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Chapter 2 - Decisions and Seats

"I want a vault set up for Hermione," said Harry quietly. "Please put five hundred thousand galleons in it. I also want to place her under the protection of House Potter. That way she will be safe from the Weasleys and Dum-ass-dor."

Griphook quickly filled out the necessary paperwork and then had the Grangers come in and sign them as well. Hermione would be a wealthy young lady in her own right. When that was over with, Griphook handed Hermione a key to her vault. She was crying as she hugged Harry. Harry turned to the goblins when Hermione was able to control her emotions.

"I want Vernon Dursley fired immediately," said Harry. "Please place someone trustworthy in that company that can improve it and make sure that it runs better than it is now. No doubt he has been pilfering from the company for years. I also want them evicted from my house. Have the house set up so that Hermione can have it when she turns of age."

"You are giving my daughter a house as well as all that money?" asked Emma Granger. "That is so generous of you."

"She is my best friend," said Harry simply. "I have to look out for my friends. Before we go too much further, I would like to hear what is in my dad's will."

"That is an excellent suggestion Lord Potter," said Griphook placing the will of James on the desk and proceeding to place the globe on it.

The image of James Potter rose and started speaking.

I, James Harrison Potter, being of sound mind and body, herby bequeath the following:

To Sirius Black: I leave you with my son. Please take care of him Padfoot as he is the greatest treasure that I have ever accumulated. I love my son and it is my desire that he have the best life possible. I know you would never accept the money, so I am not leaving you with any. I have nothing you want anyway.

To Remus Lupin: I leave you with one million galleons. For the love of Merlin Moony, buy yourself some new clothes. I will also ask that you stick around and help keep Sirius from turning my son into nothing more than a joker. With your positive influence, he will hopefully be a prefect like you were one day and maybe even head boy like I was.

To Minerva McGonagall: I leave you with five hundred thousand galleons and a request. Please keep Albus away from my son. He is not the leader that we all thought he was. We learned some things while we were in hiding. Some of it is not pretty. There is a trunk in my vaults that has your name on it. Share the contents of that trunk with Amelia Bones. Between the two of you, I think you will understand when I tell you that Dumbledore is not what he claims he is.

To Albus Dumbledore: Keep your hands out of my vaults and away from my son. You are nothing but a liar and a cheat. You deserve nothing more than to be tossed into the deepest cell of Azkaban for what you have done to some of my classmates. You are a pedophile of the worst kind. I know this will sound bad to all of the others listening, but I hope the Dark Lord kicks your sorry ass all over the planet.

To my son: I leave you the rest of the Potter family fortune. It will include all properties, money, jewelry, armor, etc. I also leave you the title of Head of House. That will give you a seat on the Wizengamot. Let's face if son, if all goes according to plan, and Dumbledore hasn't robbed you blind, then you are probably the richest man in England.

With those final words, the image of James Potter faded from view. Harry sat pondering for a few moments as Amelia and the two goblins kept a sharp look out over Harry.

"If what I am hearing is true, then I have just inherited the vaults and properties of the two richest families in England," said Harry slowly. "What the rest have gotten hasn't even made a dent in what I have."

"That is accurately stated," said Griphook. "You ARE the wealthiest man in England and rank high up for wealth around the world."

"What did they mean about Dumbledore getting his hands on my vaults?" asked Harry confused. "Has he been stealing from me?"

"We did some checking while we were waiting for all things to come to pass," said Ragnok. "We have discovered that there are many discrepancies in the Potter family vaults. We have been wondering for some time why you never commented on your bank statements about certain things."

"We discovered recently that you have NOT been receiving your bank statements," said Griphook with a feral grin. "Your statements have been going to Albus Dumbledore and he has placed a mail ward around you to stop from receiving any mail from us regarding your accounts. We recently rectified that problem. Thus, you were able to get our last letter informing you of the reading of Sirius's will."

"There is a list here of all of the discrepancies that have taken place with regards to the Potter vaults," said Ragnok taking over again. "We have discovered that for the last fourteen years that Dumbledore has been giving money to the Weasleys out of your vaults in the amount of five thousand galleons a month. He has also been paying the Dursleys five thousand pounds a month for your upkeep. This doesn't include all of the withdrawals he made for himself."

By now Harry was seething. With the anger, people like Hermione and the twins could feel the magic pouring off of Harry in waves. Severus and Minerva stood by Harry quickly and were doing their best to control him.

"Harry look at me," snapped Severus. "You have to pull it in. You are going to drain your core if you keep on doing this."

"His core is in no danger what so ever," said Griphook looking at Harry closely. "In fact, his core is hardly being touched at all. He is pulling the magic out of the very air. This is an amazing feat for a wizard. Only five others in history were able to do what he is doing now. Seven if you want to count Dumbledore and Riddle. However, even they can't pull that much magic and control it the way that Lord Potter is at this moment."

Severus and Minerva were looking at Harry in awe. Albus made to move and Harry lifted his hand and froze the old wizard in his place. Narcissa went to move and Harry shot her a look that made her think twice about her actions. Molly was about to start screaming at Harry when he silenced her with a wave of his hand.

"Harry please," said Hermione softly. "You will hurt someone if you keep going like this. We can work this out as a group. Please let us help you. You have to calm down. The Ministry, goblins, and we are all with you on this. Justice will be served. I promise you Harry."

Emma didn't know what to do. She and Dan were the only two non magical people in the room. Without thinking of what harm may happen to her, she approached Harry and wrapped him in a loving hug. The effect was instantaneous. Harry calmed down and the magic in the room returned to a normal level. The only exception was Dumbledore who was still frozen on the spot and Molly who was still silenced.

"Thank you Mrs. Granger," said Harry shakily. "I appreciate that."

"Please call me Emma," she replied. "I just did what I thought was necessary. Even someone like you needs someone to help. From what I am hearing, you have been mistreated your whole life. I speak for my husband and daughter when I say, that you can count on the Grangers if you ever need us for ANYTHING."

Harry took a steadying breath before he turned to look at the Weasleys. Fred and George were standing behind him with their hands up in surrender.

"We didn't know anything about it Harry," said Fred. "We have no reason to lie to you. We love you like a little brother."

Harry turned to Mr. Weasley. The man looked embarrassed. It was obvious to everyone around that Molly knew what was going on, but he didn't.

"I always wondered how Molly was able to maintain everything we needed for the family on my small salary," said Arthur. "Lord Potter, I swear that I had no idea that this was going on."

"Where is all the money now and what was it used for?" asked Harry looking at Molly and releasing the spell. "Tell me the truth. I deserve that much."

"We used it to pay the tuition of my children," said Molly unashamed. "You had so much money that we didn't think it would be a problem for us to have some of it."

"We didn't even know him until he turned eleven," said an outraged George. "You have been getting all of that money since his parents died. How is that fair to Harry?"

"What kind of woman are you?" asked Fred in contempt. "To allow the money to be stolen from a child that didn't even know about our world until he was eleven. Even worse, was to keep stealing it from him, even after he was so generous to us since he has known us."

"I don't think I know you anymore," said Arthur to his wife. "We would have found a way to make things work for our household. I abhor the fact that you have been stealing from Harry. To also hear that you and my daughter and youngest son are planning on using illegal love potions on Harry and Hermione to get even more money is appalling. Let's not forget that you were also planning on causing him to have an accident that would cost him his life."

"I did what I did for our family," spat Molly. "It is what has kept us going all these years. It isn't like you had any backbone at the Ministry to earn money for your family yourself."

"So it was a set up then," said Harry suddenly. "The day that you first met me, was all an elaborate set up."

"What do you mean Lord Potter?" asked Amelia. "What was a set up?"

"The day I was trying to get onto platform 9 ¾," said Harry. "Hagrid forgot to tell me how to get on the platform. I was going to sit and wait for someone to come and get me. Then I hear Molly yelling about the station being packed with muggles and that she couldn't remember what number the platform was. How could you forget when you went to the same platform yourself for seven years and have had children going to school for quite some time? This was an elaborate setup to make me befriend Ron who has been nothing but a jealous and spiteful git since first year."

"Watch it Potter," snapped Ron angrily. "I don't care how much money you have, you will not talk to me in that manner."

"Shut up Weasel," said Draco sharply, coming to Harry's defense. "He actually has a point. I am disgusted to say, that you, as a pureblood, can sink no lower. I may have had my problems with Lord Potter, but even my family wouldn't stoop so low as to steal money from a child. That is a despicable action to take against someone who had no idea that it was happening. Just because he has plenty doesn't give you the right to help yourself to it."

"My son speaks the truth," said Narcissa sighing softly. "We may have different views on life, but we don't stoop so low as to steal from a child. I find that absolutely appalling and severely blemishing to the pureblood society."

"I would like to speak with Narcissa and Draco in private when this is all done," said Harry suddenly. "That is if they are willing to speak with me."

"I am sure something can be arranged," said Narcissa smiling softly. "I am sure that you have many questions and concerns that are going to be directed to both me and Draco."

"So what are we going to do about Molly, Ron, and Ginny?" asked Hermione. "They can't be allowed to get away with what they have done."

"The money can be kept by the Weasley family," said Harry. "It did help put the Weasleys through school. However, it is no longer going to come from my vaults. Ron and Ginny are the last two. Everyone else has left school and has good paying jobs. Mr. Weasley, I don't hold you responsible. I will ask for your oath to keep your wife and youngest two children away from me and what is mine at all costs."

"I swear upon my magic that you will have no further trouble from anyone with the name Weasley," vowed Arthur holding his wand.

"I trust YOU, Mr. Weasley," said Harry firmly. "I am sorry to say, that I don't hold the same faith in your wife and youngest two children."

"I am sorry to say, that I have to agree with you," said Arthur sadly. "If I have to, I will press charges against my own family if it will stop the theft and abuse."

"Arthur Weasley," screamed Molly. "How dare you even suggest something like that? How could you side with him over your own family?"

"It is my right as Head of this family," snapped Arthur in retaliation. "Now shut up before we have further problems. I am not happy with you three at the moment, and we will discuss this further when we get home."

"I am sorry Arthur," said Amelia apologetically. "There will be no further discussion. Molly, Ronald, and Ginevra will be taken into custody just as soon as this meeting is over with. We have the evidence we need to press charges against Molly, and your youngest two children will be expelled from Hogwarts."

"You do not have the authority to expel students from Hogwarts," snapped Albus. "That job is solely with the Headmaster of the school. Besides, they were talking about using the potions. There is nothing that proves they have actually done so."

"Unfortunately," said Harry. "He does have a point. As a Lord of two houses, do I have two seats on the Wizengamot? Wait a moment. It was said that they were going to cause an accident for me. Isn't that premeditated murder or something?"

"That is something that we CAN expel them for," said Kingsley nodding at Harry. "At the moment, they will be placed in the care of their father until we can get to the bottom of it all."

"Yes," said Amelia quickly answering his first question. "That means you have two votes. The Potters were also on the Board of Governors of Hogwarts. There are twelve governors total. The Bones', Longbottoms, and Malfoys are also on the Board. Now that Lucius is in prison with proof of being a Death Eater and for breaking and entering into the Ministry of Magic he will no longer be allowed to act as Head of House for the Malfoy name. That means that Draco will inherit and Narcissa will act as proxy until he turns seventeen."

"Send word to the other governors that as Lord Potter, I am taking my place on the Board and of course on the Wizengamot," said Harry. "I want Albus Dumbledore fired from his post as Headmaster and I want him buried in Azkaban for what he has done to me. This will include theft, and fourteen years of abuse, that I have suffered at the hands of the Dursleys. That will include returning everything that he has stolen from me with interest. While I don't want Mr. Weasley to replace the money that the Weasleys got from my vaults, I want Dumbledore to do it instead."

"You can't do that," said Albus. "You will do what I tell you or I will make you sorry you were ever born."

With that Albus left the room in a swish of robes before anyone could stop him. Kingsley left to inform the Aurors that arrest warrants were to be placed on Albus Dumbledore and Molly Weasley. Amelia took her leave as well. She had many things that she had to get covered. Arthur was standing there looking at Ron and Ginny. He had a disgusted look on his face. Harry waved his hand and smiled at Arthur who nodded and grabbed each child by their arms and dragged them from the room.

Tonks left as well to assist the Aurors with their investigation as well as get to work with the team to bring Molly in. She placed the cuffs around the Weasley matriarch's wrists and then left with her. Andromeda sat back and waited for Harry to get his mind fully going. Ragnok and Griphook were already taking notes and were filling in the proper contracts.

"I want to make sure I have this right," said Harry to what was left of the group. "As Head of the Black family I can dissolve marriages and things like that correct?"

"That is correct," said Narcissa nodding her elegant head. "It is your decision as to who is in the family and who isn't. You may also do the same with the Potter family as well. Those that you want to add to the family will be added and those that you want to dismiss from the family lies within your rights as well."

Amelia came back into the room followed by Cornelius Fudge. Harry nodded to both and the group got to work.

"I would like input from everyone," said Harry. "I am new to all of this and I want to make sure I do it properly."

"Whatever we can do to help," said Hermione speaking for everyone. "We are all here for you. All you have to do is ask. If it is within our power, we will do what is needed."

Harry look curiously at Cornelius who nodded his head in agreement. At a quick glance, everyone else was nodding at Hermione's words as well. Harry smiled at everyone before he began.

"I would like to formally press charges against Dolores Umbridge," said Harry. "Andromeda Black Tonks will be my lawyer. I am doing it for the torture she put me through during the school year. I will provide memories for you all to view of me having to write lines in my own blood as punishment for her preconceived misdeeds."

"Are you telling me she had you use a Blood Quill as a form of detention?" asked a very angry Amelia. "That is against the law as that is a dark object."

"Yes," said Harry showing her his hand. "She did it to me more than once during the course of the school year."

"Think of the memory Lord Potter," said Severus formerly pulling his wand. "I will extract it from your head for you."

Harry played the memories in his head and Severus pulled them out and placed them in vials. Once he had them, he handed them over to the Head of the DMLE.

"Minister Fudge," said Harry pinning the man with a glaze. "How would you like to hold onto your spot as Minister for a long time?"

"What do you mean?" asked Cornelius with a guilty look. "What are you thinking?"

"I can help you keep your spot as Minister for a long time if you listen to what I have to say and help me," said Harry. "It is important that you all listen to what I have to say as between Dumbledore and Voldemort, they are tearing our world apart. If you do that, I can assure that the country will bounce back from all of this and you will be a well remembered Minister instead of someone that turned their back on the country and let Dumbledore and Voldemort bring it to ruins."

"I am listening to what you have to say," said Cornelius. "My actions in the past were abysmal and I should have known better. Please tell us what we need to do to better our world. You have the full might of the Ministry to assist you in any way that we can."

"First things first," said Harry looking to Narcissa and Draco. "I, Lord Harry James Potter-Black, hereby reinstate Narcissa and Draco to the Black family tree. I hereby annul the marriage between Narcissa Black and Lucius Malfoy. As Head of the Black family, I hereby place Draco Malfoy in charge of the Malfoy family vaults. Also as Head of the Black family, I ask Narcissa Black to act as my voice on the Wizengamot for the Black family seat."

"You would do that for me?" asked a shocked Narcissa. "I have taken the Dark Mark. I will admit that I did it against my will, but I did it to protect my son."

Harry walked calmly over to Narcissa and gently took her arm. He lifted the sleeve of her robes and hissed in Parseltongue "dispel this curse". He had the satisfaction of seeing the Dark Mark disappear from her arm.

"There," he said. "You no longer carry the Dark Mark. You are free once again."

Narcissa forgot all about the pureblood ways as she wept in front of everyone. Andromeda walked over to console her sister.

"I haven't taken the Dark Mark," said Draco showing his arm. "I was supposed to soon, but now that I have your protection, I won't have to."

"As the Head of the Black family, I hereby dissolve the marriage of Bellatrix Black Lestrange from Rudolphus Lestrange," said Harry going into his stride again. "All monies that were part of her dowry are to be returned to the Black family vaults."

Griphook and Ragnok both had malicious smiles on their faces. This was what they were waiting for. The more Harry spoke the more powerful he became. Both goblins could see his magic destroying all blocks and inhibiters on him. Dobby, Winky, and Kreacher were all nodding at the power that was emanating from their Master. Harry glanced at the two goblins who nodded that they were ready for him to continue.

"I hereby dismiss Bellatrix from the Black family tree," said Harry once more. "Narcissa was redeemable, but Bella will never leave the side of Tom Riddle."

The magic was flaring left and right in the room. Even Dan and Emma Granger could feel it pouring off of Harry in waves. Draco sat back and watched all of this with glee in his eyes.

"All books that are in each of my properties are to be sent to Gringotts so that they may be looked at, sorted, and stored," said Harry. "As bad as this may sound, I don't want any to be destroyed. I know that some of them from the Black family properties will be dark, but they are valuable texts and we can learn how to oppose the Dark Arts with these books."

Cornelius and Amelia both nodded their heads in agreement of this statement. Harry was not as dim as people thought. Severus and Minerva were watching the young man with pride. Hermione was glowing with happiness.

"Malfoy Manor is to be GIVEN to Draco Malfoy AFTER, and only after, all dark objects and books are removed," said Harry. "No offense Draco, but I don't want you to back slide. One Dark Lord trying to kill me is enough."

"None taken," said Draco. "You may want to check under the drawing room floor as that is where father keeps his hidden stash. What are we going to do about my betrothal contract to Pansy Parkinson? I do not wish to marry her."

"As Head of your House, I hereby annul all marriage contracts for you Draco," said Harry smiling. "You are now free to marry whomever you wish."

"Thank you," whispered Draco. "I will not betray you or let you down again."

"Professor Snape," said Harry turning to the man. "Would you like for me to remove your Dark Mark?"

Severus didn't bat an eyelid as he walked over and held out his arm to Harry. Harry quickly removed the mark and was thanked profusely for his actions.

"I would like for Professor Snape to act as my proxy on the Wizengamot for House Potter," said Harry to the astonishment of the room. "We may have a rocky past, but he has always looked out for what was right when it came to my well being."

"Are you sure?" asked a very shocked Severus. "I was not exactly the nicest person towards you. I have said and done things in the past that are not exactly the nicest or in the best interest of your person."

"Were you not my mother's childhood friend?" asked Harry and saw the man nod. "Well then my way is clear. I would be honored for you to do so. Who is the new Chief Warlock?"

"Well technically that would go to you," said Amelia. "With criminal charges being pressed on Dumbledore it automatically takes away his position. You have the most power and the most influence. As a holder of two seats, you have the most power to hold the position. However, there is no reason why you can't put someone of your choosing in the post. So basically, it depends on what you want and what the Wizengamot as a whole agrees to."

"Something tells me that Lord Potter has more than that," said Griphook ominously. "We still haven't done a heritage check on him. What we find may very well surprise us all."

"Does the Wizengamot have to convene for all of this to take place?" asked Harry. "I don't want to step on anyone's toes in the process of trying to make my status in the Wizarding World known."

"I am afraid so," said Cornelius as Amelia nodded her head. "We can deal with this another day if you like. You don't have to do this all at once."

"Thank you," said Harry. "I have other things that I need to do here in Gringotts before we deal with that. My mind is going so fat right now that I feel like it will fall out of my skull."

"Let's get your heritage test done," suggested Ragnok. "This way we know exactly what we are dealing with."

Harry quickly agreed and the equipment was quickly set up. Ragnok pulled out a gold pin and pricked his finger letting the blood flow to the charmed parchment on the desk. When three drops hit, they sat back and waited. The names and information started to appear on the parchment.

Harry James Potter

Head of Black Family by inheritance

Head of Potter Family by birthright

Head of Slytherin Family by conquest

Head of Gryffindor by birthright (Patriarchal)

Head of Ravenclaw by birthright (Matriarchal)

Head of Peverell family by birthright (Patriarchal)

Head of Emrys family by birthright (Patriarchal and Matriarchal)

Everyone gasped at the parchment. Both goblins and all three elves bowed until their noses touched the floor. Everyone else in the room all stood and bowed low or curtsied to him. Harry sat in his chair astounded.

"What does this information mean?" he asked. "I can understand the Potter family and the Black parts, but I didn't know I was related to the founders. I thought my mum was a muggleborn."

"Apparently she wasn't," said Griphook passively. "Please give us a few moments Lord Emrys. We have a few things that we have to attend before this meeting can continue. We will bring lunch for everyone."

With that, both goblins left the room swiftly. A couple of moments later, a couple of goblins brought refreshments for all in attendance. Not many were speaking as they were digesting what was going on. It was not long before Griphook and Ragnok returned with a buggy that had items in it. They handed Fred and George a shrunken trunk as well as one to Amelia and another to Minerva. Ragnok placed six ring boxes on the desk in front of Harry. Everyone watched as he quietly opened each box and placed each ring on his fingers.

"You are now the owner of Hogwarts," said Hermione. "You are head of three of the founder's houses and therefore, you don't need the Board of Governors to dismiss Dumbledore. You have the authority to do that all on your own."

"This also means that you have unmatched authority in the Wizengamot," said Amelia. "You will have to come before the Wizengamot and inform them of what you want done. You have the most seats and the most power. No one will be able to dispute you."

"I have all of this power and I don't want it," said Harry sadly looking at all the rings adorning his fingers. "I will go before the Wizengamot and tell them what I would like to happen. Professor McGonagall and Professor Snape, will you both go with me? Hermione, Draco, Narcissa and Andromeda I would like you there as well."

"We will be," said Hermione speaking for everyone. "We are going to help you through all of this. Each of us in this room has your best interest at heart. We will be there for you until the very end."

"I think that it best we get the rest of Gringotts business out of the way and then let Lord Emrys get some rest," suggested Griphook.

"I don't want any of this to get to the papers," said Harry looking at Cornelius and Amelia. "My heritage needs to stay quiet. What I will inform the Wizengamot will be hard enough, but I want to keep it out of the public. I want to have a normal life for once and I intend to get it. If push comes to shove, I will buy the Daily Prophet to make sure that my wishes are seen to. Do I have any properties in the United States?"

"You own the Charles Xavier School for the gifted and the property that it is on in New York," said Griphook looking down the list. "You also own property in Colorado, Louisiana, Tennessee, and Hawaii."

"Are you leaving us Harry?" asked Hermione. "Are you leaving England?"

"I want it all to end," said Harry with tears in his eyes. "I took my OWLS. I can very easily attend another school and learn there as well. I am a legal adult here and I would like some peace for once in my life."

"What about the Dark Lord?" Cornelius asked. "The prophecy states that you are the one that has to kill him. You can't very well forget about all of that."

"The Prophecy is a fake," said Ragnok. "The only reason that Lord Emrys is designed to kill him is due to something that I think he wishes to impart to you all tomorrow. If I am not mistaken, I think he has one more thing he wants us to do before we close it for today."

"Is there a magical community in New York?" asked Harry.

"Just about every state in the United States has a small magical community in it," said Ragnok smiling at the young Lord. "All branches of Gringotts are interconnected magically, so you can use each one and still access your vaults. They are vaults one, ten, fifteen, sixteen, and seventeen as well as one hundred twelve and two hundred three. Your trust vault has been moved to your family vaults."

"I want Griphook to personally oversee all of my accounts," said Harry decisively. "Narcissa and Draco already have Malfoy Manor. Fred and George can have Grimmauld Place once it is cleaned out. Have another five hundred thousand galleons placed in their vault. I will be a silent partner. That should be enough to make sure that they don't need supplies anytime soon. Number Four Privet is to be given to Hermione when she turns of age. She can do with it what she wants. All of my other properties in Europe are to be sold with the exception of Potter Castle. The rest is something that can be dealt with tomorrow during the meeting with the Wizengamot. Is it possible for Ragnok and Griphook to come with us to the meeting?"

"There is no problem with that provided they are free at the time," said Cornelius looking at Amelia. "We have never had a goblin there, but there is no law saying they aren't allowed. It just hasn't been done before."

"Well then," said Harry looking to the two goblins who nodded in acceptance. "I shall see everyone tomorrow morning. Can we convene at ten in the morning?"

"That sounds good," said Amelia. "I will have everything ready for you by then."

"We shall set up a place for you here," said Ragnok. "This way you don't have any unexpected surprises waiting for you when you leave. We shall have an armed escort of goblins to assist you in arriving safely to the Ministry. I assume that your elves are going to be with you."

"Yes," said Harry. "Kreacher do you want to stay with me or would you rather have Fred and George as your Master?"

"Kreacher is staying with the Lord Black," said the elf bowing. "Kreacher will miss his Mistress, but Kreacher is bound to the Lord of the house."

"Then you will have to wear a uniform like Dobby and Winky," said Harry. "We are going to be moving to the United States. I need someone to contact the Headmaster of the school in New York."

"We will take care of it all for you," assured Griphook. "By the time we are done, you will have the contacts, all documents needing to be signed, all passports and documents that you will need as well as all contracts that will await your signature. There is one last thing that we need you to do. In this last trunk, there are some beings that need you to touch them so that they may hatch."

"What are they?" asked Harry curiously opening the trunk and spying two eggs in it.

"This one is a phoenix's egg," said Severus pointing to the reddish egg. "If I am not mistaken this one is a Gryphon's egg. Where did they come from?"

"They were in the Emrys vault," said Griphook as Harry touched each egg and watched as they hatched. "They were waiting for the heir of Emrys to come for them before they hatched. They will be very loyal and they will be there for you."

"Hermione," said Harry. "Take some money from my account and get books on both so that I know how to take care of them until they can do it themselves."

"That won't be necessary," said Griphook. "These two will instinctively know what to do to provide for them selves. Both are raptorial and will be able to provide their own food once they grow a bit. For now, you just have to feed them meat and of course fruits and vegetables for the phoenix. They are rather independent creatures once they are out of the infantry stages."

Harry was already bonding with the two creatures. Both bit him and tasted his blood. Harry waited patiently as the magic bonded them together. When it was done, Severus healed Harry's cuts for him. From there, the group all split up and left. Harry was taken to some sumptuous rooms by Griphook.

"I would like to go shopping in the alley today," said Harry. "Is it possible to get a small guard to follow me discretely while I make some purchases?"

"I shall have them assembled in ten minutes," assured Ragnok. "I will ask that you take your elves with you. They will be able to assist in your protection."

Harry nodded in acceptance and took the debit card that was handed to him. He knew that it was linked to all of his vaults. True to the goblins word, there was a group of ten goblin warriors assigned to Harry. They followed him into the alley.

The first stop Harry made was to the luggage store. Once inside he explained to the proprietor what he was looking for. It was not long before Harry had a trunk that was self expanding to fit anything that Harry wanted in it. From there, he went to Flourish and Blotts and started browsing around. It was not long before he had a stack of books that he wanted piled high on the counter in front of the clerk. Dobby and Winky made sure that he was not buying something that he already owned, while Kreacher was assisting with the organization of the books. From there, Harry went to the apothecary store and stocked up on all of his potions ingredients that he would need. Dobby handled the vials carefully and made sure that each and every one was safely stored away for later use. From there, Harry went to the pet store where he bought a new perch for Hedwig and a second one for his new phoenix that he fondly named Fyre. Harry chuckled at the difference in the spelling of the word fire. He had named the gryphon Dusty.

What Harry did not know was that secretly the goblins were able to stop two separate attacks on Harry. Neither party was aiming to kill him, but they wanted him captured and brought to a holding cell so that he could be Obliviated and then brought under that person's control. When it was all said and done, Harry had new robes, regular clothes, a wand holster, and many other supplies that he needed. He and his party headed back to Gringotts where he and his three elves settled down for the evening.

AUTHOR'S NOTE – I hope that this story is starting to make sense to you all. I will work gradually to Harry getting where he needs to be. Decisions are made solely with a purpose. I like throwing you all off with the attitudes of people. X-Men are coming up in the next chapter.