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Warnings: Ichigo's usual bad temper and language, future yaoi.

Summary: Ichigo wakes up chained and shirtless! What the hell happened? This is AU.

Pairing: Aizen/Ichigo

How Did This Happen! cover:

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This is my first fan fiction…so I apologize for any OOC-ness you encounter.

How could things go downhill so quickly? And how the fuck did I end up with my arms chained above my head in some warehouse only God knows where with a mix of confused, angry, and frightened people? Guess what group I qualified as. If you picked angry then congrats, you were damn right I was angry! Furious, enraged. Pick any you like. They would all qualify.

I glared at a passing guard who sneered in return, or tried to. He winced as he jostled his broken nose and spit in my direction with a glare that said "You'll be sorry". Of course, that wouldn't have anything to do with the fact that I was the one who broke his nose. I returned his glare with a look of pure smugness. I probably shouldn't be baiting them when I'm like this, but what the hell. And how did I know he was a guard? Simple. He was wearing fucking clothes.

I suppose I should be happy that at least I was wearing pants, but surprisingly, being chained so long that my arms were numb from lack of blood flow put a damper on my good mood. And I would be voicing my opinions right now on how fucked up this place was and how they better release me before I beat the shit outta them, if I didn't have a leather bit in my mouth. Yea, that's right. The things fucking horses wear. Needless to say, I was pissed when I woke up and they weren't very thrilled with what I had to say.

At least I was able to bite someone's finger before they got the damn thing on. If anything, no one could say Kurosaki Ichigo went down without a fight. At least 2 injured guards could attest to that and I was looking forward to making that number higher.

On the plus side my legs were free, which goes to show you just how fucking stupid these people are. I was hoping they would learn their lesson the hard way, which involved my foot to their faces. I wasn't gonna kick down south. That just felt like a betrayal of some sort to every male, including myself. Of course, I could always make an exception for some lucky bastard.

I sighed inwardly and shook my head, trying to keep my untamed orange hair out of my eyes. Unfortunately, this only caused sweat to drip in my eyes and my hair joined shortly after. Shit. How the hell did I get myself into this? God if I ever got outta hear I'm never gonna fight with Rukia again. Okay, that was probably a lie. But I would try not to start the fight. Maybe. Damnit, if we never had that stupid fight then I would probably be with her right now partying and avoiding homework. And my toes wouldn't be so cold.

I closed my eyes and just tried to think. Calm down and think. Okay, so how did I get here?

"Rukia! Look, I'm sorry, alright?" I scratched the back of my head. A nervous habit of mine. Geez woman, don't get so mad about something so stupid.

She stomped her way to my apartment door and glared at my with violet eyes. "Tell that to Chappy!" she snapped, holding out a ridiculous rabbit stuffed animal. "We were only trying to help!"

"Well, I don't need your help! And I definitely don't need that damn rabbit's help!" I winced as I realized what I said. And now she looked even more pissed. She opened the door and looked over her shoulder.

"Ha! Sorry then, Mr. 22-year-old-virgin! You obviously don't need help!"

She rolled her eyes and slammed my door shut so hard my shelves rattled. Well. That's fucking great. Now the whole damn building knows I'm a virgin. I plopped on the couch and released a long sigh.

She decided to come over and "enlighten" me that my long-time friend, Inoue Orihime, had a major crush on me. Like I didn't know that already. It was kinda obvious considering she blushed every time I even looked at her, let alone spoke to her. The only problem was I didn't feel the same way. Sure Inoue was a good, if weird, friend, but nothing more than that. And I figured that she would tell me herself when she was ready and I would give her my answer then. Besides, Ishida had a thing for her and guys don't steal their best friend's crushes. It was a rule.

But Rukia decided it was her personal business to get me "laid," as she so nicely put it, ever since she and Renji got together. Ugh damnit. I bet my neighbors are laughing their asses off right now. There's nothing wrong with being a virgin! I have plenty of time! So what if I've never dated? So what if I've never even kissed someone! …Shit. I'm pathetic. Even Ishida has kissed someone before. Hell, Chad was dating some chick from his college. My sisters were dating for fucks sake! Though I threatened both of their boyfriends when I visited home on numerous occasions.

I slammed my head against the coffee table and groaned. You know what? Fuck this! I'll show Rukia. I don't need no fucking help. I can find my own damn date! I rushed in my room and tore through my closet.

Fifteen minutes later I was staring at the mirror, sliding on a gold chain necklace over my purple muscle shirt and adjusting a gold chain through the loops of my black leather pants. I ran my fingers through my spiky orange hair and I was ready to go clubbing. Well, as ready as I'll ever be.

About halfway there I was doing circles on the sidewalk. Sure, I probably looked like a crazy idiot, but who cares? I would just kick whoever was stupid enough to say it into the asphalt. Ah damnit. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea. But I'm already almost there…I might as well go in right? I turned back toward the club, only to turn back around. I don't know…should I feel this uneasy? At this point I was furiously nibbling on my bottom lip. Damnit! Pull yourself together Ichigo! What the hell is wrong with you! You afraid of going to some stupid club?

No! I turned back around and ran toward the club, intent on not changing my mind again. I knew I was close as the sound of music surrounded me. For a few minutes I caught my breath and then marched to the line at the entrance. It was pretty long, but it seemed to go by quickly. Many people were just refused entry.

That uneasy feeling was back and I was chewing on my bottom lip nervously. Maybe I shouldn't have chosen this club? Maybe this was a bad idea after all. What if they don't let me in? I took in a deep breath and shook my head, clearing away annoying thoughts. I'll just cross that bridge when I come to it! So what if they don't let me in! I just won't take no for an answer! Those bouncers will feel the wrath of Kurosaki Ichigo!

Soon I was showing the lead thug my ID with my signature scowl in place. He stared at it for a minute and then his gaze traveled up and down my body. Then he smirked. Holy shit. This guy was fucking creepy.

My scowl deepened. "You gonna let me in or not?" I growled out.

"Sure. Head on in, Strawberry." And his smirk turned into a grin.

Oh fuck no. He didn't just call me that. I know he didn't just call me that. I glared daggers at him and swiped my ID as I walked past. On my way through the door I made sure to give him the one-fingered salute, not stopping to hear his response.

The door closed and it felt like I ran into a wall made of light, sound and smell. The music was so loud I could barely understand it and the lights were shooting across the dance floor in equally blinding colors. Its like the purpose was to disorient you. I wrinkled my nose at the smell and walked towards the bar. It was a weird mix of sweat, alcohol, and some other identifiable smell.

I settled in a bar stool and remembered exactly why I didn't like clubs. They seemed to inspire the worst headaches. And that damn feeling I was having. That little voice in the back of my head was telling me constantly that I should probably go. I obviously wasn't having fun. This was all a horrible idea and secretly I was hoping that the club would have turned me away. Just so I had an excuse to go back home.

I ordered a beer and watched the dance floor. Geez, it's called a dance floor not a sex floor people. Sighing, I leaned against the bar. What the hell was I doing here? Its not like I wanted to lose my virginity to some stranger. Maybe just a kiss or a date or something. Who am I kidding? I should just leave. At least I came right? I turned back to the bar and drank the rest of my beer, still thinking if I should stay or leave.

A tap on my shoulder interrupted my inner debate and I glanced to my right as a brunette sat in the vacant seat next to me. "Did you want something?" I asked with my usual scowl. What, he was just gonna tap my shoulder and say nothing?

He looked at me and laughed. Jerk. "Kid, relax." He poked the center of my forehead, causing me to blink in surprise and blush slightly. "Ya know, if ya keep your face like that any longer it's gonna be stuck like that."

"Whatever." He laughed again and ordered two beers. I glared at him. Why is he laughing at me? Hmph. "Did you seriously walk over hear just to tell me that?" Ass. I decided I didn't like him.

"Actually, I came over cuz ya looked like ya were getting ready to bite your lip off. Figured ya could use another beer till your date got here."

He saw me biting my lip? Damn. Probably thinks I'm a loser or something. Wait…Date? I took his offered beer with a mumbled thanks and sighed. "I don't have a date."

"Really? That's surprising. I thought the ladies would be all over ya. What's your name?" He took a drink of his beer as he waited for my answer.

"Ichigo." I swear if he laughs I'm gonna kill him.

"Ichigo?" He smiled. At least he didn't laugh. Maybe he had good survival instincts. "Well then, Ichigo-kun. I'm Nezumi! Nice ta meet ya!" He raised his glass to do a cheers and looked at me expectantly. I sighed and touched his glass with mine. "I guess."

He gulped his beer and looked at my untouched one. "Come on, kid. Don't waste the beer. Don't ya know that your supposed ta drink after a cheers?" And then he laughed again. Which was annoying. And stop calling me a kid.

I scowled at him. "Fine." I gulped down half of it and glared at him. "And stop calling me kid. I'm twenty-two you know."

He grinned. "Fine, fine." He put up his hands in mock surrender and laughed at my resulting scowl. Then he just watched me as I downed the rest of my beer, grinning wider and curling his fingers around the tip of his pony tail. Creepy. He kinda made me feel uncomfortable. Uneasy. Something about him set off alarms in my head. I really didn't like him. My stubbornness finally conceded. It was time to go.

After I met that guy things get blurry. Hell I could barely even remember what he looked like. What the fuck is up with that? I remember getting up to leave…what else? Damnit! Why can't I remember! The sound of a scuffed shoe brought me out of my thoughts. A suspiciously close shoe. My eyes shot open and I was ready to glare at the idiot who was a couple feet away from my kicking range. Only my brain short circuited before I could glare. I blinked rapidly in surprise. What. The. Fuck?

He laughed at my expression. "Did ya have a nice nap, Strawberry?" Bastard. I glared at him. He was dead. Fucking dead.

Once again he laughed. "Wow. If looks could kill. And look at ya, glaring again. Didn't I tell ya your face would be stuck like that if ya kept on doin' that?" He took a step further and gave me a once over. "But I must admit, its kinda cute, that scowl ya make. Makes me wanna tease ya. Though you're pretty cute when ya blush too." He took another step closer. "I was kinda curious about one thing though." He smirked and his eyes darkened with an emotion I couldn't name, but I shuddered all the same. "Is that orange hair of yours natural?" One more step. Just take one more step and we'll see how much you like the taste of the floor. Fucking bastard, I'll slam your head so hard the cement breaks. His gaze drifted down my body again.

"I suppose we'll find out in due time, ne?" I grounded my teeth into the bit as small tremors of anger coursed through me. Fuck. I pinned him for a creep. Not a psychotic, perverted creep. Damnit! Take one more step!

Unfortunately, he didn't take that last step. Someone behind me did. Before I could react, a needle pierced the side of my neck and, just as quickly, it was pulled out. I tried kicking the culprit, but the angle was off and the only thing I accomplished was losing my balance and swinging back in place, which, by the way, fucking hurt my shoulders. I steadied myself on my sore, and now scraped, feet and just breathed in and out through my nose. What the fuck did they inject me with! Crazy bastards!

I shook my head and focused on the asshole from the club. He looked too damn amused for my liking. "Don't worry. It's nothing dangerous, if that's what ya were thinking. In fact, I think ya might enjoy it." With that cryptic statement he walked away, humming some tune. Damn he was fucking creepy. What the hell was I thinking taking a drink from him? But…I was watching him the whole time and he did nothing to it…just handed it to me.

A shudder ran through me and heat began to pool in my stomach, through my veins. My last coherent thought was Chappy, the annoying bunny, oddly enough. And then everything became too hot. So hot. Every brush of clothe against heated thighs, every movement of air across bare skin, was a mix of both relief and agony.