Hello all im gunna keep this short and simple. So here is another story from me. I will try my best to get chapters out for Death's Shadow, Can you Exercise the Devil? and Double crossed with blood. This story was in my mind so here it is. I hope you like it so far,

-I don't own Danny Phantom or Teen titans … STUPID! :P

Chapter 1:


The white haired boy ran, his strength began to leave him as he entered the large city. His speed slowed and his pursuer began to close the gap between them. The man in white pulled out his guns, "Stop Phantom, you are under arrest for murder," he pulled the trigger. The bullet left the gun and hit the fugitive in the left thigh causing him to yelp in pain and sprawl onto the concrete.

The man ran over to his target, gun cocked and ready to fire. Green eyes filled with pain, sorrow, and anger, looked up at him. "I didn't know." Phantom yelled as he shot the agent back with green ecto-energy. The agent's guns lay to close to Phantom.

He grabbed his head, as though in pain, "Gone. T-to late. Wrong pl-ace. Alone." he reached for the agent's gun. His gloved fingers curled around the handle. The man that lay on the ground turned toward Phantom eyes wide as the boy stood and pointed the gun at him. "Why? Just leave me alone!" the gun released the bullet.

Suddenly a black wall appeared between the agent and the bullet, stopping a murder. Phantom felt a small pinch on his arm. He looked down to find a dart had implanted itself into his right triceps. Suddenly the world around him began to blend, and he fell unconscious just five teens entered the scene.

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