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Lucy and Adriel entered the kitchen, laughing. The cook, Adriel's mother, turned to ask her son to quiet down, but stopped upon seeing Lucy.

"My Queen, is there something you require?", she asked.

"Christabel, I've said it before, call me Lucy, and yes. Bella, Gabriel's daughter, she needs a lot of care to get better after what Charlotte did to her. I wanted to make sure you know that she'll be dining with us from now on. So that's a total of twelve people for now.", Lucy replied, smiling slightly.

"Well then, I may need more help.", Christabel said softly.

"You know I always like to help in the kitchen, and my mum and Peter's girlfriend's stepmum are here. They'd help you out. Would you like me to ask them?", the young queen asked.

"Only if you insist, for I don't want to be any trouble to you.", Christabel replied, laughing slightly.

Lucy giggled and hurried off to find the Pevensie and Angelica matriarchs.

After searching most of the first floor, she found them in the ballroom.

"Confused, I take it?", she asked, causing the four to jump.

"Oh, Lucy, it's only you.", Helen said upon seeing her daughter.

"What room is this exactly?", Margaret asked.

"This is the only room in the magical room in the castle. It's the ballroom, but it changes depending on what the theme is supposed to be.", Lucy answered happily.

"Okay then, what can you tell me about the first time you came here?", Helen asked.

"Well, I only know parts of it. Some moments I wasn't there.", Lucy said in reply, not wanting her mother to know about Edmund's betrayal.

"Well, we can talk about that later on. One way or another, I'm going to find out.", Helen said glaring at no one in particular.

"I came to ask you something, Mum, Mrs. Angelica. Would you like to help in the kitchens? I am, but I thought I'd make sure no one else wanted to help as well.", Lucy replied, smiling innocently.

"I'd love to.", the women chorused.

Lucy smiled again and lead them off.

In Lucy's room...

Bella was leaned against Edmund, listening to a story about the Golden Age of Narnia.

"So Aunt Susie missed the bullseye the first time, but Aunt Lucy didn't?", Bella asked with a smile.

"Yep, any other questions?", Edmund responded.

"Just one thing.", she replied, sounding a lot older than four.

"What is it?", he asked, worried at the tone she took.

"Can you promise me you won't leave me when Daddy goes to heaven with Mommy?", she asked, the fear of loosing anyone else shining in her eyes.

"Bella, I told your daddy already, and I'm telling you now, if I go back to England, I'm taking you with me. I won't let anything happen to you. I promise you that I will never leave you like I did before.", Edmund whispered, kissing the top of the girl's head.

Bella didn't say anything, she just moved closer to Edmund and went back to sleep. Edmund soon followed his last thought stuck out clearly in his mind.

No one is going to take her away from me. Not a war, not any spies, and most definitely not Aslan.

A few hours later...

"So, let me get this straight, there is another prophecy out there?", Peter asked Caspian, for the fourth time.

"Yes, it tells of two girls, no more that a few months old; one who's is described as looking, well, almost like people like you, and the second is described to look almost Telmarineian. I don't remember it word for word, but it was created sometime around the beginning of the Golden Age. It should have been added to the book of prophecies, yes?", Caspian said, again.

"I'll need to look at the book, but I think it's dinner time.", Peter replied, seeing Lucy coming towards them.

"Time to eat!", she called to them.

"Well, Mum point blank refused to let us have any Brawn Peuerade, so it's Susan's favorite pasta, but I made sure Edmund got his favorite food. He'll be happy. We need to talk, just the four of us.", she said only thinking the last part.

"Yes, he will be. Caspian, go on ahead. I think Lucy needs to discuss an important matter with me.", Peter replied.

"We must find the others before we can speak on this matter.", Lucy whispered.

"Where did you see them last?", Peter whispered back as Caspian walked towards the dining room.

"Edmund is still in my room with Bella. Susan, well, I haven't seen her since I left with Aslan.", she replied, "Okay, you get Edmund, I'll try to find Susan, and we can meet in the throne room.", he replied, taking his seat on his throne and watching his baby sister run off.

"Susan, where are you?", he thought.

"On the second floor balcony, why?", she replied.

"Lucy says there's something we need to discuss and it's almost time for dinner.", Peter thought, while someone else's thoughts came into the conversation.

"Peter, Charlotte escaped!"

It was Edmund.

"How do you know that?", Peter asked hurriedly.

"I saw her running towards Beruna. The battle will be here within the week.", Edmund replied, trying to keep calm as to not alarm Bella.

"Well, I guess we'll have to tell them what they want to hear. What I was going to talk to the three of you about is Mum. She wants to know about our first trip here. She'll find out about the wars and Edmund and the Witch.", Lucy added, walking, with Edmund and Bella, into the throne room.

"It's a war now. We have to tell them. So, quick dinner then we get to bed early?", Susan replied, frowning as she walked up to them.

"Yes, let's get there before they begin to worry.", Peter stated, standing and making for the dinning room.

Dinner was rather different than the Pevensie parents, Angelica parents, Addison, Caylee, and Caspian would have thought. Bella, on the other hand, could tell the Kings and Queens were upset and worried, so she stayed silent and ate what her Aunt Lucy said she needed to. It was time for dessert before anyone spoke.

"Ed, don't forget your limit. One bowl full and that's it.", Lucy warned, seeing her brother smile widely at the sight of the Turkish Delight.

Edmund shot her a playful, half hearted glare, and Susan began to laugh, making Peter laugh, causing the other two to laugh.

"I know my limit, Lu, and I would be more than happy if we didn't have any hot chocolate with this.", he muttered.

"Don't worry, I made sure that we only have warm milk instead. Mum was curious, but I said it was just something we'd grown fond of while here.", Lucy whispered to him.

"Where'd you learn to lie so well and diplomatically?", he asked his sister curiously.

"I grew up with you, didn't I?", she responded, trying not to laugh.

"True, but I am not one to take all the credit, am I?", was the response he gave before he began to eat the Turkish Delight.

"Bella, are you okay?", Lucy asked the girl, sensing her worry.

"I don't know these people.", she muttered.

"I'm so sorry, dear, I forgot about that.", Lucy said suddenly, making the other ten people look their way.

"We forgot, didn't we?", Edmund asked his sister.

"What do you think? We can do introductions in the library after dinner. I have finished and I have somewhere I need to go. Please excuse me.", Lucy replied, standing up and sweeping from the room.

Lucy left the castle, after getting a silver cloak from her room, and made her way through the forest. She didn't stop until she reached a familiar wooden door in a wall of rock. Knocking lightly, she waited.

As the door opened, she smiled as a faun came into view.

"Hello, Mr. Tumnus. How have you been?", she asked.

The faun smiled and hugged the girl.

"I thought you were dead!", he said exasperatedly through his tears.

"I'm sure neither of us would want to die without telling the other one 'Goodbye' first.", Lucy replied with a laugh.

"I have to say you're right. I know I'd find a way to say goodbye to you. You are my best friend.", Tumnus replied, then he suddenly looked a bit upset.

"What is it?", Lucy asked.

"Did you walk here from Cair Paravell?", he asked as an answer.

"Yes, but only because I wasn't quite sure how Silver might act upon me being eight and a half years old again.", she replied as thought it was obvious.

"Fine, but since you're so young and tiny again, may I escort you back?", Tumnus asked, albeit a bit frustrated that he still couldn't win an argument with Lucy.

Taking Tumnus's arm, the Queen and the faun walked back to the castle.

Once their, Lucy could tell she had worried Peter and their mother.

"Lucille Catherine Pevensie, don't you ever scare me like that again!", Peter exclaimed, pulling his sister away from the faun the second he saw her.

"Peter, I was fine. I just went to see Mr. Tumnus, who escorted me back since it was getting late. I wasn't in any real danger, see.", she replied, pulling her cloak back a bit to reveal her dagger and cordial.

"Lucy, I don't care at the moment. I'm just glad that you didn't have to cross Beruna to get here.", the teenaged king said softly, tears welling up in his eyes.

"Peter, I'm not stupid enough to go into an area that is filled with people trying to kill me. Plus I try to avoid Beruna at all costs anyway. I don't like remembering how I nearly lost you boys that day.", Lucy replied, not remembering Tumnus and Helen were clueless as to the inevitable, and fast approaching, war.

"What?", the faun and the mother yelled.

"Maybe we should all sit down and talk this out. There's a lot about us you never knew, Mum.", Peter said calmly, walking towards the library.

"Peter Edward Pevensie, you get back here now! You started this, you're the one who wants her to know about what happened at Beruna, and you're going to tell her. Besides, I wasn't there until the end anyway.", Lucy snapped, making her brother freeze and backtrack to the throne room.

"Very well, Lucy, you win, again. We should all go to the library, though.", he muttered, sighing in defeat.

"No, we're going to stay right here. I'll go get the others, you get some chairs. Before you grouch about it, Mr. Tumnus will help you, right, Mr. Tumnus?", she replied, her tone deadly.

"Y-y-yes, I'll help.", the faun answered timidly, scared at the tone Lucy so rarely used.

"Good, now get to it!", she snapped, causing the two males to rush out of the room.

"Wow, Luce, I had no clue you could do that to your brother.", Helen mused.

"Sorry you had to see that, Mum. I'm not usually that cross with anyone. Peter just needs to realize I'm no longer a child. One might think he'd understand that much after fifteen years filled with wars, battles, uptight nobles, evil suitors, and Edmund teaching me how to lie in order to keep from causing trouble.", Lucy replied, making sure every word got through to Peter's mind.

"We should get the others now. Lucy, do tell me wha- I mean, who Mr. Tumnus is exactly.", Helen said, trying to ignore the comments Lucy made.

"Mr. Tumnus is a faun, Mum, and he's also my best friend. He was regent, so he took care of the kingdom while we were gone.", Lucy replied, giggling at her mother's slipup.

Helen nodded, not that she completely understood.

Twenty minutes later, all thirteen people were in the throne room, Bella looking a little sad; obviously she had just been told about Gabriel.

"Edmund, do you want her to hear this or not?", Susan asked gently.

"She can hear it when she's older. She need sleep right now. Lucy, is there anything else you need to do before Bella goes to sleep?", Edmund asked.

"No, but tell her everything will be fine. He'll be in a better place soon, and he doesn't want her to be sad. That's all that any of us can do. But do hurry back, Ed.", the valiant queen answered.

Edmund just nodded and carried Bella to his room, as the one he was making into hers wasn't ready yet.

While he was gone, Susan turned to Peter.

"You know better than to treat her like she's a baby. She's even deadlier than I am when I'm upset!", she hissed.

"You heard?", he asked, unsure of what to say.

"Yes, it's a bit difficult when you two can't keep your thoughts to yourselves when you fight. You were so angry and worried Edmund and I couldn't get through to either one of you. Now apologize to her. She's still upset that you don't seem to trust her.", Susan replied, her bright blue eyes uncharacteristically dark.

"Yes, Su.", he whispered, moving over to Lucy.

"Lucy, I'm sorry. I just get worried about you because you're the youngest. With Miraz and his army getting closer, I don't want Susan to leave the castle, much a less you. I love you too much, I guess. But I know that the war is only half the reason, and the fact you're only almost nine again reminds me that you are still my baby sister. The only reason you're aloud near the battlefield is so you can heal people. I don't want you to get hurt. You remember what happened the whole week after Beruna, right? My nightmares?", he said softly, trying to apologize.

"Yes, Peter, I remember. I'm sorry too. I just hate that after fifteen years, you still treat me like I'm still mentally eight. You of all people should know I can handle myself. But I forgive you, and I love you too.", she replied, hugging her brother.

"I think I should get going. I bid you all a pleasant night.", Mr. Tumnus said, trying to slip out the door.

"Not so fast.", Lucy said, releasing Peter.

Tumnus muttered something like, "I'm in for it."

"I'm sorry I snapped at you, Mr. Tumnus. It was really Peter's fault, since he put me in a bad mood. And Peter has called for a meeting in the morning. Will you be in attendance?", she whispered to the faun, hugging him again.

"All is forgiven, My Queen. And of course I will.", replied the faun, smiling at the girl before leaving.

"Well now, shall we start the story?", Edmund asked, back from putting Bella to bed.

"Yes, and I should start, seeing as how I found Narnia before the three of you.", Lucy replied, sitting on her throne.

"Very well. Caspian, take the seat between Peter and Susan, Caylee take the one between Peter and myself, Addison, take the one between Lucy and Susan, Mum, Dad, take that couch, and that leaves the other couch for Colonel and Mrs. Angelica.", Edmund said, pointing each person to a seat.

Once everyone was seated, Lucy began to tell her story.

"It was raining at the Professor's house, so we decided to play Hide N' Seek. I hid in a wardrobe in a spare room, but the door wasn't shut all the way. I backed up so far, I backed straight into Narnia. I was by the lamp post when I first met Mr. Tumnus. He dropped the packages he was carrying when he saw me. I went with him to his house and we had tea. He was secretly working for the White Witch, and told me at the last moment. He helped me leave Narnia undetected. I told these three, but the thought I was imagining things. Time works differently here, so I hadn't been gone for than a few moments. The next night I went back, but Edmund followed me. I went to Mr. Tumnus's again, but Ed, what did you do?", Lucy stated, looking to her brother.

"I followed Lucy, but I lost sight of her when she rounded a corner. I wound up face to face with the White Witch, who's sleigh was being pulled right past me. She tricked me into telling her about Peter, Susan, and Lucy, by creating a tin of Turkish Delight and a mug of hot chocolate. I later found out why. Would you like to tell them Peter?", Edmund said, turning to the High King.

"They came back and Edmund said he'd seen the place Lucy was talking about, but he then made fun of her and she started crying. The Professor told Susan and I to trust her, and that Edmund would be more of a liar. We brushed it off. The next day, we broke a window while playing cricket. We all hid in the wardrobe, much like Lucy did during Hide N' Seek. We backed into evergreen trees and had a snowball fight. When we stopped, I pulled coats from the wardrobe and handed one to each of them, put on one myself, and then we went to Mr. Tumnus's house. He was gone, taken by the Secret Police. Su, you next.", Peter stated.

"A beaver, Mr. Beaver came up to us and we were quite shocked that he could talk. Well, except for Lucy. He took us to his dam and we met Mrs. Beaver, who made us something to eat. Mr. Beaver told us about a prophecy. It told of two Sons of Adam and two Daughters of Eve coming to Narnia to defeat the White Witch. We were to meet Aslan, that lion you saw earlier, at his camp, near the Stone Table. Edmund had vanished right after that was said and we realized that he was on the Witch's side. Her Secret Police, a pack of wolves, came to the dam to tear it apart and kill us. We escaped just in time, but we did run into someone special while we were on our way to the camp.", Susan said, smiling at Lucy.

"It was Father Christmas. I told Susan I was right when I said he was real. That was when we got our gifts. I was given a healing cordial and a small dagger. Susan got a bow and quiver of arrows, and she also got a horn, which is missing. Peter got his sword and his shield.", Lucy said, but her mother cut her off.

"Father Christmas gave you weapons as presents?", she gasped.

"Yes, and they helped us out a lot.", Susan answered coldly.

"As I was saying, we then headed to the river, where the wolve cornered us. Peter plunged his sword into the ice and when it cracked, we floated off, but I slipped off the ice and Peter and Susan thought I was dead. Once they realized I was very much alive, we walked to the rest of the way to the camp, and we met Aslan. Ed, what happened to you?", Lucy finished.

"Well, I found out that the Witch lied to me about Aslan wanting to steal her crown, and that she didn't want to make me next in line to be king. She took Mr. Tumnus away, for he was there with me, and turned him to stone. Then she took me to her sleigh, so we could head Aslan off at the Fords of Beruna. I wanted out when I saw her turn a fox to stone. She gathered her army and set up her own camp. I was tied to a tree. What was going on with you, Peter?", Edmund added.

"Well, as the girls played at the river, the wolves attacked. It was then that I killed for the first time. The head wolf, Maurgrim, attacked Susan, and he was impaled on my sword, dying quickly. I was then knighted by Aslan himself, who then sent Orieus to get Edmund. Susan?", Peter said simply, not showing any emotion at the death of the wolf, which frightened Helen.

"Well, Lucy and began training. She hit the bullseye with her dagger on the first try. It took me two tries with my bow and arrows. Edmund got back and we forgave him. Aslan made a deal with the White Witch, so Edmund didn't half to die on the Stone Table. He and Peter began training. Lucy, yes you can tell him about that now.", Susan stated.

"That same night, Susan and I woke up and saw Aslan leave the camp. We followed him and when we reached the table, he told us to stay hidden behind the bushes. We did, and Aslan went forward. The Witch had him strapped down, shaved, and she plunged a dagger into his heart. They left and Susan and I stayed by Aslan's body all night. We woke and began to leave, after we sent a message to Peter via a tree spirit. The two of us hadn't gotten far when the table cracked and Aslan was standing there. He told us of an even deeper magic that would reverse the act done if the person killed on the stone table was innocent. He died to save Edmund, who was tricked by the Witch anyway, because she found his inferior complex. Want to continue Ed?", Lucy said pushing the memories of that day to the back of her mind.

"It's true, I had an inferior complex. I thought that you loved Susan, Peter, and Lucy more because they were the eldest, smartest, and the baby. I'm okay now, so don't worry. We heard Aslan was dead and prepared for battle. When the battle started on the Fords of Beruna, Peter went for the Witch. I was stabbed in the stomach after I broke her wand. Aslan showed up as Peter dueled the Witch one on one. He killed her and these three ran straight to me. Lucy healed me with her cordial and I was forgiven. Susan, what happened with you girls before that?", Edmund said, making sure his mother could see he was not dead.

"Well, we went with Aslan to help the ones trapped in the Witch's castle. Once we basically defrosted them, we went to the battle grounds. Peter, would you like to tell about our coronation?", Susan said quickly.

"Gladly. We came to this castle, Cair Paravell. Aslan crowned us as follows.", he replied, turning to Lucy.

"To the glistening eastern sea, I give you Queen Lucy, the Valiant."

"To the great western wood, I give you King Edmund, the Just."

"To the radiant southern sun, I give you Queen Susan, the Gentle."

"And to the clear northern sky, I give you High King Peter, the Magnificent.", Peter finished, smiling proudly.

"Well, you were here fifteen years, what else happened?", Caylee asked, speaking for the first time since the story began.

"Well, there was the time we got stuck in Rabadash's Castle.", Susan muttered.

"Oh yeah!", Edmund mused.

"Care to tell us the story?", Addison asked.

"The prince of Calmoren, Rabadash, wanted to take me as his bride, so Edmund and I went to meet him. He was an unsavory character, that's being nice, but we were trapped. My brilliant little brother came up with an escape plan. Once we got here, we heard Rabadash was planning to attack Archland. Lucy went to help the Archlanders, while Ed, Pete, and I called upon a Narnian army. We defeated Rabadash and no Archlanders were killed. A year later we went on our hunt for the white stag. Lucy and Peter noticed the lamp post, and Lucy took us back through the wardrobe.", Susan said, smiling at Edmund, who was beaming at his sister's praise.

"Thanks, Su.", Edmund said quietly.

"You really did that?", a small voice said from the doorway.

"Bella, what's wrong?", Edmund asked, gesturing the girl forward.

"Nightmare.", she muttered, leaning into Edmund's chest.

"It's okay. You have nothing to worry about. As long as I am here, you will be safe.", Edmund told her quietly.

The girl just nodded and fell back asleep a few moments later.

"Now, we have a problem or the rise. An army from the future, well, Narnia's future, are camped out at the Fords of Beruna. They want the kingdom, but we are not handing it over willingly. The impending battle is drawing nearer, so after Edmund and I gather our army in the morning, we will begin training.", Peter said, his kingly tone back in place.

"Susan, will you be instructing the archers?", Caylee asked.

"Of course. I am the best am I not?", she said with a laugh.

"Well, from what I have been told, yes, yes you are.", she replied.

"Can I do anything to help?", Addison asked.

"Are you by chance interested in Nursing?", Lucy asked.

"Yes, very much so.", the red head replied.

"Very well then, you can help the nurses and myself. We tend to need all the help we can get.", Lucy said with a gentle smile.

Later that night, after everyone else was asleep...

Caylee tossed and turned, only seeing a dead Peter and a laughing woman who must have been the White Witch. Eventually, she gave up on sleep and pulled on a Narnian red dressing gown and slippers, and she left the room. It wasn't to chilly outside, so she walked along the beach. The princess was so caught up in her thoughts, that she didn't notice the figure walking up behind her.

"Can't sleep, Cayla?", it was Peter, dressed in a blue dressing gown and matching slippers.

"No, because all of my dreams are of you dying in battle.", she told him, not even turning around.

"I am an expert swordsman, highly accomplished in hand-to-hand combat, and I will have Edmund at my side. There is no need to worry, love.", Peter whispered, kissing her temple.

"That still won't help me get rid of those mental images.", she said, sighing as she turned around a rested her head to his chest.

"I think I know what you might be interested in.", Peter said, pulling her towards the stables.

Inside, there were at least six beautiful horses. Each stall door had a name on it. The one nearest to them read "Leo" and in the stall was a beautiful black stallion.

"Hey there, Leo. Still remember me?", Peter said to the horse.

The sleepy animal just nudged Peter in reply.

"All right, I will let you go to sleep now.", Peter said with a laugh.

"Your horse?", she asked.

"Yes, Leo is mine. This one is Snowflake. She is yours. No one else needs a horse, well, other than you and your brother, that is.", Peter replied, guiding Caylee over to a snow white horse.

"She's beautiful.", Caylee gasped, gazing at the horse.

"When she wakes, I'm sure she'll thank you for the compliment. That one is Phillip. He's Edmund's horse, best friend, and the only person he trusts as much as Susan, Lucy, and me. The entirely black one it Mystic, and will be Caspian's horse. He mated with Daffodil, Susan's horse, about five years ago and Anastasia, Lucy's horse, was born.", Peter said softly, kissing the top of Caylee's head.

"Do you think they know it yet?", she asked, knowing he knew what she meant.

"Susan and Caspian are probably in denial. Susan is to logical and your brother is trying to understand all of the information he's received so far since he arrived here.", Peter responded, as they walked from the stables.

"Well, on that note, I think I'll be able to sleep now. Good night, darling.", she whispered, pressing a quick kiss to his lips.

"Good night, my love.", he replied, as they came to her door.

Caylee sighed as she climbed back into her bed, quickly falling into a deep, sweet dream filled, sleep.

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