Feel For You Chapter 3: Show Me Yours, I'll Show You Mine

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Tallahassee, Florida Summer, 1956

"Oh, Carlisle."

"Yes, Esme?"

With a start, her eyes flew wide open, catching sight of her naughty mental image standing over her! Water droplets glistened in the sun as they ran down his body, giving him a sparkly appearance. Reality popped her dream bubble as she caught sight of his swollen erection. Gasping, her eyes painfully bulged as wide as they could possibly go in both embarrassment and a large dollop of fear. Quick as a wink, she was rolling over and scrambling up off the ground, her hands frantic to pull her skirt down as far as it would go. From out of the corner of her eye, she saw her panties waving on the reeds like a hastily tossed flag of surrender...

She turned, panties forsaken, and ran off as fast as the terrain allowed. What was she thinking doing such a thing in public!

Well, she knew what she was thinking...but in public!

How would she ever show her face again? Carlisle was sure to blab what he saw to the whole school. Her reputation was ruined...and her father! Once word got back to him (which it always did with such a small, chatty congregation), she'd never be allowed to go anywhere un-chaperoned again. She had feared God would punish her if she ever did such a shameful thing as masturbate, but she sure never thought the punishment would come so damn swiftly!

"No! No, Esme, don't go!" Carlisle called after her retreating form.

He'd never heard his voice sound quite so desperate, never imagined it even could. As he was about to give chase, he had a moment of clarity – he was naked struggling through the underbrush after a minister's daughter! If he were seen, such a scandal would probably justify his whole family being strung up and then burned to ash anywhere in the entire Bible belt.

Looking around quickly, his grateful eyes latched onto the lily pad, which had held his interest earlier. In two quick steps, he scooped it up, and doing his best "Adam" impression, holding it in place (hoping it would be an improvement over his bare hands). He resumed bounding and wading as fast as he could out back of the pond and onto dry land. Fortunately, his athletic ability, along with a healthy dose of panic, enabled him to reach Esme and grasp her wrist just as she was about to reach the edge of the clearing.

Taking an even bigger risk to try to prevent her from forever thinking of him as the creep who spied on her while catching her in the most intimate of positions, he pulled back on her arm, spinning her around so forcefully he had to drop his lily pad to catch her. They stood, shocked, face to face, the cotton of her shirt brushing against his bare chest as she tried to catch her breath. It was a surprisingly unexpected turn of events, rather resembling the scene in "Casablanca" where Humphrey Bogart pulls Ingrid Bergman to him and stares deeply into her eyes. Carlisle pulled Esme even closer hoping her skirt would help to screen her eyes from his nakedness. He had sense enough to know that if he didn't explain his actions quickly, he'd have one heck of a Hell Cat on his hands, as opposed to the wide-eyed doe he currently held firmly, but gently, in his arms.

"Wait, please! I know you're not 'that' kind of girl, Esme, and I'm not really a pervert, no matter what it looks like!" he pleaded, his voice cracking. "Please! Just stop and let me explain."

"I wasn't peeping on you, I swear! Well, I was, but not in thatkind of way. I was there just to get away from the guys to... well, when I thought I saw you in the bushes earlier, uh, part of me reacted..." Carlisle stuttered, mumbling quickly to gloss over the tawdry bits and highlight the important part: if they both had feelings for each other, they should be together.

"I had just heard a sound I never would have heard if I'd been further away and came to investigate. It was like it was fate or something that I found you there in the sun like that. It was just about the most beautiful sight I've ever seen… the most beautiful sight a boy… a man... could ever hope to see." And then he slowed his speech, "Actually, I was thinking about you when I heard you call my name." he admitted, blushing and averting his eyes.

If anything, his rapid-fire speech made her even more skittish, and she tensed as if to make another run for it.

Carlisle took a deep breath and looked Esme square in the eyes, begging shamelessly, "Don't go. Please, Esme, don't go."

He released her go to underscore his sincere respect for her right to choose, while he prayed that his frantic yet honest speech worked – and that she wouldn't respond with a swift knee to his family jewels.

He was pleased to find she didn't run, but she wasn't giving him any real sign yet, so he kept talking, hoping his honesty would be persuasion enough.

"Now… after seeing you just then… I know you're passionate as well as smart – sexy - and funny. No matter what happens, I… I just want to get to know you better, Esme. I have wanted to for a while now but was just too chicken."

He turned his head to the side and hung it in submission briefly, before looking up to gaze searchingly into her eyes. Her shoulders had relaxed some, and she seemed to be looking just as intently into his eyes. He tried to convey with his expression just how very sincere he was, and just how deeply he felt about the possibility of making her his. The idea of her being by his side resonated like a two-ton bell in his head, and he suddenly knew, even in the face of the absurdity and utter embarrassment of the situation.

"I want you to be my girl. Would you be mine, Esme?"

When she failed to respond, he couldn't resist her anymore, and bent his head forward to taste her lips… at last.

The kiss was glorious, warm and soft, moist, and just perfect! She smelled so good too, like warm summer day and… girl. He'd never known such a perfect scent existed or that it would so completely be his undoing.

For all he'd glimpsed of her passion before, he was quite unprepared for the strength of her response at this moment. She gasped and her mouth opened as she devoured his lips with her own. It was like going from doing a simple box step to dancing the tango… and he loved it. His past with other girls could nevercompare with this. This was meant to be. This was a connection on a different, deeper and more meaningful level. He'd never heard locker-room talk about making out that could compare with this feeling!

"Ohhhh, Esme!" he muttered as he wrapped his arms around her.

"Carlisle!" she breathed, her voice a few octaves higher than usual.

The realization her voice was like that for himtouched something primal in him. With a growl, he took her more firmly into his arms and kissed her back like it was their last moment on earth, before he lowered both of them to the ground.

Cradling her face in his hands as he hovered over her, he kissed the apple of each of her cheeks and then her eyelids.

"You are so beautiful, Esme. You've made my breath catch every time I've seen you since the first time I saw you. I can't help but feel we were meant to be together."

Her hands, which had been clinging to his shoulders, snaked up to grasp the back of his neck to pull him down to her trembling lips. Their moans spilled through the air in a harmonious note.

"Carlisle... I know I shouldn'tbut I'm tired of always doing what's right. I've wanted to explore my wilder side, like Rose, but..." She attempted to steal a look at his nakedness, before shyly looking into Carlisle's face. "I wanted it to be with someone I felt something for. Someone like you."

Esme's hands slid around Carlisle's waist, caressing briefly up to his shoulders. Carlisle began trailing kisses toward her neck. To get better access, he pushed her shirt further back on her shoulders, exposing her cotton bra to his lips. Supporting his weight on one side, he freed the other to slide it into the curve of her waist and under her breast.

Pressing her lips together at the intense spikes of desire shooting from his motions spreading to the almost painfully tight area between her legs, Esme let her head drop to the side to let nature take its course. Without giving herself a moment to reconsider, she acted on her passion and grasped Carlisle's bare backside in her hands and pulled him firmly against her recently discovered, and again primed, pleasure nexus.

"AHHH!" they exclaimed in unison.

"Oh, my God. It's so hard!" Esme exclaimed in shock at the foreign object pressing into her. Esme bit her lip and squeezed her eyes closed, fighting back the "proper" urge to tell him to stop.

His thumb made a pass across her nipple, causing her hips to buck sharply, both gasping again. Carlisle dropped his head to the crux of her neck, his heated breath bringing her whole right side into a burst of goose-flesh. He began to thrust in return against her.

He groaned. Esme's mouth gaped wider, and her brow drew down in an expression of intense concentration. She could feel the outline of his hardness through her layered skirt; occasionally he would brush against the trigger area of her pleasure. She tried to move beneath him to position herself so he was more likely to touch that spot. She never dreamed such sensation could be hidden behind the curls she had previously been rather embarrassed by.

"Ahhhh!" she cried out her back arching, thrusting her perfect, full breasts tightly against the hard planes of his chest.

"You are so gorgeous, Esme! Your passion lights me on fire."

By the time he finished speaking, his voice had gotten somewhat tight with the restraint of holding himself back. It was a good thing they hadn't gone all the way, he thought. There'd be no way he would have lasted more than a few seconds inside her. A sharp shudder rippled down his spine just at the thoughtof being fully inside her.

Somewhat desperate to get her off before he lost it, Carlisle bent his head to her neck and began placing gentle open-mouthed, nibbling kisses along her collarbone, sucking ever so slightly with each kiss. Her head fell back granting him more room to trek across her flushed skin, and she moaned a long deep sound that struck him in the pit of his belly all the way to the end of his cock. He ground more tightly against her noticing how she bucked a little more forcefully. She didn't resist giving in to her needs.

Her breath was coming in sharp panting breaths now, occasional mewling noises escaping her pursed lips. Her thighs were positively trembling. He sensed she was close, intuitively divining she needed just that little extra something to send her over into the cauldron of pleasure brewing between them. God knew he was getting more and more erratic in his thrusts and could feel his own legs trembling as well.

Kissing firmly up the long silken column of her neck, Carlisle flicked his tongue against the lobe of her ear, delighting in the extra small gasp she granted him for doing so. Gathering all his remaining control, he took a deep breath and then oh-so-slowly and gently allowed it to coat the damp flesh of her ear with his sultry exhalation.

"Esmeee…" he breathed into her ear.

"Carliiisle!" she groaned, her face stretched in a rictus of utter passion that nearly made his heart stop in his chest. Her body contracted tightly for several long moments before sagging deeply into the grass. The knowledge of her reaching climax under him finished him for sure.

"Ohh," Carlisle choked out, not realizing just how different release felt with a woman involved. He pressed his face into the skin of her neck and chest hoping to hide his embarrassment of his pleasure contorted face.

Fully spent and weakened, Carlisle finally stopped twitching and allowed his lower body to collapse against her.

The stunned couple lay silently for a while before Esme ventured a few words, going for an understatement since words just weren't adequate for what she'd just experienced, "Wow, that was really... something."

"Yeah, that was something," Carlisle agreed with Esme's statement, wondering if she had been caught off-guard by its intensity.

Esme let out a small laugh and before long the two were laughing at the audacity of their actions.

When the laughter died down to just giggles and sighs, Carlisle took the opportunity to inform Esme of the one unfortunate outcome of their tryst in the reeds – the probable wet spot on her skirt.

"Um, you may need to rinse off part of your skirt in the pond before you return home... please."

Carlisle cringed picturing Esme's father chasing him with a pitchfork.

Esme searched her skirt with her hand for the offending spot.

"Eww," she responded finding it wetter and stickier than she'd thought it would be. Her nose spontaneously wrinkled when she touched it.

"Sorry." He blushed. "I'll help you..."

"I think you have your own matters to consider." She raised her eyebrows and glanced downward. "Like getting back to find your clothes. I'm sure your friends are wondering where you've gone… naked as a jaybird."

Esme paused and struck an obvious pose of deep consideration. "I suppose we could wrap my hair ribbon around it like a maypole," she stated, looking very innocent while struggling to stifle her giggles. She utterly failed at squashing the sly grin curving her mouth quite charmingly… in a rather wicked way, even as a deep blush overtook her high cheekbones. "I mean, that way at leastthe most important bit is covered while we walk back," she giggled, shrugging one nonchalant shoulder.

"Yeah, Emmett'd probably mistake it as gift just for him," Carlisle joked before becoming more serious. "All joshing aside, Esme… this meant something to me. I'd reallylike to take you out sometime. Do this right, you know? Treat you like a lady. What do you say? Will you go out with me tonight?" He looked hopeful. "I'm pretty sure I can get my dad's car."

Esme's eyes shone intensely with a new inner glow as she briefly ducked her head and then looked up at him timidly. "I'd love to, Carlisle."

Carlisle let out the breath he wasn't even aware he'd been holding and smiling. "Great! I'll pick you up at seven?"

"I'll be waiting – in a different skirt..."

"Oh, forgot. Let's get that cleaned off."

Carlisle reached out and took Esme's hand leading the way back toward the water, while sticking close to the sides of the path and looking cautiously ahead anytime there was the least danger of anyone spying him before he could see them. It was slow going, but he didn't mind, and Esme surely didn't mind the view from behind him, though she did wonder if her cheeks would evercool again.

Blushing is good for the complexion, though, right?

They squatted down together at the water's edge to dump handfuls of water on Esme's skirt. She kept her eyes glued to the water and the soaking material she now wore.

A high-pitched squeal of laughter startled them both. As one, they moved to investigate around the reeds. Esme giggled and flushed head to toe. She couldn't believe her eyes! Rose was soaking wet and apparently doing her best to crawl inside Emmett through his mouth. Wow! She'd neverseen anything so passionate in her life – and doubted she would if she lived to be a hundred and ten!

Rosalie's camera lay abandoned on the shore, cover open, apparently used. The rest of the guys were nowhere to be seen. Emmett was supporting Rose's backside with one of his very large hands, while she had her legs clamped around his waist, and his other hand griped the back of her head through her wet hair. Her dress clung to her skin tightly, and it looked like the neckline had been pulled as low as it could possibly go. The necking couple was turned a bit to the side, so Esme got an even better view of Emmett's powerful thighs than she would have had earlier… if she'd had eyes for anyone but Carlisle, that is.

Thankfully, the back of Rose's dress still hung low enough to protect Esme's still fairly innocent eyes from catching sight of all Emmett had to offer a lady, as it were. Covering her mouth to stifle her giggles and snorts, Esme pulled hard on Carlisle's hand trying to lead him away from the intimate moment between Rose and Emmett. Carlisle wasn't having any of it, of course.

"Geeeze! Get a room, you two!" he blurted out.

The wet couple's lips parted like they'd been shocked by lightning, and their heads whipped over to stare wide-eyed at Carlisle. Esme could see several red spots dotting Rose's chest and neck, and she fought harder not to let a shocked gasp escape her. He was giving her hickeys!

A cocky smile formed on Emmett's lips as he eyed Carlisle's situation, "Not leaving much to Esme's imagination are you, man?"

Carlisle flipped Emmett the bird, and Esme blushed as Carlisle pulled a handful of her dampened skirt over his own nakedness. Esme didn't resist, she preferred Rose not catching too good a glimpse of herman, either.

"Hell yeah, you nancy boy! All the chicks wanna catch a gander of this!" Emmett shouted back striking a body-builder pose as best he could one armed while still holding Rose tight against his torso.

"Ha!" barked Carlisle. "What? You expect them all to go around with a magnifying glass just on the off chance you shed your clothes?" Carlisle laughed.

"You jealous son of a…"

Emmett released Rose in a hasty bolt for Carlisle.

"No! No, you won't, Emmett McCarty!" Rose shouted clinging to him like a limpet.

Carlisle laughed louder and waved, "Catch your act later, Em!" Carlisle nodded and smiled at them both before adding one more parting taunt. "Don't do anything I wouldn't do!"

"Yeah, like that limits me any!" Emmett shouted back.

Shaking his head and smiling, Carlisle firmly took Esme's hand and quickly exited toward the trail of clothes. Every time he stooped to gather various items of his clothing, Esme valiantly stove not to look… much. She may have caught a few glimpses.

"I'll be over later, Esme! I want details!" Rose called after them before chuckling a rather sinister and knowing laugh. Esme made a face of disbelief at the brazen duo.

Once they rounded the corner of the trail where they were out of sight of the water, they stopped to allow Carlisle to dress. Esme didn't even try to hide her snorting when he first hopped on one leg, then the other while getting his underwear then cut-offs back on. For his part, he tried to get dressed as fast as possible without landing on his backside.

Carlisle really is quite darling when he blushes, she thought.

However, her thoughts took a decidedly unladylike turn imagining how she could get him to blush again at a more… opportune time. She found herself quickening and fluttering deep inside and had to take a few calming breaths. Perhaps the fact Carlisle had stayed semi-erect the whole time played a role as well.

When he finally was dressed, he took her hand again and with a bit of a dashing smile, asked, "May I walk you home, Esme?"

Esme jumped at the chance. "Of course, Carlisle. I'd love that."

She told herself to stop acting so brazen but couldn't seem to stop herself in the moment. Oh, well. At least I've quit acting the prude. Perhaps there's hope for more with him yet... a bit slower this time... maybe.

The walk back to her house was quiet, an odd blend of comfortable and awkward silences. They both were dreading and avoiding the discussion of what had happened earlier, but at the same time, they didn't feel the need to chatter to fill the quiet between them.

All too soon the couple was climbing the steps to Esme's porch. Suddenly, ineptness and uncertainty returned when she turned to face him. Carlisle lifted his hand and ran the back of his first two fingers lightly over her cheek.

"I can't wait to see you again… properly this time. Dinner tonight?"

Esme burst into a broad smile. "I'd love that."

"Great, then I'll stop by tonight to pick you up. Is seven okay?"

"Yeah," she answered still smiling widely.

"So, I'll see you then," he murmured holding her eyes in an almost tangible embrace. "I'd like to kiss you again, Esme. Would that be all right?"

Esme's heart caught in her throat before picking up its pace. She scanned the area quickly before murmuring, "I'd like that very much." Her eyes focused on his lips as his tongue snaked out to moisten them. She unconsciously found herself mimicking him as he stepped forward and took her in his firm embrace. His lips descended toward hers slowly before taking possession of her plump, moist flesh in a most satisfying way. Too soon, they parted, both smiling like love-sick fools.

"Be sure to wear your dancing shoes," Carlisle said as he turned and started toward the steps.

Esme was sure her smile could have lit Times Square.


They somehow managed to keep their hands off each other that night - for the most part. Carlisle seemed to be determined to do things the "right way", even if somewhat belatedly. Esme appreciated the way he tried to impress her, as if he was almost desperate for her to trust him.

Carlisle just couldn't shake the feeling that she was his forever.

For her part, Esme wanted to redeem herself in his eyes. She liked exploring her wild side, but not at the expense of her reputation, and the idea of Carlisle viewing her as some easy tramp just turned her stomach and gripped her insides with fear. Still, she secretly wanted to jump him, and take up where they'd left off, but she had somehow successfully suppressed the urge all night as well.

Carlisle had arrived in his Dad's shiny '55 Chevy, introduced himself properly to her father and mother, and then proceeded to show her the best night on the town she could have ever imagined. They had a quick bite at the diner, followed by a fun time dancing before spending a bit of time parked, taking in the view of the lights of the valley at the Overlook. Of course they did a bit of necking, but both seemed to understand it was not the time to unleash their previous passions.

Carlisle returned her to her front porch promptly at 11:30 that night and managed to get one more quick kiss just before her father flickered the porch light on and off in warning.

Giggling, Esme scooted past her father and hurried to her room. She flopped on her bed with a bewildered and happy grin on her face as she wondered at her good fortune; her dreams were coming true.

So passed the last few days of summer in a blur of activities, longing, and late nights lost in conversations covering every topic under the sun two teens on the verge of adulthood could think of.

Soon, it was time for Carlisle and Esme to begin packing for school, and the idea of being separated nearly killed the both of them. They both agreed Esme would drive up every other weekend with Rose, who'd been going steady with Emmett all summer, too. They promised they'd write daily, even if it was just a quick note.

Before they knew it, another summer was upon them, and, by then, their romance had blossomed into full love. The first night of Carlisle's return from college, he took her to dinner, and, afterward in a meadow under a million sparkling stars, he dropped to his knee and proposed. The couple was married in a small outdoor ceremony, in full sight of the pond, two weeks before school started in the fall again. After a short honeymoon, Esme transferred schools and quickly became immersed in nesting in their special campus housing set aside for married couples.

Even though their relationship had a quirky start, their comfort with one another and the time they'd taken to grow and truly learn one another, their wedding night was everything they could have hoped for: not perfect, but full of tenderness and passion. Finally, complete exploration of what it meant to be connected in every way, brought them together as one.


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