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Chapter 61

Five years later….

Jenny Gibbs woke up feeling the sun shine through the curtains and land on her face. She groaned in protest but she was awake and lately once she was awake she couldn't go back to sleep.

She rolled over and realised that her husband's arms where still around her waist from when they had fallen asleep the night before. Jenny sat up slightly pushing her red curls out of her face and smiled at the date on the clock.

It was five years to the day of the car accident, five years to the day of Krissy entering the world, of Gibbs and Jenny's lives changing for the better.

She laid her head next to her husbands and looked at him while he slept noticing how he hadn't changed much in five years. His hair was a bit greyer and had another wrinkle or two but he was still her sexy gruff marine who was the best father and husband she could ever ask for.

Just then she noticed he began to stir beside her. Jenny smiled watching as Gibbs lifted a hand from her waist and ran it down his face then opened his sleepy blue eyes and then looked up to her and smiled before saying "Morning".

"Morning" she said leaning down and giving him a good morning kiss, it was like this every morning and neither of them would change it.

All of a sudden the sound of footsteps could be heard outside their bedroom door before it was swung open revealing the birthday girl, holding BunBun under her arm and grinning before she ran over to them and jumped on the bed "Morning Angel" Gibbs said kissing the top of her head as she snuggled in between her parents.

Jenny then noticed a head poke around the door way "Morning Jasper" she called and a minute later the three year old boy in question came running in and headed straight for his dad.

Jasper had been a welcome surprise. He was the spitting image of his father in every way. His dark hair and bright blue eyes, even the cheeky smile but then every now and then when Jenny looked at him she would notice her father in him.

"M'nin dad'n mama " he said in his toddler talk he then turned to his big sister "Hppy b'day Kwis" he said trying leaning over and giving her a wet sloppy kiss on the cheek which his sister wiped off immediately.

"Yes Happy birthday sweetie" Jenny said giving her daughter a one armed hug.

"When is Tibby coming?" Krissy asked looking at her parents beside her.

"Soon, but first why don't you get dressed and meet us down stairs and your dad will make you whatever you want for breakfast, you too Jasper" she said with a smile. Both children very excited by what she had said.

Both children nodded eagerly before leaving their parents alone and going to their own rooms to get ready for the party that they were throwing for Krissy later on.

Once left alone Gibbs turned to his wife "Dad will make them whatever they want?" he questioned her with a slight smirk.

"Yeah you do that while I get Carry up" She said with a smile as she slipped out of the bed and grabbed her dressing gown and put it on before heading out of the room fully aware of her husband's eyes on her so she added a bit more of a sway to her hips.

Gibbs ran a hand down his face before shaking his head and slipping on his favourite red hoddie before padding downstairs and getting a head start on the day. He wanted to get it perfect for Krissy.


Jenny walked into the nursery which had been the same one that Krissy and Jasper had used.

It was still the same as when Gibbs and the team had place it into the room, it had been given a lick of paint so the walls were now a soft cream colour but the cot was the exact same, still painted white with the carefully painted flowers on it.

Four month old Carolyn Gibbs lay in her crib, she had red fluffy curls on the top of her head, she had green eyes just like her mother in fact everyone said she was the spitting image of her mother, not that Jenny would admit it. Most of the family with the exception of Ducky called her Carry, she was named after Jenny's mother, whom had died when she was very young.

"Hey baby" the mother said picking up her third child out of the bed and bringing her over to the same rocking chair she had used with Jasper and of course Krissy.

As the two redheads rocked back and forth in the hand crafted wooden chair Jenny felt another presents in the room. She looked up and smiled at the sight of the third redhead. "Do you like my dress mummy?" Krissy asked spinning around in her dress, it was pink and sparkly with puffy sleeves.

"You look beautiful sweetie" Jenny said motioning for her oldest daughter to come over the five year old smiled before walking skipping over to her mother and sister.

"After your done with Carry can you do my hair for me?" She asked looking over he mother's shoulder and at her little sister who was sitting comfortably in her mother's arms.

"Of course, I'll just change her and I'll be in, in a minute" jenny said lifting a free hand and touching her daughters cheek.

Krissy nodded before walking out of her room almost running into her father in the process. She gave him a small smile before walking past him and going to her room.

Jenny turned and saw her husband in the door way "Hey Carry" he said walking over to Jenny and his daughter and taking the little baby from her mother's arms "How are you this morning?" he asked beginning to bounce the girl up and down.

"She's fine" Jenny said lightly touching the top of the baby's nose making her giggle.

"I'll change her you can help Krissy get ready, Jasper is already down stairs eating his cereal" he said giving his wife a kiss on the cheek.

"You're a life saver you know that" she said to him before walking out of the room and heading to their other daughters next door.

Krissy had now slipped on a pair of pink sparkly fairy wings to make her outfit complete. "How do you want your hair?" she asked picking up the brush from her vanity table.

"Pigtails like aunty Abby" she said excitedly, Jenny nodded before grabbing to hair ties off the table she had got the brush and began to put her hair into pigtails.

Five minutes later Jenny walked into the kitchen and smiled at her son who was sitting with an empty bowl in front of him and was drinking the last of his juice form his favourite sippy-cup.

She ran a hand through his hair as she walked past him making him look at her and smile. Jasper watched his mother as she poured to mugs of coffee and took a sip from one. "did you sign your card already?" Jenny asked wondering if her husband had remembered to get him to do it before they began working on the boat together.

"Yup" he said with a smile, his bright blue eyes sparkling just like her husbands did on very rare occasions.

A knock at the door broke Jenny from her thoughts. She looked at her watch and new immediately who it was.

As she walked past her son he hopped out of his seat and followed her to the door. She opened the door and smiled at the sight of her father in law.

"Grandpa" Jasper yelled running into the older Gibbs's arms.

"Hey sport" he said hugging his grandson tightly "My haven't we grown into the spitting image of your father" he said looking the little boy up and down.

"Cool" the little boy said making Jenny let out a small giggle as she walked past Jack who followed the little boy into the living room and grabbed his bag putting it at the bottom of the stairs before following the two boys.

"Hey Jack" she said giving him a kiss on the cheek "How was your flight?" she asked.

"It was fine, how's things with Carry?" he asked no having seen her in person since she was two weeks old, of course he had been sent pictures and emails but they weren't the same.

"She's great, getting bigger by the day, Jethro should be down in a minute" and just as she finished what she was saying the birthday girl walked into the room. "Grandpa" she said excitedly jumping onto him.

"Happy birthday sweet pea" he said kissing the top of her head.

"Thank you" she said with a million watt smile as she settled next to her brother on the sofa who turned and looked at her, she gust sent him a glare as to say 'what you looking at'.

Gibbs's footsteps could then be heard coming down the stairs so Jack stood up so that he could greet his son.

His son walked in and smiled at him "Hi Leroy" he said sending him a warm genuine smile.

"Hi Dad" he said giving him a smile before offering the little redhead in his arms to him "You wanna hold her?" he asked , the older Gibbs nodded eagerly before taking Carry carefully in his arms.

He looked down at his granddaughter and couldn't believe how beautiful she was, the pictures he had been sent really didn't do her justice. "I know I've said this before but she really does take after her mother" he said tickling the little girl's chest.

"She sure does" Gibbs said putting an arm around Jenny's waist, pulling her close and kissing the side of her head making Jenny smile.

An hour later after Jasper and Krissy had rambled on to their Grandpa about all the latest things that had happened in their life and Jenny and Gibbs had got everything ready for the family gathering that was happening the celebrate Krissy's birthday, the doorbell rang.

"I'll get it" Gibbs said walking to the door.

"Hey Gibbs" Abby said with a cheery smile, balancing the one year old Zoe McGee on her hip. Tim was standing next to his wife with their three year old son Tyler.

Both children had Tim's sandy hair and Abby's green eyes, they were the perfect mix of their parents.

"Hey Abs thanks for coming you too Tim" he said giving Abby a kiss on the cheek.

"Hey Uncle Gibbs" Tyler said with a smile that was just so Abby, as he walked into the house.

"Hey Buddy, Jaspers in the lounge if you wanna seem him" Gibbs said ruffling his nephews hair before the little boy ran off in search of his best friend, soon the sound of the boys talking quickly and their laughter filled the house.

"Boy's no running in the house" Jenny said smiling at the two friends as they played together, before seeing Abby, Tim and Zoe taking their coats off. "Hey Abs" she said with a smile before looking at the girl in her arms "Haven't you grown" she said looking at Zoe who waved a little hand at her auntie.

"She has, sometimes can't believe Tyler is three already, let alone Krissy and Tibby being five, they will be leaving for collage before you know it" Tim said with a smile as he took his daughter from his wife's hands so she could take her coat off.

"Don't remind me" Jenny said with a slight chuckle before moving into the lounge with the three McGee's behind her.

"Hey Jack" Abby said excitedly at seeing the sight of the older Gibbs sitting in the arm chair as Jenny took Carry from him.

"Why hello Abby" he said standing up to greet the Goth.

The doorbell rang again "I'll get it" Jenny said taking Carry with her to the door. All of a sudden she couldn't help but feel a flashback to the last time she had brought a baby to the door.

"Jen you ok?" Gibbs's voice brought her back to reality as he put a comforting arm on her shoulder.

"Yeah I'm fine" she said giving him a weak smile "You should get back to the others" she continued after hearing the doorbell ring for a second time.

He nodded before placing a kiss on her forehead and then joining the others in the lounge. Jenny opened the door and smiled at the sight of Ducky on the doorstep holding a rectangle present. "Hi Ducky thanks for coming" she said kissing his cheek before letting him in.

"I wouldn't miss it" he said taking his hat off. "How is Carolyn?" he asked looking at the redhead baby in Jenny's arms.

"She doing great, do you want to hold her?" She asked motioning for him to take her.

"Yes please" he said taking the little girl before wandering into the lounge to meet the others.

Just as Ducky had disappeared, the door bell sounded again. The redhead took a deep breath before walking to the door and opening it again. There stood the DiNozzo family all four of them, five year old Tibby standing in front of her father, looking much like Ziva with her hair tied back showing her widows peek but had her father's soft hazel eyes. In Ziva's arms was the latest addition to the family three month old Rio DiNozzo, who had his mother's skin and chocolate brown eyes but had little curls of light brown hair on his head much like Tony's.

"Shalom Jen" Ziva said with a smile.

"Shalom Ziva" Jenny said with a smile letting the family of four in.

""Hi Jenny" Ton greeted as he helped Tibby off with her purple coat before helping Ziva with hers.

"Shalom Aunty Jen" Tibby greeted with her DiNozzo grin.

"You look more pretty every time I see you Tibby" Jenny said looking the little girl up and down before she saw Krissy and ran up to her best friend giving her a hug.

Once everyone was settled, Ducky and Jack on each of the arm chairs, Tim and Abby on the sofa, Zoe on her father's lap, next to them Ziva and Tony with Rio snuggling into his mother and Jenny and Gibbs where on the two seater sofa with Carry situated in-between them. Krissy, Tibby, Tyler and Jasper all sat on the floor with the pile of presents in front of Krissy, who was now thanks to Abby wearing a big badge that 'said '5 today'.

"Ok Kris, who present you gunna open first?" Gibbs asked his daughter sending her a smile.

"Um this one" Krissy said pulling one off the top of the small mound and read the tag "It's from Abby, Tim, Zoe and Tyler" she said looking at them as she said their names.

Quickly the wrapping paper was torn off "Cool' Krissy said holding up the stripy socks that Abby had known she had wanted and then there were also some new hair ties to complete her Abby look having already got the skirt and t-shirt for Christmas "Thanks guys" she said hugging each and one of them.

She then pulled out the next package "It from Grandpa Ducky" she then began to open it and smiled at the book she had been given, it was a copy of Alice in wonderland something she had been looking at when Ducky had taken her and Jasper to the book shop. She ran up to him and gave him a hug and whispered "It's just what I wanted".

"It was my pleasure my dear" he said giving her a kiss on the forehead before she walked back to her seat.

The next was from the DiNozzo family. They had given her the classic Disney Princess collection on DVD. Which made Gibbs not very happy; he knew what they would be watching tonight and every night forever onwards.

There was only one present on the pile left, the little redhead picked it up and read it "It's from Grandpa Jack" she said walking over to him and he tapped his knee and she climbed on top.

Jack and the others watched as she opened the wrapping paper to reveal a long, narrow velvet box, as soon as Gibbs saw it he knew what was coming and he didn't mind at all.

"I was going to wait until you were a little older but I really wanted you to have it" Jack said as Krissy opened the velvet box to reveal a heart shaped locket with the initials KG in curly calligraphy engraved in it, on a sliver chain. Krissy just started at it in wonder. "It belonged to your grandmother I think she would have wanted you to have it".

"Thanks grandpa" the little redhead said turning and kissing him on the cheek.

Gibbs knew that the locket was going to be Kelly's when she was eighteen, but it sounded better going with Krissy as it had belonged to the woman she had been named after. Jenny looked over at her husband and saw the glazed look in his eyes, she reached over and put her hand in his and gave it a reassuring squeeze he turned and smiled at her before looking to their other who was sitting in-between them and tickling her tummy making Carry let out a small giggle.

Krissy then went and sat back down next to Tibby who she showed the necklace too. "Time for your last present, from me and Jasper" Gibbs said standing up making Krissy's eyes widen.

"But you already bought me the dress" she said confused at her father who just smiled at her before walking out of the room as Jasper got up and ran after his father. Krissy looked to Jenny confused who just shrugged her shoulders, she had no idea what her husband had for her.

Then Jasper opened the door as his father walked in holding something heavy by the look on his face before setting it on the floor. In front of his oldest daughter "Before you open it I want to warn you that Jasper and I made you this, ok" he said looking at his son with a smile before going back over to his wife.

"What have you and Jasper made?" Jenny whispered into his ear as Krissy began to carefully unwrap the present, sensing it was something special.

Everyone except the people who made it couldn't believe their eyes. It was most defiantly something special. They had made her a wooden dolls house, something Krissy had wanted for ages, she had the dolly's he just needed the house and here it was.

"You made this?" Jenny said looking at it then to the two boys who had been spending all their spare time in the basement and here was the reason why.

"Yah huh" Jasper said with a proud smile.

"Thank you" Krissy said jumping up from her seat and running to her father with open arms and hugging him tightly.

"Anything for you angel" he said kissing the top of his daughters head before letting her go.

The little redhead then gave her brother a half-hearted hug before going over to her little sister "One day you and me can play together, right daddy" she said smiling to her father who nodded.

"Who's for cake" Jenny said making all the kids jump up and down and even Tony, before running to get cake.

"Don't get any on the carpet this time" Tim said from his seat making everyone laugh.

From that moment on Gibbs knew his life was going to be ok, all their lives were.

Jenny arriving at his doorstep six years ago had been like a gift from the Gods and he knew he would never take that for granted. For once in his life he was certain, this is where he was meant to be, with Jenny their kids and the rest of their make shift family.

His life was changed for the better. Without a doubt it was.

The end…

I know to some of you it's just a stupid story, but to me without a doubt is a mile stone for me, it marks where my writing changed and got so much better. The Funny thing is that it was my 13th story so I guess it wasn't so unlucky.

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