Well, I'm back. Future Duels will be longer than the Duel I wrote out here, but this was, more or less, practice to get back into the habit of writing for Duels. Let me know if you like this any better than the original, I hope to get better in my writing as I go along. Go to my page for more info. I'm planning to re-write 'SOL Alternate Series' to make it lengthier and have better description. That's the plan anyway. Then I'll get back to Shadows of Duel Monsters. My hope is to make a better connection between this and Shadows. Hope to update this weekly, beginning next week. Anyway, I've rambled enough. On with the show!

Duel Academy. The place where they trained the best of the best, the next Generation of Duelists. And in the past year, they had gained a talented Duelist named Jaden Yuki.

Jaden wasn't always the happy-go-lucky kid that was all about having fun when dueling; he had a lonely childhood. Time passed, and he dueled several children in his neighborhood growing up. Many sustained injuries after dueling Jaden, and the cause was never quite pinpointed. Friendships, with the exception of one, were short lived, and Jaden was turned into an outcast rather quickly.

Then he came to Duel Academy. Jaden's freshman year flew by and ended with saving the world from the Shadow Riders and Kagemaru. Despite being assigned to the Slifer Red Dorm, Jaden did make friends. His close ring of friends consisted of Syrus Truesdale, Chumley Huffington, Alexis Rhodes, Bastion Misawa, Chazz Princeton, and Zane Truesdale. Outside of that closely knit circle of friends, Jaden began to build up a reputation as one of the strongest Duelists at Duel Academy, second only to Zane Truesdale.

Zane graduated at the end of Jaden's freshman year. Jaden and Zane dueled at the illustrious, end-of-the-year Graduation Match. The Duel ended in a Draw. And as the duel drew to a close, so too did Jaden's freshman year at Duel Academy.

At the beginning of Jaden's junior year, it appeared that this year would be just as lively as the last one. Between protecting the Slifer Dorm from being demolished by Vice Chancellor Bonaparte and making new bonds and strengthening the older ones, not a day passed without something going on. Jaden and friends had to comfort Syrus as he worried over his brother Zane, who had recently disappeared after losing match after match in the Pro Leagues, and had mysteriously reappeared a little over a week later. As it turned out, Zane hooked up with Aster Phoenix's manager, Seth Phoenix, who apparently had no relation to Aster whatsoever. Zane was missing for a span of ten days. After ten days, he mysteriously returned to the Pro Leagues, still being managed by Seth Phoenix, and won many a Duel. To everyone who knew Zane, however, Zane just wasn't himself. No one in the media seemed to comment on the change in Zane's change in demeanor, though. The only things that the media commented on were Zane's new deck and his change in attire, which was completely white now…

The main of event of the year so far had been Jaden's 'real' Duel with Aster Phoenix. Jaden and Aster dueled at the very beginning of the year because Aster had enrolled as a student. However, Aster just slapped together a deck with random cards, so Jaden came out on top, despite nearly losing to said deck. When they 'really' dueled, Jaden lost to Aster's Destiny Heroes, and he lost the ability to see his cards, let alone speak with them.

Aster was technically a student, but he never stuck around. He went back to the Pros after being beaten by Jaden for the first time. Aster was sent back to Duel Academy by his manager to eliminate the 'threat' known as Jaden Yuki. After he won, Aster was on the next flight off of Duel Academy to go back to dueling in the Pros. As for his manager however, unbeknownst to everyone, he flew into Duel Academy the night that Aster flew out of Duel Academy. He did not interact with anyone for a couple of days.

Seth was a peculiar individual. He was a fortuneteller, but he did not use tarot cards. Instead, he used his deck to see into the future. Or at least so he claimed. Seth was a particularly private person. Not even the media knew much about him, and they bombarded him every day with questions. Unknown to anyone but him and those that were members, Seth formed the Society of Light, also known as the Secret Society, at least in its early days. Everyone in the Society of Light dueled, and anyone who lost to a Society member mysteriously joined immediately after the duel. Seth knew everything about everyone in his Society of Light, and he was obviously pleased by the growing number of members joining every passing day.

Jaden stuck around at Duel Academy for a few days after losing the ability to see his cards, in case his sight came back to him, but… Jaden continued to be blind when it came to looking at Duel Monsters Cards. Finally, Jaden gave in and ran away, thinking he didn't belong at Duel Academy anymore. Of course, this brought his friends distress. They noticed immediately he had vanished from the Slifer Red Dorm the evening he ran away and instantly set out to find him. Each one of Jaden's friends – Syrus, Hassleberry, Alexis, Chazz, and Bastion – went to a different part of the island in search of him.

This brings us to the present. Bastion was walking through the dense forest surrounding Duel Academy, hoping to locate Jaden. The moon was shining brightly, and there was a slight breeze blowing through the trees.

Bastion called out for Jaden once again.

"JADEN! Can you hear me?"

Bastion went around a tree and found himself in a large clearing. There was no sign of Jaden. However…

"YAAAY! You are winning big!"

Bastion blinked and shined his flashlight on a man sitting at a stand near the edge of the side of the clearing that he was on. The man couldn't have been taller than four feet, and he appeared to be round and bald. To Bastion, the little man was bizarre: The man was wearing a red cloak and white gloves and boots. The most bizarre feature was the man's glasses, which seemed to have swirls on them. From this, Bastion inferred the man was some sort of hypnotist.

Bastion approached the man at the stand and crossed his arms in front of his chest.

"And what, pray tell, have I won? I have never seen you before in my life! While you're at it, you can also tell me how I won this mystery prize!"

The little man chortled and held his sides as he did so.

"… Do not be sweating the details! You are talented duelist, and Richter recognize this! Richter telling you have won the jackpotting!"

Bastion shook his head and smirked at 'Richter'.

"… Flattery will get you nowhere. I am not a fool. Whatever it is you're trying to pull, it won't work. Now, I'm only going to ask this once: Have you seen a young lad in a red blazer go by here today? We, meaning me and the rest of his friends, are very worried about him, you see."

'Richter' let out more chortles as he showed his pearly whites to Bastion.

"Richter is telling you that he has not seen this 'lad'! But Richter does know that he is being your rival!"

Bastion backed away slightly in shock at the man's knowledge, but held his ground.

"S-So…? What of it?"

'Richter' extended his arms and smiled a big, cheesy smile, once again showing those big pearly whites to Bastion.

"Lucky is being you! Richter tell you that you can acquire unlimited power! Power enough to be defeating anyone, including Jaden! This is what you are being jackpotting!"

Bastion twitched and shook his head.

"… Now I KNOW you are trying to scam me! While I do believe that every formula can be cracked… I CANNOT accept that you have acquired this certain formula! Do you even know who Jaden IS?"

'Richter' chortled.

"Jaden Yuki! Top student at the Academy of Duel that conquered the Riders of Shadow! What so special about that? Richter tell you that nothing special, but what Richter tell you IS special is being you! YOU have untapped potential, but now it is time for the tapping!"

Bastion raised an eyebrow.

"… Eh? I'm… not sure I follow."

'Richter' continued chortling.

"Richter is having said do not be sweating details! Now… Richter work assistant to Big League manager! Will you take time out for Richter to introduce you to manager? You being impressing Richter, but if you being impressing manager… You become duelist who is pro-ish! What say you?"

Bastion rubbed his chin and stared at 'Richter' in the eyes to insure that he could discern if 'Richter' was lying to him or not.

"… Let me see if I have this straight… You set up a stand all the way out here to attract duelists who happen to be passing by… and then you promise them that they will become pros after an introduction to a 'manager'? … Why should I trust you? Give me one good reason, and I may give your proposition some thought."

'Richter' shook his head.


"… That's quite enough, Richter."

Bastion and Richter turned their attention to a newcomer who was standing directly behind Bastion. Bastion stared at the man and didn't say a word. The newcomer was certainly tall, between six and seven feet. The man appeared to be wearing a white blazer very similar to an Obelisk Blue blazer, and a pair of white gloves and boots very similar to Richter's. The man's black hair stood straight up, and his silver-y eyes focused on Bastion and Bastion alone.

Richter laughed and began sweating.

"M-M-Master Seth! You are coming out so soon? Richter was still-"

Seth held up a hand and Richter seized talking.

"Silence! We have wasted enough of Mr. Misawa's time already… After all, he is in the middle of searching for his very dear friend, Jaden Yuki…"

Richter opened his mouth again.


Bastion stood absolutely still and looked Seth up and down. In his eyes, Seth didn't seem suspicious at all, at least when compared to Richter.

"… I-I can spare a minute… Was… Was Richter speaking the truth about you…?"

Seth nodded and extended a card to Bastion.

"… Yes. I manage professional duelists. My name is Seth Phoenix. Ever heard of Aster Phoenix…? Or perhaps Zane Truesdale…?"

Bastion's eyes widened in disbelief.

"You manage them BOTH? … By the way… you wouldn't happen to be of any relation to Aster, would you…?"

Seth chuckled and gave Bastion a disarming smile.

"… I get that a lot. But… No. I am of no relation to Aster. The point to keep in mind, however… is that I turned both Aster and Zane into the professionals that they are today. They exhibited so much potential that I couldn't help but further their careers as professional duelists. Mr. Misawa, you exhibit that exact same potential. I would hate for all that potential to go to waste."

Bastion blinked in disbelief.

"Y-You… You would accept me as a client? Really?"

Seth nodded.

"… Of course. Although… Just taking you on as my newest client wouldn't be fun. Bastion… Would you care to duel? To show off your prowess? The outcome of this match will not matter, I assure you. It's all in your favor."

Bastion couldn't help but nod weakly. He was very excited about the prospect of becoming a professional duelist so soon, but somewhere in the back of his mind, something was off about all this. Despite that, Bastion just couldn't say 'no' to the man's challenge. He seemed… trustworthy. Almost too trustworthy.

"… Game on."

Bastion and Seth stood apart in the clearing, and Richter stood in the center of the clearing, acting as a referee.

"Richter is saying: Be playing fair, and be letting this Duel having the awesomeness fit for two power-full Duelists!"

Seth sighed and crossed his arms in front of his chest.

"… We don't need you as a ref, Richter. Get off the field. Now."

Richter smiled a cheesy smile again and backed off of the field. Bastion activated his duel disk.


Seth activated his duel disk as well.

"… Destiny has already decided who will win this contest. Fate has blessed me with the ability to see into the future, so I too know who will be the victor."

Bastion laughed as he drew his first five cards.

"I don't need a fortuneteller to tell me that I will be winning this Duel!"

Seth chuckled and drew his first five cards.

"Will you…? We'll see. I don't duel very often. I only duel the truly talented duelists, and you are one of them, Mr. Misawa…"

Bastion frowned and drew his sixth card.

"Flattery will get you nowhere with me. … My go! First I will summon Hydrogeddon in attack mode. Then I will set one card face down and call it a turn."


Seth chuckled again as the monster - a being made entirely of water, albeit dirty water - and Bastion's face down card materialized on Bastion's side of the field. Seth drew his sixth card and smirked.

"On with the show!" Seth stared at the cards in his hand and smiled gleefully after laying his eyes on a certain card. "Bastion, I must confess… You are unenlightened."

Bastion blinked and shot a glare at Seth.

"I'm what…?"

Seth shrugged and opened up the field zone part his duel disk.

"… I'm simply stating the truth. You have not seen the Light. But… after this Duel… You and I shall bask in the eternal glory that is the Light! However… First comes the Wheel of Fate, a very 'risky' card to be playing on my first move.

The card itself materialized above Seth's head and began to rotate.

"… Should this card land right side up, you have to pay 500 life points for each card you play next turn. If it lands upside down… I have to pay 500 life points for each card that I play this turn. On my next turn, the card spins again, and will continue to do so on each of my turns until you or I destroy it. And here's the fun part… 'you' get to decide when the card stops rotating. Of course, Destiny has already chosen, so I am not worried. Now 'choose', Mr. Misawa."

Bastion scoffed.

"Just call me Bastion, no need to be formal! … Stop!"

The card stopped rotating; it landed right side up.

"Such a shame… You won't be able to play too many cards next turn… Oh well… Moving on… Your soul needs to be saved, Bastion, and I have the card to do it… I summon Soul Hero 5: The Princess!


A gorgeous maiden clothed completely in an enormous, poof-y white dress emerged from a blinding gateway of light that had appeared as soon as Seth had played the card. She was around the same height as Bastion, and she had long flowing dishwater blonde hair. She looked a lot like Alexis, but there were differences. The second Bastion's eyes fell upon her gleaming emerald eyes and gentle smile, he blushed madly. He also noticed the card itself rotating above her.

"I'm sure this looks familiar to you… Just say 'stop', and her ability will be determined. Right side up: She gains 500 attack points when she attacks. Upside down: She loses 500 points when attacked. Either way, when she's destroyed, well… You will see when the time comes. Now 'choose' your fate, Bastion!"

Bastion was still blushing madly. He closed his eyes tightly as he yelled.


The card landed upside down. Seth shrugged like it was nothing, and Bastion opened his eyes and blinked, surprised.

"… As I predicted. Moving on, though…" Seth held up another card in his hand and revealed it to be a spell card. "I play Gentleman's Exchange. Basically, you offer up one of your monsters for me to use… and I offer you a monster to use. If you don't accept this exchange… I'm afraid your turn will be skipped. So what will it be…?"

Bastion stared down at his face down.

My facedown is Compulsory Evacuation Device… So, if he chooses to attack me with Hydrogeddon, I can send it back to my hand, and I'll get to keep his monster…

Bastion nodded.

"… Very well! We'll trade."

Seth nodded, too.

"Indeed. And with that, I'll end my turn."

Seth smirked as he placed one card facedown.

Bastion was puzzled as to why he didn't attack. But he shrugged off that nagging feeling that something wasn't right again and drew another card.

"… Fine! I will summon Oxygeddon!

A dragon-like creature composed of oxygen materialized onto Bastion's side of the field. Seth smirked at it as it roared at him.


"Before my attack, though… I will activate Compulsory Evacuation Device! In doing so, I return Hydrogeddon to my hand!

Seth feigned shock as Hydrogeddon disappeared from his side of the field and reappeared in Bastion's hand. Bastion smirked and pointed at Seth.

"And now Oxygeddon and Soul Hero 5: The Princess can strike you directly!"

Both monsters charged at Seth and made contact.

Seth: 700

Bastion: 3500

Seth laughed as the dust cleared, though his facedown never activated.

"You actually made contact… Good for you! Too bad I'm still standing."

Bastion chuckled and set two cards facedown.

"Well, if I finished you off on my second turn, it wouldn't be very interesting, now would it? It's your move."
Bastion: 2500

Seth: 700

Seth laughed and drew another card.

"Well, it's my turn again… so The Wheel of Fate spins! Go ahead, Bastion… If it lands upside down, I will only get to play one card this round!"

Bastion watched the card spin for a few minutes, and then he shouted.


… The card landed right side up again.

"Hahaha… Just like the real Wheel of Fate, you can't seem to reverse this one, Bastion… Oh well. Now I will summon Soul Hero 1: The Wizard!


A gray creature clothed in a gray robe magically teleported onto the field. He had no mouth, nose, or eyes on his face; but he had one eye on both palms of his hands. The eyes appeared soulless and empty. Again, the card appeared above the monster and began to rotate.

"This probably looks familiar to you… If it lands right side up, every time a spell card is activated, The Wizard can attack you directly. If it lands upside down, he attacks me directly for every spell card played. Just tell the card when to stop."

Bastion sighed and yelled.


The card landed right side up.

"Such a shame, Bastion… Especially since… I have two spell cards to use! Go, Hero Provisions and Prediction! First, the effect of Hero Provisions gives me Life Points equal to the total number of attack points of any Soul Hero I have on my field. Then, Prediction… Thanks to this card, if I guess the type of card you have on the top of your deck correctly, I get a Life Point boost equal to half of the combined attack points of every monster on the field! But… if I guess wrong… you get the boost. And just so we're clear… 2200 Life Points are at stake here. And I predict… that you will draw a spell card. And just so you know… the spell will be Bonding H2O."

Bastion picked up the top card and his eyes widened.

"But how did you KNOW that?"

Seth laughed as he received the boost.

"I told you, predicting the future is my specialty… Now on with the attack! Wizard!

The Wizard held up two orbs of light and threw them one at a time at Bastion. Bastion cringed as he took the damage.

Bastion: 300

Seth: 4000

Seth shrugged and shook his head.

"There isn't much else that I can do. I suppose it's your move now."

Bastion shook his head and pointed at his facedown.

"First I think I will activate Mystical Space Typhoon and take out your Wheel of Fate!

Again, Seth feigned shock as one of his best cards was destroyed. Bastion never noticed the small smirk Seth had, though.

Bastion drew another card.

"Now I will summon Hydrogeddon! It's over for you! Hydrogeddon… take out that Wizard!

Seth shielded his eyes as Hydrogeddon took out The Wizard. Another Hydrogeddon materialized after the attack of the first one succeeded.

Seth: 3500

Bastion: 300

"When Hydrogeddon destroys a monster in battle, I'm allowed to summon another one! Like I said… it's over. Hydrogeddon, Oxygeddon, and Princess… eliminate the rest of his Life Points!

A large cloud of dust enveloped Seth's side of the field. Bastion smirked and breathed a sigh of relief.

"… It's over."

Seth's laughter could be heard as the dust cleared. And as the dust cleared, a pillar of light could be seen along with Seth's activated facedown card.

"… Sorry. Your Oxygeddon and Hydrogeddon are impure. So… I still have Life Points!"

Seth: 2000

Bastion: 300

Bastion blinked in astonishment and stared at Seth in horror.

"B-But… how?"

Seth nodded and explained.

"When you destroy a Soul Hero, the Soul Hero does not go to the Graveyard… Instead, he returns to one of my Spell or Trap card zones and becomes what you see before you. Then my Pure Light steps in. Any non-Soul Hero monsters… cannot touch me in direct attacks… as long as I have one Soul Hero in my Spell or Trap card zones. You are fortunate enough to be possessing one of my Soul Heroes, so you did make contact with my Life Points. Congratulations."

Bastion grumbled and set two more cards facedown.

"… Well, it's your move. Good luck."

Seth chuckled as he drew his next card.

"Bastion… There is no such thing as 'luck'… Only Destiny. And now I shall prove it. First, my Pot of Greed spell card, which allows me to draw two more cards… Next, Reinforcement of Light. I take two Soul Heroes from my deck and place them in two of my Spell or Trap card zones… And now for the finale: Pulse of Light! This powerful Spell allows me to Special Summon all three of my Soul Heroes at once! So come forth, Soul Hero 1: The Wizard! Come forth, Soul Hero 3: The Fool! And come forth, Soul Hero 8: The Champion!

As The Wizard materialized onto the field, The Fool, which appeared to look like your average clown, rolled onto the field and uncurled himself right beside The Wizard, and the Champion seemingly crashed down from the sky and landed on his two feet. The Champion wore white armor and held a huge white sword and an even bigger white circular shield.

(1100/1100), (1300/1300), and (1800/1800)

All cards began to rotate above the monsters. Seth began to speak again.

"… Though it's meaningless for The Wizard to land either way… the other two abilities to be determined are very important for the outcome of this match, Bastion. First The Fool: If he lands right side up, I'm able to negate one of your Trap cards. It works only once, of course, because I must sacrifice him to negate your Trap. And should The Fool land upside down… well… I can't activate Trap cards. But that isn't a problem as I haven't any Trap cards to activate at this time. And lastly… The Champion. Should he land right side up, I can Special Summon an additional Soul Hero from my deck. Should he land upside down, I have to eliminate one on my field. Now 'choose' your fate, Bastion!"

Bastion grinded his teeth and yelled at the top of his lungs.


All three cards stopped rotating at the exact same time, and, unfortunately for Bastion, they all landed right side up. Seth laughed rather loudly and pointed at Bastion arrogantly.

"You see! Destiny has already decided who will be the victor of this match. That victor… is me. And this card will prove it! By the power of The Champion, I call forth Soul Hero 7: The Genius!

A man that appeared to be the spitting image of Bastion in a white lab coat emerged from a similar gateway of light that The Princess emerged from. He had goggles on, and he held a test tube in one hand and a beaker in the other. Again, the card appeared above The Genius and began to rotate.


"… This card represents you, Bastion. As you can very well tell from his appearance. But… appearances aren't everything. Moving on… If The Genius lands right side up, you will take 1000 points of damage when I destroy one of your monsters. But… if it happens to land upside down, I will take the damage when your monster is destroyed… This will happen every time that I destroy a monster of yours. Though it's pointless, for you only have 300 Life Points…"

Bastion shouted at Seth.

"It could land upside down, you know! Besides, who's to say my facedown cards won't stop you? All I need is one turn, and I will have victory!"

Seth chuckled and crossed his arms in front of his chest.

"Unfortunately for you, you won't have a next turn. You see, though you may have Oxygeddon, two Hydrogeddon, and The Princess… All I need do is attack the Princess with anyone but The Wizard, and your Life Points will be 0! Your facedown cards are Waboku, Magical Cylinder, and Bonding H2O! You can't activate Bonding H2O because it's not a Quick Play Spell card – and even if you COULD, I would still attack The Princess! If you try activating Waboku, I'll simply negate its use with The Fool! Magical Cylinder won't help; I'll still have Life Points and a few more attacks to throw at you. It's over."

Bastion held up his pointer finger.

"Ah! But if The Genius lands upside down and you destroy one of my monsters after I activate Magical Cylinder… You won't win either! It will be a Draw! … I don't know how you keep accurately guessing the cards I have… But it doesn't really matter! This match can end in a Draw, and I'm fine with that! "

Seth smirked.

"Let's put your theory to the test! Just tell the card when to stop!"

Bastion nodded, closed his eyes, and spoke in a normal voice, rather than yelling out the word.

"… Stop."

… The card landed upside down. Bastion opened his eyes in disbelief and smiled contentedly. Seth, on the other hand, didn't smile. No, he burst out laughing.

"Ha… haha… HAHAHA! This is going EXACTLY as predicted! Your defeat is imminent… Champion: Attack The Princess!"

Bastion triggered Waboku.

"Go Waboku! I won't take damage, and my monsters will gain immunity for this turn!"

Seth shook his head as The Fool dematerialized from the field.

"I negate your Trap with The Fool! My attack goes on!"

Bastion triggered his other Trap.

"Go, Magical Cylinder!"

Seth held his arm in front of his face as he took the damage.

Seth: 200

Bastion: 300

Seth chuckled.

"Very good! The Duel's just about over… Now for the finale.

Seth turned to The Genius.

"Genius… attack The Princess!"

Bastion blinked in disbelief.

"B-But… why? The Duel will end in a Draw…!"

Seth shook his head as The Princess exploded in a brilliant show of light.

"Not quite. I still have Pure Light. All I need do is remove it from play… and all damage I would've taken becomes nil. Sorry. It looks like you're taking all that damage by yourself. Because The Princess is upside down, she loses 500 attack points when attacked. You take 700 points of damage. And last I checked, you had 300 Life Points left."

Bastion backed up a little.

"B-But… I-I can't…"

Seth shot Bastion a sorrowful gaze.

"Bastion… The cards have been telling me that there's a certain rival you have been trying to defeat… Not only that… But they've also been telling me that you have been going unnoticed by your peers and professors for quite some time. It's true that you've held your own against Jaden and that you helped battle the Shadow Riders… But that doesn't really amount up to much, does it? Think about it: You came CLOSE to beating Jaden, but you still LOST. You helped battle Shadow Riders but you still LOST to them. Jaden on the other hand… He nearly beat all the Shadow Riders, and he's beaten you… Let's face it: If another power-hungry supervillain were to rise up and to come to Duel Academy, who would everyone turn to? You? Or Jaden?"

Bastion held his head. It was throbbing.


Seth stared into Bastion's eyes more harshly.

"… They would pick Jaden to be the hero, wouldn't you agree? You would continue to be ignored. But it doesn't have to be that way. Join me, Bastion. Together you and I will unlock your potential. Bask in the glory of the Light and demonstrate to everyone your full potential! What say you, Bastion? Will you join my Society of Light?"

Bastion clutched his head with both hands and shook a bit.

"I… I don't know…"

Seth began shuffling his deck.

"You do know… The fact is, the two sides of you are struggling for control. One side of you is light, and the other is dark. Embrace the light within! Don't you want to be noticed and admired? Don't you want the ability to conquer your greatest rivals? … To conquer Jaden?"

Bastion's arms dropped to his sides and his hands clenched into fists. He shut his eyes tightly and gave in.

"A-Alright… Fine! Show me the Light! I wish to be recognized!"

A white light enveloped Bastion. Seth laughed and deactivated his duel disk.

"Wise choice! This is the start of a beautiful relationship!"

Richter giddily jumped up and down.

"It begins! It begins...!"

Bastion screamed into the night, and nobody heard him…

The next morning at the Slifer Red Dorm, everyone was having breakfast when Bastion walked into the room. Syrus was the first to notice Bastion.

"Oh, hi Bastion! We were beginning to think you disappeared, too! … You seem different. You get a new haircut?"

Chazz shook his head, stopped eating his meal, and gave Bastion his full attention.

"Hey, dork! What's with the new white threads? Can't say they make you look any better. If anything, you look tackier than you usually do."

Bastion held up his arms triumphantly.

"I've done more than get a new wardrobe, lady and gents! I've seen the Light! And soon… you, ALL of you, will be on my side as we bask in the glory of the Light! Ahahahahahaha!"

Syrus, Hassleberry, Chazz, and Alexis looked on in concern as their friend maniacally laughed. One thing was for certain: Things were about to get very interesting very quickly…

Next Episode: To Neo Space and Back! The Boy Who Can Change Destiny!

Featured Cards (The Cards I made up):

Soul Hero 1: The Wizard: (1100/1100) 4-Stars, Spellcaster, Light-attribute. Effect: Right side up: Every time a Spell card is played, this card can attack your opponent's Life Points directly. Upside down: Every time a Spell card is played, this card must attack you directly. When this card is destroyed as a result of battle, this card can be placed in a Spell or Trap card zone as a Continuous Spell card.

Soul Hero 3: The Fool: (1300/1300) 4-Stars, Spellcaster, Light-Attribute. Effect: Right side up: By tributing this card, negate the activation of an opponent's Trap card. Upside down: Tribute this card to negate the use of the next Trap card you use. When this card is destroyed as a result of battle, this card can be placed in a Spell or Trap card zone as a Continuous Spell card.

Soul Hero 5: The Princess: (1500/1500) 4-Stars, Spellcaster, Light-Attribute. Effect: Right side up: This card gains an additional 500 attack points when it attacks. Upside down: This card loses 500 attack points when attacked. When this card is destroyed as a result of battle, this card can be placed in a Spell or Trap card zone as a Continuous Spell card.

Soul Hero 7: The Genius: (1700/1700) 4-Stars, Spellcaster, Light-Attribute. Effect: Right side up: Inflict 1000 points of damage to your opponent whenever you destroy one of the opponent's monsters by battle. Upside down: You receive 1000 points of damage whenever an opponent's monster is destroyed by battle. When this card is destroyed as a result of battle, this card can be placed in a Spell or Trap card zone as a Continuous Spell card.

Soul Hero 8: The Champion: (1800/1800) 4-Stars, Warrior, Light-Attribute. Effect: Right side up: You can Special Summon one level 4 or below Soul Hero from your deck once per turn. Upside down: You must remove one level 4 or below Soul Hero from your side of the field once per turn. When this card is destroyed as a result of battle, this card can be placed in a Spell or Trap card zone as a Continuous Spell card.

The Wheel of Fate: Field Spell Card. Effect: Right side up: On their next turn, the opponent must give up 500 Life Points to play a card from the hand. Upside down: You must pay 500 Life Points to play a card from the hand this turn.

Gentlemen's Exchange: Normal Spell Card. Effect: You offer up a monster for your opponent to use and your opponent offers up a monster for you to use. If your opponent declines the offer, the opponent's next turn is skipped.

Hero Provisions: Normal Spell Card. Effect: You gain Life Points equal to the total number of attack points of one Soul Hero on your side of the field.

Prediction: Normal Spell Card. Effect: Guess the type of card on top of your opponent's deck. Guess correctly, you gain Life Points equal to half of the combined attack points of all monsters on the field. Guess incorrectly, and your opponent gains Life Points equal to half of the combined attack points of all monsters on the field.

Pure Light: Continuous Trap card. As long as you have one Soul Hero in your Spell or Trap card zones, you take no battle damage from non-Soul Heroes. Remove this card from play to negate any damage dealt outside of battle.

Reinforcement of Light: Normal Spell Card. Add two level 4 or below Soul Heroes from your deck to your Spell or Trap card zones. These cards are treated as continuous Spell cards.

Pulse of Light: Normal Spell Card. Special Summon as many Soul Heroes from your Spell or Trap card zones as possible.