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Without a doubt

Chapter 1

Tired, cold and pain were just some of the feelings she was experiencing.

She was barefoot running from the man she had just killed, the man that had kidnapped her two years ago, the man that turned his back to her for a minuet giving her an ample opportunity to strike him so he fell the floor them beat him to death with her bare hands.

She was not only running away from her kidnapper but most importantly she was running to the one man that always made her feel safe. He didn't make her feel safe because he had a gun and knew how to use it but because he was so strong and had a comforting presence that only he could give her, he didn't have to say or do anything just knowing he was there and that he would always have her back was enough.

She stopped for a moment to catch her breath. She looked around and realised she was luck that it was two in the morning so there was no one around. If anyone had seen her they probably would have thought she was crazy and needed serious medical help. She was covered in cuts and bruises. Her hair was long and knotty and seriously needed to be washed and her hands were covered in a mixture of her and her kidnapper's blood. She started walking again after realising that the second kidnapper could be out looking for her so it was better to keep moving.

She just hoped that who she was going to see would believe her. She would soon find out.

Leroy Jethro Gibbs was tiered physically and mentally. He and his team got a hard case. It involved a marine's wife who had red hair and green eyes and reminded the team of the women they had lost two years ago.

A women to some was a mother figure and to others a friends and partner but to him she was so much more. She just didn't know it.

He drank the remaining drops of bourbon in his mug then refilled it and took a healthy gulp. Everything reminded him of her. When he had first introduced her to bourbon and how her nose scrunched up after tasting it for the first time and how cute he had thought she looked. The number of times she had come down to his basement to talk to him and all he wanted to do was tell her how much he loved her and to kiss her till the end of time. But then he was too stubborn to let his heart speak instead of his head.

Gibbs was brought from his thought by a figure standing in his door way. He turned to them and shook his head. He couldn't believe what he was seeing.

He made his way up the stairs just in time to catch them as they fell.

"Jen" Gibbs said as he caught her in his arms.

It was her. Her hair was longer and the blond had grown out and she had lost a lot of weight but it was her. It has his Jenny.

He carried what felt like her what felt like weight less body up stairs to his bedroom and placed her gently down on his bed.

He paced for a while not sure what to do until he decided to call the only other person he could think off and he could trust not to tell anyone.

"Hey Gibbs do we have a case?" Ziva whispered after being woken by her phone ringing.

"I need you at my house, come alone" Gibbs said before hanging up the phone.

Ziva slipped out of bed when she was stopped by someone grabbing her wrist. "Tony let go Gibbs needs me" Ziva giggle into the Italians ear.

"Why didn't he call me" Tony said pouting and kissing her wrist before letting it go.

"I don't know" Ziva said before pulling Tony's old Ohio state jumper over her head and then changing into something that didn't scream 'me and Tony are breaking rule twelve' to Gibbs

"Sweet dreams my little hairy but" Ziva whispered into the sleepy Italians ear before going to kiss him on the cheek but he moved so she ended up kissing him on the lips then Ziva got into her mini and drove to Gibbs's house.

Ziva was met at the front door by Gibbs. "Thanks for coming" Gibbs said as she entered his house.

"It was nothing, what is the problem" Ziva said wanting to go back to her and Tony's apartment so she could be in his embrace.

Gibbs started walking up the stairs and motioned for her to follow him. He stopped out-side his bedroom door. "I know this sounds crazy but is it me or is that Jenny" He said opening the door and pointing to the past out red head on his bed.

Ziva crept over so to get a closer look at the women without disturbing her. "It's…I…how" Ziva stuttered.

"I don't know she just appeared at the top of my basement stairs…but uh it is Jenny I'm not going crazy" Gibbs said moving to crouch next to Ziva in front of the women.

"Without a doubt" Ziva said not taking her eyes off of the women.


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