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Luxa groaned. She wasn't one to give up easily, but her stomach was so empty, her feet hurt from walking, and they were lost. Completely lost.

"I-it must be here somewhere!" Lizzie nearly yelled, desperation in her eyes. The reality that they might be lost permanently had begun to set in. They ran down tunnel after tunnel, but none of them led anywhere. Luxa finally laid her hand on Lizzie's shoulder.

"It's no use. We are lost, Lizzie. We should just sit down, rest, and hope our best for someone to find us," Lizzie whirled around, her hair greasy and full of dirt.

"No! No there must be a way out!" she screamed frantically, running down another tunnel as Luxa lowered herself to the cave floor, trying to relax. The tunnels were changing. She was sure of that now. She didn't know how, exactly, but there was no way they'd make their way back if the tunnels weren't the same. Lizzie came back soon, looking exhausted and frustrated.

"Lizzie calm dow-"

"No, no, I'm not worried because we can't…can't..." she trailed off, still unwilling to admit they were lost, "No, I'm worried because, well, don't you feel it?" Luxa looked at her puzzled at first, wondering sadly if the stress was too much for her. She was beginning to imagine things. But then, she seemed to register it as well; a strange vibration of the floor and walls around them. She even saw a small pebble begin to jump. Luxa's eyes widened. Could it be…?

"We have to go, now!" she shouted over the increasing sound of the vibrations. Lizzie's face was struck with fear when she realized that Luxa knew what this was, and that it was not good.

Luxa jumped up so suddenly Lizzie flinched. She grabbed her wrist and began tearing down one of the passageways. They couldn't be caught by it. Both of them were terribly hungry, she was injured, and they had no weapons. Please, they couldn't be caught by it now.

Gregor walked back and forth through the castle halls sulkily. Two guards were on either side of him, with his hospital attendant. She looked attentively at his steps, ignoring the look of boredom and irritation so apparent on his face.

"Really, you don't need to worry about me. I can walk fi-"In the middle of him trying to convince them to go away, he tripped over his own feet. Immediately, the attendant grabbed his arm, squeezing it so hard she could have ripped it off.

"Are you ok?" she asked with a serious tone in her voice. Jeez, it was as if he had tripped off a wall and fallen fifteen feet down. Heat flushed through his face along with his embarrassment and anger. He got up on his own, refusing help from anyone. He felt like he was a crazy old man trying to convince everyone he didn't need help-but he honestly didn't. He felt completely helpless and degraded by it all.

"Would you just leave me alone?" he snapped, "I'm fine! Just because I tripped does not make me handicapped," He needed to get rid of them. Luxa couldn't wait any longer. He brushed himself off and continued walking, trying to get past the guards, but they pulled him back quickly. His rager instincts took over then, and he quickly flipped the guard who had been holding his arm, running down the hall before they could catch him again. He honestly hadn't meant to do so, but it was his best chance to get out that he'd had all day, plus if he stayed they'd put him under even more surveillance because of it.

"Wait! Gregor!" the nurse yelled. He ignored her completely, taking the quickest route he could to the outside. Howard should be coming back right about….now.

As he sprinted through the entryway to the outside, he saw Howard land with his bat. He hoped this would work.