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Chapter 2


Phantom opened his eyes slowly; he winced for the light was stale to his eyes. Out of instinct his arms moved to shield them, but were pulled back. The sound of clanging metal echoed throughout the small room. Terror ran through his veins and Phantom began jerking his arms, trying to break free of his bonds.

"Don't even bother. You're not going anywhere,"

Phantom's head snapped up at the sound of the voice. Standing on the other side of the metal table was a teen who donned a green, and red jumpsuit with a small black mask only big enough to cover his eyes. Phantom's eyes moved from the speaker to his what looked like an interrogation room. It was small, maybe 12X12. The walls and floor were the same cold steel, matching the table and chairs. The only light in the room was hanging above the table, illuminating Phantom and the teen.

His eyes moved back onto the speaker "W-who are you?" his voice was low and scratchy.

"My name is Robin," the teen stated this fact as though it was common knowledge.

The name did sound familiar in Phantom's mind, he though back until it came to him. He had seen that name years before in an old newspaper.

"You're that that Teen… Titans guy?" he questioned Robin, his voice began to return to normal with every word.

"Yes. Now, who are you?" Robin moved and sat down on the chair across from Phantom.

Phantom's eyes widened just a bit, before answering the boys question, "Rob… Steinman."

Robin looked at the boy, his gut told him something was off, and with every answer he got out of the boy them more that feeling would grow.

"Okay Rob, why were running from that man and why did you shoot him?"

Phantom stayed silence for a few minutes then began his answer, "He mistook me for someone… a really bad guy…. And he uhh wouldn't listen to me so I ran. I shot him because… because… self-defense. He shot me so umm I shot him," Phantom motioned to his thigh.

Robin just looked at Phantom, the kid's his story fit but at the same time didn't.

Robin opened his mouth to ask Phantom another question when his communicator went off.

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