I blushed at his calious manner. "My dear sir," I said to the blue haired man. "It is not a lord's duty to be so close to the servants." His smirk vanished to be replaced by a look of stoned shock.
"Ikuto! You know better then to conferse with the nobels! Come away at once!" said a girl in a hideous gown in a discusting shade of red and gold. A queen of hearts no doubt. "Yes mistress Sayaa! Mi'Lady," he said, bowing.
A-a slave? I saw the chain appon his wrist and ankle at that moment in time. That would call him as a slave. And yet... the way Lady Sayaa looked at him did not suit him. He should be a love slave. One reserved for those unfortunate enough to be wedded off to some ugly barron monarch who was a deadbeat in bed yet Lady Sayaa merely treated him like an ordinary slave though he was so pretty.