The sleepover party had been as success and now everyone slept peacefully; it had been a long day and night and the sleepover games had left everyone out of energy. The girls were sleeping in Who's bed while the guys slept in their sleeping bags. Even Klunk had joined them; he slept on top of Mikey's belly. If Mikey would have been awake he could have seen his cat going up and down at the rhythm of his breathing.

T, Who and Leo hugged their teddy bears (a stuffed dog in T's case) while Don occasionally moved his youngest brother's arm away from his face.

Yes, all of them were sleeping just fine.

All but one.

It was 3:10 am when the door of the room opened slowly and a silhouette abandoned the place with the stealth only a ninja possess.

The figure walked downstairs and disappeared in the lab only to get out of that place some minutes later. Not even the slightest little sound could be heard and the air was particularly cold.

All lights were off but the figure could walk without tripping or making any noise that prevented the others upstairs.

The figure passed through the living room…

"Hello Raphael" a voice said "Up a little earlier, don't you think?"

The red masked ninja didn't need any light to know who it was... but the voice had ignited a lighter revealing itself.

"Same goes for you, lil witch. What are you doing here?" he asked.

"Same goes for you" the dark haired girl asked back.

"I asked first" Raph replied.

"What if I am not in the mood to answer?" Who folded arms.

"Then I won't answer either" Raph stated.

Both parts stayed in an uncomfortable silence for some seconds.

"Interesting package you have there. Again with the Nightwatcher gig?" Who said with a sarcastic tone noticing the barely visible white box under Raph's arm.

"In your dreams maybe" Raph scoffed.

"Then what is it?" Who insisted.

"None of your business… or maybe yes?" Raph smirked while looking at the box and then the girl.

"Remember what I told you earlier? About the stupid prank you pulled on me?" Raph added.

"Still not over that yet? Heh! What a kid" Who chuckled darkly.

"And then the hair thingy?" Raph continued. The smirk on Who's face disappeared. Of course she remembered that.

"Yes, and I believe I made myself clear that if you touched just one little hair… you'd be laying 6 feet under!"

"You sure?" Raph stepped closer "And what if I test that theory?"

The dark haired girl narrowed eyes at the pretentious and smug grin the red masked ninja had on his face. But it wouldn't be for so long.

"Oh really… are you sure you wanna do it?" Now it was the girl's time to smirk as she showed Raph his favorite wrestling magazines on one of her hands and a lighter in the other one.

"You wouldn't…" Raph hissed giving a deathly glare to Who.

"I would" the girl chuckled evilly.

"O…k. Then, how about this?" the red masked ninja pulled something behind his back that made the girl gasp.

"Guess it's not funny anymore huh?" Raph smirked. Who threw the magazines in the floor and the lighter's light died. The red masked ninja smirked in victory as he listened Who's steps walking away from him…

"Bad move, Raphael"… or so he thought. The voice was close to him but not in front of him.

"You should have learned…" Raph was about to turn around when a fist met his jaw.

"…that the only thing most important than my hair is Chinny!" the voice continued and now a kick made the red masked ninja stumble.

"Big mistake trying to threaten me with him"

Raph dropped the box and the teddy bear and took his defensive pose but the darkness around made things very difficult. Several times he tried to turn on the lights but the dark haired girl stopped him with obstacles, kicks and punches.

"You're freaking crazy! GUYS!" Raph called.

"Stupid head, they can't hear you. Remember the sound proof walls in my room?" Who laughed darkly. Raph charged with all his strength but he tripped with the girl's foot.

Before he could get up again, Who sent a hard kick that made Raph kneel clutching his stomach. Now the dark haired girl stood behind him and continued talking.

"You mess with my son…YOU MESS WITH ME!"

In that moment, Raph felt something wrapping and tightening around his neck. The red masked ninja tried to break free and moved his hands to his neck. What he felt wasn't a rope… didn't feel like one. It was soft, a little silky and… braided? Raph's mind made connection.

"I-is it…"

"Ever heard about Jocasta's death…?" Who said in a calmed yet scary voice.

"Y-you freak, sick, lil-ACK!" the red masked ninja gasped for breath once more.

"Some books said she threw herself from a cliff; other books said she hung herself in her room… using her hair. And I always wanted to know if that was true or even possible" she continued.

Raph just wanted to escape but without his weapons and at the girl's mercy… this wasn't going to be easy.

"Now I think I found the perfect opportunity to… how did you say? Oh! Test that theory?" Who let out a laugh worth of a villain.

"Darn it! I need that box!" Raph tried to reach the white package while struggling.

"Your WORST mistake was the moment you laid a finger on my Chinny! That can not be forgotten or forgiven!"

"C'mon… almost there!" The red masked ninja finally reached the box, pulled out a small object and put it in the end of the girl's braid near her hand.

"What the…" The girl released the grip when she felt the object moving and let out a scream.

"What's going on down there?" T yelled from upstairs.

She had left the room in order to get a glass of water when she heard the scream. The others came out of Who's room and found Raph in the floor clutching his stomach and laughing fiercely at Who; the girl ran like crazy while being "chased" by a Queen Alexandra's Birdwing.


"Wheee! Butterfly hunting!" Mikey cheered and waved his net trying to catch the big butterfly.

"Guess we're even, huh?" Raph said while laughing.

"YOU'RE SO DEAD!" Who yelled and tackled the dark green turtle.

"This must be the weirdest dream ever" Leo rubbed his temples in annoyance.

"Does this mean we'll have another slumber party?" T asked with a grin.

"Let me see: 1 brother hunting butterflies plus 1 brother being pummeled by a very ticked off girl multiplied by Leo's headache equals… next week" Don said.

"Tsk, yeah…sure. The next week of year 3000 maybe" Leo stated and went back to the room. He wouldn't get up earlier next morning; that was for sure.



So… there you go! Since T asked me so kindly to not kill Raph… I didn't. Sorry for the delay on this one, you can pick the reason why:

Not inspired.

Mayor writer's block.

Extremely annoyed to write.

Writer skills being drained out with each blood test.

Dark mood.

All of the above.


Now, I've got some news for you: You know I usually write funny and cheerful fics about me and the turtles, right?

Well, what if I decided to write a Hurt/Comfort one?

I don't wanna spoil anything but this "unknown" sickness I have inspired me to write it. I can only give you the title:

"Who's Back"

Yes, I am gonna be there.

No, it's not gonna be a one-shot or two shot. And I can't promise you it's gonna have a happy ending… or maybe yes?

Reviews and comments are always welcome and please let me know if I should write that fic. You guys are awesome.


PS: OH! In case you ask: Queen Alexandra's Birdwing is the largest butterfly in the world. The species was named by Lord Walter Rothschild in 1907, in honor of Queen Alexandra, wife of King Edward VII of the United Kingdom.