uncanny." She deposited the phone in her pocket before turning her attention on the man again. "Now, due to a series of unfortunate events, your child was fed into the foster care program. Being the loving family woman that I am, my husband and I adopted him."

A wave of horror washed over the man's face as he realized what she was implying. "Now, if you don't comply," Anita continued, "there might be a tragic home accident. We wouldn't want that, now would we?"

The man looked completely shell shocked, completely defeated. His hung his head and muttered, "Fine…I'll help you."

Anita clasped her hands together. "Wonderful!" She cried like she had just won the lottery. "You'll start work tomorrow at seven am sharp. Until then!"

Anita turned and made her way out of the room. When she was at the door the man shouted, "Wait!"

Anita turned, still grinning. "Yes?"

"At least…" The man hung his head again. "At least tell me his name…Please."

"Well since you said please," Anita placed a finger on her lips, as if pondering, "very well. His name is Silver." Anita turned and walked out of the room calling, "I look forward to working with you Giovanni."

Blue's Special Notes 19: Transportation

So, like I said before, transport between regions becomes easier when you have captured a legendary Pokémon. The key word is easier. It is possible to travel between regions via non-Pokémon. For example, the SS Anne in Vermilion City travels to the Seveii Island and Olivine City, assuming you have the correct item. These items are usually given out during special events held on the 'Inside,' or to those that manage to clear the elite four (the champion, as Red informs me, does not have to be beaten to claim some of these items). You can even get them from Wandering NPC's, but I'll cover them later. There are routes, rather long routes, that connect Kanto and Johto to the other island regions, and Unova, but most people prefer taking a ferry or cruise ship. I'll let you know about the special events that happen on cruise ships another time~!

Crystal's Legendary Notes 3: The Johto Trio

Raikou: As one of the three roaming Pokémon of Johto, Raikou is exceptionally hard to find. The one hint that gives this Pokémon away is that wherever it goes, thunderstorms will follow because of the constant blasts of electricity that Raikou fires into the sky. Raikou has been found generally roaming the northern routes of Johto, but has also been spotted in the central part of Kanto and southeastern Unova. Raikou has been captured ten times before.

Entei: Just like the Pokédex has states, Entei is a volcano Pokémon and has almost always been spotted roaming areas such as Mt. Chimney, Twist Mountain, and One Island. However, Entei has been spotted in areas where there have recently been large fires and even drawn to spots where experts of the fire type Pokémon (the gym leaders) are currently battling. Like Articuno of the Kanto region, Entei has managed to evade capture during its entire existence.

Suicune: The last of the Johto Trio, Suicune is surprisingly easy to track down. This Pokémon rarely ever roams the land and is almost always found along the coasts of rivers or charging around the oceans. Suicune has been tracked down and captured a total of seventeen times, barely placing it ahead of Zapdos as the third most captured legendary Pokémon. This Pokémon also has the most known routes of use to travel between regions and has no area it is frequently seen.

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