Author's note: I was going to make this a one-shot but I decided to make it a little longer. I generally don't do fanfiction about book series that aren't finished yet, but I knew if I didn't do it now I might have to wait about two years for the series to be finished. I hope you like it, and reviews are appreciated. (Also thanks to the band Cascada, I played their music nearly the entire time!((I can't write without music))

Gregory wrung his hands nervously. This was a bad idea. A very bad idea. So many things could go wrong-and what if they did? He might not be able to come back to New York ever again! And yet…he had to see her. He had finally admitted to her, and himself, that he loved Luxa. He couldn't just kiss her and leave! He wanted more. Call it selfish, but he didn't care. He had to at least see her one more time, because he might not again.

He was in front of the entrance to the underland near the park. His dad had dropped him off there. It had taken quite a lot of doing, but it was worth it. After his mom had announced they were moving, he slowly started to go crazy. How could he possibly leave? His whole life was down in the underland-sure there were his friends at school, but they hadn't seen what he had. They couldn't possibly understand. He felt…different than them now. Not more mature or higher or anything, but how do you come back from a war where you killed giant rats, and you were a hero, to an average school life? It wouldn't work! Besides, he was leaving them behind, anyway. So it didn't matter.

But telling himself all that didn't work. He'd repeat it under his breath when no one was listening, it doesn't matter, it doesn't matter, it doesn't matter, all the time. But finally, someone heard him. It was this morning, his mother was getting some of her things from work, his sister was helping, and his father was lying on the couch. He was eating breakfast when the panic it him again. He wouldn't be coming back. He'd never see Luxa again. To keep from curling into a ball he nearly had to shout, "It doesn't matter! It doesn't matter! It does not matter!" His sister Boots and his grandmother obviously didn't care much what he was saying, but his father bolted up.

"Gregor!" his father yelled, grabbing his shoulders. "What's wrong?" Normally he'd cover it up somehow, buy he was tired of that. He exploded.

"I won't see her ever again! But I have to dad! I can't just…leave. I told her I would show her New York. When I described it…she seemed so excited to get there, as if it were some paradise. And I have to. I just have to!" He screamed. "I-I can't leave knowing the things I do…I just….Dad please…." Tears were squeezing out of his eyes despite his attempt to keep them in. "I can't leave her…" His dad held Gregor at arms length and sighed.

"Who is this?" Gregor knew his dad already knew so he didn't answer. "Well…I can't keep your mother from moving, because I completely understand her fear, but, I can let you see her one more time." Gregor's head snapped up. See her? "I've actually been sending them letters through the vent again. Secretly, of course. I'm so sorry I didn't tell you, but I can send them a letter now. It's not guaranteed they'll get it, but if they do, you might be able to see her again. Tonight. I'll tell your mother that you wanted to have on last night in New York. Which isn't a lie, technically." He smiled.

That night, his father called his mother's cell, and happily, got the message machine, because Gregor was already on his way. His father had spared him a few dollars, plus a bit of his savings, although he felt a little guilty taking it. But what was he supposed to do? There wasn't much he could do without it. As Gregor neared the park, he ran over everything in his head. His father had sent a letter asking for permission to meet Luxa at the park entrance to the underland at seven. Gregor was getting there ten minutes early, just in case. First, he'd give her a tour of the park, then they might see a movie, and get dinner. At a restaurant, of course, considering his mother would freak if she saw an underlander with him. Most especially if it were Luxa. Wait! Had they asked her to wear overlander clothes! He knew he had forgotten something. He started to sprint back when he ran into his dad.

"Ow! Well I guess we think alike." He said while rubbing his shoulder and holding out a gym bag. Gregor snatched it and looked inside. It contained a black hoodie, some old jeans, socks and a pair of sneakers. He wasn't sure if she would like it, but what else could they do? She couldn't very well walk around with her skin the way it is.

"Thanks a lot. Really." He got back up and stated for the entrance again, the bag hanging on his shoulders. When he got there he was panting. He hadn't realized he had been running. But where excitement once was, fear replaced it. What if his mom saw him? What would she do then? What if Luxa's skin showed too much? What if….she didn't come? What if he sat here for an hour and she never came? Just the thought made him want to cry. But she would come. She had too.