Title: Waking the Wolf (1/2)
Author: dare121
Rating: NC-17
Length: 3121
Spoilers: None, for now
Warnings: Not really any warnings either. If you don't like Supernatural fanfiction, I suggest don't read this, please. It's also slightly AU.
Summary: Quinn is a werewolf and her wolfish side is pining after Rachel. So when the diva breaks up with Finncompetence, Quinn visits Rachel at home to cheer her up. Quinn also has a g!p.
A/N.: This started out as a glee_kink_meme prompt but then it chose to be something else so it changed into this. This is only the first part. I think there will only be a second one, but I just wanted to give you guys something because I've been AWOL for a while. So, I don't know when I'll be able to post/write chapter 2, but just hang in there! We all love ourselves some Quinn!Werewolf, right?


"Come on, Rach. Why are you always such a prude? We're Seniors, we've been together for over two years and we still haven't done it. You won't even let me touch your boobs. Which is kind of really uncool. I mean, if you don't ever want to have sex with me, I don't think our relationship is going to work. You're, like, the only girl at McKinley who isn't putting out," Finn scratched the back of his head and furrowed his brows. He was leaning next to Rachel's locker.

"So what you're saying is, if I don't give my virginity to you you want to cease seeing me? Really, Finn? I told you I want to wait until I'm 25 to have sex with you and I thought you would be fine with that. Obviously, I was wrong," Rachel slammed her locker door shut and strutted away from Finn.

"You know, Rach. People are talking. They think I'm gay because we're not doing it and nobody ever believes me when I tell them that we've been doing it since Junior year," that stopped Rachel dead in her tracks, which made Finn run into her back.

"You've been what? What do you mean you've been telling people we've had sex since Junior year? Are you honestly telling me that you've been telling your neanderthal teammates that you and I have had sexual relations with each other? I can't believe you!" She was so mad that she didn't even see the head of blonde hair listening in on their conversation at its locker next to where she was standing. Quinn Fabray, back in her Cheerios uniform, was following the conversation with great interest.

"That's it, Finn. We're over. I've accepted the fact that you'll never match me intellectually and that you're a flat out jerk when your football team loses a game, but this! You had no right to go around, telling people that we've been fornicating!" But before she turned around to initiate one of her famous diva storm outs, she raised her hand and slapped the tall football player hard across the face.

For a second, everybody in the corridor stopped what they were doing. They were all staring at the freshly broken up couple. Then, Rachel turned around and stormed away into the opposite direction, leaving a completely disoriented Finn Hudson behind.

It took him nearly a minute to process that Rachel Berry, his crazy stalker girlfriend Rachel Berry, had just broken up with him. She had broken up with him. He was completely flabbergasted. Never had Rachel dared to break up with him, not even over the fact that he had lost his virginity to Santana Lopez. Sure, Rachel had wanted to take a break but in the end she had returned to him like the lost puppy that she was.

Finn's entire world seemed to shake at the realization that Rachel had really broken it off with him.

But that realization lasted only a moment, because the next he was smiling his dopey smile again. Rachel didn't really break up with him. She'd be back by tomorrow and then she'd feel so bad for slapping him that she would let him do anything. He was sure of it.

By tomorrow he was sure he'd be sleeping with Rachel Berry. He didn't need to worry, he just needed to wait for a little while. Yes, he'd just spend the day playing COD with Puck and drinking some beer. There was no way that Rachel could stand being away from him for too long.

He didn't even know why he had been worried in the first place.


Quinn watched the gears turn in Finn's tiny brain. She knew that in his mind Rachel would always come back to him and she was afraid that he might be right. The beast inside her growled unpleasantly. She needed to curb her emotions or else she knew she was going to tear Finn into pieces right this second.

She needed to do something. Rachel was going to tear herself apart over this giant oaf and she couldn't let that happen. Not when she knew that her inner wolf had tethered itself to the tiny diva.

Yes, Quinn Fabray had a big secret. Well, actually, Quinn Fabray had two really big secrets.

The first one, the one that she had been hiding the most, was that she came from a long line of werewolves that had been living in Lima for hundreds of years. Lima being so quiet and harmless had been the perfect place for the ancient werewolves to settle.

Quinn was their youngest daughter but since her older sister, Franny, had been disowned by their parents for forming an intimate bond with a Vampire up North, Quinn was in line for being the next Alpha of her pack after her father died.

She knew she had imprinted on Rachel the moment they met in kindergarten and she had pushed Noah Puckerman into the sandbox for kicking Rachel in the shin. The beast inside her knew then what it knew now, that it wanted Rachel more than anything else.

But Quinn knew that she couldn't have Rachel. She would never subject the tiny diva to a life with the pack when she wanted so desperately to be on Broadway. Knowing how much bigger Rachel's dreams were, she knew she could never force Rachel to live with her in hiding. You didn't hide Rachel Berry and Rachel Berry just simply couldn't be hidden.

At least, when she finally did choose a less extravagant mate, she knew that her parents wouldn't be angry with her for being a flaming homosexual. To be exact, Quinn knew that she didn't need a male mate to procreate. And that was where her other giant secret came into play. Quinn had been born with male genitalia. She was well within her right to choose a female mate. To be exact, she was required to choose a female mate so that their child could become the next Alpha after she died.

That didn't make her feel any better about the whole Rachel thing, though.

But she knew that, even though she could never have Rachel herself, the brunette deserved a much better mate than Finn Hudson. She wouldn't wish Finn upon her worst enemy, which would be, incidentally, Finn himself.

So she tried to think of a way to keep Rachel away from the quarterback without actually having to talk to her, but no good ideas would come to her. And she needed to act fast because usually, Rachel couldn't stay mad at Finn for too long. She didn't understand why the diva chose to stay in such a clearly abusive relationship. Finn treated her like dirt half the time and the other half he treated her like she was his property.

Calm down, Quinn, calm down. No need to get riled up now. Don't tear him to shreds, she was more than angry at him but she forced her eyes back to her locker. She had to focus on Rachel, not on the giant doofus. She would have to talk to Rachel today, make her see the errors of her ways, and claim Rachel and her sweet Jewish ass in the process. No, Quinn! Down, girl!


Quinn swallowed hard as she stood in front of the Berry house and wondered how to go about convincing Rachel that Finn was no good for her. She was more than a little scared of what her inner wolf might do as she pressed the doorbell and waited for the tiny singer to open the door.

She knew from Glee club that Rachel's dads were both doctors and worked late on all weekdays, so she wasn't worried about running into any disgruntled parents. She, specifically, had never been mean to Rachel, but she knew that some of the other Cheerios and definitely more than a few football players often picked on the brunette. And Finn had never tried to stop them. Just another fact Quinn hated about Finn.

Quinn froze in shock as the door opened slowly to reveal Rachel Berry in the tiniest shorts Quinn had ever seen. Granted, she was still wearing her owl sweater, which covered the upper part of her body quite nicely, but damn, those legs!

"Quinn! What a surprise! What are you doing here?" At least Rachel seemed genuinely happy to see the blonde, which made Quinn's heart flutter erratically in her chest. Sure, Rachel and her had never been really close, but she'd always had an eye out for the brunette and made sure that when she was around, the tiny diva was safe from all slushie attacks. They had tentatively bonded over that.

"Hey, Rachel. I was just wondering if maybe, after your break up with the jer- I mean, with Finn, you might want somebody to talk to?" She stuffed her hands into her Cheerios sweatpants and crossed her fingers. Her inner wolf was roaring inside her ears and she knew that she was taking a big risk, being near a freshly single Rachel right now, but she didn't care. She just needed to make her feel better. It was more than mental, it was a physical need to care for the girl she had imprinted on.

"That's really sweet of you, Quinn. Would you like to come in?" Rachel's smile was so bright and thankful that Quinn had to physically restrain herself from grabbing her and hugging her so tight, that their bodies would fuse together. She could only nod.


It didn't take long for the both of them to end up in Rachel's room, after the brunette had taken it upon herself to show the blonde Cheerio her entire house, which Quinn actually didn't mind. She liked having a reason for Rachel to hold her wrist in a firm grip while she dragged her through the rooms.

Now they were both sat on the brunette's bed and Quinn didn't know what to do or say. Sure, she wanted Rachel to stop pining after Finn but at the same time she didn't want to reveal to the brunette that she was different in any way, shape or form.

"So... I couldn't help but to overhear why you guys broke up in the first place," Quinn had her hands in her lap and tried not to stare at Rachel for too long while still trying to maintain a healthy and polite amount of eye contact. Why did this have to be so hard?

Her skin burned hot and she could feel the tell-tale signs of her beast taking over the longer she was in Rachel's presence, so she tried to focus her mind on why she had come here.

Rachel sighed wistfully.

"Deep down I know that Finn didn't mean to do any harm, he's just really self conscious about how people perceive him, especially his peers and football buddies. I don't know why it hurt so much to hear him make up our sex lives. I guess it just seemed like he made me out to be some... stupid girl who had sexual intercourse with him the second he asked for it... Maybe I should just forgive him..." Quinn gritted her teeth, her canines dangerously close to changing into a much more feral form but she restrained herself with all her might.

She managed to hold onto her human side and grabbed Rachel's hand softly with her own.

"Rach... you shouldn't forgive him so easily. He already thinks he can get away with anything. Don't make it any easier for him. If you keep giving in to him, what makes you think that the next time you refuse to give it up to him, he won't just take what he wants, knowing that he will get away with it anyway? That's not to say that I think Finn would do something like that, but you can't always let him walk all over you. I see more than you think, you know. He isn't good for you," she squeezed the hand between her fingers and Rachel startled upon the heat that radiated off of Quinn in waves.

Never in her life had she felt such a warm, loving touch. It felt more intimate than it should have been, like there was something that Quinn didn't want her to see. Like she had some secret agenda behind her kind actions.

"You don't know him like I do, Quinn. Finn is a good guy. He doesn't hurt me on purpose, he's just a little oblivious sometimes," the brunette pulled her hand away from Quinn and furrowed her brow. What did the blonde want anyway? Why was she at her house?

"I'm not trying to tell you what to do here, Rachel. I'm just saying... How often have you been hurt because Finn had one of his bad moments? He slept with Santana and he didn't even tell you. You had to hear it from Santana herself as a taunt. I just don't think he deserves you, that's all," Quinn knew she had said the wrong thing. She had clearly underestimated Rachel's loyalty to her, currently ex, boyfriend.

"We're not all perfect, blonde cheerleaders, Quinn! Just because you can have any guy you want doesn't mean I have that luxury! And Finn is a very decent guy! It's sad and disappointing that he does not respect my wish to not have sex with him until I am 25 but he is just being a normal, hormonal teenage boy! Or maybe I'm the one that needs to go with the flow. Maybe I should just give in to his advances. It's not like I'm gonna meet a better guy any time s-" her words were cut off by two strong arms that roughly pushed her down onto the mattress of her bed, pinning her down in the process.

Rachel stared up into the fiery eyes of Quinn Fabray.

But she looked different, much more feral and brutish and her eyes looked like molten gold, shining down on Rachel with a fire in them that the brunette had never seen in anyone before and that sent shivers of arousal straight to her core. Finn had never turned her on like this. With a simple look.

"No Finn," it looked like the blonde was desperately trying to get the words out. Her tongue raced across her bottom lip, the open mouth exposing her longer canines. Rachel didn't know what was going on but she was afraid to say anything in fear of Quinn getting angry at her. "No... Sex... Mine, mine, mine..."

Quinn's hands were wrapped tightly around Rachel's wrists, keeping her in place as she obviously tried to take control over her own body. The blonde was shivering, her brows twitching and her teeth gritted. Her lids fluttered and Rachel watched as the gold started to return to its natural, hazel color. Quinn's heaving chests started to even out as she loosened her grip on Rachel's wrists, though still keeping her in place.

The long canines started to grow back to their original sizes and the blonde's face stopped looking so animal like and returned to its soft, feminine way. Quinn was still breathing deeply, but she didn't look Rachel in the eye anymore, her lids were closed tightly.

"I'm sorry, Rachel. I'm so sorry. I didn't mean for that to happen," she wanted to roll off of Rachel and to let her go but she couldn't. Her body still wasn't cooperating with her. At least she had managed to reign in her inner beast and to stop making growling cave man speech at the brunette.

"Quinn... You're scaring me," Rachel didn't know what to think. Quinn had definitely transformed into something that wasn't entirely human. She was afraid to even think about what might have happened had Quinn not been able to stop whatever transformation she was going through.

The cheerleader blinked a few times, then she lowered her head gently to Rachel's level and started to nuzzle the side of her face with her nose. Rachel lay frozen underneath her.

"I'm sorry I scared you... I'd never hurt you," Quinn's voice was a quiet whisper as she continued to love Rachel's face with her own. She rubbed her nose against the diva's and pressed a tiny kiss onto her forehead, effectively stopping whatever train of thought Rachel might have had in its tracks.

Quinn was kissing her.

Quinn was nuzzling her.

Quinn had her pinned to the bed.

Quinn had changed into something that seemed more beast than person.

She seemed to be missing something. And then there was still that growled profession of property that Quinn had spoken to her. Mine, mine, mine. She didn't know what to think of this situation.

"Maybe you should just... let me go? And we can talk about this, whatever this is." Quinn was obviously still struggling with herself and Rachel wanted to at least get a table between them before attempting anything with her.

"I c-can't," Quinn's eyebrows furrowed in pain. "You have no idea how hard it is, to- to keep myself in check around you. It just- I need this, okay? Just let me love you for a second." The blonde's head lowered itself further until Quinn's nose was pressed firmly into Rachel's pulse point, her lips rested unmoving against the soft skin.

Rachel swallowed.

"Can you at least tell me what you are? I mean, obviously, you've been hiding something from all of us and I would really like to know what I'm dealing with, seeing as I'm basically at your mercy here," the second Rachel said it, she knew she had said something really wrong.

Quinn made a low growl in the back of her throat and pushed her hips against Rachel's thigh. And that's when Rachel felt it.

"Sh-shouldn't say things l-like that, Rach. Please, don't- don't make it hungry f-for you. Anymore, 'n it already is-s," Quinn seemed to have lost complete control over her body as she ground the hard member in her pants against Rachel's thigh, breathing tiny mewling sounds mixed with growls into the brunette's ear.

"What are you talking about, Quinn? What am I making hungry?" Trying subtly to free her thigh from the insistent bulge rubbing up against her, Rachel chanced a look down to where Quinn's hips were still moving consistently back and forth. But the view was still obscured by her cheerios pants.

"The wolf-f in me."