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Chapter 9

(Isabella P.O.V)

I ran alongside Fenrir as we chased after Tanya, a large group of wolves just behind us, including Jem's parents. We ran for several hours, and then, with a couple of short growls and snaps from Fenrir, the group separated, all to get the bitch surrounded. I kept going, straight after her, letting her think that there was only one wolf after her now.

The forest we were in seemed familiar, but I shrugged it off. The fucking scenery wasn't important, but the pup was. Tanya would pay with her life the moment the pup was safe. And if she'd hurt Jem, well, she'd beg for death before the end.

(No P.O.V)

The La Push pack, tribal elders and the imprints, as well as Charlie Swan, all sat round a bonfire. Suddenly, a blonde, scarred, vampire ran out of the trees, a struggling young child in her grip. The pack rocketed to their feet, and prepared to phase, when she stopped at the cliff and held the girl over the cliff edge, which was a sheer drop to jagged rocks.

"Stay back mutts or I drop her." She growled, causing the pack to freeze. She had the girl by the neck, and the girl's tiny hands scratched at hers, in a desperate attempt to get free.

A loud warning growl came from the trees and a large chocolate brown furred wolf stepped out, her fangs bared.

"Uh, uh, uh." The blonde warned, shaking the child roughly. "You attack, this pup dies. Though, that was the original plan anyway, but seeing as you are out here, alone, I may let her live, and just kill you, Bella. Change back."

The wolf growled, and then changed back to Bella Swan, causing the jaws of most of those around the fire to drop.

"Let the pup go free, and alive." Bella said.

"But I could have two for the price of one. And this little one couldn't grow up to be a threat."

"You won't survive."

"Of course I will." She sneered.

"You kill me and Jem, your death will be slower and more painful than Edwards was."

"Oh really? Why is that, then?"

(Isabella P.O.V)

"Because, pup's are precious to the pack."

"And you?"

"My mate is the pack Alpha, in case you didn't know." I said, rolling my eyes. "Fenrir has a rather, oh, how should I put this, vindictive streak? You saw what he did to Edward. And that was just because of Edward thinking he had a chance to get back with me. So, ask yourself this, what would he do to the one who killed his mate?"

"I can handle one vengeance seeking mutt."

"But what about an entire pack? You forget, I'm Alpha female. It won't just be Fenrir. And, if you were so confident you could take on one of us, you'd have let Jem go free by now, and fought me." I knew exactly how to play this slut. She was all ego. "Instead, you're taking the cowards way."

"I'm not a coward!" She screamed, face contorted with rage.

"Prove it! Put Jem safely down on the ground. Let her go to safety." I motioned to those around the bonfire. I knew she would be safe there until the others turned up. "And then face me in a fight."

After a moment, Tanya set Jem on the ground, and she transformed into a black and white furred wolf pup and ran for the bonfire, having seen my silent order earlier. When she was with those at the bonfire, I transformed. Tanya ran at me, and I lunged, bringing her to the ground, and pinning her easily. She struggled, while I let out a howl. The other's all emerged from the trees, and formed a circle around Tanya and I. Fenrir was flanked by Brick and Heather, Jem's parents. He motioned for them both to walk forward. I stepped back, and grinned as much as possible when I heard Tanya's screeches of pain as my two fellow pack members ripped her apart. Then, they transformed, and together, the both of them set her on fire.

After Tanya was no more than a smouldering pile of ash, Heather and Brick ran for the bonfire. I and the rest of the pack transformed back to human, and watched as parents and pup were reunited. It hadn't been dragged out. Not this time. Tanya was too much of a threat for that, and, it had been Jem who had been taken, so it was Brick and Heather's decision.

I saw Charlie staring at me, so I grabbed Fenrir's hand, and dragged him over to the bonfire.

"Bella." Charlie said softly.

"Hey dad." I said, smiling.

Charlie looked up at Fenrir. "I was wondering when I'd see you again, Greyback." He said.

I blinked. "How do you…"

"I saved his and your mother's life a long time ago." Fenrir answered me. "You were two. But I knew what you were to me even then. But, you were far too young. I just said I'd collect on the favour in fifteen, sixteen years. I kept track of you too, until Renee decided she was having none of it."

"That was when she left, taking you with her." Charlie said, eyes down cast.

I rolled what I'd just been told over in my head. I knew Charlie hated this. He hated that I seemed to have no choice in the matter. In a way, that was true, werewolves couldn't ignore the mating pull, but to me, life was perfect. I placed a hand under Charlie's chin, and forced him to look at me. I smiled. "I'm happy Dad. I have a freedom in my new life that so few experience. And Fenrir treats me better than any other man ever could. I'm well taken care of. Hell, I can take care of myself no matter where I am now."

Charlie read the sincerity in my eyes, and then hugged me. "I'm glad that's true Bells. But if anything ever goes wrong, you'll always have a home with me."

"I know. But, I'm a pack animal, through and through. And Fenrir's pack is home. No matter what."

He nodded, smiling softly. Then he turned to look at Fenrir. "I don't care that you're something straight from the mythology books. I don't care how powerful you are. You hurt my daughter, I will kill you."

"Then I won't give you that reason." Fenrir said, nodding to Charlie. I knew then that he respected my dad. Not many had the guts to stand up to Fenrir when they knew what he was fully capable of.

"Bella?" A new voice asked.

I looked round, and saw Jake. I smiled. "Hey Jake." I said.

"You… you're a werewolf?"

"Yep." I said. "And you're a shape shifter."

"Yeah." He said, running his hand through his now short hair.

"It's good to see you again Jake." I said, smiling softly.

"We need to go soon. Get back to the rest of the pack."

"Your pack is bigger than this?" Sam asked, motioning to the others.

"Yes." Fenrir said. "Much bigger. Now, we have to go."

I hugged Charlie, waved at Jake, and then Fenrir and I set off running, the others following us. As we hit the tree line, we transformed. We couldn't have stayed long anyway. The pack needed us back, and staying would only put the pack, and those we were leaving behind, in danger. If the Dark Lord found out about those of La Push, and my dad, they could be targets later on. And then there were the other vampires, and wizards, who could attack the pack. If they did, it would be best if we were there to help the others.

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