Title: Waking the Wolf (2/3)
Author: dare121
Rating: NC-17
Length: 3175
Spoilers: None, for now
Warnings: Not really any warnings either. If you don't like Supernatural fanfiction, I suggest don't read this, please. It's also slightly AU.
Summary: Quinn is a werewolf and her wolfish side is pining after Rachel. So when the diva breaks up with Finncompetence, Quinn visits Rachel at home to cheer her up. Quinn also has a g!p.
A/N.: Since LiveJournal was being a massive bitch, I decided to only update the story to fanfiction net, so here it is, chapter 2. I'm not done with it yet, that's why you'll get a chapter 3. I hope you enjoy this. I am just so pissed at LJ right now.

Disclaimer: None of this belongs to me. Duh.


"The wolf-f in me."

Rachel's eyes widened as she watched the struggling cheerleader above her. Was this some kind of elaborate joke that Quinn was playing on her? Had she drugged her somehow? Maybe that was the reason she kept thinking that Quinn's features changed so rapidly.

"This isn't funny, Quinn. Please let me go," she tried to wriggle herself free from the clutching hands of the blonde predator, but to no avail. Quinn's grip was tight. Not painful, but definitely too tight to allow an escape. "I mean it, my dads will be home any second now and if they find you here molesting me, they're not gonna be happy. You know we have excellent contacts at the ACLU and could very well sue your family. I certainly wouldn't want it to come to that but you leave me no ch- mhh!"

Unbeknownst to Rachel, her tendency to ramble had the opposing effect on the young werewolf than the one she was originally going for. Instead of making her see the errors of her ways or frightening her into letting go, Quinn's wolf slowly managed to gain the upper hand with every word she said.

"Mhh- Quinn, no. Stop it, pl-mhh, please," Rachel shut her eyes tightly in an effort to blank out the feeling of soft lips pressing insistently against her own. Extremely velvety lips that sent unwanted tingles down her spine.

But Quinn had lost control over her actions, she couldn't stop herself. Hearing Rachel talk about molestation and how they could get caught any second made her privates swell with the need to mate with the tiny singer right this very instant.

She raised Rachel's wrists higher above her head and pressed them together so she could hold her down with her left hand only instead of both.

"Seriously, Quinn," Rachel's speech was interrupted by another one of Quinn's insistent kisses, "This borders on assault and if you intend to further your-" She let out a squeak as Quinn's free hand slipped underneath her left thigh and lifted it so that her foot rested, admittedly, comfortable on Quinn's ass, exposing her panties to the insatiable girl in the process.

"This isn't funny anymore, Quinn. You had your laugh so can you please let me go now? I really don't want to be... raped by someone I considered a friend," Quinn's lips, currently busy with sucking on Rachel's pulse point, stopped moving.

Her right hand trembled on Rachel's thigh and the brunette could feel her grit her teeth against her neck, which didn't really make her feel any better about the whole situation.

"It wants... to mate with you, Rachel. You have no idea, how much it wants to just take you right now," it seemed as if Quinn's mind was back inside her body, her right hand sliding onto the bed and gripping the material of Rachel's yellow, sunny bedspread as if in pain.

The brunette could feel the grip on her wrists slacken slightly, before the hand, that was pinning them down was ripped away as if the blonde had been shocked by an electric voltage.

"I'm so sorry, Rachel. I'm so sorry," and as if she had been struck by lighting, the blonde's body catapulted itself completely away from the diva, crashing into the corner farthest away, body wired tight and hands pressed flat against the wall.

Rachel, still not realizing that her hands had been freed, stayed exactly where she was, frozen in place, hypnotized by these eyes of molten gold.

Breathing hard, it took everything in Quinn not to resume her position on top of the diva. She knew that what she had been about to do wouldn't only have ruined her own life, but more importantly Rachel's as well. She wouldn't have been able to live with the guilt of forcing all this on the diva and taking her innocence and self-confidence while doing so.

She needed to get out of this room and fast.

"I'm sorry, Rachel. I truly am. Please, just... don't tell anyone about this. About any of this," she was about to open the window so she wouldn't have to go by the bed again when Rachel's conviction finally returned to her body.

"You are not gonna just walk out of here without an explanation!" Quinn had the window half-way open when the singer jumped out of bed and rectified her clothes. "Don't you dare leave me here like this, Quinn Fabray!"

By the time Rachel had crossed the room to the blonde, the pepper spray she kept in her bedside table at all times clutched firmly in her hand, ready to cause pain, Quinn had one foot on the windowsill.

"I can't explain it to you, Rachel. I just, I need to leave. You can't be near me right now, I can't- I don't want to- just don't tell anyone," she pulled her other leg onto the sill as well, chanced one last look at the pepper spray wielding Rachel and jumped onto the nearest tree in the neighbor's garden.

Rachel blinked, and where she could've sworn Quinn stood mere seconds ago, were now only a few leaves waving miserably in the wind.

"Son of a-" Rachel Berry didn't swear very often or even at all. But being molested and almost assaulted by the head cheerleader and then seeing her vanish into the cool mid-summer air like she was some kind of trained assassin or ninja had her on the verge of something that was beyond description.

She was going to find out what was going on with Quinn, no matter what the blonde said. Rachel Berry didn't let herself get intimidated by anyone, not even someone who's strength was so profound that even her daily workouts on the elliptical didn't help any.

Living and surviving High School with people like Azimio and Karofsky around had taught her one thing: Letting yourself get bullied into hiding didn't solve a damn thing. You needed to stand up to them, show them what you were made of. They may not let up but at least you showed them day after day after day that you will not lose your self-respect just because you got slushies tossed in your faced every day.

Oh no, Quinn Fabray didn't know what she was in for.

In all her determination to find out what exactly was up with Quinn, the tiny diva didn't even realize that her mind wasn't dwelling on the fact that she had broken up with Finn that day in school. She didn't regret it like she usually did, she didn't even make a chart on how to get him back. No, instead she worked on her plan to get Quinn Fabray to expose herself to her.

With Finn Hudson nothing but a distant memory.


The moment Quinn arrived home, the first thing she did was enter her room through her own window. She knew her parents were home and she also knew that they knew that she was home. But they had an agreement. Whenever the young werewolf chose to enter the house through her window, she didn't want to be disturbed, for whatever reason, so her parents left her alone.

Locking the door to her room just in case, she slumped over to her bed, exhaustion slowly taking over her heated body. Fighting her wolf had been hard and tiring, so she lay down on her bed, let her shoes and socks fall to the floor and pushed out of her sweatpants and boxer briefs, her still erect cock jutting into the air, still swelled to the brim with excitement for a girl it could never have.

She ripped off her cheerios top and her bra next until she lay completely naked on her bed, her left arm acting as a pillow under her head while her right flitted lightly over her breasts and her abs, down to her quivering meat.

She needed release or else she'd never be able to sleep.

Gripping the stiff, hot penis tightly, she imagined what it would be like to have Rachel's mouth on her. She began pumping up and out, rubbing her thumb over the head of her cock, lubing it up with her own precome. Rachel had seen who she was, Rachel was probably scared of her now.

Quinn yanked hard on her dick, as if to punish herself and her uncontrollable desire. She threw her head back as she imagined Rachel's tongue licking her cock from the base to the top, her mouth so hot, sucking on her meat like she would on a lollipop. She'd probably be really good at it, she seemed like the type of girl that didn't shy away from pleasing her partner in any way possible.

Biting into her bottom lip, she tried to keep the moans at bay as she slowed her hand to a torturous pace, drawing it out in the process. Rachel's hands would look so tiny on her big cock. A twinge of bitterness surged through her haze of pleasure.

She would never get to see Rachel anywhere near her dick, because Rachel couldn't be with her, Rachel shouldn't be with her, Rachel deserves someone better, someone who could take her to New York and let her sing. Someone who would be able to give her anything she needed.

Her fist slowed to a stop at that thought.

This wasn't going to work. Sure, bringing herself to orgasm always gave her a few days of blissful release but the next time Rachel did anything that stirred her wolf, her arousal would return ten times worse. She either needed to mate with someone else, the thought alone made her erection diminish, or she would have to convince her parents to allow her to get home schooled.

Rachel was never going to fall for her, especially after what happened not too long ago in Rachel's bedroom and she didn't want her to anyway. At least the rational part of her brain knew that she should keep away from Rachel. Her wolfish part wanted nothing more than to ravish the diva. Whatever social situation they found themselves in.

Every time Rachel sang, Quinn wanted nothing more than to bend her over the piano and claim her in front of everybody, especially Finn.

Her cock swelled in her hand again at the thought and she resumed her masturbation a little reluctantly, this time faster, determined to get it over with fast. If she was really going to stop secretly chasing Rachel Berry, she might as well start now. This was the last time she would be picturing her for jerking off.

All it took was the mental imagine of Rachel on all fours on the bed, waiting to be mated with, that drove Quinn over the edge, her come landing on her quivering abs and the loud moan that just waited to be emitted muffled by her own hand on her mouth.

She leisurely kept on stroking her now softening cock to get the last bit of semen out of it, her breathing slowly evening out.

Even knowing that she desperately needed a shower, she still only grabbed a few tissues and wiped her stomach and hand clean, before pulling her blanket over herself and burying her head deep into her pillow. Now all she needed to figure out was who to mate with instead of Rachel. She had never been attracted to any other girls, her wolf rebelled at the thought alone.

She couldn't fathom how she was going to do it, but she knew she had to. For Rachel's sake.


When Rachel woke up the next morning her thoughts weren't occupied with Finn, the way they usually were. She pinned her new plan, "How to get Quinn to spill all her secrets to me", over her "Maintain a healthy relationship with Finn"-plan in front of her elliptical without even noticing the football player's name and she even managed to get dressed without thinking about what Finn would think about her, admittedly, scandalous outfit for the day. She needed to add a little bit of sexy to her usual attire.

Because in all her planning and scheming that she had done the day before, she had arrived at one very simple but also crucial conclusion:

Quinn Fabray liked her.

And Rachel was sure that it wasn't just some typical, "I like you, let's be friends"-like. No, she was one hundred percent sure, that Quinn Fabray had the hots for her. The hot bulge rubbing up against her panties had been more than enough evidence of Quinn being sexually stimulated, although Rachel still wasn't quite sure why Quinn possessed the ability to even, well, get hard in the first place.

But she knew that in due time she would have all the answers she needed if she was just patient and resilient. Two things that Rachel Berry had a lot of experience in.

So no, Rachel didn't spend one second of her morning thinking about Finn Hudson and his inability to take a hint. So it was reasonably understandable why she did a formidable double-take when she entered her kitchen, expecting to see her two fathers there, but surely not to find a grinning Finn sitting at the breakfast counter and munching away happily on a blueberry pancake.

"What are you doing here, Finn?" She seemed so genuinely surprised that even Finn, who, as already mentioned, couldn't take a hint if it literally slapped him in the face, turned his face to her in a confused, but not really concerned, way.

"I'm here to pick you up for school, like I always do, silly," he grinned and went back to his half-eaten pancake. Apparently, the moment of brief clarity and confusion he held upon Rachel's question, was over, which didn't fail in the slightest in irking the brunette diva.

"We are broken up, Finn. I told you yesterday, I do not wish to be your girlfriend anymore since you've taken it upon yourself to spread lies about me and the state of my virginity, which is still very much intact. My reputation however, not so much, thanks to you," she was fuming, which didn't go unnoticed by Leroy and Hiram, who were busy reading different parts of that morning's newspaper.

But Finn didn't notice a thing. He was blissfully oblivious in the land of pancakes that was his mind.

"You're welcome. And you know you didn't mean what you said yesterday. I still love you and I forgive you for saying those things," he swallowed the last piece of his pancake and stood up, grinning his dopey smile at her.

"You're welcome? You forgive me for saying those things? I can't believe your audacity! How dare you! Get out of my house right now!" Her hands were balled into tight fists and her eyes narrowed to tiny slits as she glared daggers at him that would have made any person with half a brain, man or woman, cower in fear. But not Finn Hudson. He felt like he was in the right.

He didn't know why Rachel was acting this way. He had done exactly what he had always done in a situation like this. He had done nothing but wait for Rachel to apologize and take him back, like she always did. Nothing had changed in the last few hours since he had arrived home from school the day before and decided to spend the day doing nothing but play CoD.

But of course, Finn couldn't know that Rachel, being as distracted by Quinn as she was, hadn't had time to feel remorse or even the slightest bit of understanding for Finn's situation. She was so angry at Quinn for running off and leaving her with no answers whatsoever that she didn't fall into her usual Finn-pattern. In that moment, with nothing on her mind but getting to school and grilling the blonde about the secrets she hid, she had as much sympathy for Finn as a lion had for a freshly hunted and killed warthog.

"Why are you acting like this? Is this your time of the month or something because that would be creepy and I don't wanna get in the way of some crazy period-woman. Puck said that one time, a girl that was on her, you know, tried to stab him with a kitchen knife," Rachel's eyes surveyed the room for a knife exactly like that but she restrained herself.

"Finn, I am sorry you have come all this way to pick me up, but it's not necessary. I do not wish to rekindle our romance and if you would be so kind as to leave the premises, I would be most grateful," Finn's eyes started glossing over the second Rachel started talking.

"What? You gotta speak English, if you want me to understand you, Rachel," now he was getting angry, too. He had driven all the way up here to pick her up and to be a gentleman and now she couldn't even use words he understood? She knew he wasn't big on all those complicated words.

What Finn didn't know was, that Rachel's temper had reached its boiling point.

"Just get out, Finn! Get out and don't come back! And don't expect me to come running back into your arms like the little school girl you think I am! I have bigger fish to fry!" And without another look at Finn's confused face, she whirled around, gripped her schoolbag and stormed out of her house.

A few minutes later he could hear the sound of a car pulling out of the driveway and making its way away from the Berry residence.

The two remaining Berrys and Finn all stared after her for a few more minutes until Finn slowly turned his head towards the two men and gave them both a confused and slightly frightened look.

"Why does Rachel want to fry a fish?"